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Tattooes - The Whys Behind the Ink (Story)

Tana sat on the mossy edge of the hot spring. Her feet wiggled around under the water. Unwilling to get her tail wet that's as much of her body as was going in the spring. Well unless a certain asshole Marine finally decided to join the party, which would inevitably mean he pushed her in.

She was technically sitting on the men's side of the place. After long enough of listening to the women talk, Tana had gotten up and relocated. It was such inane, petty nonsense. Every single one was a wilting flower house wife. A couple of fake tittied trophy wives, too. The feline opted to listen to male posturing instead.

There were some raised eyebrows, and many stares, as she quietly sat down on the edge of the masculine domain. Nobody was complaining about the eyecandy. Towel wrapped around her chest, there was still plenty of flesh showing.

All the masculine posturing was exactly what Tana had expected. It was pretty funny shit to listen to sometimes. She had to bite her tongue frequently; avoid telling the boys to just whip their dicks out and measure already.

Her mind started to drift. All the smoke blowing and bullshitting had turned into background noise. It took a few succeedingly louder tries for one of the men to get her attention. "Hmm?" Half lidded eyes opened and her ears turned to focus on the male. He was a looker. An alpha in the pack. All the other men were eating out of his palms. If he wasn't taken already, all that beef was a tempting target for a more private moment.

"I was telling these assholes, there's nothing wrong with ink. Especially on a woman."

"Oh yea?" Still coming out of her dazed, a slow smile spread on Tana's pink lips.

"Yea. You got reasons for all of yours, right?" The predatory eyes of the alpha on her, Tana did her best to remain cool. "What are they?"

She paused, looking at the man. "You /really/ want to know? It's not exactly a short story." As in, she had to put effort into explaining.

"Yea, I do."

Tana sighed. How could she say no to an alpha? Plus an opportunity to show off. Holding up her wrist, she showed him the blue text that read Never Die. "This was my first. I was sixteen and at the time, seriously into a band called Tiger Army. It has to do with one of their songs." The alpha nodded at that, an approving rumble in his chest.

Encouraged, Tana continued. Turning a little she gestured to the flower on her shoulder. "This was the second. I've had it touched up a couple times since. I got it because I think it's pretty. Ten years later and I still think it's pretty."

"The next ones are a longer story." She hesitated. There was another encouraging rumble and she sighed. Her tail twitched with a mind of it's own. "I was never exactly a normal kid if you hadn't guessed. Anyway after giving up on trying to get into vet school, I was working as a vet tech. Someone brought in a cat they'd hit with their car. He was uncooperative and I got bitten in the process.

"Next morning... well I found I could turn into a cat. I didn't exactly handle the change well." That was an understatement. "I kinda went off the reservation for a while. Fell off the face of the earth, wandered around. Ended up turning cheap tricks. After a couple weeks of that, this limo pulls up at the corner. Inside was this high powered exec, power suit wearing, control freak, monster of a woman. I followed her home with the promise of a good meal and clean sheets. She got super possessive and abusive and I just let her, afraid to go back out on the streets, yaknow? Turns out I don't domesticate well.

"After a while of that," Tana adjusted the towel, showing off the black, bold, words written across the side of her ribs: I'll Die Drowned By Your Standards, "I went out and got this to piss her off. It totally worked. We had a huge fight. I'm talking knock down drag out call the cops. I ran for it when she reached for the gun.

There was a pause and the woman chuckled. "Miss CEO lady is still super obsessed with me. To the point I have an awesome, sleazy lawyer on retainer just to deal with her bullshit. Now and then I find private detectives she hired following me." Tana laughed, amused. "Gives me an excuse to slash tires."

"Anyway, after that fight, I was out on the street again, exactly where I hadn't wanted to be. Now, as horrible an experience as she was... I dunno. You know that saying? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? In this case, it was absolutely true. That trauma showed me just how strong I am. I survived, in one piece, stronger for it all, and I know I don't have to take shit from /anyone/. Downside, after all that, I'm pretty gunshy about women now." Tana frowned. Part of the reason she'd relocated sides of the hot spring.

"A couple months later of living on the street again, yea yea I could have gotten a real job and gone back to the nine to five, eight dollars an hour life, I just... just couldn't. Anyway I was considering going back to her.

"That's when John walked into my life. Granted I was a cat when we met, but, he scooped my stray butt up off the street. He was AWOL at the time. Had maybe twenty bucks to his name. He freely shared what little he had with a fluffy white kitty. Those first few weeks he was squatting in an old cabin. I'd sit on his lap while he read Lord Of The Rings out loud by candle light." Tana picked up her foot out of the water, showing off the LOTR tree. "This one's for him."

"There's an old Vin Diesel movie: Strays. Some line in it about being family because if you were just friends, all the shit you put each other through, you wouldn't be friends after all of that; you wouldn't even know each other. Pretty sure that line was written about John and I. We're family and put up with each other through thick and thin."

"Four years later we're still thick as thieves."

"Now, this one," Tana shifted herself and the towel around to show off the elaborate phoenix on her hip and thigh. "It was time to get more ink done. I wanted to something to honor the feline transformation. But a cat tattooed on a cat just didn't seem right. So I went with phoenix since it's the symbol of death and rebirth."

There were a few other stray markings, but they were small, subtle, and held far less meaning.

"So yeh, the story of my life is told by the ink on my flesh.

"I want a pink ribbon around my neck with a pretty bow over my collar bone, but, I'm not sure. You can only get one chest piece done and I'm sitting on that to make sure it's the right choice."

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Random Stuff About Tana

(Stuff added as I think of it.)

Favorite Food: Peaches. Very ripe roadside produce stand juicy sinful goodness.
I might be part fruit bat. Any /good/ ripe fruit is ok by me!

Favorite TV show: Adam 12. Seriously I wanna date Malloy.

Favorite Band: Tiger Army. Or at least when I was younger and ran with a certain crowd. Not really my top favorite now, but, its damn nostalgic. *holds up her wrist: Never Die* First tatt.

My hair is white. Not blond. Really annoys me when people say blond. I went to significant trouble to get it /white/.

I'm really sensitive about what I eat. Too many carbs, especially crappy stuff like white "wheat" and "enriched" rice really do a number on me. Hand me the salad and the venison.

I don't like eating store bought meat. I want to have killed it myself while it was running a free life doing normal animal things. Yea that means I hunt out of season. *flashes fangs* Deer are plentiful and you know it.

I have a thing for men in uniform. One, it's hot. Two, there's a higher chance of alpha manliness. I'm kinda over sleeping with boys, regardless of what age their bodies are. I much prefer /men/ in my bed.

On that topic I'm not actually hetero. I do find some, few, women attractive. Lesbian sex is just so much work. I'm a pillow princess.

Wow while we're on that TMI, I'm not that into giving head. If I do so, there's a high probability I want to impress the guy. Otherwise, most of the time, meh.

Oh, so, if you hadn't figured it out, I'm a cat. Not just, I turn into a cat, I'm a damn cat. I'm independent, and needy on MY terms.

I don't do the pecking order thing like werewolves and humans. I AM the god damned pecking order.

I don't like other cats on my territory. It's mine, fuck off. So that weretiger, neko, whatever friend you want to introduce me to because we're both cats so surely we'll get along great? No. Just no.

Swear to god, don't call me kitten. Do I look like a kitten to you? I'm a full grown adult, thank you very much.

Another name pet peeve, baby. Again, do I look like a squirming pink bundle of screaming, crying, snotfaced helplessness? If you answered yes to that, move along asshole before I hurt you.

Men (probably people in general, but more common with males) I like become my property. Isa's mine.
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5 | 0 Comments | by Miss_Thing | Sep 15th 2014 04:51




Seriously, have you ever met a cat that followed rules?

I might actually read yours.....
but I'm not gonna sign em.
(And I am absolutely NOT going to jump thru any hoops to "prove" I read em.)

I'm still gonna jump up on the counter.
And lick my crotch at inappropriate moments.

Rules are made to be broken.
That's what they're for, right?

I follow my moral compass.
Which flows and changes and ain't nothin' set in stone.


* 18+ only

I'm NOT going to cater to you. I'm not here to please /you/.
I may read your rules. I will do my best to respect /important/ things. But remember, I'm not going to be kissing your ass or jumping through any hoops.

* I prefer quality over quantity.
Sometimes less is more. Five paragraphs of flowery nothing leaves you with... nothing. I want to actually get stuff done, not look at all the pretty words you learned in grade school. Now, if you are long winded and crafting an interesting story, then by all means, write. Key words there, crafting an interesting story.

* My replies will be as long or short as I feel like.

* I'm a grammar Nazi and I have the black SS uniform to prove it. I don't expect perfection, but if your writing is lousy, I'm going to ignore it. If you can't properly form and punctuate a sentence, walk away right now.

* I have ADD irl and can't always focus on what I /want/ to focus on.

* Don't ask if I want to rp. This is an rp site. What else would I be doing here?
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8 | 5 Comments | by Miss_Thing | Sep 2nd 2014 00:52

Another Life (Tana meets MirrorTana)

Tana looked at the raven haired woman.

She knew that hair. She had spent a goodly amount of effort turning the black to blond. After The Change it had stayed white and Tana didn't need to mess with it. Except to dye a green streak and a purple streak.

She knew the woman too.

And it was eerie.

It was herself, standing there, looking back with equally perplexed blue-grey eyes.

There were no piercings either. Or tattoos.

The woman was dressed /normal/.


Middle class.

The raven haired version looked over her bleached counterpart. How much trouble had the woman gone through to get her hair blond? Tattoos? Piercings? (And by the looks of it, there were much more of both hidden behind clothing.)

The white haired opened her mouth and spoke, slowly, carefully, "You're not Tana, are you?"

Raven haired shook her head no.

Trying to keep her emotions in check the light haired said quietly, "You're Tammy."

This statement was greeted with a carefully nodded yes.

The two women looked at each other a long moment.

"What... /didn't/ happen with you?" Tana asked, barely containing her building horror.

"What... happened to /you/?" Tammy asked, wearing the same expression.

Tana gave her first guess. A classic. "Was dad around to raise you and your sisters?"

"No, it was just mom. She met a stable boyfriend though when I was in highschool." Tammy replied.

Tana gave a dumb sounding 'huh.'

A sudden idea gripped Tammy, and she asked in horror, "/Did/ you graduate highschool?!"

Tana snorted, offended. Her nose wrinkled before she replied. "Of course I did!" She added quietly, "Not with the best of grades."

There was a long pause.

"You... don't have /any/ piercings or ink, do you? Anywhere?" Tana asked, the question far more important in her mind then graduating highschool.

"Absolutely not."

"Not even like, your earlobes?"


"Daumnnn," Tana drug out the word. Both looked at the other in building horror.

"So you like... live a normal life, huh?" Tana asked.

Tammy nodded.

"Do you... own your house?" Tana queried, the bolder of the two.

Tammy nodded again.

"It uh... it's a nice place in the suburbs with two stories, a white fence, a garage, a green lawn, and a blue, /new/ SUV in the driveway, huh?" Tana more accused then asked.

"Yes." Curious about the next detail, Tammy held up her hand, silently showing a wedding ring.

"Oh hell, /who/ was it?" The fuck? Tana kinda understood why a couple would want to bond, but marriage? No thank you.

"We met in vet school."

"Wait, you mean one of us actually made it?" Tana asked, both relieved and hating the other woman.

"Yes. We own a practice together now." Tammy scowled as Tana barely silenced a dramatic gag.

"So like... you made the grades. Got into vet school. Met a guy. Got married. And are living the suburban dream?"

"That's about the sum of it, yes." Tammy scowled more, not liking how Tana was twisting her life into a bad thing.

Tana leaned in a little and sniffed. Like an animal. The gesture wasn't missed by Tammy.

"Oh god!" Tana yelped in distressed horror. "You're /human/!" Her greyblue eyes had blown wide.

"I'm, what?" Tammy asked, confused. "Of course I'm human."

Dramatic, Tana took a step back. Away from the normality that was standing before her.

Tana's life flew into her mind, unbidden. She looked at Tammy. "So... you've never broken the windshield on an expensive car? Never fucked a complete stranger? Never run under a full moon with a pack of wolves? Never eaten deer? Rabbit? Elk? Frozen the tip of your tail off during an Alaskan winter? Followed a friggin' alien into a warehouse and nearly gotten your ass handed to you? Never mooned a crowd and been kidnapped by an intergalactic convict which was followed by dubious consent sex? Stowed away in a cargo of exotic nip to wake up on a motherfucking starship? Gotten into a ridiculously fast car with a ridiculously handsome man? Paid for something with a blowjob? Been read the entire LOTR triology by a PTSD marine? Traded blood for money? Lost your favorite bra in some dirty back alley? (That one wasn't sex related!) Gotten hauled in on a public indecency charge? Woken up in a dog catcher's cage? Been chased by a redneck with a burlap bag? Shot at by an insane asshole who tried to blackmail you? Eaten tuna off a solid silver platter? Never mooned a demigod?"

Tana trailed off quietly and added with sadness, "Never lived?"

Tammy just looked at her. What kind of life was all that? "No. I went to vet school. Got married. House, car. We have a black lab and are very /happy/ with a normal, /respectable/ life."

Who the hell was this standing there? It could not be what the same person.

"I don't like you," Tana looked into the mirror bluegrey eyes, frightened.

"I don't like you either." Tammy replied, coldly.

Tana turned. And left.

Surely there was something on the ship she could /break/.
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Lynx: The Alaska Incident

(scribblings, WIP)


She hadn't told anybody about that winter. Isa knew, but he was there. The whole experience probably had a lot to do with their continued friendship. As warped as that friendship was.

Only people lacking sanity wintered in Alaska.

Darkness. Snow. Subzero temperatures. Snow. Darkness. COLD.

So where was Tana?

In a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Literally the middle of nowhere. The only way in or out? Airplane. Or, if you were as unlucky as Tana, on foot.

Oh yes, she'd /walked/ through the wilds and found this tiny piece of nowhere.


Well, she went to bed the night before, snuggled up on her favorite cat tree. (The one John had gotten her.) The next morning? She'd woken up under a pine tree covered in frost, staring down a hungry lynx.

And that is how Tana's Alaskan Winter had started. Fangs and Fur.

That fight hadn't gone so well. She won. Obviously. Otherwise who would be writing the story?

Large feline fangs sank into the much smaller body before Tana had a chance to bolt. She got free with a well placed (but small) paw full of claws to the other's eye. Damn those fangs had gone deep. Trying to shift back to human to heal the damage... Well, something else happened.

There were two lynxes under the pine tree.

She could think about it later. Weird shit wasn't uncommon.

Much yowling and fur flying ensued.

Not that Tana had actually met a lynx before, something felt off with this one. It wasn't a fellow shifter, but it wasn't just a haphazard forest animal. Again, no time to think about it.

More yowling. More fur flying.

Tana was pretty sure she hadn't really won when the other left. Whatever. She bolted in the opposite direction.

Only when she was literally miles away did she even pause. Tana didn't like this place. It was full of /wild/ animals. And she was plunk in the middle of their territory. Squabbling over what was essentially public space in the city with little domestic critters was one thing. There were freaking wolves and lynx and stuff out here. Hell she didn't even know those other scents.

Tired, eventually, she was forced to stop. She looked down at the different paws. They were huge. It felt safer out here to be larger, and Tana was thankful for what at the moment seemed to be a new gift.

A thought trailed into her mind.

Tana tried to shift. Tried being the key word. Nothing happened.

What in the hell? She had /always/ been able to shift back. Always.

She tried again. Again, nothing.

Panic crept in.

She was lost in the woods. What woods she didn't even freaking KNOW. She had never seen these laylines before. And to further complicate things... she was stuck in one form?

The panic gripped and she took off again. Those large paws and bounding strides had her practically flying over the landscape. It was full of trees. And rocks. And nature-y things. There wasn't a damn hint of anything touched by man. That, in and of itself was frightening. Tana had never before seen landscape without a trace or scent of human. Even "the woods" had hiking trails and hill folk and homeless and campers and humans were always everywhere.

Climbing a hill, she took a good look around. Nothing. Fucking nothing except for the wild, wild landscape. There were plants and coniferous trees. But it was all somewhat sparse. Higher elevation perhaps? The entire place felt more northward then Tana had ever been. Cold and snow sucked.

She had never felt this alone before. Fear continued to grip at her little heart.

That first night sucked. The sun set, and the landscape closed in. Howls echoed in the distance. Shit. She'd never heard /real/ wolves before. Plenty of weres, but no straight up wolves. Every hair on her furry body was on edge each time the call sounded. They were talking, but she didn't know the language.

Lacking a better idea, she caught a nap as far up a pine tree as she could get. At least the wolves couldn't climb. Lots of other things still could. The sleep was too light to be very restful. She missed her carpeted cat tree. Her plush kitty bed. Her hooman's face to sleep on.

After a while the howls got closer. Tana decided it was time to move along. Her tummy growled. There were little critters about. Eventually she caught one. At least she had enough hunting skill to get by. Tana missed tuna. And a never ending supply of all you could eat expensive organic kibble. Served on a silver platter. Ok it was stainless steel and she had found it at the thrift store, but c'mon.

It went like that for a week. She headed south. Passing through other animal's territories. Catching naps. Hunting furry things. Then came a break. It was very small. A clearing between the trees and boulders. It was a trail, only the grass and small bushes had grown in. But there was the scent of dog. It was faint. But it was domestic. Not having a damn better thing to do, she followed it.

Fear and worry eased into wary excitement. The longer she followed the trail, the more teeny, tiny glimpses she caught of human presence. There was even a small cabin along the way. It was boarded up. Having no hands to get into the locks, she passed it by. The bears had already tried, anyway.

After a few more days, there were even cut trees. The small green ones that were trying to grow up in the path had been cleared out. And the smell of dogs had gone from imperceptible to noticeable.

And then, glory. A dirt road. After the unending wilderness, it was like a highway.

Only, she was stuck as a damn lynx. Not like she could stand on the side of the road with her thumb out. Keeping off to the side in the thickest of the bushes, Tana followed along the road a few more miles. Eventually it came to a small town. Town may have been a generous word. Or at least she really hoped there was more to it then she was seeing.

Back to the lynx problem. With a sigh, she settled in to wait for nightfall. Until that moment she hadn't realized how handy being a domestic feline was. Nobody thought twice when they saw her. Was it this annoying for the werewolfs?

Night did eventually fall. The few humans about retired into the shelter of the buildings. Finally. On large silent paws Tana explored the town. Town, indeed, was a generous word. She guessed there was less then a thousand people scattered around the entire area.

There was a small store. She could smell the packaged foodstuffs. A small restaurant of some sort. A tiny, overpriced gas station. Seriously when had gas crept over six dollars a gallon? And, was that a post office? Her eyes caught the starlight as she read a single word.


Holy fucking hell. She had gone to sleep in California, and woken up in ALASKA?!

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