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Kaye's past.

I was an angel. I worked beside Raphael all the time. I always looked up to Lucifer. I would follow him anywhere, but when dad told me I had to fulfill the prophecy. I ran. I had to. Just the thought of me having to do what he said just made me cringe.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Kilkaye | Mar 10th 2016 11:13

Roland monts clothing

(i plan to cosplay this character so I'm going to list his clothing)

Standard blue jeans and white or grey t-shirt. Black boots or black sneakers. Black long coat that goes just past his knees and has a hood. With thin chain's going from the back of the waist of the coat to the cuffs of the sleeves. And several inside pockets to hide his weapons. Has two black sheathes on outside of each leg above the knees connecting to his belt. Has a black eye patch over his left eye and sometimes though rarely wears a mask. He also wear navy blue fingerless/backless globes that button around his wrists.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Mar 10th 2016 10:17

Morpheus Óneiro

Son of Hypnos, cousin of Cana, Convel,Alaric and Kain and brother of Phobetor

The sleepy god of dreams who sounds uninterested in everything

He never is truly awake and does love to sleep as that's his domain

He's kind hearted and means well though it doesn't always turn out good....
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3 | 0 Comments | by WhiteDarkness | Mar 10th 2016 09:08

Phobetor Morte

Son of Hypnos and brother of Morpheus along with cousin of Cana, Convel, Alaric and Kain

He can be rather fun and crazy toward his family, though he has never talked to someone who wasn't related to him

The god of nightmares who hates physical violence, he tries not to start anything as his family will finish it. ..

Nice and whole hearted, he loves his family, though does not approve of all their senseless killing
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3 | 0 Comments | by WhiteDarkness | Mar 10th 2016 09:05

Pup or puppet

Name: pup
Nickname: puppet
Age: 10-16
Gender: male
personality: Shy, caring, sweet, nice, weak in some eyes
looks: black hair, green eyes, wolf ears and tail.
back story: Pup was made, he is puppet that can feel, he is a living human being that was made by his 'father' also known as the toy maker, he was rapped by the toy maker then placed in foster care where he met his older brother who is the real son of the toy maker Neon, who treated pup as a little brother and still does.
mother: non
Father: the toy maker
brother: Neon
birthmarks: non
tattoos: non
piercings: a bar piercing in his ear(human ear)
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2 | 6 Comments | by Dear_Connor_Murphy | Mar 10th 2016 00:59