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Xavierwas only 21 when he was bit. He had just graduated from an apprenticship a blacksmith when he was seduced by a beautiful woman. He took her home and slept with her. When he woke up she was gone and he had a pool of blood by his bed. He was turned over night. He tried to walk out in the sun just to discover it burnt. He had no idea what was going on till he read a book. He then discovered two bit marks on his neck. They where small but there. He now lives his time in a Very popular city.
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4 | 1 Comment | by Shadowgenesis | May 4th 2015 19:59

Kidoru ~Bio~

Name: Kidoru Uingu Kami
Age: 28
Species: Dragon
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6"4'
Scent: Brimstone
Personality: he's very protective of what he claims whether it be person place or object. he's not very social and a skilled fighter. he is a dragon with a human form which mean he can breath fire and knows Draconian magic his fighting style is traditional Kenjutsu or swordsmanship.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Anina | May 2nd 2015 23:41

Zeon Saunders. (James Zeon Saunders)

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Born: April 20
Height: 6'8

Appearance: Zeon looks a lot like the picture below, but there are a few differences with him. He has long, dark brown hair that comes to about his chin and very pale blue eyes. He is always seen wearing some band t-shirt or any black clothing. He's basically an average teenage delinquent. He is also VERY tall, much like a giant.

Personality: Zeon can be... hard to get a long with. He's not really talkative, so he never says a word to anybody in fear of getting too close and ruining the relationship he has with that person. Although he looks shady, he's a genius and can snap back immediately if someone is talking trash about him. If you happen to break his shell, he's really caring and hilarious, but it's usually the crude humor you'd expect to hear from a teenage boy. You may even get to see the extremely sensitive and soft side of him.

Back Story: James Zeon Saunders' father used to call him James all the time- until he died. His father was a smoker and died from lung cancer when Zeon was very young. At the time, Zeon was really close to his father and shared the same attitude he did. He was the nerd, much like his father, and shared the same passion for history. His father would take Zeon to his classroom where he taught students about world history. I know, teachers sound absolutely boring, but Zeon's father was the most favored teacher. He was fun and made the subject interesting. His father would wear very fancy outfits, but on school spirit days and casual Friday's... Hah! I should stop describing Zeon's father. This is Zeon's story after all. Once his father died, he starting demanding to be called Zeon or Z. From when he was born to age fourteen, he was a nerd. Ages 14 to 16, he was a jock. From ages 16 up until now, he is just antisocial because of what happened to him while he was a jock. It's basically up to you to find out what happened!

That was the longest bio I've ever done... whoa.
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3 | 0 Comments | by MarshallThePonycorn | May 2nd 2015 13:05


My names Marcus I am up for all different types of roleplays I like darker styles of course horror, Drama,abuse and the like message me if you're interested, and can multiparagraph role play. If you can't multi paragraph role play don't waste my time or your own.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Extasyviolation | May 1st 2015 06:04

Character Bio: Bëa

Name Bëa
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 174
History: unknown. But what is known is that she serves the Dark Sister's, An Ancient Witches Coven.Hailed as the most powerful they've seen in centuries. but she doesn't like to brag. .
Ethnicity/ Species: Witch
Personality: Quiet, prefers to watch and learn. She is quite wise. She tends to like solitude. She withdrawals to the library. She is soft spoken, and graceful. She is very unorganized, her room is littered with books and papers, believed to be ancient writings that were used a long time ago that only a few elders know and under stands. She is A Dark priestess/ Witch. so strong is her blood that other mythical beings shy away from her. most people fear her, so she has little to know friends. and most thinks she's crazy...because she can communicate with spirits. She also has a split personality witch is malevolent and dangerous which only comes out when she feels threatened or she is in battle. It is short tempered .
Powers: Tuned in to the 6th scene, she can predict the future, Talk to spirits even control them. And she has the ability to read minds if she so pleases.

Bëa sat staring at the wall as she sat on the floor. 'someone at your door' Bëa looked up just then as the sister was about to knock. "Oh child! umm." Blushing bëa gave the sister a soft knowing smile a shadow moved in front of her.. a spirit? "Yes sister?" she asked quietly ignoring the gentle shadow dancing around the sister.

"We are ready to begin. I was told to fetch you." the spirit dances over to bëa and leans over to whisper in her ear. "Your mother says you look unwell...make sure to eat more.." Bëa smiles weakly watching the sisters face twist into horror and disgust briefly before setting back to normal. This was par for the course. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have...Tell the priestess's I'll be along shortly, I have to fishnish something."

She sister nodded and fled from her door probably in fear the spirit dancing away with her. Looking back over her shoulder she saw the evil spirit leap off the bed to follow after the sister, she flicked her wrist in a motion not unlike a sweeping motion and it stopped in its tracks as if bound in chains. "Not you." She spoke to it.

"You are going back where you came from...I have all the information I need from you." She gestured with her hands closing her eyes her head rolling back as she completed the motion. With a loud shrike the shadow dissipated and she smiled. "goodbye, and good riddance... nasty thing." She stood and stretched, rolling her shoulders and cracking her fingers.

Face claim: Tinashe

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1 | 0 Comments | by SomethingofaRomantic | Apr 30th 2015 18:04