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Mistress when you choose her. She's got a short temper and cries easily if you hurt her. DON'T hurt her, or it's goodbye for you.
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3 | 0 Comments | by ElisaKit | Jun 12th 2016 22:24

Melanie (Merlin RP)

Name: Melanie
Age: 15-16
Looks:Picture(Nu heells!!!!!!!)
Personality: She's outgoing, shy, smartass, childness, strong, says what she wants, get scared somewhat easily depending on what it is.
Wardrobe:She usually dresses up as a boy.
Bio: She learn her magic a month after her brother did and went on a journey with him to find Gaius and learn magic. She also wants to join Arthur and be a knight.
Family: Merlin: brother.
Powers or no powers?: She's like her brother a warlock, is what she calls herself. She's also a dragon tamer too.
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0 | 0 Comments | by MemeRose | Jun 12th 2016 17:59

Always prepared

Otto certainly joined the organization, but he got no particular info so far.
The condition for him to join was to kidnap Sophie Riddle and deliver he to the quarters of the organization.
The thing with him is that he thinks why kidnap a girl and bring her there? Otto thought it through and he realized that the next step would be to kill her in order to prove his loyalty to the Order.
Now why would he do that? He doesn't do such things, he loves this is what he did (Claudia agreed with this idea, so we decided to make Otto do a smart move):

1. Otto paid a visit to their manor and he had a meeting with Sophie's father.
2. The two spoke, where Otto told the man that people of the organization want his daughter, thus he told him to fake her funeral in a couple of hours, and keep the girl hidden from the world.
3. After that, Otto sought for a ''decent-enough'' Shifter, who he had paid and told to take the appearance of the little girl.
4. He took ''Sophie'' to headquarters of the Order and he acted the whole thing, it was done so well that nobody would have guessed.
5. The Shifter can't be killed by a mere weapon, hence why the bullet never killed him. The body got dumped and after that the Shifter simply went on his way.
6. Otto joined the Order.

However...he found himself feeling dull and not particularly like he is advancing nor getting any info that could help the ''good guys'' simply decided to go back, to return to them and tell them of what he knows so far. (Tell me if you have anything in mind that he could actually tell them, after all, he spent some time there.)
So right now, the fox Nimox is looking for a way to get teleported there, for he cannot cross the icy wasteland on his own, lest he freeze to death.
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1 | 39 Comments | by Noah | Jun 12th 2016 17:48


Bio:she was found in a shelter and she escaped from it and ran away
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0 | 0 Comments | by DBZ_Lovergirl | Jun 12th 2016 12:56


13 years old ( 19 if sex or more mature)
species :half-human half-wolf

ability can turn into a wolf ( still able to talk tho)
Heal fast and incredible strength and telekinesis. In wolf form only he can do telepathy .He controls all his abilities. But if he is hurt or your harass him he looses all control

Back story:

He had what we can call a hard childhood. He was often sick he was weak and soft.
He started to go to the mountain to be stronger and met a fox who tought him everything he knows. He is now more usually in his wolf form than in his human form.
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4 | 8 Comments | by ChildofLokinathos | Jun 12th 2016 12:45