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Caranthir the Dark.

Ah! Can you believe that I got an invitation to act as a vampire in they are making on Earth? Should I accept it? Hm...I always wanted to try being an actor! Why not! grin emoticon
They are paying nicely, father!
*And indeed after receiving his father's blessing, Celegorm went to act in a very strange film, as a vampire named Lestat. He did not like the script much, but his personality fit Lestat's, so he had no problems with managing the role at all!* (XDDDDD)
*After the filming and when everything was done...Celegorm went back to Arda, seeming quite proud in fact. He got a loooot of money and he was happy about it. He gave most of his earnings to the people of their city and to those who lost their homes after the Dragon's attack.
A few days after that, a white dove came and brought him a letter.*
"For Celegorm, ONLY." - *"ONLY" was bolded and written in capital letters.
The Prince took the letter and he narrowed his eye, breaking the strange seal and unfolding it.*
"Celegorm, has been such a long time and I am hopelessly lost. Fortunately the bird is smart enough to find you.
I need your help...please...I do not want anyone to see me in this state.
Come to Earth, meet me in Paris -insert the name of the street-.
Oh how I've missed you...and please make haste.
Your brother, Caranthir."
*Celegorm's heart skipped beats after reading this. He was SO close to tell this to his father, but seeing that Caranthir did not want Fëanor to know of this, he decided to see what is up and then tell him.*
Celine, Lyna! My dear ladies, I must go to Earth and do some more work regarding the film. I'll bring copies for all of us here!
"Dah, you are going again...?" *Celine's head bowed, she sighed deeply, but hugged him tightly.* "Take care dah! I love you! "
"Take care darling and come back to us fast, all right? Where are you going by the way?"
To Paris. Shouldn't take long!
*He hugged his ladies and he teleported away, going to the said street.
It was night...and as soon as he approached that street, some chill took over him. It was not what he imagined..the street was full of rats, garbage...and it was more than abandoned, looking rather creepy. And just to add, it was raining.
Celegorm shuddered and he stood there like an idiot for a very long time.* Is this a joke? *He thought to himself, being wet like a mouse. Though after some hours later...a man started to approach him. Celegorm narrowed his eyes, his vision blurred for a moment due to his sight problems.* Caranthir...?
*It was Caranthir...but a completely messed up Caranthir. His ''return'' was not natural, not natural at all in fact and he was more than weird. Now the reason for that will become unfolded...very soon. And the reason WHY he called him here and not Arda is because of the ''weakness'' of Earthlings and a lot of places to hide etc.*

Caranthir! *Celegorm shouted rushing towards his brother and holding him by the shoulders, hugging him tightly afterwards and smiling widely.* I cannot believe it! Where have you been all this time?
*Caranthir chuckled and pat Celegorm's back.* "Ah my brother, it is such a long story...come, walk with me."
*Celegorm smiled and he let go of him.* Woah, you do stink. When was the last time you took a bath?
"You and your dog's nose!" *Caranthir a strange way though, it kind of made Celegorm go "WTH" for a moment.
Caranthir wrapped his arm around Celegorm's shoulder and he literally ''pushed'' him to walk faster along this dark and creepy street.*
So why have you called me...? *No reply came from Caranthir. As Celegorm turned his head to look at him, he could see that Caranthir was paler than normal. Celegorm shrugged...not finding it as anything odd, apart from his weird behavior...but still, he was called ''the dark'' so he discards any strange thoughts.*

*The Prince was lead further down the street, yet no words came from the other elf.* Hey, are you all right?
*Celegorm's eyes widened and he recoiled, stopping.* Woah! Who stepped on your foot today...? We don't see each other for decades and you...what? Shout at me for no reason..but that's just fine, I am used to it.
"Where are Maedhros, Curufin and the rest?"
*Celegorm sighed, seeing that Caranthir is acting more than odd.* They are dead...
*Celegorm looked down.*
"At least you live. Good riddance. Come on already."
*Celegorm kept standing, narrowing his eyes at Caranthir.* No, you are not yourself.
*Caranthir stopped and looked at the Prince, giving him a non-reassuring look.*
"What did you just say?"
*Celegorm recoiled a little.* You are not acting normally...what's wrong with you? Shouldn't we go back to father...I mean he wants to see yo-
*Caranthir aimed to grab Celegorm's arm and push him, though Celegorm stepped back and pulled his arm away.* I said no! Explain what is going on first, you are incredibly odd!
"There bloody time to explain what is going on. You are coming with me, one way or another!" *Caranthir punched Celegorm in the face quite nearly knocked the Prince down. He placed his hand on his cheek and remained a little shocked.*
"Want another? Move it!" *The punch was unnaturally strong...Celegorm was edgy...but he never followed him.*
"Well? Brother? What's wrong? Going to cry now?"
*Celegorm frowned.* You are not my brother!

*The Prince actually turned around and started to run away, not liking the situation at all in fact...something was fishy and far from natural.
Caranthir was faster than him...he reached Celegorm very quickly and he tackled him down.
As much as the Prince struggled against his brother's grip, he could not fight against him. Celegorm struggled a lot, trying to punch his brother and break free, but Caranthir kept punching him.* Please, stop! STOP! What do you want?!
"Too late for that! You should have obeyed when I wanted to be nice! Now I am going to be your ''dark brother'' again!"
*Poor Celegorm was punched so many times that he fell unconscious.*

*A lot of pressure he could feel in his felt like to explode.
Celegorm slowly opened his eyes, finding himself in an abandoned room, chained with one hand to the wall.
The Prince was lying on the ground, with messed hair and a bit stained with his own blood.* Oh God...*He muttered, noticing his chained wrist and the bruises he got. He looked around the room, seeing how terrible it looks. He was quite scared...he never ended up in a place like this...and this strange atmosphere followed him ever since he met Caranthir.
The Prince recoiled as a thunder struck...the noise made him edgy. He could not stay here, so he immediately began to work on freeing himself from the chain.
That's when someone began to unlock the door.*

*Celegorm stopped with pulling the chain and he looked at the door with wide eyes.
The door got opened and a squeaky sound came from them, where a tall figure stepped inside, dressed in ragged clothes and holding a small knife in hands. It was Caranthir and he started to approach Celegorm.
Celegorm recoiled SO hard and he moved to the other side, obviously being more than afraid.*
"Don't worry brother, I won't hurt you."
*The Prince glared at his strange brother with mistrust, he felt like a chained animal here and he had no idea what was this for...*

"Give me your hand." *Caranthir extended his arm towards his brother, but Celegorm literally pushed himself against the wall, not wanting to obey him.*
"Don't be afraid...I am not going to harm you, I promise."
*Celegorm hesitated...but eventually he extended his hand towards Caranthir's. The elf took his hand and placed it on his own. He was as cold as death itself.*
Now...are you a vampire?
*Celegorm moved his hand away immediately.* Let me go. And tell me what is going on...w-we can talk like...grown ups...w-without hurting one another...
"Of course we can, but you always disobey. Nothing guarantees that you won't run away after I let you go." *And Celegorm would run away.*
S-So...fine...tell me...what is going on here?

*Awkward silence kicked in.* B-Brother...?
"Nothing is wrong. I am completely normal. Now...I want to have a little deal with you." *Caranthir knew what was wrong with him, he was not himself. But even if he gave Celegorm an ''indication'' of being dangerous and unnatural, he did not want to speak of it. His ways are strange...very strange and Celegorm can notice that. Some things make no sense.*
*Celegorm did not like the sound of this at all...he found everything so strange.*
Go on...
"I am going to let you go...under one condition."
Okay...what is that condition...?
"Kill father."
*Celegorm's eyes widened and he frowned.* Are you INSANE?!
"No. I am completely normal as I said. I want him to die, because of him my brothers are dead and you are the only one left alive. Not like I am happy that YOU are the only one alive...the worst choice possible.
Kill father, bury his body, make me the King and you won't have any problems in the Kingdom at all...not from Dragons, not from Haradrim, not from anything."
*Celegorm burst into such laugh.*
Oooh what an idiot you are, Caranthir. You are no Fëanorian. You are not my brother, you are not yourself. Now you know that I will never do such a whatever you do, it will not happen.
"I feared you would say that...too bad for you."
Why don't you go there yourself hm? So we can arrest you and publicly execute you!
"Ah, always with a good sense of humor. So...your final answer is NO?"
Yes. It is a BIG NO YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF MAGGOT FILTH! *Celegorm turned totally angry there. He even stood up and began to pull the chain.* When I break free you are going to DIE! And that will happen SOON!
"Ah haha hahahaha...oh Celegorm." *Caranthir approached him and he pinned him against the wall, awkwardly standing close to him and caressing his face.* "I do feel...a little sorry for having to hurt you so much. Imagine how great it would be if we ruled the kingdom together without father, mother or anyone to tell us what to do and what not to do."

*Celegorm looked at Caranthir with both fear and anger in his eyes, he wanted to push him away but he was literally squished to the wall.*
You will never live to see those days, ''brother''. I had hoped that my brother came back, instead a pile of bull poo returned, spreading disease with his poisonous and pointless words!
*Caranthir smirked, caressing his hair and then...Celegorm remained breathless as a hard stab pierced his belly. Caranthir repeated it a few times until the Prince bent low and slid down the wall.
Blood poured from his white shirt and it soaked his clothes very fast. The Prince placed a hand on the wounds, gasping.*
"You are not going to die, oh no. And since you've refused my generous offer to leave you alone and let you go...I am personally going to meet father now and kill him.
As for you...well...first I intend to have a bit of fun, what do you say?"
*Celegorm was very hurt...he could not defend himself, he simply recoiled away, being more than frightened. On the opposite wall, shadows of the two could be seen. Caranthir cut Celegorm many times, where even blood sprayed on the opposite wall.
The Prince cried in agony, it truly hurt him...he could not defend himself at all, Caranthir was a lot stronger.
The screams could be heard even from the outside, but since almost NOBODY passes through that street, it is quite impossible for any help to get to Celegorm...well, unless some luck kicks in that is.*
*The Prince could not believe what was going on...he even had tears in his eyes...he truly hoped that Caranthir would be his good old brother, but no...*
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Year 1087, Old Nortrig - Shadowmoor

It is a winter's evening, with the coldest time of all.
The wind hits the windows, making some creepy sound, and also, howlings and growlings can be heard from the outside.
He is alone into his huge, empty manor. He calmly heads to his study upstairs, after preparing a hot tea with lemon, the way he likes it.
He sits by the desk, taking out his old diary.
"Three thieves, five assassins. -D.J." He writes only that, adding these to a long list, in this case, the list of his executions. Being an executioner doesn't help him at all to fix all the troubles he has inside, but it kind of gives him pleasure, plus it may seem a hard work, he is not finding it that way, with the cold, literally icy heart he has; truth be told though, he is writing this list, as to repeat to himself "They're not innocents, they deserve this faith."...
He takes out from his pocket a cigarette, then stands up and takes the cup, while he lights the cigarette. He then goes to sit on the couch, looking at the fire; he could go on like this for the entire night, actually prefering to stay awake as much as possible usually.
Eventually and all the sudden though, he feels some new presences, like just appeared. He narrows his eyes slightly and since he is not finding it something normal, he contacts Morgan.* Your Majesty.
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nagi (W.I.P)

his father is a businessman and has neglected him most his life so he doesn't talk about his father (his back story is a work in progress)

he is usually a lad back guy and likes being around people and like helping out sometimes. Nagi has a very short temper and when he gets even a little mad he goes berserk and picks up things he usually cant and throws them and breaks things and can others in the processes.
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Character Bios

Name: Scarlet Roze Ozera
Age: 22
Occupation: College Student
Family: Father (Alive), Mother (Alive), Sister (Alive)
Powers: She is a witch, thus she has all powers.
Weapons: Her magical staff.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

Scarlet is your basic witch. She practices her magic in between classes at her university, and hangs out with family and friends on weekends. She has a very random personality and often changes her hair color because of boredom.

Now married to her College sweetheart she is trying to balance her love life, her career, and her magic all at once.


Name: Melody Jane Carmichael
Age: 19
Occupation: Singer
Family: Father (Alive), Mother (Alive)
Powers: She absorbs the energy of her fans.
Weapons: Her hypnotic voice.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Melody is known all over the world for her beautiful hypnotic voice. What her fans don't know is that she is a succubus. Her voice leaves her fans in a trance. She then sucks the energy from them. Their energy keeps her from dying.

Most of her time is spent on tour singing to her millions of fans. In between shows she likes to hang out with the few friends she has managed to maintain.


Name: Kaila Hiromi Saitama
Age: 19
Occupation: Fire guardian and Princess
Family: Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Sister (Alive), Brother (Alive)
Powers: Power of Fire and Summons Wolves
Weapons: None
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Kaila was taken from her family at a young age by the Realm of Fire. They raised her to be their Queen knowing that only she would be able to control the fires of Hell. It wasn't until she was much older that she met her twin sister who was the ruler of the Ice Realm. Despite their differences they have come to be extremely close as twins should be.


Name: Umiko Kasumi Hamasaki
Age: 16
Occupation: High School Student/Mermaid
Family: Father (Alive), Mother (Alive), Brother (Alive)
Powers: She communicates with all sea life
Weapons: Trident
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Umiko is a mermaid/human hybrid and can switch between living in the sea and on the land. She goes to school on dry land but lives in the sea. She has heterochromia because of the fact that she is a hybrid. However know one seems to notice her eyes until pointed out.


Name: Rhiannon Lane Andrews
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Family: Father (Alive), Mother (Alive)
Powers: None
Weapons: None
Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single

Rhiannon Is a friend of Melody's and seems to have a major crush on her. However Rhiannon can be rude and shallow. She doesn't mean to be, but she lacks some empathy towards people.
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Modern, Sci-fi & Marvel/DC OCs

Name: Jocelyn Devereux (picture at bottom)
Codename: Hearbreaker
Gender: Female
Biolicical: Female
Handedness: Ambi
Orientation: Bi
Citizenship: US Citizen with no active criminal record (pardoned)
Wants/Warrants: Numerous from several countries

Age - 24
H 5'6
W 115

- Secretive
- Friendly
- Sarcastic
- Sneaky
- Suspicious
- Creative
- Hot-headed
- Introvert

Jocelyn is a fixer with a specialization in acquisitions, who robs from anyone including criminals. She also isn't above bringing in the occasional bounty or fulfilling the occasional hit. As a fixer she has numerous contacts and contingencies.


Codename: Charity
Legal Name: Megyn Price
Original Name; Unknown

Age : Approx 18 (true age unknown)
Sex: Female
H 5'6 | W 109 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Left
Orientation: Heteroflexible/Experimental
Parents: Unknown
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Favorite Song: Young Wild Girls (sometimes forgets)

Citizenship: Presumed to be US citizen
Documentation: Incomplete

Occupation: Maid, Waitress, EMT in training.

Personality - Helpful, supportive, not an alpha type. Nurturing. Can portray alpha traits when defending the weak

Powers - Sympathetic Healing , Regeneration, Project Paralysis, Mental Chameleon , Immunity to disease/toxins, Pain tolerance

Fighting Skills : Unarmed - Basic (street thug level) , Melee Weapons - Untrained
Ranged Skills: Handgun good, rifle - familiar, Archaic - familiar

"Give until it hurts" is the motto for some charities, and for Megyn, that motto is a reality. Megyn is a empathic healer, she heals others, but the sicker or more e wounded they are the more pain she feels in healing them. But that is only part of the problem for Megyn.

The other problem is that many times when she heals, she loses memories, sometimes entire chunks of them. She has yet to forget any skills, but she no longer remembers her youth or upbringing for the most part, the names of her parents have been lost on occasion. Those memories sometimes resurface later. But the sad truth is that Megyn isnt sure what has been lost anymore.

She Also has the power to send both intense waves of pleasure or pain into any creature with either a brain or a nervous system, no matter how rudimentary, and has been seen to be able to calm guard animals as well.

Also as a possible side effect, she has the ability to walk unseen as if canceling the nerve impulses of anyone who might see her , a power they call Mental Chameleon.

Jena Zel - Deep Space Scout

Jena Zel is a deep space scout who had previously been a part of the Republic's Galactic Scouting Corps, but who declined the not-so-polite suggestion that she join as an Imperial soldier in the Imperial Survey Corps.

She is highly technical and also decent with a blaster. She's a pilot and a tech, and as a scout also knows survival skills including moisture farming and basic first aid. She is not fond of large crowds for the most part and is best one on one.

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