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Epic rules

Ok we all have our standards. I have darn near none.

I already know there is going to be people who disappear for no reason or have a reason, so this does not bother me a bit.

Grammar, as long as it is readable and understandable the RP will continue. I understand, phones have this network, your fingers could be typing to fast on the keyboard, or you could totally screw up every word. I get this, All I ask is to watch carefully.

My biggest rule. Speak your mind. Let me type this slower, If I type slower would you read this slower? Speak... your... mind... If you want to see something, say it, if you do not like something, tell me. If you want the RP to go somewhere else, hey do not feel shy, tell me. Even if I am taking the lead in the RP, tell me and I promise I will fix it.

Now, my biggest rule was speak your mind. My largest rule is almost important as my biggest rule. If, for whatever reason, I am gone and I do not tell you, something bad must have happened. Where I live, that could always pop up anytime. And bad does not mean someone died. Bad is my friends need my help or I have to go to the store. So my largest rule, do not assume I am bored of you, odds are I am not. And when you assume, you make "ass" out of "u" and "me".

I usually do not tell anyone my personal life, unless they ask of course. But I do try to tell people when I leave. I promise I'll be back.

I have a motto that I follow. "Treat every RP with respect." Even if I do not like the RP I'll continue, you can bet the apples on that one. If you have any questions ask, please.
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0 | 0 Comments | by MiloXyunto | Aug 9th 2015 21:46

Unruly children

Althus was on his duty again...and this is taking quite a while since he has some seriously hard business to do.
Tanya instructed Jana and Vladimir to remain home, while she goes to the town to get some food and needed supplies, also wanting to surprise everyone with a lovely lunch.
Jana knows how to entertain herself, but Vlad does not. He went outside, going into the park...calling Jana to join him...but he wanted to wander off a bit far...despite Jana's warnings. The young girl followed him, fearing for his safety.
"Come on...we can't go in there..." She shuddered. "The Light will not protect us if we do not want to protect ourselves, Vladimir...come on, let us go back.."
"Jana relax...nothing can harm us here anyway!"
"Dad will be angry..."
"He won't even know. We'll be back, I just want to see what's the forest like."
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2 | 29 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 9th 2015 18:16

The Butcher Got Butchered

That very evening after he said goodbye to Dexter and little Shi, Althus went to finish what he had started.
Even though he has not recovered yet, he wanted to be done with this matter for good.
Upon reaching this...shrouded place in the creepy jungle-like forest full of mist...Althus came across various pagan signs all around it. Bones attached to pikes in a certain shape, some symbols, decorations in blood was obvious that he was in the right place.
Then he heard that sound...coming from a small wooden house...looking not-less reassuring than the entire surrounding. There was blood all around it...bones, flies...and the place reeked of blood and death.
Constant thud noise could be heard...all in the same if beating something, or someone. Althus was silent enough to approach the open window and prepare the arrow.
The devourer, the butcher, was butchering his victims with his huge knife, blood splashed all over the walls, meat flew in the air and the table got soaked in blood. The victim was yet another human...but next to the table lied many butchered bodies. Even children.
Althus fired the arrow, directly at his head. The arrow pierced him, but it did not kill him. This...creature, this abomination was half-alive already...and it will take more than a single arrow to get rid of him/it.
The butcher looked at Althus. "MEAT!" He shouted, charging outside with his huge axe and aiming to capture him and eat him as well.
Althus is agile enough to climb on the roof and shoot a few more arrows at this fat pig, but again it was not enough to bring him down. This huge fat butcher threw his massive knife at Althus, but he managed to deflect it...but oh no, the roof itself was quite unstable and his hoof fell through a broken plank. Althus frowned, but the rest of the planks got broken, making him fall right on the bloody table, next to bones and meat and blood...
It made him feel sick...but he is not the type to just lie there and do nothing for a few minutes. He immediately stood up, regardless of all the disgusting blood which was on him. And just as Butcher was about to go through the door and kill Althus, he got killed himself. Althus' sharp bow pierced the thick skin on Butcher's neck and it killed him.
That's when he started to look see if there are any captives. In the basement, he indeed found a few...and he released them and escorted them to safety.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 9th 2015 17:50

The skin of the beast

For quite some time, Althus studied the structure of this incredible skin...and he wanted to figure out if one could make armor out of it.
The structure itself is way too complex...there are many unknown elements added to it, definitely paranormal...unnatural, twisted...he knew the danger, but he wanted to test it on himself and see if something like this could work.
Althus, with many difficulties, tried to shape this skin...but every single tool he tried to use on it broke. The skin was simply impossible to be shaped in any way.
But...he didn't want to give up. He is not an expert when it comes to alchemy, chemistry etc...but he knows the elements and some important things about it, which was enough for him to figure out the structure's not made of ordinary cells...and it's not any form of ... natural anatomy.
The Draenei went to look for an expert on this matter, bringing this piece of skin with himself...wanting to find out more about it find its weakness if it even exists.

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2 | 0 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 9th 2015 17:38


He thinks Lonza is too slow.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Doriaan | Aug 9th 2015 13:37