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Demon Hunting

"Althus, once you choose to follow this path, you can never go back."
"I am well aware of that, Exarch..."
"The fel energies will course through your veins, they will search for your inner weaknesses and try to drive you insane...Killing demons is not something everyone can do, have to sacrifice a part of yourself in order to become the demon hunter..."
"I no that well, Exarch...di Legion has been after me ever since my escape from Draenor. I got touched by di fel energies there and it is something I can cope with. Di Light guides me, it gives me strength and it protects my soul."
The Exarch took a deep breath and he pat Althus' shoulder.
"It is a path of misery, curse, sorrow...a dreadful lifestyle which will not bring you anything else but grief..."
"I did not come here to be taught about it. I want di official blessing to become di Demon Hunter, for I have been that for many years already."
It is definitely a terrible burden, it is not all about killing and hunting them down, it is about ''defeating your inner self'' as well, which is basically the hardest thing to do, also add to that some of the most impossible foes - and Althus' ''favourite'' felhunters.
"Very well, Althus...may the blessings of the Naaru guide you and Light your way. You are now known as the Legion's bane, the one who they fear the most...the one who will deliver the Light to those who had lost it."
"Thank you, Exarch. Di Legion has terrible plans and I fear what it might bring in di future. All I am going to say is...remain strong in your faith no matter what."
Althus left after receiving the official blessing from their church...the thing is, this happened many years before the present time, and he continued his job effectively...but this dragged the Legion's attention to him more and more...and finally, Sargeras' attention, who badly wants him among his ranks...

The fights Althus has are extremely difficult. Some of the demons are more than impossible to kill...but nobody will ever hear him complain about it, it is the thing he keeps for himself. By now he knows the weaknesses of most of them...though regardless of that he still finds felhunters the worst...and for a good reason, he always got the worst wounds from these...and they are also something like Dementors from Harry Potter.

Althus' faith in the Light is incredibly huge, which is why he manages to prevail, even when there is little to no hope. He chose this life for himself because he is sick of everything the Legion did and keeps doing...he will keep fighting even to his last breath and he will never yield, no matter how hard they try...
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1 | 24 Comments | by Altherius | Jul 3rd 2015 19:58

My new creepypasta

I love making creepypastas and I usually make them as my characters, so I will make a new character

Name: Arthur Smith
Creepypasta name: Ace
Race: half human and demon
Weapons: Enchanted cards that explode, magic, and knives
Sin: Greed
Bio: He is the son of the demon greed. He has lived with slenderman his whole life. He thinks of slenderman as a father. His best friend is Ben drowned. They both are pranksters. He has a crush on Nina. He loves to gamble and play card games. He never loses and doesn't cheat. He is just lucky . Most of the people he kills are charred. Other times simply stabbed, but all of them have an ace card at the crime scene.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Malothesonofzalgo | Jul 3rd 2015 00:41


As soon as he passed the exam to become a doctor, the next morning in fact -the exam lasted a whole day, from morning till evening with many tests in it- he was called for duties non-stop. Literally. There is a shortage of doctors because of how few people manage to reach the final exam and actually pass it, as it's insanely complicated and not even one single mistake is accepted after reaching the third year at the Academy.

After about 8 days out, spent in different cities and towns of the Realm to assist, visit, operate the most different of people and cases, he finally returned to his -and Mort's- manor to finally have some bit of rest.
Despite being totally destroyed, literally, he finds it hard to fall asleep. He has had troubles with it ever since his childhood and it's because of this issue mainly, that he feels the need to use opium. It is the only way he has to free his mind from thousands of thoughts, memories, problems, issues, worries that torment him whenever he has a free moment in which he is not busy in working.
No one seems to be at home at the moment, after all, Mort spends the most of his time in Malicedom and it's exactly because of the fact that neither of them spend much time at home that they decided to live together rather than buying two manors. One almost-abandoned house is more than enough for them at the moment.

After realizing Mortimer is not there, he places his leather bag on the floor just like that, too tired right now to be tidy; tomorrow morning he will clean and disinfect all of his tools to make them usable again for his next visits. And will make sure not to be lacking any component of medicine.
He heads straight to the bathroom, after a quick visit to his room to get clean clothes and...his opium and absynthe. He uses to take it while taking a bath not minding to fall asleep into the bathtub, and as usual, that's just what happens. After drinking the drugged drink, he falls asleep in few seconds.

Meanwhile at the palace.

Morgan and the army returned after the glorious victory in the East. But the King is pretty furious because of Dorian's matter. How in the bloody hell did he end up in their hands? He better have a very good reason for it.
But given the grandson's condition, he knows he can't just go to him and eat him alive as he would very gladly do right now.
He summons Mortimer -since Jackil is not responding to mind-talking, as he is deeply asleep- and sends him to call Jackil to bring him here to take care of Dorian.
Mortimer knows of Jackil's vice even though Jackil thinks the opposite. And he knows that right now, after such heavy days, Jackil is probably relaxing in his own way...and it worries him beyond belief. So he tries to convince the King to call another doctor to let Jack rest, but Morgan is even shorter than usual in patience right now, he literally "growls" at Mort to go immediately.

At the manor, Mort runs to look for Jackil in his room, but he is not there. His bag on the floor tells for sure he returned so he goes to knock at the bathroom. No answer, Jackil is too "gone" to even hear that. And since Morgan said Jackil must be to him within 30 minutes, screw everything, he teleports inside and rushes to the bathtub. He shakes him but only some grumbles come from him. He splashes water at him and he finally opens his eyes but just slightly, being completely dizzy and blurry. So, Mort grabs him by hair and pulls his head into the water, "drowning" him for some moments until he starts to struggle. Then he lets him go and Jackil definitely woke up for good then.

His eyes widen at Mort and he is so embarassed he doesn't even know what to say, but at the moment there is no need for explainations.

«Jack, dress up and tidy yourself up, His Majesty wants to see you, you have only 18 minutes left to go there. Hurry up!»

It almost gives him a heart attack to hear that the King wants to see him. Now he sure fears he could find out and that'd truly put him in a mess then.
He quickly dresses himself up and tidies himself, then goes downstairs and takes his bag. Mortimer reaches him handing him a huge cup of coffee. «Drink it up. He can not know. Do not give him any hint and he will not find out.
You were just back home after a long week of work and headed straight bed to take some rest. You are very tired. You didn't do anything wrong.» Said that, Mort teleports Jack there and they both rush to the King.
Luckily for him, Morgan is not in the mood to be suspicious about him so after a few words, he just sends him to take care of Dorian.

He reaches Dorian's room and knocks.
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1 | 51 Comments | by Jackil | Jul 2nd 2015 18:14

Crazy youth

*It was late at night...Michael could not sleep...*
"Gab...?" *No response came from Gabriel, who appeared to had fallen asleep.*
"I can't sleep..."
"I can...good night Mike..." Gabriel turned to the other side, but Michael frowned, the young one approached his twin, poking him and uncovering his blankets.
"I have an amazing idea."
"Miiiike... x.x please...I want to is not the is so late..."
"But this is amazing! Look...we'll fly outside and stand near the border of the forest, and see who wins the challenge of not being scared."
Gabriel sat up immediately.
"Are you mad?!"
" know I am...but it will be great. Besides, we are in our kingdom, in our borders, well...somewhat yes, right? And what can go wrong anyway?"
"Mike...we speak of a forest at night...and it's bordering with us...any wild beast could come out and snatch you... :S"
"Oh come on will be fun, just this time. Nobody will even notice that we're gone and we will be back in less than 10 minutes!"
Even though it was crazy, Gabriel found the idea interesting. After all, both are young and want some ''craziness''.
"Creepy forest...snow...dark night...challenge...crazy, totally crazy...but if we are going to stay only 10 minutes, then why not? Let's go."
Both whispered, not wanting to get heard by anyone. At Gabriel's words, Michael cheered.
"Yes! We don't bring aaanything with us, we just go like this."
"We can't go in pajamas...let's change"
The two indeed changed to their daily clothes and Michael opened the window, looking around a bit and finally flying outside, heading towards the forest. Gabriel followed, feeling mischievous and kind of liking it a bit.
The two youths soared down right at the border of the forest, which was too dark and too creepy.
"So how do we do the challenge...?"
"I'll go first. The goal is to endure for a minute without fear, with your back turned towards the forest and your arms spread."
"o.o Okay...I ... I think it can't be hard...right?"
"Naaah, it's easy, but it makes your heart pump! Okay..." Mike cleared his throat and he bit his lip, looking at the forest. "I go..." It's all easier when he talks about it...but now that he has to do it, it's becoming even too scary.
"There isn't...anything in it...right?" Gabriel questioned, a bit worried.
"I don't know...but who cares? It's only a minute...right?" Michael stood before the forest...and then he turned his back against it, spreading his arms and looking at Gabriel.
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1 | 120 Comments | by Celegorm | Jul 2nd 2015 17:57

my oc for naruto

name: Kiria Aburame
age: 15
looks: my pp
crush: Kiba Inuzuka
likes: art,reading and animals
dislikes: sarcasm
personality:easily ticked off but easily calmed
She has a split personality which is the cause for her anger. Being of the Aburame clan she lets parasitic insects live inside of her. She looks up to her brother/cousin (depending on how I feel) Shino. She mastered Minatos teleportation jutsu and is able to move faster than a blink when using it. She is against killing and is actually scared of killing. In the Academy her best friend was murdered in front of her and it just shook her for good. She is a laugh and is fun to hang around, when shes not angry. When she gets mad her eyes go darker and her voice just sounds evil. When shes mad, turn happy quickly or run because she will injure you (not kill).
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kiria_Aburame | Jul 2nd 2015 15:09