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Weird uncle

Tira un cazzotto in culo ad Andy senza alcun motivo.
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2 | 8 Comments | by HaruYama | Nov 26th 2015 09:55

OC - Darling (Undertale)

Name: Darling Blathers
Nickname(s): Kitty, Kitten
Species: Human

Personality: Darling can be very playful and bouncy when around her friends, but when alone or with just one friend, she is very cuddly and thoughtful. She is always amazed when she meets a new type of monster she hasn’t met before, and wants to know how they function and the similarities between that type of monster and humans. She loves people who can make her laugh, because in truth she is often very sad. Although she hides it pretty well, she is usually down emotionally. She tries to keep her friends happy, because she understands how painful being sad can be.

Friends: Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Alphys, Undyne, Frisk (along with some humans that will be named later)

History: Darling lived in an apartment above ground for quite some time. She hung out with a group of friends who loved and cared about her. Upon a late night giggle fest, it was decided that each friend would be named after an animal. There was Honey, the mama bear type, Spot, the happy dog type (though she argues that she’s more of a horny bitch), Chichi, the chatty bird and finally, Kitty, the cuddly kitten. But not long after this, Darling’s friends moved away or became engrossed in their work. It wasn’t long, however, before a certain goat monster and her adopted child moved in not too far away from Darling. And she met all the others that came with them.

Hobbies: Playing video games, watching movies, watching anime and cuddling with cats (and people and monsters)

Occupation: Darling works at a clothing store at the mall

- Darling spends most of her energy trying on clothes and fixing her hair. She figures that if she looks good, she’ll feel good
- She has a lot of shoes, but usually wears sandals because they take the least amount of effort to put on
- The light parts of her hair are bleached so she can dye them bright colors. Currently they are rainbow ombre
- She sits on counters more often than on actual chairs
* She also likes sitting and sleeping on the floor (if carpeted)
- When she wanders off, it’s usually to go cry. When she comes back, she tries to be very cheerful
- Her favorite food is fatty steak, chocolate and stuffing/dressing
- Her least favorite food is sour candy, greasy food and cold meat
- Darling’s apartment is decorated in a traditional Japanese style, except for her bedroom, which is galaxy themed
* Her room has lots of cushions, blankets and soft pillows
* She has a mobile of glow in the dark stars and moons
* Almost everything in her room is glow in the dark
- She drinks milk more often than water
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0 | 0 Comments | by MarySunshine23 | Nov 25th 2015 20:30

Let's expand a bit :3


Currently, he is indeed in Thylum, in its park, sitting on a bench and being all smug and proud of himself.
One won't be able to find a more egoistical person than him these days, it just goes beyond limits. His behavior is indeed obnoxious and he is a terrible jerk, refers to everyone as just a lowly being because he deems himself blessed by Dessa.
He also has a particular, super posh English accent, it's so perfectly ''correct'' that it is almost unbearable to listen to him talk...just like those old English films. Every word can clearly be heard as he speaks, but in a complete posh accent.
He is combing his feathers gently, seeming super proud and satisfied...also due to the fact that girls keep looking at him, whenever they pass by him. XDDDD
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1 | 32 Comments | by Altherius | Nov 25th 2015 17:57


Name: Rin
Likes: helping other, having fun, and exploring
dislike:bullies, fighting

Bio: abandoned by his family while a kid and has learned to live with supernatural creatures and accepts them but for him being a human everyone has disapproved of him so he turned to exploring and helping animals instead of hanging with other nekos
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0 | 0 Comments | by Apollo_Creed | Nov 25th 2015 17:18

Thomas G. (Adult)

I am NOT the original maker of this template. However, I HAVE made a few changes to it.

-Things in [ ]'s are requiring paragraphs format.

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Name: Thomas G. (Not Galloway anymore)
Nicknames: None

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Hyrule...ian?

Height: 5"11

Weight: 120 lbs

Hometown: Hyrule Castle Town

Hair: Short blond hair

Eye Shape/Color: round-ish green eyes

Identifiable Markings: Scar down the left side of his back from a ReDead, and a matching one on the right.

Special Talent: Pissing off Ganon anonymously

Family: Dead... Poor Jeff

Friends: Malon and Loo, who probably thinks he's dead.

Personality: Always willing to help.

Flaws: Selfless.

[Character History]

Er, was left outside of the castle when he was a baby for SOME F***ING REASON and was rescued by Jeff. :-)

Then, when Ganon attacked, he fled to the Desert and started working on construction projects to make a living.


[Current Home]

No where, really.


Pissing Ganon off anonymously and working construction.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Lovers2816 | Nov 25th 2015 15:12