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Character Bio: Bëa

Name Bëa
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 174
History: unknown. But what is known is that she serves the Dark Sister's, An Ancient Witches Coven.Hailed as the most powerful they've seen in centuries. but she doesn't like to brag. .
Ethnicity/ Species: Witch
Personality: Quiet, prefers to watch and learn. She is quite wise. She tends to like solitude. She withdrawals to the library. She is soft spoken, and graceful. She is very unorganized, her room is littered with books and papers, believed to be ancient writings that were used a long time ago that only a few elders know and under stands. She is A Dark priestess/ Witch. so strong is her blood that other mythical beings shy away from her. most people fear her, so she has little to know friends. and most thinks she's crazy...because she can communicate with spirits. She also has a split personality witch is malevolent and dangerous which only comes out when she feels threatened or she is in battle. It is short tempered .
Powers: Tuned in to the 6th scene, she can predict the future, Talk to spirits even control them. And she has the ability to read minds if she so pleases.

Bëa sat staring at the wall as she sat on the floor. 'someone at your door' Bëa looked up just then as the sister was about to knock. "Oh child! umm." Blushing bëa gave the sister a soft knowing smile a shadow moved in front of her.. a spirit? "Yes sister?" she asked quietly ignoring the gentle shadow dancing around the sister.

"We are ready to begin. I was told to fetch you." the spirit dances over to bëa and leans over to whisper in her ear. "Your mother says you look unwell...make sure to eat more.." Bëa smiles weakly watching the sisters face twist into horror and disgust briefly before setting back to normal. This was par for the course. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have...Tell the priestess's I'll be along shortly, I have to fishnish something."

She sister nodded and fled from her door probably in fear the spirit dancing away with her. Looking back over her shoulder she saw the evil spirit leap off the bed to follow after the sister, she flicked her wrist in a motion not unlike a sweeping motion and it stopped in its tracks as if bound in chains. "Not you." She spoke to it.

"You are going back where you came from...I have all the information I need from you." She gestured with her hands closing her eyes her head rolling back as she completed the motion. With a loud shrike the shadow dissipated and she smiled. "goodbye, and good riddance... nasty thing." She stood and stretched, rolling her shoulders and cracking her fingers.

Face claim: Tinashe

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Character Bio: Mystic & Nagi (continued)

humanoid form
Height: 8'3
Weight: 204 lbs.
Appearance: Long Blondish hair, With piercing blue eyes
Built, rather large in frame.
When in human from he likes to wear his hair down or in a messy bun.
he wears glasses and likes to paint and exercise to calm him.
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Character Bio: Mystic & Nagi (continued)

Age: Unknown.
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon/Elemental God.
Height/Length: Approximately: 738 Kilometers (in his final form) but 927 feet normally (he also has a humanoid form)
Wing span: (fully extended) 537 ft.
Powers: much like Mystic He has control of the elements. Hes the most powerful out of all his brothers. (Mystic draws off of his power)
History: Nagi is the third oldest of his some 35 brothers. His mother favors him most, His father has several wives...Nagi's being one of them.
Personality: Although Mystic is the love of his life..His eye tends to wonder. He believes women are property, to use at your disposal. He has a short temper, and tends to act out instead of careful think out his actions. Other wise he is mature and puts up with Mystic because he loves her, and has chosen her as his bride, as of this time they are not married, but plan to be in the near future. His father nor his mother like Mystic and would prefer him to marry a dragon female to preserve the dragon blood line, but hes crazy about her, he is also very family oriented and that's what draws him to Mystic.
Scars: A prominent Scar running the length of his backside down to his leg.
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Simon "Shout" Quill

age: 18
hair: copper brown
eyes: one red and one blue
occupation: treasure hunter, freedom fighter
weapons: Soundbreaker Mic, Nanobug hives
clothes: a graphic t-shirt, a short button up shirt, a dragon tooth necklace, camo shorts, sandals, always carries a rucksack with a pawprint on it
relashionship: single
Simon worked in a museum with his father for years, the museums best exhibit is about ancient civilization known as the Soundonians, the first ones to learn music and use it for multiple uses. one day on his 18th birthday his father vanished, leaving behind his journal with a map and clues leading to the temple containing the Soundonian King's prized possession. The Soundbreaker Mic. following the map he found his way to the temple and obtained the mystic microphone, soon being attacked by robotic hunters. he learned that by making noise the mic uses the sound and turns it into a powerful solid wave that hits the target in any way possible, swords, air fists, sound bullets, even explosions depending on the pitch of the sound. Shout managed to flee the hunters only to soon learn his home town was taken over by the Technokhan army. now he searches for friends to help him take down the army and reclaim his home
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Character Bio: Mystic & Nagi

Name: (formally) olga Œcoe, Now she just goes by Mystic
Age: 19 (but every 34 years she ages)
Height: 5'1
Weight: 167lbs
Body medium built, Strong facial feathers With a long scar on her right eye, She, two different eye colors, One, Icy blue, and one a fiery read. Her hair has turned a frosty White, like ash.
Her powers/skills: Control over the elements. Everything even the 6th element. She can breath fire and sometimes ice, which she uses in combat. She is also trained in combat, and all forms of fighting known to man dragon and gods, sjhe is a quick thinker, and can see all possible options, she is not very strong, but when she uses her 6th sense, she can call for strength from the other side.
History not much is known about her, but when she was 3 her whole village was ravaged by A group of Raiders, known only by the name Hëssa
After escaping by the skin of her teeth she stumbled into the woods, and was found by Nagi. (Bio all by himself).
He choose her and made her his apiêz, or mate. Since she has lived with him form most of her life she mostly speaks Larvēï (dragon) but she is competent in English.
Personality: Mystic is a procrastinator, that is why most times she s in a dire straights, She is mostly unworried about anything, She can act silly and childish at times, That causes people to get annoyed with her. she is a warm and loving person, once you get to know her, loyal and willing to fight until she literately cant anymore. She is also a thinker, if she tries she can talk herself out of darn near everything, even murder, but she also is very smart. (More on Nagi...)
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