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Name: (Unknown)
Nickname: Pirate
Gender: Male
Likes: Violence, Logic, Lying, Justice, and Cross-Dressing (Don't we all have weird fetishes? Don't judge)
Dislikes: Children, being ignored, his past, and himself
Personality: Stubborn, Tough, Sly, Crazy, Misleading
Pirate was born to a family of dirt poor people. He was the youngest of his siblings, which consisted of two girls and himself. His sisters were twins named Rose and Lily. His family was so poor, he had to wear hand-me-downs from his sisters, so he got mistaken for a girl a lot, which led to his fetish issue. When he reached the age of 14, a man tried to rape him because he thought Pirate was a girl, and when the man had finally gotten Pirate's clothes off and saw that he had a penis, the man beat him and ripped out Pirate's left eye. To cover his lack of eyeball, he wears an eyepatch, hence his nickname Pirate. He has a criminal record because when he turned 16 he found the man that he gotten rid of his eye and killed him, removing his eyeballs too. He now is a runaway criminal, an escaped convict on the run form the law. (Also can be an actual pirate in a roleplay.)
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1 | 1 Comment | by TheLonelyDictator | Mar 6th 2016 03:02

Hikari Yumi

Name: Hikari Yumi
Age: 16-25 (partners choice)
Height: 5'3
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: Demon/Human
Weaponry (for this character): Glowing red Karambit knife, g18 with black stripes on top of a red camo, special weaponry: Barrett
Personality/Background: Hikari can be quite mean sometimes, resembling a tsundere when she feels like it. On the inside however she's a very kind and loving girl, pumped up for any task that is given to her. Romantically, she's quite a confident person, rarely getting flustered and is more of a flirting/teasing kind of person. She has quite a serious background, she's like a hitman. Though her looks may be deceiving, she's a ruthless killer, showing no mercy to her foes. She posses many powers like regular demons, but is a little less capable of certain powers being the half demon and human she is. Her mother ended up marrying a human, causing a mixture between two races and creating Hikari: a mix.
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1 | 4 Comments | by Weeb-Chan | Mar 5th 2016 02:32

Oc's Angel Morte

Name: Angel Morte
Species: Half demon half grim reaper.
Relations: The grim reaper himself(half brother), her other brother William and The Raven Demon Malphas
Appearance: Long black hair, yellow eyes, porcelain white skin. On occasion Tattered Raven wings
Powers: can reap souls, shapeshifting, and a bit of magic here and there.
Weapon of choice (if necessary): Double bladed battle ax she got before the American civil war.

Angel has a terrible relationship with her father and brother William. She usually just follows around her eldest brother Garret /Death reaping souls and causing chaos. Angel can be hot-tempered, a smart ass and super sarcastic, but none the less she knows how to play nice and paint on a plastic smile. She also has a weird obsession with rabbits and voodoo dolls.
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0 | 0 Comments | by When-Angels-Die | Mar 4th 2016 00:04


Scythe awakening at the academy drew the attention of the dimensional witch YŪKO ICHIHARA who gave scythe the ability to use the Doors to darkness (a black portal one uses to slips btween worlds) a the price of his most precious thing but seeing as he had just every thing ripe away from him she became infuriated and riped some flesh form his says that this would be his payment every time.

And that is how scythe started his journey so if you would like to rp with him I can give a different version of him if you wish all the way to the end of his journey where he is basically a demi god or at the stsrt where he only has his healing factor and swordplay or some where in btween.
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0 | 0 Comments | by scythe102 | Mar 3rd 2016 00:21




class> hunter /thief

looks>long dark red hair light blue eyes kind of curvy


back story>when eve was little her mother and father where taken by the elf's for worshiping Talos eve ran that night to the town of Riften where she lived by taking food and what she needs but one day she was taking some meat when the man ruining the stand sew her and cot her he asked her why she was doing this she tole him all about her mom and dad not knowing the man is an ex Stormcloak he toke her in as if she was her on now eve i a ranger in Riften
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3 | 0 Comments | by Lady0 | Mar 2nd 2016 13:36

Emily (Works with any rp)

Anime rp bio's:
One piece:
Name: Emily
Age: 20-23
Devil fruit: Tori Tori model Eagle and the Demon demon fruit
Location:All around the world, she travels
Goals: to protect her brother and the phew people she lets in
Weapon of choice: her sythe or twin swords, or her hammers, she has countless weapons but prefers her swords or hammers over her demotic weapons
Special notes:she is a demon and as such can not die by normal means, because of her devil fruit, she can drown, but it wont kill her right away
Occupation: Captain or swordwomens
Relations: Brother to Konohamaru Akamichi (Noah) Same family and everything as Noah, expect she Does not have a taild beast
Goals: to find and her protect her little brother
Regrets: that she couldn't tell her baby brother she's alive and in hiddding
Fantasy rps oc:
Lucas rps: Will appear if Lucas is in a relation and needs drama
((and so on, i am not doing a bio for every fantasy version of Emily))
Real life Emily:
Name: Emily
Height: 5'11
Weight: 100lbs
Sexuality: Bi but prefers girls
Hobbies: Playing violent video games to substain her urge to kill
Secrets: she belives in demons and belives she is one, she does not care people judge her for who she is for she will never change who she is
((any others just ask))
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1 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Mar 2nd 2016 02:42

Ludora Characters

J. X. Q. M.

During the last days, he met quite a number of people and strangely, he also started to meet some rather good hearted people, especially children. Including Tomiel.
He knows well who that girl is, but he could not tell it to her nor her family. She can only find out on her own, like every other like her. But it gave him such a good feeling to be in her presence, he felt closer to his Father again, something he didn't manage to feel not even in the Temple of Jeisin.

He is starting to realize that maybe there is no need to end the world, maybe there is its own balance already, also between bad and good. Perhaps Ruby is wrong about this whole matter, perhaps he was sent here only for those duties his Father gave to him.
He really doesn't know, but he is hesitating a lot. He is also starting to feel some affection towards Malcolm and his brothers, as good friends of course. He doesn't mind following them when he can, to be called for help and everything, he actually likes all that. It makes him feel good to help them.

Right now he is somewhere (according to which char will join the RP), motionless, just waiting without move, till the time he will have to meet with Malcolm.
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1 | 56 Comments | by Christophei | Mar 1st 2016 18:00


Zimox and some deeper information about their functions, powers and roles.

Zimox are very similar to Angels for both their functions and behaviour.
They are extremely tied to the Gods, especially their creator. They consider their creator literally as mother or father. And they consider each others all brothers and sisters, literally, despite they are created and not born, and by different Gods.

The First Zimox is the most important for each God/Goddess. The firstborn, the most ancient, the closest to the Gods and the most powerful.
Castiel, being the First of Jeisin and the first of all to be created is the most powerful and considered their leader, despite they really just behave as if he was the eldest brother and have some awe towards him.
If they were an army, Castiel would be their general.

Each God or Goddess has a different number of Zimox, always matching with their Sacred Number. (I.E. Jeisin's sacred number is 7 so he has 7 Zimox.)
Zimox can't be born. While they can reproduce with Auriold, they can't reproduce between them. New Zimox can only be created.
The power of each Zimox is strictly related to the God or Goddess they belong to. They use Divine Magic, which is stronger than Auriold's magic. Which is why they can teleport in a much easier way and anywhere, even where some anti-Teleportation spells were cast.
Due to being so tied to their creator, it is extremely rare for Zimox to choose to live on Nortrig permanently. (Only 3 female Zimox including Amelis made that choice and all for love.)

Zimox are insanely obedient towards the Gods, they follow any order they receive from them without questioning, complaining or refusing. They would never do that.
Their main role in the Halls is to monitor the situation and protect. But not all Zimox have the same duties and not all of them have the right to stay in the Halls.

All Zimox have a Dolavian dagger which is the only weapon that can damage Zimox.
(The Zimox who chose life on Nortrig like Amelis, lost majority of their powers.)

General powers.
-Invisibility to livings.
-Mental talking.
-Dreams manipulation (Mainly for communication purposes).
-Can make people faint.
-Can communicate with their Creator.
-Can sense every soul and know their position.
-Can manipulate space and time. (With all the Gods' permission and only under their order.)
-All general magic, elements control etc.
-Can read minds very easily but their mind can not be read in any way. Except from Gods.

Jeisin's Zimox.
His 7 Zimox are all in the Halls with the exception of Castiel that was sent by him to Nortrig for some tasks.
They serve Jeisin in the Halls and have the role to comfort the newly arrived souls who miss life and living people. (Castiel did not have these roles but he was meant to administrate.)
Castiel, in addition to the powers every Zimox have, has the power of fully and instantly heal any person of any race from any condition. He can also kill but he will never do it.
He can bring people back to life but ONLY on Jeisin's order. He can not choose this by himself not even if someone very dear to him died. Not like he would see the need for now, considering he would know he would meet said person in the Halls and forever. Plus he has the total power about the end of the world, including to decide when and if it should happen.

Kesst's Zimox.
Just like their creator, his Zimox are connected to chaos and destruction. Their presence in the world automatically causes chaos and destruction. They are sent when people deserve to be punished. Kesst created the Werewolves, his Zimox were his hands. He cast the curse to the North to punish them for their behaviour towards women and his Zimox spread it materially.
Kesst is the God who destroys the souls of the unworthy. After Morgan's judgement, Kesst's Zimox bring the souls of the guilty to their Lord.
In addition to the general powers of all Zimox, Ruby has the power to cause incredibly destructive natural phenomenons, control the Werewolves, Shifters and Skinwalkers, confuse and manipulate minds, cause great confusion to wild creatures including dark ones, causing them unlikely behaviours.

Tifiul's Zimox.
They often visit Nortrig in order to bring luck to some chosen people. Crowlei, the First, spends majority of his time in Nortrig.
In addition to the general powers, he has the ability to infuse objects of any sort with luck, other than grant different doses of luck AND bad luck to people. Naturally following Tifiul's orders. He can also behave like a trickster due to his nature, and has quite a joking attitude with a passion for pranks, sarcasm and irony.

Jori's Zimox.
They are sent on Nortrig only when someone meant fo have children becomes unable to due to some casual happening. They can also answer the pleas of people desperately wishing to have children and are the protectors of children.
In addition to their general powers they have the ability to grant fertility both to people and to soil. And they also have the power to grant female children (only to specific chosen people) despite Kesst's curse.

Isseiner's Zimox.
They can be considered like guardians of the nature. They have the power to create existing flora anywhere and at any time, to control rock and soil, speak and communicate with plants and animals. Only Isseiner's Zimox can choose to become Nimox thus all Nimox come from Isseiner's Zimox. They grant Gift of Potions and Alchemy to chosen ones.

Sethi's Zimox.
They spend most of their time in Nortrig but they are invisible to everyone except other Zimox. They are like many Cupids. They have the power to make people fall in love, they are behind every single couple and relationship. They also must make sure that some predestined people meet and fall in love with each other in order to ensure specific people to be born. Kesst and his Zimox can break their love unions.

Suhir's Zimox.
They are the guardians of every knowledge ever existed. They are all in the Halls and have the power to grant geniality to chosen ones. They communicate with people through maths but so far only Richard was gifted enough to be able to understand.

Mijhatev's Zimox.
They are gifted of an absurd,  inhumane strength.

Kijhatev's Zimox.
They are the only one allowed to see the future amd influence it. They are guardians of the gates of time. They can change the current age of any person. (Make an adult return children etc.)

Fiared's Zimox.
They are Masters of any magic and curse, they grant Gift of Magic and of Curses Masteries to the chosen ones.

Jovesh's Zimox.
They have the power to gift virtues to people, connected to music, drawing, writing and dance.   They also grant doses of grace.

Dessa's Zimox.
Their role is to control thr light of the day. They move the Sun and the Moon.
They are immune to darkness and can neutralize it. In any form, similarly to Sao.

Turhad's Zimox.
They are in Nortrig, invisible as well, verifying and measuring  the honor and the courage of every person.

Morgan's Zimox.
He is only one and he is the High Priest of Morgan in Nortrig, but no one knows this. His energies are disguised to be perceived as Auriold's. He has the power to know if any act was just or not

Zimkesha's Zimox.
The 99 Zimox have an extremely important role. They are Reapers of Souls, when every person dies one of them is there to carry the soul to the Halls. They are in Nortrig all the time, invisible to the living. Other 98 can only accompany souls but Lufilla has also the power to take lives of those who are meant to die but manage to survive. Or those whose time is over. Always on Zimkesha's order. They also spread the dark at night and can directly communicate with KoZ. They can not have mercy, they have to ensure balance between life and death thus no one on the List can survive.
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Name: Jenifer
Age: 15-18
Family: unknown
History: Jenifer has always been a bit of a loner but she had friends but not everyone at school liked her. For you see she has a secret and that is she can control fire and ice. No one else knows about her secret and she will never tell til she can feel she can trust that person
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Setting- Dinner At Heaven's.
People- Heaven, Noah and Nessie
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0 | 18 Comments | by xNessiex | Feb 29th 2016 19:02

Well Hello!

I'm new here , but would anyone like to Roleplay?
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name>lilly sun

age> 19


Hair> long

lilly is a 19 year old girl how love people and helping ever one she meets but what people wont know is she is really good at fighting and is vary good with a sword and a bow.when she was little here mother laft her in the wood and nave came back to get her lucky for a older lady found her and toke her in and lilly haves lived with her ever sens
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Nova snow

Name -Nova Snow

Eyes-Light Blue

Hair:withe and light blue

my mom and dad gave me up because of my powers, but my grandmother says my powers are a gift so i see it was that some times. so she toke me in and so i lived with here tell i was 18. i can talk to demons angels and other spirit and i can play with the elements like fire air and more.
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Name: Vixen Bellemore
Name Meaning: Female fox
Species: Vampire
Age: Unspoken
Eyes: bright blue
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Date Of Birthday: December 19
Height: 5'5
Likes: Snow, cold, drawing, winter, cuddles, music, jewelry, makeup, blood, and pain
Dislikes: Killing people, Someone taking her candy, Jealously, being ignored, and putting her feelings down
Personality: Loner, quite, mysterious, quick to disappear, nice, and protective for people she cares for

Vixen used to be a mortal back, centuries ago, until she was kidnapped and turned against her will. She killed the man who turned her and returned to her home to find that her family was slaughtered. After seeing that she took off and remained in the shadows for centuries until recently. Now that vampires were welcome she came out but still kept a low profile.
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4 | 0 Comments | by LeianaVoxis | Feb 28th 2016 15:08