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The attack.

At midnight of the next day, they are set to attack the enemies, rush into the open towards them and try to surprise them into their foxholes to make a massacre, like trapped mice.
Obstacles: mines all over the way that divide them from their enemies. Enemies' night patrol that might spot them, so no possible light could be used or it'd be a signal for them and the massacre would be theirs not their enemies'.

Jack wears his helmet and under the top uniform, he hides one sack of sand, which covers belly and chest. Surely not as effective as a flack jacket, but it will at least slow the projectile down and possibly lighten the impact. But he is aware that it won't protect him from grenades nor mines.

Before the attack some of the humans sing this song:

"You sleep buried in a wheat field
it's not the rose, it's not the tulip
watching on you from the shadow of ditches
but it's a thousand red poppies.
Along the bedsides of my creek
I want the silver pikes to swim downhill,
not the soldiers' bodies
cradled by the stream.
You said so, and it was winter
and, like the others, towards hell
you go sadly as the ones who must
the wind spits snow on your face.
Stop Piero, stop now,
let the wind pass a little on you
so that it brings you the voice of the dead in a battle
who gave his life had a cross back.
But you didn't hear it and time went on
with the seasons with a dancing pace
and you came to cross the frontier
on a beautiful springtime day.
And while you were marching with your soul on your shoulders
you saw a man at the bottom of the valley
who was in your same identical mood
but his uniform was of a different colour
Shoot him, Piero, shoot him now
and after a shot, shoot him again
until you see him lifeless
fall down and cover his own blood
And if I shoot on his forehead or on his heart
he'll have only time to die
but I'll have time left to see
see the eyes of a dying man
And while you are giving him this thoughtfulness
that one turns, sees you and gets afraid
and, grabbing his gun
he doesn't pay your courtesy back
You fell to the ground without a moan
and you noticed in a blink
that your time wouldn't be enough
to ask for forgiveness for every sin of yours.
You fell to the ground without a moan
and you noticed in a blink
that your life was through that day
and there would be no return.
My Ninetta, to die on May
you need so much, too much courage
Beautiful Ninetta, straight to hell
I had rather have gone this winter
And as the wheat was listening to you
inside your hands you held a gun
inside your mouth you held words
too icy to melt with the sun.
You sleep buries in a wheat field
it's not the rose, it's not the tulip
watching on you from the shadow of ditches
but it's a thousand red poppies."
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2 | 82 Comments | by Jackil | Aug 12th 2015 10:43

Mrs Hughes

Since there are several very young and not-so experienced servants working for the duke, as governess she finds it to be her duty to talk to them, clarify any doubts and check if they are feeling at ease and relaxed enough in the new mansion.
For this, she summons Charles in her office to exchange some words.
The tea was already served in there.
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1 | 12 Comments | by Tomi | Aug 11th 2015 12:41

Character Bio: Nevaeh Odovo

Species: Angel
Full name : (unknown)
Given Name: Grace Rosemary Faithwell
Nickname: Nevaeh
Age: (unknown)
Height: 4'3
Weight: 108
wing span: 1ft. 5inc.
Eyes: A pale light blue.
Hair: A pale, almost white blond.
Background: (unknown)
Flaws: Anti social Personality disorder. She has little to know regard for human life. she has a vast thirst to see blood shed. She has distain for the titel given her by God. She wants nothing but suffering and pain for all of humanity.
Personality: A Psychotic lover of blood. She hates humans but is bound by the word of god (a binding curse) to only be able to protect them.
Story: "Bonny! get over here!" A pregnant, heavy set woman with thick glasses wobbles over to her husband. His Tall built Frame is hunched over pawing at some material on the ground. A tiny baby shrikes her tears Blood red, staining the white material she is condoned in. The woman gasps and eagerly reaches down to pick up the tiny crying infant. It quiets down as soon as she presses it into her warm embrace. "Tod... who would do such a thing like this...leave a baby to die out here..." Bonny says to Tod.he scratches his head. "Just don't make no sense" he mumbles the couple smitten by the tiny helpless baby take her home.
19 years later...
Grace Rosemary Faithwell stalks threw her house. its a normal day like any the sun is shinning radiantly, she birds are singing, all is right with the world. A voice calls to her. "Come to me" it says softly. At first she ignores it. but as the months go by she slowly begins to real into madness. (more to come)
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2 | 0 Comments | by SomethingofaRomantic | Aug 11th 2015 02:08


He wakes up at 3 a.m. that day, readying himself. Meanwhile he also had an hair cut, and he shaved, to seem as much as possible like a human of that period.
It was hard for both Han and Murphy to accept it, but he didn't lie on the reason why he did it, for Dominic. He reminds him a lot of Benjamin also...

He arrives at the table at 4.30 am, and sits outside, holding his head with his hand.
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2 | 64 Comments | by Doriaan | Aug 10th 2015 19:15


It's even worse than it sounds, and drafts should never sound good.
After three of the younger (on age) members of Riddle Family received the enlistment letter, Anthony got pretty furious, mainly because of the ones who were chosen.
He went to the Temple of Mijatehv to speak with the High Priestess -the ones who sent the letters- to express his opposition and will to change things.

In no way he can spare three members of Riddle family from taking part in this, but something to make it slightly less bad by having some other and more experienced people volunteering and going in the place of the selected ones.

For this purpose, Anthony summons all of his brothers and other younger relatives who could be suitable for this.
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2 | 32 Comments | by JunYin | Aug 10th 2015 13:57