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Name: R'ah-Equrai
Nickname: Cetanu
Species: Yautja (Predator)
Age: 120's
Height: 8'10
Body: Well toned and muscular by human standards
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Black
Distinguishing features:
Weapons/Equipment: Bio-Mask, Plate Armour, Active Camouflage, Sat-Com, Translation System, Wrist blades, Combistick, Net Gun, Spinal Disk, Smart Disk, Plasma Caster, Self-Destruct Bomb.
Abilities: Extreme strength, speed and endurance. Expert tracker.
Weakness: Sees in a form of heat vision so is mostly blind to your presence if you stand in heat matching your body temperature.
Theme: PREDATOR mix

The female Gender of the Yautja is typically larger and, with a denser muscle structure, they are physically stronger than the males pound for pound. Despite this, they are generally not hunters as their male counterparts are, instead taking a more defensive role, raising the young and protecting them from any possible threats while also preparing them for their future lives. R'ah-Equrai originally conformed to this role, however that all changed one day. Her clan Elders decided that to increase the rate in which their offspring ascended form "young Blood" hunters to "Blooded" ones, they would keep a Xenomorph queen captive on they're own clan's planet, along with a group of human servants, who worshiped the Yautja as gods at the time, to serve as Xenomorph hosts. This way, the hunts could take place without the need to journey to distant planets and they're hunters would ascend through the ranks faster than their rival clans. While at first the plan was successful, it ultimately backfired. The queen managed to break free from it's containment and proceeded to slaughter the Yautja Clan that had held it captive. The Hunters rushed to face it while the mothers attempted to take the children to safety. Before long, most of the hunters were wiped out, leaving only a few. R'ah-Equrai saw only one option left. She took up her own arms and charged to the queen, demanding that the remaining Hunters go with the mothers and children to ensure their escape. The remaining Warriors knew that a clan with no hunters would be an easy target for bad blood clans, so they did as instructed while R'ah-Equrai stayed behind, intending to sacrifice herself with honour to delay the queen and ensure her clans escape. However, something unexpected happened. During the vicious battle, R'ah-Equrai became consumed with what the Hunters call "Nrak'ytara Kjuhte" - "Guardians' Void". A state of pure rage and determination that the Yautja females enter on extremely rare occasion when protecting their young. While in this state, she managed to overpower the queen, severing one of it's legs before finally finishing it off. Once it was done she instinctively removed it's head, holding it above herself and roaring out in triumph. From that day forward, she was known as "Cetanu" - "The Black Warrior." The name of the Yautja's Deity of Death. After the thrill of the first kill she became a hunter herself, along with many other females in her clan and she was proclaimed their new leader. Her first deceleration was to change the clans name and begin anew with a fresh start. She is now the Matriarch of the Yautja clan; Than-guan Thwei. Midnight Blood.

((Ended up with much more backstory to this character than I intended, ah well.
Character originally made May 27th 2016))
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Edwina Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)

Name: Edwina Scissorhands
Nickname: none
Species: Artificial Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'
Body: Somewhat slim but firm
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Distinguishing features: Scissors for hands and Gothic attire
Weapons/Equipment: Scissorhands. Very rarely used as actual weapons due to her gentle nature.
Theme: Edward Scissorhands main theme

Once upon a time there was a very old inventor. They lived alone in a large Castle atop a hill. Near the end of their life, they invented... A person. This person was named Edwina. The inventor gave her everything a person needed except for one thing: hands. Sadly, the inventor died before Edwina was complete and she was left with the scissors she had in place of them, leading her to be dubbed Edwina Scissorhands. Despite her dark Gothic appearance and dangerous appendages, Edwina has a very gentle personality and almost timid demeanor. Her soft temperament shows through in her talent for cutting hair and grooming animals along with creating ice and topiary sculptures. Her innocent morals and unusually kind nature make it hard for her to fit in with normal society and her scary appearance leads some to even fear and shun her. After a brief stay in the normal world, she retreated to her inventors castle when the town turned on her, left alone and isolated from the rest of the world.

((Character originally made Apr 5th 2016))
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