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Returning home

After he was done with Althus, Michael traveled back to the East, to his home and his precious love. He had time to think about the whole approach about this situation...and how he is going to tell her. Obviously a robotic arm is beyond shocking for everyone, but Michael can finally have something like a real arm again and he is already hiding it with a long glove.
Anyhow, right now, he is on his way home, but a little far from it, he needs to go past many people and make sure nothing seems suspicious... >> (XD)
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1 | 36 Comments | by Celegorm | Feb 2nd 2016 18:02


Lui è il terzo figlio di Desmond.
E' un'elite guard da 5 anni, perciò non è proprio esperto del mestiere.
Ha 26 anni, e quando il fratello Canut è morto aveva 9 anni, lui non sa molto di come sia successo, sa solo che era un'elite guard e che è morto, non era molto socievole...
Con il padre ha un rapporto complicato, già da quando era piccolo aveva una relazione strana con lui. Come tutti è stato scelto già dalla sua nascita, che sarebbe diventato un'elite guard, ripensando al fratello all'inizio era un po' preoccupato della cosa, all'inizio non voleva diventare un'elite guard ma non aveva molta scelta...
Ha una relazione complicata anche con il fratello Clovis, che gli sta un po' antipatico perchè non è diventato un' elite guard come lui, può andare a scuola, ha avuto una specie di infanzia, può farsi degli amici, ecc... Infatti lo tratta un po' con disprezzo, in fondo in fondo gli vuole bene, molto in fondo, ma gli vuole un po' di bene. Clovis è l'unico nella loro famiglia ad essere sociale, ed a esprimere delle emozioni.
Non vede Charles da quando Canut è morto, non sa perchè ma se ne andato di casa, e non lo ha più visto.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Jiju | Feb 2nd 2016 17:01

Ltnt Who

Name:Hugo carl peter
Nickname: Ltnt Who
job: body guard
Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay (secret)
Hair: white
Eyes: blue eyes
Height/Weight: About 6'6" (190 cm) and 160lb (75 kg)
Figure/Body Type: Thin, muscle
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: none

Personality: Silent not very curious about human being but about earth location he cares about his friends and kill you in a blink if your reckless when you meet him
Powers: Telekinesis, cellular regeneration go back in time reequipement
Weapon: usually desert eagle akimbo

Story: He is the youngest of his promotion into the army after a childhood of beeing bullied and being abused sexually by his step brother he discovered an ability to teleport where he wants he used this as a game at first but a military man promessed him that he will be usefull into the army and became the lab rat to see where and what he could teleport from where to where. One of the scientist made experiments on him and gave him the ability to heal himself very quickly.
They wanted a perfect soldier so they tried to bend his mind to their will he refused but got a new power by his mother and can make appears the weapons he wants into a dark smoke .
He is called the black mist because it's the last thing you see before you die .

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3 | 0 Comments | by ChildofLokinathos | Feb 2nd 2016 14:24

Madison Gilbert

Relationship: Single
Dad: N/A
Mom: N/A
Siblings: Jeremy and Elena, Justin

Under Construction!
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4 | 1 Comment | by Maddz | Feb 2nd 2016 10:38

Clrissa heathers

Age: 12 gender: female

Personality: kind and caring she will Always try to make a new friend and become extremely loyal to all who she cares about. She can show signs of being traumatized from time to time though she would rather ignore it and move on in life. She can easily be overwhelmed by too many people and is still a little kid with fears and dreams.

Background: she was born to a family of two brothers and a scientist/doctor father. Her birth killed her mother and being such her father seemed her as a filthy murderer. He began to use her as his main subject for a new theory he was working on. It was a virus that was meant cure meantal instablities. It went wrong and soon enough any body that came into direct contact with clarissa's skin became infected and lost control of their violent urges causing them to try and kill any living thing they saw. Clarissa and her brother Timothy escaped the lab they had been sent to when their father had become infected and died. The two children survived the new world on their own until Clarissa infected Timothy and had to kill him in order to survive.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Feb 1st 2016 11:26