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A hard decision

After the girls were sent to Edward, he and Dorian remained to discuss about the matter he spoke ot. «Our spy in Johnathan's castle has given me news I find far from pleasant. It confirms my doubts about that woman with him; she is using him like a pawn and he is allowing her to do so, so blindly and dumbly. It's clear he is not fitting to be in charge, he is too naive. While that woman is vile and Dangerous, we can not let her rule through Johnathan and put the Realm at risk. It adds to your report about the vampires attacking a village together with Werewolves.
I've been patient for many years, I've given Johnathan a chance, but he wasted it. Vampires. Knights and Minions are a threat I'm no longer willing to tolerate.
Frederick has begun the preparations. Gather your squad. Tomorrow at dawn the extermination will start. Kill them all, with the exception of Johnathan. And if the other girl is still alive, bring her back to me.»
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1 | 6 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 5th 2015 19:10

Everyone matters.

I'm going to rant about how I hate hate, and how much I hate the word ugly.

Hate. Hate about people's voices! Hate about how they look! For heaven's sake, everyone is beautiful in their own way! Just because they have big nose or small eyes means nothing! They may not have the 'perfect' looks, but what is beautiful? It's not tall or short or fat or short. Beautiful is in the soul. Beautiful is how kind you are. Beautiful is if you stand up for what you believe in. Beautiful is if you stand up and FIGHT against bullying. It's in the soul where beauty or distortion lies. Someone could be the nicest person ever, but they might also be the ugliest. If you turn away and shun them because of their looks, you may miss out on the true beauty underneath. And all you people who say bad things about people's voices, where's your qualifications? Are you a singing teacher? Probably not. If you don't have any qualifications, but you want to comment, don't just tell them that they are bad, tell them WHAT is bad. Tell them how to improve. Give them tips on how to be better. Don't just tell them they are terrible.

Ugly? What's ugly? What beautiful? You say it is like those people in magazines? Those are photoshopped! That's not how thy actually look! No one is that skinny, that perfect! It's not physically possible. There is no perfect weight. Everyone is beautiful someway, somehow. Some people are musically gifted, some athletic, some academic, but however you are gifted, remember that looks aren't everything. What's inside is what matters. What is in your heart is what truly matters.

People online are real people too. Real people with FEELINGS! Just because they have big nose or small eyes means nothing! They may not have the 'perfect' looks, but what is beautiful? It's not tall or short or fat or short. Beautiful is in the soul. Beautiful is how kind you are. Beautiful is if you stand up for what you believe in. Beautiful is if you stand up and FIGHT against bullying. It's in the soul where beauty or distortion lies. Someone could be the nicest person ever, but they might also be the ugliest. If you turn away and shun them because of their looks, you may miss out on the true beauty underneath.

In conclusion, remember that you are loved. No matter what, someone cares. People say things like that because they are jealous of your gifts and talents. Never stop. Do what you like to do. If you like to sing, sing. If you like draw, draw! It doesn't matter what others say. If you like doing it, do it! You can do it! Never give up. Whatever you decide to do, remember, someone loves you. Keep trying and you will succeed.
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5 | 1 Comment | by Melodramma | Jun 5th 2015 00:55

The newcomers

After Dorian brought Artemis to the throne room, he had to sort a few things with Rujha, then summoned Dorian again to go to question their prisoner.
He is very short in time and patience right now and he doesn't like how they suddenly entered Nortrig without even a portal nor any specific means anyone could recognize in time.
He heads to the dungeons and waits for Dorian.
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1 | 16 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 4th 2015 17:52

Tips to improve one's web experience

- Update your browser.

- Clear your browser cache, then restart your browser.

- The more tabs you have open, the slower your browser will perform.

- Have you tried Google Chrome yet? We like Chrome.

- Update Flash Player

- Update Java

- Download FREE version of Malwarebytes to check for viruses.

- When was the last time you restarted your computer? Restart your computer.
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7 | 1 Comment | by RolePlay | Jun 4th 2015 10:48

nagi (W.I.P)

his father is a businessman and has neglected him most his life so he doesn't talk about his father (his back story is a work in progress)

he is usually a lad back guy and likes being around people and like helping out sometimes. Nagi has a very short temper and when he gets even a little mad he goes berserk and picks up things he usually cant and throws them and breaks things and can others in the processes.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Jun 3rd 2015 14:42

Vampires in Moonlight

The conventions of Moonlight are based, in part, on a unique mythology. Some parts of the mythology that are common include a sire, that is the vampire who turns a human into a vampire; though in the show the sire must teach him or her how to live as one. A vampire's bite is not enough to turn a human into a vampire; the human, when near death, must drink the sire's blood or have vampire blood in his or her system at the moment of death. The process of vampirization also affects their genetics, causing their DNA to be fundamentally altered to suit their bodies' new state. This makes genetic testing between vampires and their human relatives impossible unless the vampire has a sample of their own human DNA from before they were turned, such as a lock of hair. They must consume human blood to survive. They also develop psychic powers and can glimpse the future and the past. This ability, along with their night vision, is an extension of their heightened senses.Daylight does not kill vampires, but does make them progressively weaker. Silver and fire are toxic, whereas garlic, holy water and crucifixes are useless. A vampire's image cannot be captured with analogue cameras containing silver emulsion in the film; digital cameras are able to capture an image because they do not use silver emulsion.Though undead, vampires have a pulse, are not cold blooded (but still don't produce body heat as seen in episode 11 so as heat signature cameras won't see them), and cannot turn into a bat. The best ways to kill them are by decapitation or burning; a stake through the heart is painful but only causes paralysis. Moonlight vampires have many of the preternatural abilities as described in vampire mythology; they have superhuman strength and speed, they heal rapidly from any wound, they can defy gravity to a limited degree to perform parkour feats, their bite has hypnotic effects on weak-minded humans, and they are immortal. Their powers increase as they get older. Their blood has drug-like affects when consumed by humans; causing euphoria and temporarily heightened senses.
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0 | 0 Comments | by minastjohn | Jun 2nd 2015 17:27


He calls himself a slayer he kills anything he thinks is evil or that poses a bigger threat than him. He likes to kill things and can sometimes get a little crazy when he gets mad or hasn't slain anything lately. he doesnt really know what he is but hes not completely human. his weapon of choice is his scythe witch he can make a appear and disappear when he wants also he can do some fire magic.

as for personality he is very loud expressive (sometimes hyper) and gets bored fast he likes to meet new and have people kill things with him but he gets mad when someone cant keep up,
(more coming soon)
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1 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Jun 2nd 2015 03:03

Life Long Friends Chapter 1 Mickie's Return

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Impact wrestling! I'm Josh Matthews alongside Taz and tonight seems like its going to be an interesting night."
"For once I agree with you Josh, tonight promises to be a great show. We've got the Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell and the dollhouse in action against Brooke and Gail Kim. Also Mickie James was supposedly seen around the studio. Maybe she has an update for us! also Kurt Angel takes on Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Title."
Backstage was so different - from the tiles on the floor to the smell in the air nothing seemed right. "MICKIE!!!" Brooke wrapped me in a hug "I've missed you so much! Oh my gosh I hear your a mom now!" I smile and squeeze Brooke tight. "Brooke! I've missed you too!! Yeah I am a mom" I pulled out my cell phone and swiped to a picture of my healthy baby boy. "His name is Donovan, he's the light of my life." Brooke eeped and took my phone. "SHUT UP!! He's too cute! Magnus is one lucky man and you are one lucky lady." I smiled watching Brooke react to Donovan "Aw thanks Brooke... I'll bring him sometime once Nick gets to feeling better." Nick was Magnus's real name Donovan's daddy and my soon to be husband. "Oh my gosh yes! please do! I'd love to meet him!" I smiled and The Dollhouse's theme hit. "This is what the knockouts division is turning into? what a slap in the face to all the ladies who pushed to make it more than pretty faces...." Brooke nodded "I know Micks.... that's why you need to come back and show these Barbie Dolls what wrestling is all about." I smirked and heard Gail's theme hit. " I gotta run! I'll see you after my match! air kisses!" She blew me a kiss and I grabbed it smiling "Good luck!" I watched intently backstage Taryn was a strong wrestler and she loved that knockouts title it was a brutal match so far Brooke and Gail weren't looking to hot. I grew worried suddenly a familiar voice from behind me caught my attention. "Well, well a fellow country person". I jumped a little and turned around to find the tall tan and handsome James Storm behind me. "James oh my gosh hi!" We hugged each other tight "it's so nice seeing you again!" I didn't get to work with James much but the one time we worked together we won the Wrestling World Cup in a mixed tag match, I always hung out with James after work long before I started dating Nick. "It's nice to see you too honey! How's Donovan doing?!? He must be getting pretty big now!" Another deep voice from behind replied for me "yes he is getting big and he's just fine" I raised an eyebrow and turned behind me to see Nick and Donovan behind me "hi babe!! And hi Donovan how's mommy's little man?!?" I took Donovan from Nick gently and held him tight smothering him in kisses. He giggled and let me kiss him. " Nick... What are you doing here? I thought you were injured?" I looked back at Nick "he's right babe... I thought you were at home resting. You really shouldn't be here if you don't feel up to it." He crossed his arms and stared James down "I feel fine hun would be better if this scum wasn't bothering you". I ignored the comment and watch Brooke take a huge TKO giving The DollHouse the win. "And who are you calling scum? The guy who is supposed to be home getting better so he can come back to action soon and make his son proud?" I watched Gail help Brooke up and they limped backstage together. "Hey". Gail saw me "MICKIE!!!" She ran over to me hugging me gently "oh my gosh! Who is this little man? Is that Donovan?" I smiled and hugged her back "It sure is! It's his first show didn't expect him but it's always nice to see my little man!" Brooke groaned after a frustrating lose than saw me holding Donovan and ran over. "Oh my gosh he's here! Hello!! Can I hold him Micks please?!?" I smiled "of course both you ladies can hold him." I handed Donovan over to Brooke gently and turned my attention back to James and Nick. "What's that supposed to mean you sorry piece of shit?!? You think since I'm not here I don't look out for Mickie or my son, well you are sorely mistaken! I don't want you hanging out with Mickie anymore, your no good and if you ever bring up my son's name again I promise you I will give you the biggest beat down of your life!" I stood between them "whoa whoa... Hold it. James it's okay Nick has the right to be here. Now babe, you need to cool it your not telling me who I hang out with Im sorry. If I don't trust him I won't hang out with him but I trust him completely, you have to have enough fate and trust in me to know that I won't try anything". I noticed my theme song and entrance video getting ready to be played "now if you would please excuse me, I have something to say to the fans." I waited in the holding area and made my return that shock Impact and apparently the knockouts and superstars to their core.
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3 | 0 Comments | by MickieCookieJames | Jun 1st 2015 17:11

Cherry Vanderworth

Cherry Vanderworth is a rather light hearted soul who exists in the human world. She is originally from France, but was adopted into the Mystic Circus when she was seven years old, and has traveled with them ever since.
The Mystic Circus is a rather magickal place. Their shows are woven into intricate tales the Ring Master spins, with no safety features, and they are plenty dangerous. However, there is another special thing about the circus. Everybody in the show has a specific talent none can best them in. For Cherry? It's her hearing and reflexes.
With hearing rivaling a bat, she is the one who dances as knives are thrown at her, typically catching them blind folded.
She is perfectly happy. However, it does not last.
A man appears in her act, clad in strange armorment with strange silver eyes, and a strange necklace.
Cherry takes him to her tent, trying to tend to the mortal wounds. That is when her life is shifted upside down.
He is a Guardian of a special necklace. A necklace of mystery. His Lady. And he has past his duty of protection onto Cherry.
Now Cherry is in a strange land, completely stripped from her own, and, likely to never return...

Hair: Platinum Blonde/ mid back
Eyes: Feverish Silver (Originally a beautiful moss green)
Skin: Pale/ a few scars on her stomach
Age: 21
Species: Human
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 120
Abilities: Hearing that rivals a bat and inhuman reflexes (mostly due to her hearing)
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4 | 0 Comments | by The-Story-Weaver | May 30th 2015 22:19

How could a loving God send anyone to hell?

One of the classic problems that people bring up is: How can a God of love send anybody to Hell? Well, there are several answers to that.

One of course is that God doesn't send anyone to Hell. You send yourself there. God has done everything He possibly can to keep you out of Hell and still leave you as a person with free will and not just a robot. That's the way He made us--after His image, after His likeness, the power to say "yes" or the power to say "no," the power to reject our own Creator, and of course to take the consequences.

In one sense you can say He doesn't send anybody to Hell, because across the road to Hell he has placed the cross of Christ. There are also the prayers of parents, pastors and Sunday school teachers, and all the other things that God brings into our lives to stop us on our selfish way and to bring us to the Savior. We have to go wandering on past it all and put ourselves in Hell.

Sometimes you hear people say, "God wouldn't send His children to Hell." God certainly doesn't send His children to Hell because when we're His children we're in the family of God. We're born again and part of our salvation includes deliverance from judgment. We're not all children of God except through faith in Christ Jesus.

Can a God of love send anyone to Hell? You might as well ask some other question to make just as much sense. Does God allow disease in the world? Does God allow jails and prisons for some people? Does God allow the electric chair sometimes? Does God allow sin to break homes and hearts? Does God allow war? All of these things are the consequences of sin entering into the world, and in some cases the direct result of man's rebellion, and the result of greed and pride and egotism and hunger for power that doesn't have any use for people--only the desire to get ahead.

This is the incredible fruit of sin. Sin brings suffering into the world. There's no way of getting around it. And the greatest sin in the world is to reject the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

We have our catalog of sins. We have rape and incest and murder ; and we have them all cataloged and classified--but there isn't one of them (or even put them all together in one big hunk) that comes close to the sin of keeping Jesus Christ out of your life. Did Jesus say, "I'm going to send the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin because they rob banks"-- or, "because they believe not on me"?

It is folly to expect that you or I can trifle with the Lord Jesus and not have a penalty attached to it. What ridiculous thinking people have in this area! We expect penalties for doing much less. Life is just built that way.

You jump off a high building, the law of gravity will take care of you. You might say, "God is love," all the way down, but you're still going to get splattered when you hit the bottom! You break the law of gravity, and it breaks you! You may love your little child, but if he puts his finger up on that hot burner on the gas stove or the electric stove, he's going to get burned!

Fire burns. Gravity kills. Water drowns. And you can say, "God is love, God is love, God is love," until you're blue in the face. But water will still drown you, fire will burn you, and gravity will kill you, and sin will damn you no matter how much you say about a loving God.

God just set up life that way. He set up the rules. He set up the laws by which we are to live. And if we break those laws, they break us, and we pay the consequences.

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29 | 0 Comments | by RolePlay | May 30th 2015 20:51

RPC Adalytha

Name: Adalytha Louke
Age: 16
Personality: Calm, Reserved, Quiet
Bio: Adalytha, or Ada, was the girl with the beautiful eyes, but voice-less. Well, she had a voice, but no one had ever heard it. Never since her mother's death when she was little. Her father tried everything, but she had lost it. For the longest time, she'd also lost her will to live. Now, she lives for her father, to give him a reason to live. They were all each other had of their mother. Both were distant towards. She was once visited by her mother, in her dreams from the after life. Her mother gave her a piece her soul to keep within her forever, so she would never be lonely, and she wasn't. That soul was visible in her eyes, it was what turned her pale grey eyes to a beautiful ice-y blue. One day, she would speak again. She just needed to find the courage to speak again. Someone who could convince her to.
Birthmarks/Scars: She has a scar over her neck, which is what made her temporarily incapable of speech, that eventually lead to her permanent silence.
Weapons/Items: She holds a heart locket dear to her, the only thing she has from her mother that was tangible. In the locket was her mother, and her.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | May 30th 2015 01:37

Xanthe ~Bio~

Name: Xanthe
Age: 21
Species: Goddes
Hair: Flowing red
Eyes: ocean blue
Scent: sea water
Personality: she is like the ocean waves. she goes with the flow. she is fun and very "playful" she is willing to take multiple lovers and has a fun little pendant that changes her clothing to whatever her lover of herself desires. she does tend to be a little on the hyper side especially when she gets to the ocean.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Anina | May 29th 2015 23:15

Dominique ~Bio~

Name: Dominique Lorie Maltarix
Age: 19
Species: Mystery Cat Demon
Hair: long jet black
Eyes: neon green
Height: 5"1'
Scent: Lavender
Personality: she is a sweet lovely girl who works hard and spends quiet a bit of time making sure she doesnt draw to much attention even though she dresses in a lolita style. at night she is completely different she wears full leather mini dress whips and chains.
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4 | 0 Comments | by Anina | May 29th 2015 23:03


Name: Nikolai Wayne
Age: 19
Personality: Calm, Thoughtful, Protective
Bio: Nikolai grew up in a small town, peacefully, with his sister. He was always looking out for her, and taking care of her while their parents worked. They didn't care for anything else as long as they had each other, that's all they needed. Until one day, his parents didn't come home. For weeks, they were by themselves, waiting for their next shipment of food or money so they could go out. It didn't strike them that many people had gone missing. Until Nikolai flipped through the news. What he saw on tv changed everything. Lenni, his little sister freaked out, and both ran to their rooms to collect items they would need, before running out, and far away from the chaos that was to become of their town- of their world. The helicopters had left before they could have made a ride, and soon it was just up to them to survive on their own. They did fine, until Nikolai lost Lenni. He was never the same after that.
Birthmarks/Scars: He has a bad scar across his lower chest, having caught himself under a still moving vehicle and cutting it.
Weapons/Items: He carries a small axe, and a rather large dagger, and upon his hip a small pistol, which he withholds until he absolutely needs it.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | May 29th 2015 08:58

RPC Saphora

Name: Saphora
Age: 17
Personality: Timid, shy, obedient
Bio: Heir to her kingdom, Saphora was born a sweet princess in the reserved lands of Abaurithuania. It was a peaceful place, until their rivaled kingdom Cieddani invaded and took over. They eliminated the queen, and the king died while ensuring that his sweet princess was taken safely away from there. Her bodyguard, a lower ranked knight escorted her away from the raid, before being targeted by spies of the rivals. The tiny princess, only five years old had barely survived the raid, hiding in the broken carriage while her only protector was slaughtered before her. Thinking the princess had been eliminated in the crash, they ran off, leaving the injured princess to die. She crawled out the carriage window, climbing out the window of the carriage and cutting her leg slightly, she crawled to safety and looked around. One of the carriage horses had gotten it's cut rope stuck in the tangled brush. Making her way to it, she freed the animal, and the two slowly made their way out of the kingdom's territory. The two became dependent on each other for survival, until they finally reached the city of Nydorev. There, Saphora learned to use her survival skills to retrieve medicines and food for both her and her horse. After turning 14, met another orphan who wanted nothing more than a good home and a roof over his head, and he'd do anything to get it. When he befriended Saphora, he knew how wanted she and her horse had become. So he offered to help her on one of her raids, and turned her in at the last second. She was caught by fellow townsman, and separated from her beloved horse as she was sold away for money to men who used her for sexual purposes. She went from home to hold being used and abused. She was repeatedly sold again as because of cutting her leg, she permanently damaged it since she never recieved the proper care for it. Eventually she ran away, trying to find her mare, though she was caught and sold into another home. However, this last home wasn't as cruel to her. She wasn't constantly scolded or beaten or abused like in the others. It felt more like a home, and she soon fell in love with her "master".
Birthmarks/Scars: She has a small band of freckles across her nose, and many scars from being abused in her home's by her master's. She hides them the best she can.
Weapons/Items: She has a necklace she hides around her neck from her mother as a parting gift, which is all she in remembrance in her.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | May 28th 2015 22:13