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Elliot .

Name; Elliot Alderson

Age; 22

Occupation; A regular cybersecurity employee by day and a vigilante hacker by night.

Background; As a senior network technician for cyber security firm Allsafe, Elliot protects corporate clients — including the ubiquitous Evil Corp — from security breaches and data theft. As a vigilante hacker, he monitors the people in his daily life and protects those he’s close to from their own flaws, sometimes with unpredictable results.

Originally from Washington Township, New Jersey, Elliot now lives alone on the Lower East Side. He suffers from crippling anxiety, which stems from memories of his difficult childhood. His father died when Elliot was young, and his now-estranged mother was brutally cruel. Elliot has spent most of his adult life isolated from the world around him.

After being arrested for financial hacking, he has been attending court-ordered therapy for almost a year. Elliot, however, prefers self-medication by morphine, an addiction he mediates with suboxone. He obtains both from his next door neighbor, Shayla.

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his higness prince Chrono

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Zodiac Symbol
Race: human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: amber brown
Weight: 140
Height: 5'2
Blood Type: B
Special Ability:he is very talented with his sword
Strength:his friends and protecting them at all cost and destroyer
Weakness:seeing people die and losing apart of himself
Fears:death getting old he hates being in small places in darkness
Talents:he is very gifted with a sword also he is good with making things
Personality:sweet kind caring strong willed determined can be a little careless sometimes loving and very nice to be around him:)hes charming after all he is a prince lol
Sexual Orientation: straight
Martial Status: in love but keeps it to himself
Children: None
Father: Cless no longer alive
Mother: aroara no longer alive
Siblings: no
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As Sami takes the girl into her mansion, she is quite speechless for some time, both because she thought her brother was dead and second because he brought two shocked girls into her home with any other words than "their whole kin was butchered, their home burned to the ground, take care of them, bye".
After some words with her -many- servants she decides to approach the two 16 year old girls to find out something more about them.
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Autumn Edgzar (Human Oc)

Age: 19

Sibling: Blade Edgzar

Personality: She is very competitive. She hates to be proven wrong, and she has a high temper. Also she doesn't have much patience.

Bio: She was adopted by Blade's parents when she was ten. She also was fasinated with dragon riding and got her own dragon at 15 that she named Jewel. Then when she was 17 she was out in a ride, and a wild elemental dragon came out of nowhere. They went right for Jewels wings, and we crashed into a clearing in a forest. Autmun stayed in the clearing for a few days, drinking the water out of the cool stream, and eating the berries off the bushes. Until one day she encountered a unicorn. This unicorn was pure white, and had light blue hair, and pink eyes. It took a liking to her, and stayed with her for a few days. Then the unicorn took her to a part of the forest filled with more unicorns, pegasui, fairies, and pigs with wings. She vowed to protect the creatures of the forest. She spent the next few days convicing the fairies to make her a bow, and arrows. Convinced that she'd help them her request was fulfilled. Now she lives in the magical forest filled with the creatures. Still protecting them to this day with her magical bow.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Fandom_Muffin | Aug 20th 2015 05:36