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Lo decides to take Adrien's training very seriously since he finds him a good boy and also very determined.
The day after he starts to go back to the East with his ship and it takes 2 days to arrive.
When there he goes back to his house, where Yun is staying. He enters, since he has the keys too, and starts to grab the things he needs, without even checking if she is at home.
She is at home, and actually gets scared as he comes, not knowing why. Seeing him taking weapons makes her even more scared, and thinks he wants to kill her or rape her for disrespecting him and treating him bad for all this time, plus the way he left her at the end of the battle is another good reason to fear him, so without even thinking she runs out of the house and runs towards the guards, crying. "Help me, please! He wants to hurt me..!" She points her house, then covers her face.
They run to the house and he sees them coming through the window, with Yun after them. He frowns for a moment and makes the weapons fall.. He takes only his bag with clothes and starts to run away.
He rushes to the harbor where he takes the first ship he finds that heads to North.

After two days he contacts Adrien very nervously. "Wu? I need your help..."
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1 | 72 Comments | by Won | Dec 26th 2015 18:06

Lo Khan Jr.

He was born in Chéng Lóng (Capital of the East), from Lo Khan Sr and Mei Yen, firstborn of the two. She was his official wife, they had a combined marriage and since the first day he turned her life horrible.

She got pregnant pregnant soon enough, and luckily for her it was a boy, otherwise she would have risked to be denied and lose everything.
The life of a young boy in the East isn't very easy. He started his training at 4 years, and he couldn't do anything about it. He couldn't even cry in case he got hurt during a training or such, or it would have turned even worse for him.
He is by the ledge of the ship, staring at the water while they go. After the meeting with Adrien he restarted to think about his own training when he was young, with his father.
He has a flashback of when he was 5 years...
{ Lo Jr is in the garden, his mother is watching him though the window while he is exercising with martial arts. Eventually she approaches him and motions him to come to her, noticing how tired he is. "Lo, come. Go to take something to drink and then rest..."
Lo stops for a moment and looks at her. He pants a little, though. "Father said I have to continue until he is back." She comes closer and places a finger on his lips. "I said you go to rest, when he is about to come back you will restart..." Truth be told, she hates it how Lo Sr is turning Jr in an emotionless, heartless child, ruining his childhood.
She places a hand on his back and goes to the kitchen with him, giving him hot milk with chocolate cookies. He eats it, loving the taste of the cookies and the warm of the milk, and also, meanwhile she caresses his hair and cuddles him.
He feels really good at all this, and he smiles very softly at all this. She kisses his head, and in that moment Lo Sr comes back home.
The first thing he does is to go to check with Lo Jr, and he gets really angry when he doesn't see him training. He finds them in the kitchen indeed and the scene angers him even more. "How dared you, woman? You want him to become a wimp?" He grabs her by hair and pulls her, looking at Lo Jr. "I'll show you what happens when females don't obey!" And one can guess what happens next, all in front of the child. He barely understands what happens, but the shouts of Mei make him feel him guilty somehow.
When Lo Sr finishes with her he goes back near Lo Jr, leaving her crying on the ground. "Now go back to train." }
He covers his face with his hands for a few moments, still feeling guilty for that, even if that was not the first time something like that happened to her, and not even the last. //
Mei was determined in saving Lo Jr from turning into a monster, and it didn't matter how much it costed, she tried every time to give him right lessons of life, equality, respect and love when Lo Sr was not around.
Every evening, she went to Lo Jr's room to tell him stories, and cuddle him... She managed not to make Lo Sr find out, and it lasted for years, until... she got pregnant again.
Lo Sr didn't give a damn about it though, he already had his male firstborn, that to him, seemed a perfect son for how he was training and for how he behaved. He was a clever boy, so he managed to pretend good with his father.
So nine months later, Mei gave birth to a girl, Yun, and so a disappointment since the first moment that Lo Sr saw her, but he simply kept focusing on Lo Jr after that, giving Mei the right to do with Yun whatever she wanted.
To the beginning, he got tied to Yun, he acted like a good big brother, but of course, his father didn't like it, and punished Yun for this, so he had to stop, not to let something bad happen to her again and started to act like a true bastard towards her.
By now he was 25 years old, still doing his training, and Yun 16 years old. Yun had a friend, a really good one, between their servants, a girl more or less of her same age, and Lo Sr noticed this, so he had a 'funny' idea to stop this. He called Lo Jr there and told him to take this girl to him, and he obeyed, still not knowing what he had in mind. One can imagine what Lo Sr forced him to do with this poor girl, and at the end he had to cut her throat as if she was an animal, when they finished. This, of course, caused a lot of hate towards him, but he remembered what his mother said to him: "Lo, I don't know how long she will be remaining in here, you must promise me something... Earn your father's trust, kill and do whatever he wants you to, and when you will have it, find a way kill him, take whatever he has and escape with Yun to the farest place you can..." And Lo Jr took these words very seriously...
Lo Sr started to look for a husband for Yun, to see if he could make some good business with her, but it didn't happen, and they all knew what that meant... plus there was also another 'surprise' for them, Lo Sr decided to sell to the brothel both Mei and Yun, because he was tired of her and wanted a new wife.
He couldn't do nothing about it, but it is since then that he started to work double to get them out of there, and it costed really a lot, plus he had to be careful to his father and make sure he didn't find out about it.
He kept acting normally towards him, and kept studying, until he became Captain, and then, at Lo Sr's death (When Khai and Shi were captured), he took his place as General.
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2 | 2 Comments | by Won | Dec 26th 2015 17:35

It's Not a Dream.

In middle of the night Michael wakes up. The room is dark and outside it is raining a lot. He slowly opens his eyes and takes a deep breath.
" was all a terrible dream..." He whispered to himself, taking a deep breath. "We are back to reality now..." He comforted himself. "And none of this has happened." Michael reached with one arm to touch his back, but all he could feel was a small bump/bone which remained of his wings. "Gods no..." He stood up, again his hope that it was all a bad dream completely shattered.
He moves his hair backwards with his hand and drinks a glass of water. "Not yet dawned..." He murmured after glancing at the window, grabbing hold of his cane which stood next to the bed and using it to support himself.
Slowly he dresses up and prepares himself for the day. He approaches the mirror and looks at himself. "Okay..." He takes a deep breath.
"You can do can do it...and if it gets ugly it's what you've deserved anyway Michael." He combs his hair and puts on his dark cloak with hood.
"Gods..." He lets the cane fall, it leaves a loud thud due to its weight and he supports himself against the wall with one hand, while with other he covers his face and feels desperate again. "Gods...oh Gods..." Again, he indeed starts to cry. He curls up in the corner of his room right next to door and sobs.
"Okay..." He comforted himself, wiping the tears. "Okay..." He reaches out to grab his cane, taking it by its black eagle head and slowly standing up.
Michael takes a deep breath and stands straight again. "It's so hard..." He thought to himself while looking out through the window and looking at the sky. Indeed he misses just rushing out of the window and spreading his wings. It used to be a priceless feeling. He feels incredibly crippled now, not to mention that his balance is messed up for good.
Finally he leaves his room after taking a few things with himself...and he indeed heads out to pay a visit to the family of the murdered old man...
After asking around, he eventually manages to find them. A small, half-ruined house, barely able to keep the damp away. He walked through the mud and wet ground, staining his boots and cloak completely, but he did not mind it now.
They weren't the only people who lived like this. There was a few houses here and there, usually people who had nowhere to go and no money to earn, just survive...
He looks at the people who stood outside with pity and just bows his head, he feels rather unworthy to look at them.
He is very upset...and very close to panicking again. Before reaching the house, he takes a turn and goes into the forest a little, to wind down...
"Dessa I am not strong enough to do this...I don't know what to do..." He murmured, thinking his presence could even unsettle them.
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These are the rules I have managed to come up with. They all are important so please they to follow them. I, however am lenient on some of them but do not take advantage of that.

❈Be respectful to me as I will be respectful to you. Be kind and polite, there’s no need for rude exchanges.

❈This is profile is a multi-ship profile. If Sally are is a public relationship with someone else’s character she is still open for romantic roleplay in messages but romance in snippets of questions will no longer be available

❈I understand very well about not being able to respond to roleplay right away. Sometimes you don’t feel up to it and other times you’re going through something but please inform me when that is the case. I will not be ignored and I do not like having people on my friend list who will not interact with me. Drop a simple hello or something every once in awhile, reach out. This cannot just be one sided where I am always the one reaching out.

❈If you do not like the way roleplay is going please talk to me about it. I am open to adjustments and would like to work on the roleplay to make it enjoyable for both of us.

❈If you add me you should start the roleplay. You adding me, tells me that you saw something in my profile. If I add you I will do the same, that being said please provide me with enough information to start as I will do for you. But do not just send the starter without discussing roleplay with me first.

❈Do not control Sally, do not use information that you as the admin know but your character would have no way of knowing.

❈Please do not bring me overpowered characters. That goes for Original Characters or if you’re roleplaying as a Canon Character. I am aware that some canon characters are overpowered but do not adjust them to be even more so overpowered for your sake, it ruins the fun of the roleplay.

❈Some of my roleplays do lead to eroctica, sex, that being said please do not make that the only element of the roleplay.

❈Sign with ‘Of The Dead’ to let me know that you had read these rules. If you do not sign and simply message me saying that you read them I will not believe you as this is a simple thing to ask, for you to comment or at least heart the message if you are somewhere where you cannot type.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Defiant | Dec 26th 2015 15:41

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