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Hexar Fireclaw

Name: Hexar Fireclaw
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'2 feet
Physique: Muscular
Appearance: Brown medium hair and golden/yellow eyes
Class: War Paladin
Personality: Chaotic Good
Description: Powerful and noble warriors, War Paladins are both masters of weapons and defensive magic. By imbuing their weapons with light magic, War Paladins can easily and effortlessly vanquish any evil or undead foes. Additionally, they excel at defensive spells which they use to enhance the protective power of their shields. The magic of spellcasters has little affect on War Paladins because of the defensive capabilities of their magical shields. These shields also help protect them against any physical attacks, making War Paladins almost impossible to injure. On top of that, they can use their magic to heal themselves or their allies. The combination of high physical power and high defensive magic make War Paladins one of the top classes. Their only downside is that that they can sometimes lack stealth and can be quite slow; however, the strongest War Paladins have increased their agility enough so that it is not a problem in battle.
Traits: Empathetic, Helpful , Honorable, Impulsive, Temperamental, Overzealous.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Ravven | Aug 23rd 2015 14:48

The Calling

Hidden away in a little cove beneath a cliffside on the planetary body of Asgard, a solitary castle like structure had been carved immaculately into the mountain side. Glistening in the light the stars shone down upon the realm, the white sandstone like blocks used to create the structure towered high and disappeared into rock. The entrance jutted out to overlook the bay and two keeps were nestled safety amongst golden trees to keep them hidden from view. A portal was sealed behind solid doors made from a durable metal unknown to the likes of Midgard, which was the only entrance or exit to the structure. Only those who had been invited were able to step through the doors unhindered and disappear into the swirling green and gold barrier that the Enchantress had conjured.

The rest of the structure was a sprawling labyrinth inside of the mountain, dug deep into the earth by magical means. Grand marble stairs lead this way and that, and more often than not led further down into the ground. Most of the furnishings were elegant in nature and covered in what appeared to be carvings of flora and fauna of all known realms. Shrubs, flowering bushes, even trees were scattered about artfully and kept alive magically. Tapestries depicting stories, myths and legends in visual form decorated the stone walls and torches were set in sconces in each corner, as well as the odd candelabra to chase away shadows. Stained glass walls and windows magically illuminated halls and entrances and numerous facilities had been established to provide only the best to those within.

A large room stood empty in the centre of the mountain, carved last and given the upmost care to embellish it to the best of her ability. Large black pillars lined the walls and were etched with gold veins, and a dark emerald carpet lined the centre of the room, silken to the touch and resistant to any blemishes. A few marbled stairs lead to a platform that rose high above the rest of the room, overlooking it with an air of superiority. It was here she’d had sourced a majestic throne and it was here she felt the road to the future would begin.

The whole area was testament to the power the Enchantress wielded, yet it was cold, desolate and empty. The home was vast and filled with countless little touches that were unique to her, however only a handful had ever seen it. There were rooms set aside for those who had earned them; Skurge, Glory, Ridley, Doom and a handful of others. The rest remained empty, yet prepared and ready for occupants.

It was a castle of unimaginable beauty, crafted lovingly by her own hands and given life with her own magic. All that remained was bringing her subjects home.

Amora was standing on top of a keep overlooking the sparkling waters of Asgard, lost in thought. The castle had been built above a nexus portal that lead straight to Midgard and she guarded it viciously from anyone who dared to look for it. The power of the portal gave her the ability to teleport between realms almost effortlessly. It seemed natural to build a home where she originated, despite the fact that it had to remain a secret from those who hunted her. No one outside of her trusted circle had found her yet and she preferred to keep it that way.

She could feel the presence of one other within the castle, yet she paid it no mind. Skurge was undoubtedly training in the large space she’d set aside specifically for that purpose and she had no will to disrupt him. He’d been a boon lately and she felt he deserved his solitude. He’d fought tirelessly at her side as they had escaped the prison they’d both been thrown into by SHIELD and had watched protectively as she had created this little haven. He deserved much more than he was given.

With a smirk lifting a corner of her lips, both of her hands rested against the smooth stone of the keep as she leant forward to look down over the edge. The white sands glimmered in the light of space high above her head and outlined the stone pathway she had built to lead to her door. Torches lined the edge and one by one they burst into flame at her silent command, giving more light to the surroundings and casting an ethereal glow across the beach.

Oh yes. A paradise that not even Odin was aware of. He took his realm for granted.

It was time for his rule to end.

Raising her hand and stretching it out in front of her, Amora narrowed her gaze up at the horizon and began to murmur unintelligibly beneath her breath. A hushed, whispering breeze began to pick up, feathering through her long golden hair and pulling it back from her face. The air around her began to sing with an undercurrent of power as little emerald particles began to glitter and spread around her slowly. Her magic solidified and became an entity unto itself, roaring in pleasure as she gave it the freedom to send her missive into the stars.

Nothing existed within her mind as her eyes slid shut. She succumbed to the power raging through her veins like silk, coalescing in the palm of her hand and radiating outwards into the night sky. Her body thrummed with the sheer force of the magic she was conjuring and she felt it flow freely as her will allowed it to fly.

The Calling had begun. Across the nine worlds her magic flowed, reaching out to those who shared her ideals and to those who wished for something better. It caressed those who listened and enveloped those who accepted it in a warm embrace filled with the promises of retribution. The knowledge of her whereabouts and the secrets to access the nexus portal that led right to her door was slipped into their minds and locked away, only allowed in the briefest of moments when the need to come to her overpowered them. It did now, beckoning to them and calling them forward.

Her home had been built as a place where the likeminded could come together and bond. To plan and execute strategies to gain the life that they desired. To train, to become powerful and to prosper beneath her wing.

Yet all of it was a pretence, hidden away behind the true motive of why she was gathering such a large force under one roof.

She was building an army.

An army for Him.
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9 | 0 Comments | by Enchantress | Aug 23rd 2015 08:28

Furry Cat

Name: Rex


Gender: male


Occupation: Dj and college student

Likes: partying, music, graffiti, being with friend, and

Sexuality: pansexual

Smoker: Only social, one of those few people who don't get addicted

Alcohol: occasionally

Drugs: no

personality: good under pressure, has a go with the flow attitude, kind, likable, prankster, intelligent, not judgemental, and artistic

Abilites: Knows how to play a lot of instruments and can dance really good.

Bio: I guess you can say he has had a love for music ever since he was born. He had quite the average life he is from a middle class family that loved him very much. He has a brother and sister named Max and Marykay. He is going to college to be a high school band director. However, to make money he Dj's for a night club and some parties. The reason for him becoming a band director that he greatly admired resigned from being his middle school director to pursue a better job as a music therapist. Since that middle school director help showed him his great love for music he thought he should show that to the other people who haven't yet discovered their passion for music.

Quote: " I plan to live life to the fullest and those who get in my way of me being happy can go f*ck off"
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1 | 0 Comments | by Malothesonofzalgo | Aug 22nd 2015 22:15


Name: Nico (Neeks) Elliet
Age: 17-21
S/O: Pansexual
Appearence: Semi long brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 10"
Bio: Nico's born and raised in New York City, with his single mom Lisie. His mom died when he was 15. To avoid being put in an orphanage he ran off, eventually meeting some "sketchy" guys and becoming a member if the "NE" a rival gang to the "SS." He can come off as pretty macho, but really he's kind...kf you wait around to get to know him. He was also raised to be a gentleman, which co.tradicts with his duties in the gang. He is good at getting people to laugh, always making a joke of almost everything. He hates talking about his past, especialy his mom, because it's a reminder of how good things were once, and he will quickly try to deflect conversation elsewhere if it comes up.
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1 | 3 Comments | by This-Is-SPARTA | Aug 22nd 2015 20:39

His story.

Shortly, he was the professor of Defence in the Malicedom, mostly a physical subject present only in the Order of Power from the third year on.
He was an experienced and fair professor, but strict. An year, a girl doesn't manage to pass his exam, so she gets rejected even if he couldn't do much about it at all, he even gave some help to the students during it.
The year after, the girl went to him in the evening for a private lesson, and it went all normally.
The morning after, he woke up earlier than usual, when a guard knocked hardly at his door. He went to open, not understanding why he was there; then though, he notices behind him the girl -crying- with her parents.
He tried to ask what was going on and why, but the father of the girl just muttered something, while the guard simply grabbed him and tied his hands for good.

He got kept in a cell for an entire day, before to finally understand why this happened. They took him to a room to interrogate him, giving him even a potion not to make him lie:
Guard. "Is it true she came to a private lesson yesterday evening?"
Lars. "Yes, I still don't see the point of all this."
Guard. "For how long she remained?"
Lars. "One hour, from 10pm till 11pm."
Guard. "What did you do during this hour?"
Lars. He rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed. "We had our lesson, she needed to review a few tecniques."
Guard. "What time did you start to ABUSE her?!" He raised his voice, grabbing him by collar.
Lars. His eyes widen at these words, and he just shaked his head. "Makes no sense!"
Guard. "For how long have you been doing it?!" He shouted a lot and even hit him, but he kept not giving clear answers. He certainly didn't touch the girl though.

He is brought back to the cell, and the day after, they made a trial for his case, and in the end he got considered guilty... luckily for him, he didn't get "neutered" because he had a good lawyer. (XDD) But he ended up in prision for 10 years, getting often tortured by Dexter as he was supposed to do by law, even if he knew he was not guilty, but he managed to go a little more lightly on Lars for this.

He just got out of prision, and now he has literally nothing. Right now he is sleeping on a bench of the park...
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1 | 71 Comments | by HongRin | Aug 22nd 2015 18:48