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Some days before the school trip.

They have Anatomy class and most of students -of course- are as happy as if they were heading to their parents' funerals.

He is already into the classroom, nothing new. The homework are already written on the blackboard, that's the priority of course.
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2 | 22 Comments | by Christoph | Aug 25th 2015 14:41

Regarding matters in Arda and other things.

Sephiroth's life on Earth was great, but he did not remain ignorant about other worlds, in fact he is more than aware of MANY other universes and the existence of many other divinities. Many different cultures, races and even ways.
During his time, he became quite an important person on Earth. Someone who is respected in many ways, but that did not change him, he's still the old Seph we know.
He never forgets about old friends and alliances, mainly because Fëanor's son is married/in a relationship with his daughter.
It came to Sephiroth's curiosity to visit Fëanor, but he came upon that atrocious sight.
He immediately traveled to Yngwir to inform him of the situation and the mess that happened.
Meanwhile he also contacted Fëanor, managing to find his location and realize that he is ''fine'' and that his daughters are alive as well.
Right now, Sephiroth is right before Yngwir's house, knocking on the door and waiting, but this time he is more serious than usual and he is not keeping his smug smile.
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2 | 315 Comments | by Sigurorn | Aug 24th 2015 19:06


The two couples also decide to go to Honeymoon together.
They decide to visit the East, renting a house all for themselves and enjoying themselves in complete freedom, visiting what they please when they please if they please.
The morning after the day of their arrival in the house, Jack wakes up late and goes to the dining room, with a total x) expression.
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1 | 110 Comments | by Jackil | Aug 24th 2015 08:41

The Rules

1) No spelling errors in our roleplay (Yes sometimes i'm sleepy I tend to misspell)
2) When i'm busy don't repeatedly message me..
3) Don't yell nor scream at me..
4) Don't piss me off..
5) When i'm taken don't try anything.. (I'm for the man or woman "Forever")
6) I do have some friends but not many (I don't trust many..)
7) You have to prove yourself that I can lean on you..
8) You have to keep your promises (100%)
9) If we are roleplaying, don't kill your character off..
10) We can have a bonding moment..(Like best friends or family)
11) Don't complain about my family nor start anything
12) Do not start DRAMA!!!
~Lexi ❤
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7 | 0 Comments | by BlissyBliss | Aug 23rd 2015 19:16


He fell asleep on one of the benches outside the hospital, and remains there till an old man that wants to sit start to poke him. He opens his eyes and rolls them, but moves away from the bench and sits on the ground, near the door of the hospital, sighing deeply.
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2 | 130 Comments | by HongRin | Aug 23rd 2015 18:00