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Elizabeth BlackHeart (changes her name to Scarlet)

Elizabeth is called Lizzy by her friends. Not that she has any friends. She's an escaped convict and is 18. She has long dark brown hair and dark brown black eyes. Nobody know how she's so strong. She is good with guns but still prefers swords and knives. She was known as Scar in Juvi and Prison. Nobody knows why she was there. She masks her emotions very well and had become that way from the death of her parents and siblings. People think she murdered them but she didn't. And now she's on the run.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ScarletWolf | Jun 12th 2015 19:57

Scarlet Rose Wolf (Little Wolf)

Scarlet is 18 and was abandoned at a young age. She grew up alone in the woods where she discovered her powers of shifting into a large wolf with catlike reflexes. She is very secretive and keeps to her self. She has many hideouts in the woods.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ScarletWolf | Jun 12th 2015 19:30

Jessie Roslyn Carter

She's often 18-23(depends on RP) and will often go by Jess or Rose. Though her name may seem gentle however she's the complete opposite. Jess is a rouge assassin, she was kicked out of the organization because they didn't accept what she was. Jess is a hybrid. Of what? Well she's part shape shifter but she's also part angel. But not just an ordinary angel. A fallen angel who became powerful. Therefore her powers are hightened. Not only can she control the elements but she can cast illusions to trick her opponents. She is skilled with many weapons. She is good with a gun but prefers swords and knives. She keeps to herself and hides her emotions most of the time. She's no longer close to anyone because of her past which was the reason she became an assassin in the first place. She stands around 5'8, tan skin, long dark brown hair, black eyes that tend to change to a vibrant silvery blue, and usually wears all black clothing.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ScarletWolf | Jun 12th 2015 18:51

Scarlet Rose Wolf

It's common for me to use this name in many of my RPs. Scarlet is usually a 19 year old shape shifter mix. She usually shapeshifts into large wildcats or a wolf or a fox. Her eyes can change color but her normal eye color is a dark black brown.She has long dark brown hair with red highlights in the front. She's also mixed with angel therefore she has wings that she usually keeps hidden. She can control elements and has fast healing most times. She usually keeps to herself and can be really secretive. The animals she shifts into are abnormally larger than normal ones. The main animal form she takes on is a Black wolf. However if she wants she can will her fur to change a different color. She's extremely good at combat and her favorite weapon is usually the dual swords she has on her, although sometimes it's just one sword and throwing knives.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ScarletWolf | Jun 12th 2015 18:10

At the same time as the party.

Due to some difficulties related with the responsible of portaling them, a family had some delay reaching the Palace for the meeting.
For that reason, Morgan did not yet join the others in the Hall for the party and is still in the throne room to wait to meet the latest family. But something unexpected happens, or better, something "unauthorized", which catches immediately the attention of Elite Guards and Portal-Control squad, as it happened way too close to the Royal Palace.

A few Elite Guards from the palace moved immediately to scout the perimeter, while the Captain of the Portals-Controls squad immediately reached the place as well to catch the "transgressor". The man reaches the place where the other members of his squad are already investigating. «Halen, go to report to His Majesty immediately. I shall investigate the matter myself.» The soldier salutes and obeys his Captain, who splits the others and starts to look for the transgressor, but the searches last much less than they expect.

After few moments, some desperate screams can be heard, very close to them and they head there immediately, only to find a confusing scene.

Roose Bolton and his son Ramsay were late because of the man meant to portal them and this pissed the old man off for sure, he despises the fact they had to be late, even though it wasn't their fault. He has huge respect towards Morgan and Jager family and doesn't accept to be unable to prove it.
For this reason, Roose was walking much faster than his son, up to the steep slope leading to the black walls of the black palace.
His son Ramsay though, his not as motivated as the father, also because of his young age at the time, he didn't really realize the importance of this alliance nor how much Roose actually owes to Morgan.
The boy was lazily following his father, looking around and ending up with some distance between them. But that's when he notices someone not far from them, running.
Curious, he starts to run after the short figure who seems to be heading towards the little wood nearby; the other is slow and seems crippled. For that reason he quickly catches up and manages to approach "him".
Feeling to be followed, the figure tries to run faster but ends up stumbling on a little rock and falling, rolling down a little before stopping when hitting against a bigger rock.
Ramsay approaches "him" and tilts his head, but as soon as the other sees him close, "he" starts to scream sooo loud. He makes an amused smirk approaching more and grabbing the kid by arm, forcing "him" to stand up. «You like to scream, kid?» He keeps the smirk and a "maniacal look", but the only answer he gets is more screams, which is what catches the attention of the Captain and all of the men and Elite Guards of the area.

Captain. He stands straight raising a brow at the scene, giving Ramsay an interrogative look.

Ramsay. His expression turns from maniacal to angel O:) , his grips on the kid's arm softens and he turns around to look at the guard with his big blue eyes. «I noticed him running and I thought to approach, he looked like he could use some help...look, he is wounded...»

Captain. He looks at the kid then at Ramsay again, nodding. «Where was he running from?» Just to make sure, he can tell already that the kid is most likely the one who made the portal as he tried to escape.

Ramsay. He points at the direction, which is exactly where the portal appeared.

The kid looks traumatized, wounded, "ill", nervous, wearing oversized ruined and old clothes, including a hood pulled on his face. He doesn't stop crying and screaming, literally like crazy, but he is not struggling nor attempting to run away.

Captain. «Thank you, Lord Bolton, we appreciate your support. I'll take care of this from here on and warn His Majesty of your...act of kindness.» He takes the kid, who screams even worse as the older man takes him. He simply picks him up and heads to the Palace, in which the screams literally echoe everywhere, to the point that Morgan and some of the guests move to check what might be going on.

Morgan approaches the guard with the child and simply places his hand in front of the young one, for some moments, to which, the screams stop, the child looking as if hypnotized. «To the throne room.» He says that in an authoritarian way and leads there indeed. In there he motions Artemis to leave (as the Aurin is literally living in there right now), intending to remain alone with the kid and the Captain, only, in order to learn about this entire matter.
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2 | 25 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 10th 2015 17:17

A long night.

As usual, the 19th of October of every year, the allies come to Nortrig to renew their alliances to Jager Family and to show their respect to the King. For the occasion, every year a big party by the Royal Palace is organized, with rich foods and highly boble and sophisticated atmosphere.

For the entire morning and afternoon, Morgan met the representants of the various allied families, received their gifts, discussed about trades and possible combined marriages and so on, but it also is an occasion to see old friends again.

The Main Hall of the Palace is perfectly decored; several tables are set all over the huge room, with scarlet linen tablecloths, platinum plates, white candles, silver cutleries and white chairs.
Few young men, extremely elegant are ready to play violins, flutes and piano, but very lightly not to disturb the conversations, it's just meant to be a quiet background music to accompany.

Most of the Lords and Ladies, all dressed in extremely elegant clothing, but extremely different one another, reflecting the place they come from and their culture are already in the room, sipping drinks and conversating.
Timothy is in there as well, having some words with an older man while sipping some white wine.

Milena arrives there after some time, dressed in a long, elegant aqua-green dress, with a darker corset and some white voiles all over the gown. It has long sleeves with uncovered shoulders though. She put a black ribbon on her hair she is keeping untied, curly as usual.
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2 | 40 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 10th 2015 16:28

Visit to Anthony.

Among all the other things, at the time Anthony was also much less presence for what concerned family matters, as he never appreciated Morgan much, after Amelis and his youngest brothers moved to the Royal Palace, he showed up less and less, to the point he only writes to their mother, but daily.

Timothy. As promised, pretty early he sends servants to wake Rea up and prepare her to go. Before 8 am they are ready to go and he portals them to Earth of that time (1920s). He was told by James about where he could find Anthony and immediately headed to the small apartment he has in NYC, nothing rich nor especially clean, pretty close to the Bronx.
Reached the non-so-reassuring palace, they head to the last floor where Anthony's apartment is. He takes a deep, deep breath and looks at Rea. «You...remembered the paper the doctor gave you, yes?» It's the fourth time he asks her ever since he met her at the palace. It's not hard to guess how worried he is.
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1 | 102 Comments | by Riddle_alts | Jun 10th 2015 12:20

Anthony's current life.

Unlike all of his brothers, he doesn't live in Nortrig and in fact, he never accomplished anything more than to finish school with brilliant marks there, before moving to Earth.
At first he lived with his Godfather James, who was unaware of Anthony's true reasons to be there; Anthony was always good in lying and even too good to not get suspects, James taught that to him and he learnt it well enough to fool even him.
His plan was the same one, all the time: join Mafia and become someone important within the organized crime in New York city, to begin with, and the doors were open to him, thanks to his friend Sonny, member of his father's Mafia Family.
And the rest of the story is known as Anthony spoke of it to Althus. Things which he never spoke to anyone though, are his other accomplishments earned on Earth.
At first, in order to fool James, he joined Police Academy, which he successfully finshed with great results, officially becoming a policeman of NYPD. And he really liked the feeling.
Even when back in Nortrig, he was considering to join the Army as he always had a "fighter" nature within, but life brought him to change path completely, even though the nature remained. In various years which he spent on Earth so far, -with fake identities- he also successfully become a member of US Air Force (And when he'll move to Italy he'll also join Italian Air Force and Carabinieri. He will always lie, saying he became these just in order to provide privileges to the Family, but in truth, he chose this because he liked to be and he wouldn't have minded at all to be a Carabiniere.)

Currently, he is still in NY, pretending to be a policeman while working as Advisor and hit man for the Family, in which, mainly thanks to friendship with Sonny, he earned a lot of power and a close spot to Don Giulio, Sonny's father and the Godfather of the Family.
Sonny was killed barely two months from now, and Anthony is still working on killing every single man involved in the murdering of his only and best friend.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Riddle_alts | Jun 8th 2015 17:30

Pokemon Trainer OC

Trainer ID: 1396-3769-7226 {Not a Real Friend Code}
Home Region: Jhoto
Name: {N/A}
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: C*cky, Derpy, Funny, Bubbly, Clever, and can get a tad pervy at times, Like Brock!
Team: Crawdaunt, Sableye, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Zygarde, and Absol
Other Pokemon: Ninetales, and Espeon

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3 | 1 Comment | by TheEntertainer | Jun 8th 2015 12:09

Zeke (ghost form)

I am a 7 year old boy.... i have long since pasted, i live in a graveyard.... all i want is a friend.....a friend.......will you be my friend?
(Dose not have height or anything since he's a ghost)
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Luna ~Bio~ (read all)

Name: Luna Nile Fangbarred
Species: Master Vampire
Age: Unknown
Hair: Silver A-cut Straight
Eyes: Blood Red
Height: 5"2'
Scent: Cinnamon
Personality: she is a very snappy girl if you cross her wrong. she is can be very cold at first but if you are willing to stay around her long enough she might actually warm up to you. she has a very over affectionate twin brother. they have been through hell and back together ever since they were orphaned as babes and he refuses to let anyone come between them so just be warned if you pick Luna you get Dawn too.

Name: Dawn Anubis Fangbarred
Species: Master Vampire
Age: Unknown
Hair: Silver classical cut.
Eyes: Blood red
Height: 6"4'
Scent: Honey
Personality: he is a total sweetheart with a very bossy twin sister
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BAsic bio: i have a strange stone....anything i wish while holding it, will come true within a day

Height: 5'7
Weight: 100lbs
Age: 15-20
Gender: Male
Weapon of choice: Greatsword or daggers
Storyline 1:
My father is abussive and beats me at night, what makes matters worse is that people constantly mug me for my amulet...all i want is a friend i can trust
Storyline 2:
my faher is the headmaster of the school both me and your chararter go to, because of this i got a super hot girlfriend for some time, for she ended being a huge bitch, so i dumbed her, however she's not over me...she constantly attempts to steal my amulet to wish for me to love her...
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was a good kid. He had good grades and alot of friends. That was until a demon came and destroyed his school. All his friends, family, even his town was just wiped off the map by the demons. For all he knows he is the last one to survive the onslaught. He was trained by a man by the name of "Ankai" and he now seeks to vaporize every demon in existence or at least as many as he can.
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Jack is a nice kid he gets decent grades, he likes video games and anything to do with technology really. He is a sweet guy if you get to know him but make him mad and you will be sorry he is not someone to mess around with his parents abuse him at home, he gets bullied by his siblings and kids at school. He doesn't take things lightly. He focuses his emotions into his singing so if anyone where to comment anything negative about it he gets emotional and is weak and susceptible to emotional or physical bullying.
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2 | 0 Comments | by PandaAdventurer | Jun 6th 2015 01:58