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RPC Tiana

Name: Tiana Blue-Strings
Age: 16
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Fragile
Bio: Tiana grew up in an orphan for as long as she could remember, though instead of actually living in an orphanage, she managed to live out on the streets by herself. Nobody saw her as a threat due to her kind and gentle personality and her need to help others. Eventually, she found an abandoned apartment to live in, and began saving up from the money kind people gave her to afford a real home. She made due with what she had, and no one could really tell the difference.
Strengths: Her gentle, loving, and helpful personality.
Weaknesses: Her weak lungs and immune system.
Birthmarks/Scars: She has a scar across the bridge of her nose from being attacked by a cat, and a few freckles on either side of her cheeks.
Weapons/Items: She has no real weapons, though her favorite items given to her are a soft hand-made orange sweater, and a beautiful diamond choker necklace. The diamonds were fake, but the necklace was nevertheless beautiful.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | May 11th 2015 00:59

Role play

I am looking for girls into darker roles. Must be literate and able to Multi paragraph role play. Must also be literate.

I have plenty of idea's for roles. Here are just a few ideas. If any of them catch your interest message me. Or if you have an idea you want to try feel free to message me.

Role :1
Marcus was a much larger man at six foot four nearly two hundred and fifty pounds. He ran a tattoo parlor that also did body piercings. He had just opened it down the street from a college and high school. It had actually been open a few months. The reason he picked the neighborhood though was because it was a pretty bad area. So no one noticed when some high school and college girls went missing. It happened all the time in this area. Noone ever thought to check the tattoo shop right down the street. With the man that had been doing tattoos for underage girls. Not to mention just ones he happened to like. He had been a porno star before he started his own tattoo shop though and had made quite a bit of money. Thankfully he was rather well endowed down there at nearly twelve inches in length and five in width. The money he made from the videos he was in helped to purchase the tattoo parlor he owned. Now though he was also selling girls as well kidnapping them breaking them down making them perfect for other men. Of course today was slightly different.

He had put on a white shirt that said Tool across the front of it. While there was a giant pyramid on the back. The ripped jeans he wore showed the fact he was hung. Today he was looking for something special a girl for himself. One he would abuse break and slowly make his perfect little toy. One he could do whatever he wanted to with. The idea of a high school or even a naïve college girl walking into his store making him smirk. When he turned on the lights and went through some of the boxes though he realized it was close to summer time. So he had gotten in some of the new clothes as well. There were bikini as well as lingerie. Some dresses mostly gothic and punk type clothing. Even the bikinis where a little more on the dark side. One showing some skeleton hands grabbing the breasts. While a different pair had a skeleton finger flipping people off where a girls slit would be. There was also other things body suits and cute stuff that came in to. He got some pokemon swim suits for the goth nerd girls. As well as all kinds of different clothes.

In general Marcus’s shop was just different from anything else carrying clothes and jewelry that most places wouldn’t. Once he had switched the sign from opened to closed. He walked back behind the counter taking his personal tattoo book and setting it on the counter. The book contained his personal designs. Including tattoos he had done that he considered note worth. One being a tattoo that a girl wanted down where a dragon went across her breast. He had pierced her nipple with a ruby stud to make it look like the eye. While the dragon ran down the left side of her ribcage the tail even running down her thigh. The tattoo was sexy and tasteful though. He had spent hours making sure the color was good. The only thing was no one knew it, but the girl had disappeared. Some many loving the tattoo she had gotten decided he wanted her. Well Marcus made it happen he took her and broke her. Making her live like an animal before he sold her to the man that wanted her for nearly five hundred thousand dollars. Even as he stood behind the counter though his vivid blue eyes where looking for a girl that caught his attention. A dark smile crossing his lips while he waited for the shop to get busy. Some poor girl didn’t know it but today her life would change.


The girl had ran away from home. Finding herself with no money or food. She found a pool house in the backyard of a very nice five bedroom house. The pool house was run down though showing it hadn’t been used in quite some time. Which made it an ideal place to stay. Obviously whoever owned the house didn’t use it very often if at all. The pool was drained as well. Leaving it completely empty. The only thing she had to do now was figure out what she was going to do for food and clothes. Obviously she wasn’t old enough to get a job. So that was out of the question, and she couldn’t very well go around people she knew that would just end up with her being taken back to her mother who drank to much. So the options where pretty slim. It was getting dark though, and as the girl went into the pool house she noticed it was dusty inside. Though the bed was pretty much clean and had fresh pillows and bedding on it. There wasn’t much else. Except a small fridge. Which had a few things to drink, but no food.

She decided it would have to do for the night. She took one of the soda’s not knowing that the man who owned the house was on his way home now. He rode his motor cycle into the drive way and then parked it in the garage. Once it was parked and he turned the engine off. He started to do some minor repairs on his bike. He fixed the saddle bags. Putting new leather ones he had on it. While he polished up the tank. The tank was painted with beautiful design. A silver tank with black edged skulls that seemed as if they, where imbedded into the tank. Marcus even worked on the handle bars of the bike putting on leather grips that gave better hand holds. While he shined up the chrome on the bike. It was his pride and joy. He ran a garage that fixed cars and motorcycles as well. So he made a decent living. Even as he started to work late into the night. When he heard a sound coming from the pool house. He wasn’t sure what it was. Yet he went to check anyway. The girl had knocked over a can of soda that she had drank. The clunk of the can hitting the ground had gotten his attention.

As he walked to the door. He opened it holding a wrench in his left hand he couldn’t see anyone yet, but he called out. “Who’s there? Look this is my place I don’t want to have to call the cops” He said. Cursing himself for forgetting his flash light. He still had yet to see who was in his pool house. That didn’t matter though he was watching carefully looking towards the only two window’s in the place that where high enough even he could barely reach them. So he doubted whoever it was escaped through those. His large six foot four frame blocked the entire door. “Look come out and I promise I won’t call the cops” he said hoping it wasn’t some bum.


The hotel had just recently started hiring people. It was a brand new hotel. The entirety of it taking up four city blocks in a square. There was a large garden in the middle of the hotel. Most people didn’t know it but the rooms had all been sold to wealthy business men. That wanted to have fun. They sold girls to the men that had bought these rooms. The top four rooms of the building belonging to the richest men that had bought them. Nearly two million for a private level in the hotel. There was a mall built in the hotel as well as restaurants that filled part of the place. They had everything inside of the hotel that anyone could imagine. Yet now they were doing physicals for some of the women that were being hired. The hotel didn’t care if they girls where underage or not it was all the same to them. Even as they sent picture after picture to the richest men in the hotel. When one finally came up it was Marcus’s first bid a beautiful young girl that was sixteen years old. She would be his private mesus. Though there was more to it than that the girls weren’t informed they were being sold to these men.

When Marcus put in the bid. He ended up winning. One of the hotels most prestigious men taking her upstairs to meet Marcus. He owned the entire floor. The young girl not realizing her room was right next door to his own. Even as he brought her up in the elevator he said simply. “This is the man that has employed you. We expect you to be on call for him twenty four hours a day seven days a week. If he has an complaints you will be fired” As the man spoke though he knew the younger female needed the job. So would do her best to make sure she kept it. In fact all the girls that worked at this hotel had gotten background checks. The employees making sure that they had no family to speak of. Making sure that there would be no one to ask questions. Every girl that worked at the hotel had signed a paper saying they agreed to live in the hotel. Little did they know there jobs entailed a lot more than the contract explained. Of course there were little loop holes.

Which the hotel exploited perfectly. Making sure that the girls who signed it. Didn’t really read what they were signing. When the elevator hit Marcus’s floor. The man told her “Go to room 1908. Marcus will be there waiting to meet you. There are uniforms in your room. As well as anything else you might need. If there is something missing the mall is free for employee’s. Aside from that make sure you have talked to Marcus and that he doesn’t need your services right now. If he doesn’t you will be free to roam around and see what the hotel has to offer.” Then when the girl stepped off the elevator. The man clicked the button to go back down. Leaving the girl alone to go meet the man who had bought her. Though she figured it was just an employer. Not a man who had bought her for darker reasons.

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Xavierwas only 21 when he was bit. He had just graduated from an apprenticship a blacksmith when he was seduced by a beautiful woman. He took her home and slept with her. When he woke up she was gone and he had a pool of blood by his bed. He was turned over night. He tried to walk out in the sun just to discover it burnt. He had no idea what was going on till he read a book. He then discovered two bit marks on his neck. They where small but there. He now lives his time in a Very popular city.
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4 | 1 Comment | by Shadowgenesis | May 4th 2015 19:59

Kidoru ~Bio~

Name: Kidoru Uingu Kami
Age: 28
Species: Dragon
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6"4'
Scent: Brimstone
Personality: he's very protective of what he claims whether it be person place or object. he's not very social and a skilled fighter. he is a dragon with a human form which mean he can breath fire and knows Draconian magic his fighting style is traditional Kenjutsu or swordsmanship.
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Zeon Saunders. (James Zeon Saunders)

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Born: April 20
Height: 6'8

Appearance: Zeon looks a lot like the picture below, but there are a few differences with him. He has long, dark brown hair that comes to about his chin and very pale blue eyes. He is always seen wearing some band t-shirt or any black clothing. He's basically an average teenage delinquent. He is also VERY tall, much like a giant.

Personality: Zeon can be... hard to get a long with. He's not really talkative, so he never says a word to anybody in fear of getting too close and ruining the relationship he has with that person. Although he looks shady, he's a genius and can snap back immediately if someone is talking trash about him. If you happen to break his shell, he's really caring and hilarious, but it's usually the crude humor you'd expect to hear from a teenage boy. You may even get to see the extremely sensitive and soft side of him.

Back Story: James Zeon Saunders' father used to call him James all the time- until he died. His father was a smoker and died from lung cancer when Zeon was very young. At the time, Zeon was really close to his father and shared the same attitude he did. He was the nerd, much like his father, and shared the same passion for history. His father would take Zeon to his classroom where he taught students about world history. I know, teachers sound absolutely boring, but Zeon's father was the most favored teacher. He was fun and made the subject interesting. His father would wear very fancy outfits, but on school spirit days and casual Friday's... Hah! I should stop describing Zeon's father. This is Zeon's story after all. Once his father died, he starting demanding to be called Zeon or Z. From when he was born to age fourteen, he was a nerd. Ages 14 to 16, he was a jock. From ages 16 up until now, he is just antisocial because of what happened to him while he was a jock. It's basically up to you to find out what happened!

That was the longest bio I've ever done... whoa.
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3 | 0 Comments | by MarshallThePonycorn | May 2nd 2015 13:05