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name>lilly sun

age> 19


Hair> long

lilly is a 19 year old girl how love people and helping ever one she meets but what people wont know is she is really good at fighting and is vary good with a sword and a bow.when she was little here mother laft her in the wood and nave came back to get her lucky for a older lady found her and toke her in and lilly haves lived with her ever sens
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Nova snow

Name -Nova Snow

Eyes-Light Blue

Hair:withe and light blue

my mom and dad gave me up because of my powers, but my grandmother says my powers are a gift so i see it was that some times. so she toke me in and so i lived with here tell i was 18. i can talk to demons angels and other spirit and i can play with the elements like fire air and more.
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Name: Vixen Bellemore
Name Meaning: Female fox
Species: Vampire
Age: Unspoken
Eyes: bright blue
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Date Of Birthday: December 19
Height: 5'5
Likes: Snow, cold, drawing, winter, cuddles, music, jewelry, makeup, blood, and pain
Dislikes: Killing people, Someone taking her candy, Jealously, being ignored, and putting her feelings down
Personality: Loner, quite, mysterious, quick to disappear, nice, and protective for people she cares for

Vixen used to be a mortal back, centuries ago, until she was kidnapped and turned against her will. She killed the man who turned her and returned to her home to find that her family was slaughtered. After seeing that she took off and remained in the shadows for centuries until recently. Now that vampires were welcome she came out but still kept a low profile.
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4 | 0 Comments | by LeianaVoxis | Feb 28th 2016 15:08

Arifer Snippet

Arianna was terrified right now. She hadn't seen Emily in about three months, and coincidentally that was how pregnant she was right now, which was quite far along as a Nephilim pregnancy lasted half as long as a fully human one. She was quite heavily showing, and Emily could see it very clearly.

"Lucifer should be fathering /my/ children, not yours," she snarled. "That should be my baby. Now, let your husband come back to me, and I might just spare you two. "

Arianna was reacting to her threats a lot differently this time, she wasn't trying to fight back, she was just trying to keep her baby safe. "Please, just... just don't hurt Addie," she whimpered, arms wrapped firmly around her stomach. "I'll talk to Lucifer just please don't hurt my daughter."

Emily smirked. Poor Arianna had absolutely no idea what was in store for her. "There's a good girl, now run along and go talk to Luci," she purred.

She wasted no time in running off, but Lucifer was right outside the kitchen door. He had heard everything, so surely he would help her, right? But why wouldn't he intervene? And he looked mad, but not at Emily, he looked mad at his wife. Why?

"You were just going to let me go that easily? You didn't even /try/ to fight for me? I'm your husband! Maybe Em was right, maybe you really aren't good enough for me. I was testing you!"

Arianna collapsed in on herself. She was holding back tears and failing miserably at doing it. "How could you say something like that? I was protecting our daughter! How was I supposed to know it was a test? I thought she was going to hurt the baby!" she exclaimed. "How could you say I don't deserve you? Was it all just a joke to you then? Was all this some elaborate lie, and you never loved me to begin with?"

Lucifer wanted to cry too, but he wouldn't. He felt hurt that Arianna didn't even try to reason with the demon to be able to keep both, and he wasn't exactly being rational. "Of course it was a lie, I'm the devil, darling," he fibbed. He loved her, he did, but he wasn't thinking about that. He was thinking about hurting his wife the same way he was hurt.

"Then send me back to earth," she said tightly, blinking back a new round of tears. "Send me back if you never loved me," Ari pleaded, and her (likely former) husband did just that. She arrived back at her former residence. She was sobbing her eyes out, but there was nothing she could do. She was pregnant and alone and scared to death.

She sat down on her bed, feeling a sharp pain in her abdomen. "C'mon Addie, don't hurt Momma, I know you're upset too. Don't kick me that hard though," she sniffled. She realized a few moments later that her baby wasn't kicking when there was a sudden flood of wetness between her legs- her water just broke. The stress of losing Lucifer sent her into prem*tu*e labor.

"No no no... " she mumbled, starting to cry again. She couldn't go to a hospital, she knew that, and she certainly couldn't call Lucifer. And she had no way of calling Susie either, so Arianna was alone in this, and she had no idea what to do. She didn't want to lose her daughter too.

Arianna had no choice but to lay on her bed for hours while contractions wracked her steadily weakening body, not being able to tell when was the right time to push and when was too soon. She was tired and losing strength quickly, so she made a judgement call and started to push, screaming and crying.

****** ****** ******

Lucifer was in Hell, arguing with his cook, Susie. She knew he loved Arianna and thought he had overreacted, his excuse was that he was teaching her a lesson. "She's your wife, you don't /teach her a lesson/, and especially because she didn't pass whatever paranoid test you gave her! She /loves/ you, and for God's sake she is carrying your child! Lucifer Morningstar you are being unreasonable, and however much you love her, you probably just lost her for good."

"You mean she... she wouldn't come back? She's not just escaping to earth for space, she left?" he asked, tearing up. "Susie, what did I do?"

"You messed up and you ruined the one good thing you had. Now go fix it before you lose the chance."

Lucifer sighed and ran his hands down his face, not knowing whether what he did was even fixable. But Susie was right, he couldn't let this colossal mistake cost him his wife and child. So, he went up to Arianna's old house, and what he saw made his blood run cold. He saw her, lying on her bed, covered in sweat- and from the thighs down, blood. And there was a tiny baby in her arms, not making a sound.

"Ar-Ari... what happened?" he asked quietly, tears welling up and spilling over. "Is she... ?"

"Why are you here?" Arianna asked hollowly, her voice was so thoroughly depressed. Did he lose her already, and his daughter too? "She's alive. She's sleeping. Now answer the question."

"I'm here to-to apologize. I didn't mean what I said about not loving you, I swear it. I do love you Arianna, and I always have. I was hurt, and I was overreacting, and I was /wrong/. If I didn't love you, trust me, I wouldn't be here to tell you how sorry I am."

"How can you really expect me to believe you? Even if you do love me, because of what you said, I will /always/ have those doubts in my mind. You put so much stress on me that Adelina came too early and could've died."

Lucifer kneeled down next to her bed, sniffling. "Please. I'm not asking you to forgive me, I know how badly I messed up, and I know this is all my fault. I'm just asking to let me fix this. Please, don't leave me."

Arianna spent several long minutes deliberating while her husband sat there sobbing and staring at his daughter, wanting so badly to hold her. "Okay. Help me home."
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheMeridianSea | Feb 27th 2016 17:20

The Devil *Hardcore OC*

Full name:Lucifer
Nick name(s): None
Alias(s): Satan
Age: Unknown
Species: Fallen Angel
Nationality: None
Gender: Male
Occupation: M.H.L.S (Making Human Lives Suck)
Orientation: Pansexual
Position: Seme( Dominant)

Physical appearance ✎

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Red
Skin color: African-American
Blood type: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Cross on his forehead

Attitude ✎

Personality:You should know this...I mean; he's Satan. The king of the underworld. The creator of all demons. You should know his personality. Evil as f***. Simple

Likes: Sin, Evil, Hatred, Destruction, Barbaric

Dislikes: Love, Happiness, God, Peace

Normal mood: His mood can vary

Fears: None

*His Backstory* Satan was once the most beautiful and beloved angel in all of existence. God loved Lucifer the most of all his angels because of his elevated status among the other angels, Lucifer was very proud. When humanity was created, he was unwilling to accept that he was no longer God's favorite. When God commanded all those of Heaven to love his new creation more than himself, Lucifer refused. Lucifer pleaded: "Father, I can't. These human beings are flawed. Murderous!" Lucifer continued his disobedience, asking Michael to stand by his side in his rebellion against God's orders. Michael refused Lucifer's request, and under God's command, Michael cast Lucifer into Hell.
Lucifer is also highly cruel and barbaric to those who get in his way, and despite his claims of being the victim, he has no qualms about killing anyone who angers him, even if he has no true reason for killing them. For example, he slaughtered an entire town by sacrificing the women and children and then having his demons possess the men before killing them just to raise a horseman.

-Powers/Abilities- Night-Omnipotence, Immortality, Angelic Possession , Invulnerability, Immunity, Cosmic Awareness,Superhuman Strength, Super Stamina, Regeneration, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Power Negation, Telepathy, Advanced Telekinesis, Dream Walking, Cryokinesis, Weather Manipulation, Biokinesis, Reality Warping, Spell Casting, Resurrection, Terrakinesis, Precognition, Torturing , Psychic Projection

Weaknesses- Archangels, Lucifer's Cage, Archangel Blade, God

(This is a very hardcore OC. Not for the kind hearted and easily triggered. He is a f***ing monster. He has no heart and if you want to do a romance with him. You have to be okay with constant raping, torturing and possessiveness which can go on for a long time until he finally starts to feel something for your OC. It is possible and not possible that he will fall for your character but when he does it is worth it.)
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Seanix Bane Levi

Name: Seanix Bane Levi
Age: 17-18 (depending on the story)
Sex: female
Height: 5 4
origin: Irish
Eyes: bright green, changes to red when mad
Hair: dirty blonde; wavy; down to the middle of her shoulder blades
Complexion: pale; has dimples in her cheeks and her lower back; small boned//minimal fat; small nose//small lips; self harm scars on wrists and thighs
Body modifications:
3 lotus flowers on upper chest(from left to right: small, large, small) is coloured
rose vines on left hip//upper thigh
Peter Pan half sleeve on her right upper arm, all coloured in
industrial bar (R)
Inner conch (L)
Orbital (R)
Forward Helix (R)
Dermals- hips//collarbones (2 on each of them)
Eyebrow bar (L)
Personality: hot headed; opinionated; will fight back when someone is wronged; submissive despite having a fiery attitude; tough as nails and looks it; swears often; sharp minded; sarcastic;
Likes: heavy music; concerts; cigarettes; pitbulls; getting tattoos//piercings; dad jokes; her black switchblade
Dislikes: dishonesty; any form of abuse; people who think they are always right; crowds; immaturity
backstory (subject to change for a story): grew up in ireland; her childhood was enjoyable despite her father being drunk all the time and her mother working constantly. when she was 14 she came home to her father beating her mother to death, she then drew her blade and knived him in the back in fear of what he would do to her, killing him. she was sent to a mental hospital for several months until she was released for good behaviour. she was sent to stay in different foster homes all over and hardly discloses her pas.

If it's a Hogwarts roleplay here's the details:
Instead of a pit bull her pet is a small corn snake (harmless) called Gabriel
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Appearance- Sans is a short and big-boned skeleton, with a dimpled smile on his face. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie, a white t-shirt or sweater, black shorts with white stripes and a pair of sneakers or slippers. He has white pupils, which tend to disappear when he is serious. When using magic, his left eye flashes cyan and yellow, and his right pupil disappears.

Personality- Sans is shown to be very lazy and laid back, sleeping on the job and taking breaks often. He enjoys making bad, skeleton-related puns; in fact, be a talented comedian. He enjoys science fiction and loves to drink ketchup. In addition, he hates making promises.

And sometimes he get a little bonely every night and morning.

"Its a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming.
On days like these, Kids like you
Should be burning in Hell!"
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3 | 0 Comments | by The_Hybrid_One | Feb 27th 2016 10:52

Temperance Veil

Theme: Colors by Halsey

" My mother was a beautiful Nymph and my father a strong wolf. Beauty was made out of their love. "

Name: Temperance Veil
Birth date: April 12th
Species: Werewolf/Nature Nympth
Face Claim: Sky Ferreira

(Nympth) A nymph in Greek mythology and in Latin mythology is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis. They are beloved by many and dwell in mountainous regions and forests by lakes and streams. Although they would never die of old age nor illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god, they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms

Age: 19
Height: 5’6
Eye color: Eye color: Green
Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Occupation: Member of The Potestatem Pack
Current location: Earth

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Best friend(s): None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Person Character feels responsible for or takes care of: Her Pack.
Person Character openly admires: None
Person Character secretly admires: None


Temperance is as free as they come. She met Cassandra randomly on a walk around her home and found herself curious of the thought of a pack. She joined on a whim though.

Unlike her other pack mates, Temperance is no prone to violence but prone to seduction. She is free loving but is quick to rip out someone's throat with the same lips she kissed them with if they were to threaten her. Overall she is very open, though it should not be mistaken for kindness and more of being polite than her having a kind tender heart.
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Due to some crazy ass people I will have to write some rules XD Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy.

1.People must be nice and also don't delete me when we have already discussed something like a storyline or a connection THAT IS SO RUDE!!!

2. TALK don't just stalk my page without requesting me or talking to me I am a sweet caring person in real life.

3. If I don't reply right away don't keep pestering me about replies I will get to them alright .

4. I do have several sides to my character so bare with me I don't just play my character as the daughter of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H she has a past that she wont bring up, and the fact is she is different which is why she is protected at all times.


6.Have Fun.

*If you would like to know more about my character and about her past please ask me or just introduce yourself and well talk in messages. If you have read my rules I want you to tell me

.Favorite Color
.Favorite Food
. Favorite Wrestler/Diva
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Bonnie's Letter

Bonnie Bennett. We haven't exactly been friends. I've done things to hurt you and everyone around you I've killed your best friend and tried to hurt everyone around you. I can't say i'm sorry because I did for my family. but this isn't about me. it's for you. I have been cursed with a mark on my wrist which keeps growing Freya tried to get rid of it it came back. I tried another witch but Victor disappeared so the treatments stopped working. i'm going mad and I know i'll hurt people if you see me do something hurt me just put me down for a little while. that is if im not daggered or locked up already. i'm dangerous and that's something I can't hide anymore i'm turning into a ripper. and won't be able to stop Bennett. I know it's a lot to ask. but if i'm not back before kol comes back tell him I love him and that someday there will be a cure don't let him give up hope. I do hope Kai finally admits he loves you because who couldn't? it's a shame i'll miss the wedding. you would have looked gorgeous for sure. ~R
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Elena's Letter

Now this one's hard to write because I've never given you a chance. I've always been a horrible bitch to you. Hell Elena I killed you and risked Matt's life it's ironic how I spent the summer with him crushing on him in the end. I guess what I've been trying to say is in the end even though Kol runs around after you you aren't so whiny, dramatic yes. But that's not the point in the end we do whatever it takes to save the one's we love. Do not try to speak to me or see me elena or this time you'll be dead forever it's not a threat it's the mark it's making me go crazy and I can't control who I hurt. I will ask something of you tho. Look after Sophia and Alex for me will you? I don't want to see them hurt i'll probably never see them again depending on what happens. Elena by the time you get this it will be too late i'll either be daggered or locked up. Have a nice life ~R
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Feb 24th 2016 13:42

Alex's Letter

My Darling Alex. Word's do not describe how much I hate writing this letter I wish I could never have to tell you that your best friend is going mad and might actually kill you. it's nothing you did it's the mark.. i'll kill anyone who is in my way. I know you'll come looking for me hell you won't even listen to this warning because your stubborn and love me. I love you Alex Whitmore. More than I thought I would. Your my best friend. My sister. Your the reason I have kol back in my life. I never expected to grow so close to you or trust you but instantly you made me realise i'm a bitch but people are capable of so much more. Even when you were a witch you didn't hate me. you were there at my lowest points and even when I had to clean up your mess. I still cared. I'm not in control anymore that could get you hurt. so don't come after me alex. I won't be able to live with myself if you do. I love you you'll always be my witch even if you aren't one. ~R
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1 | 12 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Feb 24th 2016 13:34

Elijah's Letter.

My darling Elijah. you've already given up so much for this family I don't want to burden you with more. You've been through hell. The mark came back Freya's magic wasn't strong enough and I fear I may hurt you or nik. I've been seeing This Witch Victor. He's been giving me treatment's but recently he went missing. causing the mark to grow stronger than ever before. I black out and walk up with dead bodies around me without any explanation whatsoever. I hurt Hayley last time and if you and Niklaus hadn't have stopped me I would have killed her instantly regretting it for the rest of my life. I can't control it anymore Elijah. I'm scared for once in my life I fear something more than Mikael or Niklaus.

I don't know how to get rid of the mark without getting rid of my original body.. I don't want to do that I don't want to be weak or have a psycho control me again like Eva did. those children didn't deserve it and I won't risk it again. I can't hurt anyone so that is why you won't find me i'm either daggered or caged up for everyone's safety Good bye Elijah.~R
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0 | 2 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Feb 24th 2016 13:27

Kol's letter

Kol, I don't know how to explain this or to even tell you. The mark grew back.. I went to vic for help but he's gone and the treatments are slowly working. I never wanted to tell you or Elijah or everyone else because then i'd have to constantly be babysat and im a thousand years old Kol. I don't need to be baby sat by a few baby vampires. Kol i'm going back and I know it. I feel it going though my veins... I never told you this but on our road trip I lost control and slaughtered the half of the town before I could gain control over myself again. I can't be responsible for hurting you or anyone else. Including hope ... i'm dangerous and I can't control it much longer i'm not myself anymore. Elijah's stupid ex made sure of that. I should have stayed in my coffin. if I need to be daggered I want you to do it. I trust you enough to bring me back when theres a cure for it I can't hurt Alex or you or even Elijah and Nik. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ever hurt you. Eventhough the only solution may to kill me Kol you'll always be my brother. Always and Forever Even in death.
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Feb 24th 2016 13:20

Stefan's letter

Dear Stefan, words cannot describe how much you mean to me. I've lost you once because our Niklaus and now I'm losing you to my own foolishness I should have told you about the mark I know that now. I was just scared of everyone finding it out especially you. We've had our hearts settled on being together I still want that I couldn't risk losing you. However I'm scared I'll hurt you. You need to promise me if I go mad you'll vervain me and lock me somewhere. I can't risk killing you. Your far too special to me and I'd rather be daggered or killed if I hurt you. Stefan Salvatore I love you. And I will never stop. Your the person who even though I'm horrid sees the girl who just wants to be loved by someone and that someone is you. Hiding your clothes and teasing you is how I show how much you mean to me. The showers will never stop for as long as I live your the only person I want to shower with or run off and kill with. Your my Salvatore and I'm your mikaelson. No matter what anyone says I love you. Even if I'm deadly and absolutely horrid ~R
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Feb 24th 2016 12:22