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A Few Facts About Ebony

Full Name: Ebony Ryder
Nicknames: Angel of Light
Meaning: Dark beauty
Signature: Neat

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Neutral
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 29 years
Age Appearance: 27 years
Birthday: June 20, 1986
Deathday: May of 2013
Birthplace: New York City
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Immediate Family: Lestat, Louis, Marius, Armand
Distant Family: An unnamed uncle
Upbringing: Was taught she was undeserving of love of any kind
Infancy-Adolescence: Neglected and abused both emotionally and physically
Adulthood: Ran away to New Orleans to follow the visions in her dreams
Coming of Age: Late 80s to early 2000s

Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: O neg
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hairstyle: Long, slightly wavy
Skin Tone: Very pale
Complexion: Clear
Body Type: Somewhere between ectomorph and mesomorph
Build: Long slender legs and arms
Height: 5 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 150 pounds
Cup Size: C
Shoe Size: 9 1/2 to 10
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes

Health: Before her death Ebony was very healthy
Energy: High
Memory: Has memories of several lives (though usually only revisited in trance or dreams)
Senses: Preternatural
Phobias: Terrified of heights

Style: Victorian and modern
Mode of Dress: Tee-shirts are normally tucked in, sweaters are not, gowns are flowing
Grooming: Well-kept
Posture: Fluid
Gait: Generally at a normal mortal pace
Habits and Mannerisms: Often looks to the floor when uncomfortable, and will bow frequently to her elders.
Scent: Generally of smoke and vanilla

Mood: Content
Attitude: Submissive
Stability: Prone to outbursts
Expressiveness: Some emotions are hidden, while others are very open
When Happy: Sings and dances
When Depressed: Hides away in the dark alone
When Angry: Eyes flash blue and tends to be very violent
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: New Orleans
Family: Louis (sire), Lestat (brother-figure)
Friends: Armand, Marius
Heroes: Marius
Relates to: Louis
Pets: Nigeux (white adolescent wolf), Kitty (full grown cat of unknown breed), Selene (chestnut mare), Diana & Artemis (Selene and Satan's twin foals)

Wardrobe: A wide variety ranging from jeans and sweaters to evening gown and nighties.
Equipment: Sword
Accessories: A leather jacket
Trinkets: Her locket
Funds: On hand is usually her debit card and blank checks, as far as the bank, not even she knows how much she's really worth.
Transportation: Around the grounds she travels on Selene's back, otherwise she walks or takes a cab. For extremely long distances (ie anywhere outside the city) she is either carried or takes her private jet.
Collections: Jewelry, books
Most valuable possession: Her locket
Prized Possession: Her locket

Lovers: Louis
Marital Status: In a complicated relationship
Turn-Ons: Long hair
Turn Offs: Cruelty
Fetishes: Blood letting
Element: Air/Water cusp

Occupation: Home maker
Work Ethnic: Is a hard worker, when she can be bothered to work.
Wealth Status: Extremely upper class

IQ: Average
Education: Dropped out of high school to escape her family
School: Was a private school
Grade: Would get As and Bs before leaving
Extracurricular Activities: Art

Religion: Pagan
Morals: Believes it's wrong to hurt an innocent for any reason what so ever
Crime Record: Was arrested in 2012 for a fist fight (when in reality she was defending mortal self from a mugger)
Motivation: Love
Priorities: Family takes the highest priority for her
Etiquette: She has beautiful manners, always remembers her pleases and thank yous, curtsies, and never dribbles her meal
Influences: Her family has inspired her to slowly let go of her past and embrace her long, long future.
Traditions: Wears dark green and black when hunting

Main Goal: To be reunited with Louis and Lestat (achieved on Oct. 31 2011)
Desires: To rid herself of her lingering doubts and fears.
Wishlist: Books, a new scabbard
Greatest Achievement: Finally returning home
Biggest Failure: Not finishing her mortal family off herself
Secrets: She did it (even if she still has the world believing Lestat did)
Regrets: Not reaching out to the stage fast enough
Worries: That she's secretly despised for being weak
Best Dream: To once again belong to her beloved
Worst Nightmare: Loosing her family forever
Best Memories: The night Lestat took her into town, the walk by the river with the gentlemen, being Turned
Worst Memories: The fights, her entire childhood

Hobbies/Interests: Enjoys reading, sword practice, drawing and painting, people watching
Skills/Talents: Is not that great of an artist
Likes: Her family and friends
Dislikes: Evil people
Sense of Humor: Dark yet childish
Superstitions/Beliefs: Will always leave an offering before hunting
Dreams/Nightmares: The past
Quirks: Tucks books under her chair's seat cushion
Can't understand: Sports
Closet Hobby: Writing
Guilty Pleasure: Watching her family without being noticed

Strengths: Very protective
Flaws: Hot tempered
Perception: As a dark place (but she's learning it isn't always)
Soft Spot: Children
Cruel Streak: Those who hurt the innocent, those who threaten her family

Powers/Abilities: Confirmed mind gift, confirmed fire gift, confirmed spell gift, unconfirmed cloud gift
Origin: Gained via the dark blood
Ability: Is very adept at the first three
Extra Anatomy: Fangs

Favorite Colors: Red, white, black
Favorite Animals: Wolves, cats, horses
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Pegasus
Favorite Places: New Orleans, Paris, Greece
Favorite Landmark: Eiffel Tower
Favorite Flavors: Blood (previously vanilla)
Favorite Foods: Blood (previously seafood)
Favorite Drinks: Blood (previously tea and hot chocolate)
Favorite Characters: Dimitri
Favorite Genre: Horror
Favorite Books: Her family's novels, Ragged Angels
Favorite Movie: Lion King
Favorite Game: BloodRayne
Favorite Shows: Leverage, Blue Bloods, Burn Notice
Favorite Music: Most anything country
Favorite Song: These Dreams
Favorite Stores: That little boutique down the street
Favorite Numbers: 10, 31, 11, 3
Favorite Quotations: In the very very depths of Hell, do not demons love one another?

Least Favorite Colors: Green, pink
Least Favorite Animals: Rats, mice
Least Favorite Place: New York
Least Favorite Characters: Foxglove
Least Favorite Music: Rap

Languages: English (native), French (fluent), Italian (passable)
Accent: None
Voice: Soft
Greetings and Farewells: Bonjour/Be careful
State of Mind: Alright
Compliment: You look well
Insult: You realize you suck right?
Expletive: F*ck
Laughter: Giggles softly
Signature Quote: Be careful

Reputation: Generally thought of as being a calm and quiet girl
Self-Impression: That she isn't worthy of love

Role: The baby of the family
Alignment: Good (bit chaotic)
Comparison: An impending storm
Symbol: A ruby
Song: The perfect storm
Vice: Wraith
Virtue: Patience
Defining Moment: The night she was sired
One Word: Damaged
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0 | 0 Comments | by Ebby | Nov 13th 2015 05:50

Who is?: Kesh the Seeker

Name: Kesh Sigmund
Aliases: Kesh The Seeker
Age: 25
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Anthropomorphic Fox
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight
Fur Color: Pale yellow, white. Brown hair.
Personality: Intelligent, cunning, sadistic, ruthless
Jobs: None
Skills: Inhuman supernatural magic , knows most fighting styles, acrobatic, incredibly fast.

Apparently, wherever Vast the Wanderer came from, Kesh the Seeker followed him. Whatever mindset Kesh had before, the lust for knowledge and power twisted him into what he is today. If ancient knowledge can be found, Kesh can be found there, annihilating anyone in his way. Somehow on his travels, he gained powerful magics to help him on his quest, leveling towns with a snap of his fingers. If you meet as fast as you can...
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 13th 2015 04:51

Bullying me

1)) you wont like what's gonna come out of my mouth 2 ))chances are you may get your feelings hurt 3)) you may go crying to your mommy 4)) I'm somebody you dont wanna fuck with at all on any level .. ((YOU'VE BEEN WARNED..)) IF YOU ATTEMPT TO TRY ME ILL WARN YOU THE FIRST TIME AND LET IT GO.. THE NEXT TWO TIMES YOU COME AT ME AGAIN I WILL TELL YOU WHAT I THINK OF YOU IN A PARAGRAPH AND I WONT BE IN CHARACTER

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For Bunn, and Crystal, and Jeremy

I showed him to my daughter and son. Which of course caused my daughter to hug him "He's so cute daddy!" I saw a tint of red coming to Lavender's face. "I know I just got off work but who wants pizza?" Everyone giggled raising their hands I chuckled and went inside.
Jeremy freaking Fitzgerald. Great... just great...
"Eh Vinny my man!" He said with his feet on the table.
"I just cleaned those you ditz!"
"Sorry man didn't me to get into your jelly!"
"Shut up." I huffed "where's the pizza?"
"The kitchen!"
"Thanks... for once." I muttered going into the kitchen. I got a big pepperoni pizza for the kids and a Veggie lover for myself.
I watched as the kids gobbled it up and played games.
Jeremy slapped my back causing me to yelp.
"You got some great kids...."
"Makes me wish I had them."
"They are truly a blessing."
"But why does one have to-"
"Eh! Kids restaurant!"
"Oh yeah..."
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2 | 1 Comment | by The_Worst. | Nov 12th 2015 23:15


Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: lizzy or beth
Age: 220 lbs
Gender: female
Weight: unknown
Eyes: scarlet
Hair color: blueish green
Hair style: very long
Skin: light tan, flawless
Tattoo: none
Clothes: black coral that covers most of her upper body
Accessories: curled shell earrings, black coral with purple sea leaves bracelet
Body Type: well built
Personality: cold, a loner, fiery temper, very smart
language: most languages but likes speaking english
Power: talk to fish and swift swimming to create water tornados
Skills: swift swimming, good fighter
Relationship status: none
Friends/other relations: Sebastian the barracuda
History: when she was born she was a happy baby as so was her parents, till she was about 5 when her father had to go serve in tridents army and was killed in action and her mother got depressed cause she looked more like her father then her mother and she started to hit Elizabeth out of anger as her mother started to become a drunk to get rid of the pain. Elizabeth got tired to the years of abuse and when she turned 20 she swam away from home and just kept swimming and crying till she meet her only friend Sebastian a barracuda, her mother sent out a search party to get her but every mermaid and merman was severely injured or killed by Elizabeth as she remain free to roam the oceans with out worries.
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0 | 0 Comments | by LeonShizukaMochizuki | Nov 12th 2015 23:00