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Elizabeth Bathory Countess Dracula

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (Báthory Erzsébet in Hungarian; 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614)was a countess from the renowned Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary known for being a serial killer. She has been labelled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer,though the precise number of her victims is debated. Báthory and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls between 1585 and 1610.The highest number of victims cited during Báthory's trial was 650. However, this number comes from the claim by a woman named Susannah that Jacob Szilvássy, Countess Báthory's court official, had seen the figure in one of Báthory's private books. The book was never revealed, and Szilvássy never mentioned it in his testimony. Despite the evidence against Elizabeth, her family's influence kept her from facing trial. She was imprisoned in December 1610 within Csejte Castle, Upper Hungary, now in Slovakia, where she remained immured in a set of rooms until her death four years later.

The stories of her serial murders and brutality are verified by the testimony of more than 300 witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest. Stories which ascribe to her vampire-like tendencies (most famously the tale that she bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth) were generally recorded years after her death and are considered unreliable. Her story quickly became part of national folklore, and her infamy persists to this day. She is often compared with Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, on whom the fictional Count Dracula is partly based, and has been nicknamed The Blood Countess and Countess Dracula.

Early years

Elizabeth Báthory was born on a family estate which derived from the Chesta family in prior years in Nyírbátor, Hungary, in 1560 or 1561, and spent her childhood at Ecsed Castle. Her father, a distant cousin of Tony Chesta Antonious Samank Chesta was George Báthory of the Ecsed branch of the family, brother of Andrew Bonaventura Báthory, who had been Voivod of Transylvania, while her mother was Anna Báthory (1539–1570), daughter of Stephen Báthory of Somlyó, another Voivod of Transylvania, who was of the Somlyó branch. Through her mother, Elizabeth was the cousin of the Hungarian noble Stefan Báthory, King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Duke of Transylvania. As a young woman she learned Latin, German and Greek.

Between 1602 and 1604, after rumors of Báthory's atrocities had spread through the kingdom, Lutheran minister István Magyari made complaints against her, both publicly and at the court in Vienna. The Hungarian authorities took some time to respond to Magyari's complaints. Finally, in 1610, King Matthias II assigned György Thurzó, the Palatine of Hungary, to investigate. Thurzó ordered two notaries to collect evidence in March 1610. In 1610 and 1611, the notaries collected testimony from more than 300 witnesses. The trial records include the testimony of the four defendants, as well as thirteen witnesses. Priests, noblemen and commoners were questioned. Witnesses included the castellan and other personnel of Sárvár castle.

According to all testimony, Báthory's initial victims were the adolescent daughters of local peasants, many of whom were lured to Csejte by offers of well-paid work as maidservants in the castle. Later, she is said to have begun to kill daughters of the lesser gentry, who were sent to her gynaeceum by their parents to learn courtly etiquette. Abductions were said to have occurred as well.The atrocities described most consistently included severe beatings, burning or mutilation of hands, biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other body parts, freezing or starving to death. The use of needles was also mentioned by the collaborators in court.

Some witnesses named relatives who died while at the gynaeceum. Others reported having seen traces of torture on dead bodies, some of which were buried in graveyards, and others in unmarked locations. However, two witnesses (court officials Benedikt Deseo and Jakob Szilvassy) actually saw the Countess herself torture and kill young servant girls.96–99 According to the testimony of the defendants, Elizabeth Báthory tortured and killed her victims not only at Csejte but also on her properties in Sárvár, Németkeresztúr, Bratislava (then Pozsony, Pressburg), and Vienna, and elsewhere. In addition to the defendants, several people were named for supplying Elizabeth Báthory with young women, procured either by deception or by force. A little-known figure named Anna Darvulia was rumored to have influenced Báthory, but Darvulia was dead long before the trial.

Thurzó went to Csejte Castle on 30 December 1610 and arrested Báthory and four of her servants, who were accused of being her accomplices: Dorotya Semtész, Ilona Jó, Katarína Benická, and János Újváry ("Ibis" or Fickó). Thurzó's men reportedly found one girl dead and one dying and reported that another woman was found wounded while others were locked up.The countess was put under house arrest.

Although it is commonly believed that Báthory was caught in the act of torture, there is little evidence to support this. Initially, Thurzó made the declaration to Báthory's guests and village people that he had caught her red-handed. However, she was arrested and detained prior to the discovery or presentation of the victims. It seems most likely that the whole idea of Thurzó discovering Báthory covered in blood has been the embellishment of fictionalized accounts.

Thurzó debated further proceedings with Elizabeth's son Paul and two of her sons-in-law. A trial and execution would have caused a public scandal and disgraced a noble and influential family (which at the time ruled Transylvania), and Elizabeth's considerable property would have been seized by the crown. Thurzó, along with Paul and her two sons-in-law, originally planned for Elizabeth to be spirited away to a nunnery, but as accounts of her murder of the daughters of lesser nobility spread, it was agreed that Elizabeth Báthory should be kept under strict house arrest and that further punishment should be avoided.

King Matthias urged Thurzó to bring Elizabeth to trial and suggested she be sentenced to death, but Thurzó successfully convinced the king that such an act would negatively affect the nobility. Thurzó's motivation for such an intervention is debated by scholars. It was determined that Matthias would not have to repay his large debt to Elizabeth.

Báthory was imprisoned in Čachtice Castle and placed in solitary confinement. She was kept bricked in a set of rooms, with only small slits left open for ventilation and the passing of food. She remained there for four years, until her death. On 21 August 1614 in the evening her Ladyship complained to her bodyguard that her hands were cold, whereupon he replied "It's nothing Mistress. Just go lie down." She went to sleep and was found dead the following morning. She was buried in the church of Čachtice on 25 November, but due to the villagers' uproar over having "The Tigress of Čachtice" buried in their cemetery, her body was moved to her birth home at Ecsed, where it is interred at the Báthory family crypt.
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The Killing Moon (verse)

The Order of the Dragon (want to get rid of Mina and all vampires. And who happen to have a list of vampires handy,since they had a hand in turning them,sort of,or so they say) is at war with the The Order of the Black Roses (which Mina belongs to and strives to protect all vampires regardless if they kill or not. They are just misunderstood,so they say. They are aware of the list and want it since their very existence depends on it. Other vampires are aware of their existence,but want nothing to do with them,since they propagate the popular vampire myth. Vampires just want to be left alone mostly. ) but The Black Roses now have Mick St. John a reluctant vampire. They are both in danger for being associated with each other. The Order is watching her. And if she is seen with him his life would be in danger just for the fact that he is even remotely associated with her,they can't even act like a couple unless they are alone. Even though she is basically protecting everything he stands against,the killing of innocents,and women,they still love each other. She will lay her life down for him in a heartbeat to protect him. And despite some hard times,they everything they still loves each other.
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The Warring factions

Order of the Dragon

Protecting Humanity from those who want to Destroy it

Mortal Enemies- The Order of the Black Rose

Founded in London England by Dr. Abraham Van Helsing

Marcus Van Helsing (Current Leader)

Current and past members

||Former Members||

Abraham Van Helsing

Jonathan Harker

Dr.John Seward

Quincey Morris

Arthur Holmwood

||Current Members||

James Holmwood

Adelaide Morris

Bridget Bishop

Virginia Dare

This is the group that was started by Abraham Van Helsing in 1898.The Order of the Dragon, or the Ordo Draco, is an order that stands for corruption, murder, and to control people against their free will. They maintain their power through control of important political figures,powerful business leaders. Their main enemy is the Order of the Black Roses. Or Van Helsing and his merry band of trouble makers as Mina calls them. They have compiled a list of vampires since they had a hand in that.
They are responsible for Alaric’s transformation into Dracula and the deaths of Mina Harker and are pursing Mina (his daughter) and Mick (Mina's husband) as punishment for their adversaries’ actions against the Order.

In the present, Marcus Van Helsing is the leader of the group. He keeps tabs on Mina,even though she doesn’t know half the time. He also has spies working for him. They even have one on the inside,watching Mina and her people.

After Abraham Van Helsing is killed, The Order is more determined in trying to get revenge on the Order of the Black Roses, for what Alaric did to his family; it has been hinted that with the death of Van Helsing his grandson Marcus who is more ruthless than Abraham will take over creating a bloodbath between the groups. The Order has fallen into chaos, and its sole focus is to rid the Alucard bloodline once and for all with Mina’s demise. If..they can find her.

Order of the Black Rose

The Children of the night

Mortal Enemies- The Order of the Dragon

Founded in London England by Alaric Alucard in 1898

Mina St. John* (Current leader)

Mick St.John* (Current leader)

Current and Former members

||Former Members||

Alaric Alucard

Mina Harker

Andrew Chase

Avaline Chase

Emma Monaghan

Jackson Monaghan

Elizabeth Bathory

||Current Members||

Edward Chase

Thomas Edwards

Paul Clayton

Cordelia Summers

Lucy Westerman

Sarah Andrews

Alaric Alucard and Mina Harker were members of this order. It is mostly composed of vampires and people who are aware they exist (some are freshies,ie blood donors for them) others are just descendants from the original members. The current leader is Mina Harker. She is trying her best to make the group more “human friendly” to have them rely on blood bags instead of human donors or victims. Mina has two bodyguards who watch her whenever she is in public. But she is mostly alone half of the time. The group is well aware of there being a list of vampires and that the Ordo Draco has it. Vampires are aware that this Order exists,but most hate them since they propagate the vampire myth. They are well aware that the list exists,and they want it. They will stop at nothing to get it,since they very existence depends on it.
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Mariko- Daughter of Satan

Hello humans. I do look forward to role playing with some of you, but I'm sure you are busy with your pesky lives. If you do get the chance, I dare you to send me a comment/message, unless you're too scared.

• • • • • •

Mariko was born many years ago. She technically a half blooded demon spawn. Her father is Satan or Hades, whomever you want to believe. Upon birth, her mother died, due to the conditions of what she was. She was not an only child however, for she had two older sisters. Growing up, Mariko began to develop inhuman like characteristics, which include both horns and a tail. That was not all however, for she also managed to get her fathers demonic powers. Now, her sisters were a few years older. They were twins, how wonderful. Exactly 5 years and 7 months appart from Mariko, they treated her like she didn't below. Tell her different things, lies that would never be heard from other people.
"You aren't human, you know that?"
"Mama never wanted you, she would've hated you?"
"I bet your father ran away because he didn't want to see what his child turned into."

Mariko put up with this for years, even through different schooling. She hid her tail underneath the dresses she wore, and her horns underneath the hat. People forbid her to go places, telling her that if she wanted to go somewhere, she better be careful with what she wishes for. The only person that really ever was nice to Mariko, was her best friend Billy. He always was there to try and bring her out of the dust when the bullies pushed her down.

Despite having a best friend, Mariko never did talk as a child. Well, not often that is. She tended to stay quiet, avoiding any contact with humans as much as she could, until one day, she snapped. She couldn't take it anymore. The bullying, the regret, the hatred that people had towards her. She tried to push away the utter feeling if disgust towards humans away, but never managed to. She absolutely hated them now.

She was at home one day with her sisters, and it was just an average day. They were all getting alone fine, watching movies together and laughing about it. Until they put in the movie Hercules. Once Hades came on, her sisters began to laugh and laugh uncontrollably before looking at Mariko and finally asking the question they had been laughing about. "Is your father that hot headed?" Was the question she got. Mariko's eyes narrowed as she stood up, going upstairs and closing the door.

Upstairs, she began to think of fire, the fire that burned within the pit of hell. The fire that burnt down the old schoolhouse down the road. Suddenly, screaming erupted from down stairs. Mariko opened the door, spotting two flaming figures running around screaming as the flesh began to peel back slowly and the blood oozed down their faces.

-under construction-
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Mick St.John (Mina's Better half/Open)

He is a vampire who works as a private investigator in Los Angeles, California.

Early Life
Not much is known about his early life. Other than he grew up in Greece and fought in the Crusades.

During World War 2,in 1942 Mina and Mick met for the first time. She was a nurse in a hospital in Paris and he was a soldier. But she was moved to another hospital before they could properly meet. But she never forgot him,that mysterious vampire.

Ten years later,Mick and Mina met again at a party where Mick,a was band member at the party, and they instantly fell in love with with each other. Mina sort of remembered him,but Mina broke it off,since she still had the secret of where she came from and wanted to protect him in case the people after her,came for her.

After losing Mina he was really hurt. He stopped at nothing as he looked for her and followed her trying to figure out why she ran so long ago. Mick was working as a Private Investigator when they properly met again. Mina knew still who he was,but pretended that she didn't, when they were both at a crime scene where Mina was working as a reporter. Mina was doing a news report for The Los Angeles Chronicle, where she works. He obviously knew who she was, but she had somehow forgotten who he was. Or did she?

Present Day
They worked together on some cases during that time. But Mina soon found it easier to trust him as he was a vampire,just like her and they worked together more and hung out more. Mina realized there were a lot of vampires and a lot of them were involved in the cases they found their selves working on. And that many of them lived completely normal lives. Mina started to get feelings for him but she was still scared about letting him know about where she came from,her background, and the fact that she was the daughter of the famous Count,so she stayed quiet. Mick never got involved nor asked her. Although they did share a kiss after finishing a case,they didn't admit their feelings to each other for a while. There relationship blooms over times. Mina finally comes clean about her lineage little by little as she begins to trust him more,letting her guard down,little by little. And she comes clean about her feelings;she loved him. No matter how hard she tried to deny it,it was too hard.

Mick saw this as a problem,he had felt like she had lied to him. But she had done it to protect him. Broken hearted and hurt they part ways and Mina leaves to New Orleans to have some space and to think. After a while,she came back looking for him,ready to spill everything. The Order had been watching her really wanted to destroy Mina,and no one could get close enough to her. So they went after Mick. Mina was furious. She let the darkness go and went after the Order in order to save the man she loves. That was the dumbest thing she ever did,because now they are more determined to get both Mick and Mina and make them pay for what they did.

Mick refuses to kill innocents and only drinks blood either from blood banks or from criminals. Because of his age and experience with humans, Mick is somewhat cynical to people who claim to have an open mind to those who are different.
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Vampires are reanimated corpses that drink blood to survive. They are a supernatural predatory species whose origins date back at least over five hundred years. The vampires of Moonlight come from a unique and independent mythology that differs from literary vampires like those of Bram Stoker.

The origin of the vampire race is unknown. Vampires have been found in myths throughout ancient history, implying that they have existed for over three thousand years. Humans did know of vampires' existence at some point and tried to hunt them out of fear, as the 400 year old Josef recalled once that he was chased by an angry mob carrying torches.

21st Century
In modern times, virtually all humans regard vampires as creatures of myth and folklore. They are regarded as nonexistent. This is beneficial to vampires, allowing them to live within human society unoticed.

Physical Appearance
When calm and collected the vampire looks like a normal human, but when a vampire gets mad or hungry their appearance undergoes changes.

Eyes - They gain dark circles around their eyes and their irises become a complete milky white color.
Fangs - Their upper canines elongate and sharpen into fangs.
Skin - Their skin instantly looses most if not all color and becomes pale.
When vampires assume their 'vamp face' they hiss like snakes or growl like lions.

Drinking Blood - They need to drink blood to stay alive but it doesn't need to be fresh as they can steal older blood from blood banks or morgues.
Blood Injections - Vampires can be nourished by injecting themselves with blood in leu of drinking blood.
Despite their physical superiority and immortality, vampires do have weaknesses.

Wooden Stakes - Unlike mythological vampires, those in Moonlight are not killed by a wooden stake in the heart, but rather merely paralyzed.
Silver - Silver acts as a poison against them.
Fire - Fire will kill them, reducing them to ash with a mere touch. Older vampires are resistant to fire; only harming them as it does human skin.
Sunlight - Unlike mythological vampires, those in Moonlight tend to suffer no immediate effects from sunlight. To vampires who have recently fed, the sun serves only as a mild irritant to them which they can counteract by wearing sunglasses and staying in the shade. Although it can cause loss of strength and dehydration if exposed for long periods of time, especially if the vampire has not fed in a while.
Blood Deprivation - If vampires are deprived of blood for prolonged periods of time, they will show symptoms of dehydration, with the whites of their eyes becoming yellow. This also has psychological affects, eventually causing them to loose control of themselves and reducing them to hungry animals who can't control their thirst.
Decapitation - Decapitation slays vampires as it does humans.
The Cure - A plant that grows in France can temporarily make vampires human again, robbing them of their powers.
Powers & Abilities
Vampires are physically superior to humans.

Immortality - Vampires are immortal; this means that they have an indefinite lifespan and do not physically age beyond the age of their transformation, but they can be killed. The oldest known vampire was at least 500 years old.
Superhuman Senses - Their senses are heightened; as two vampires are shown to have a conversation in a decibel too low for humans to hear. They can see through darkness, which makes them effective predators. Vampires, especially when hungry, can literally see the veins and arteries of humans within their skin as well as the blood flowing through them. Their sense of hearing allows them to hear low sounds from long distances away or to pick up a single conversation from within a large crowd. Mick describes vampire senses as being "heightened to eleven" compared to that of humans. Vampires also seem to have a heightened perception of reality; when she was high on vampire blood, Beth Turner stated that she could feel the air flowing against her skin like "individual molecules" and that she could "feel" the lives of people in their homes around her.
Psychic Visions - Mick states that vampires can glimpse the future and the past to a limited degree.
Superhuman Strength - Vampires possess superior strength compared to that of a normal adult human and can manhandle them with little effort; including restraining or lifting them off the ground by the throat with one hand and throwing them across short distances with great force. Their enhanced strength makes them deadly to humans; able to easily snap their necks with only one hand. Older vampires appear and claim to be stronger than younger ones, this implies that vampires become stronger as they get older. However, it is worth noting that the 85 year old Mick was able to physically overpower a 500 year old vampire, albeit with much effort.
Superhuman Speed - Vampires move so fast that they seem to appear and disappear from a scene in an instant.
Superhuman Agility - Vampires can jump to higher and further than humans and perform parkour feats with ease. They can defy gravity to a degree to achieve this ability.
Superhuman Durability - Being undead, vampires cannot be killed or permanently afflicted by conventional weapons or sources of injury such as gunshots and knives, unless said weapons cause decapitation. They are unaffected by broken bones.
Healing Factor - Vampire are exempt from disease and heal from any non-fatal wounds in an accelerated time frame. Superficial wounds such as those from bullets and even wooden stakes heal in moments without causing the vampire much discomfort, while more severe wounds can cause pain and take time and blood to heal. The healing process as well as its potency is increased when they drink blood.
Vampires are created from humans.

Siring - To become a vampire, a person is either fed with their sire's blood when close to death or dies with a vampire's blood in his or her system. They body must be preserved for the reanimation to accur, so if the person dies from decapitation, fire, acid, explosions, or massive bodily damage, he or she will not reanimate as a vampire and will die.
Coma - Siring does not always work as sometimes, though rarely, the human will fall into a coma, stop aging but never wake up.
Hunger - All newborn vampires awaken with a deep craving for fresh human blood.
Intoxication - Newborn vampires are often overwealmed by their new strength, speed, and blood hunger. It is very much like drug addiction. This euphoria fades with time as the vampire adjusts to his or her new condition.
Vampire Law - By 'Vampire Law' the sire then must stay with the new vampire until he or she has completed the transformation and knows to keep their secret. If a vampire commits treason, by trying to reveal there secret or not training there offspring the punishment is death.
Humans undergo subtle biological and physiological changes during their transformation to vampire.

Body Temperature - Vampires lack body heat due to their bodily functions no longer working. This feature also makes them tolerant of extremely low temperatures. Vampires are affected beneficially by cold temperatures and environments; it relaxes them and simply 'feels good'. This is why they sleep in freezers or in tubs of ice. They cannot suffer brain freeze, frostbite, or hypothermia. According to Mick, drinking fresh blood warms them to an extent.
Genetics - Vampirism affects a person's genetics. A person's DNA is fundamentally altered after the transformation. This alteration makes genetic testing between vampires and their human relatives impossible unless the vampire has a piece of his or her own human DNA from before their transformation, such as a lock of hair. Vampires are also sterile and cannot procreate through sexual intercourse.
Internal Organs - Vampire's bodies are physically deceased. As such, they do not digest food or produce waste.
Preservation - Despite being literal walking corpses, vampires do not decompose while 'alive'. They retain the appearance and bodily condition that they had when they where sired (unless they where sick, such as cancer or radiation poisoning, in which case they are cured and revitalized upon being sired). Despite this, their hair and nails still grow as they did when they were human. Their hair does not change color with time, unless dyed.
Vampire Society
Vampires, as a species, live in secrecy within human society. They seem to have their own government, as there are laws that all vampires are expected to obey under penalty of death. Very few humans in modern day know of the existence of vampires.

Vampire Myths
Moonlight vampires differ from literary vampires in many ways.

They are not killed by sunlight, but they are weakened by it.
A stake through their heart will not kill them, but will paralyze them.
They cast shadows and have reflections.
They are unaffected by garlic, holy water, or crucifixes.
They cannot shapeshift into a bat, wolf, or vapor.
They do not require an invitation to enter a residence.
They cannot control the weather.
They sleep in freezers or in tubs of ice, not coffins.
They do not require their native soil to sleep in.
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My rules

Both mun and muse are of age. I will not write sm*t with anyone just because,so don't even ask.

This goes without saying,Don't kill the character. Don't ask her to turn you. She a vampire based in many different myths.

It is fine if you send me random starters,I would love you more. And it is perfectly fine to discuss something ahead of time.

Multiple Storyline-actions of other characters in one thread do not coincide or interrupt the thread of another. All threads and stories are kept separate.

NO godmodding I am capable of doing my own work thanks.

Do not insult or bully my friends,you will be blocked I don’t care about your opinions about the character.

Not Kate Beckinsale,no infringement intended. This is solely a role-play account.

Mina is a antiquarian,that is she deals with antiques or anything old. She is also a vampire slayer.

So there will be violence,fangs,vampires and monsters.

I have knowledge of vampires and Moonlight. Any help,just ask. Or if you want me to help with anything,just ask.

oc friendly,I know what its like.

OOC friendly. But please don't ask me for pictures of me.
I am interested in more plot driven stories. I like it when people put in an effort to write with me,not just sit there.

I expect you to write. That is why I'm here. Quality over quantity. And as long as I can understand what you are saying,it’s fine (and I mess up too sometimes)

No shipping,Mina is loyal to her man, so don't even try anything. She doesn't have one yet.

As long as I have something to work with,I will do up to four paragraphs.

I usually reply to threads as soon as I see them,but if I forget,feel free to jump into the comments and tell me. But I also have a real life as most of us do. So I can't be here all the time. But I will reply.

She is straight

Everything that has to do with Mina is copyrighted under US Law the minute pen was put to paper (she is from a story that I wrote) So if I find out you stole anything,Without permission,you will get reported.
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My Rules

Both mun and muse are of age.
This one is really important. Give me grief and I will not hesitate to delete you. My real life comes first. No ands,ifs or buts. . . Sometimes I'll be too tired to be here. Don't take it personal. I'm a human being.
Not shipping with anyone without building a story.
I don't post status streams,I see no point in them. Comment or message me if you need me.
This goes without saying,Don't kill the character. She is human so she will stay dead. Plus I can't reply if I am dead.
I try to be here everyday but RL always comes first,no matter what.
It is fine if you send me random starters,I would love you more. And it is perfectly fine to discuss something ahead of time.
Multiple Storyline-actions of other characters in one thread do not coincide or interrupt the thread of another. All threads and stories are kept separate.

NO godmodding I am capable of doing my own work thanks.

Do not insult or bully my friends,you will be blocked I don’t care about your opinions about the character.

Not Catherine Rollins,no infringement intended. This is solely a role-play account.

Catherine is a cop. She has a badge and she is very much human. So there will be violence,shootings,arrests...

I have knowledge of Hawaii Five o,anything else,I can watch and pick up on it.

oc friendly.

OOC friendly

I am interested in more plot driven stories. I like it when people put in an effort to write with me,not just sit there.

Quality over quantity. And as long as I can understand what you are saying,it’s fine (and I mess up too sometimes)

As long as I have something to work with,I will do up to four paragraphs.

I usually reply to threads as soon as I see them,but if I forget,feel free to jump into the message queue and tell me.

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Megan's First Match

I awake to Dean stretching out in front of me, oh my god... He looks so cute when he's sleepy!!! I glanced at my phone and noticed that it was 7:30, that would give me enough time to get Dean and I breakfast and hit the gym before the first match of my professional career. "You want breakfast butt face?" I asked, chuckling when Dean leaped "whoa when did you wake up testy?" I rolled my eyes "two seconds ago now come on you want breakfast?" I stood up and held my head suffering a slight hang over from the night before... Yes somehow I got drunk off whine, that's what I get for barely ever drinking. "Sure but I'll make it for us you have a huge day ahead of you and let's face it I would do anything for my sis." I smiled and let him make us breakfast, I went upstairs and got into my gym clothes and got ready to take the blunt of Dean's moves in the practice ring. I walked back downstairs to find Dean making this amazing smelling breakfast. I sat down at the table and Dean placed an omelet in front of me with a nice steaming glass of coffee. "Bon apatite!" He smiled and kissed my cheek and headed to make himself breakfast. I blushed and dug in, damn this boy could cook!! Dean and I finished up our breakfast and packed up for the gym. "Dean go easy on me... I'm scared...." We climbed in the car and buckle de up "of course I'll be easy on you, I don't want to beat the hell out of you, why are you scared... You know I'd never do anything to hurt you." I tried to hide my blush and Dean smirked "someone is a little Blushy today!" I shot him the stink eye and tried to enjoy the rest of the ride to the gym.
We arrived at the gym and headed inside. I climbed inside the practice ring and Dean got in as well "you ready?" I nodded and held my breath. Dean locked up with me and I shoved him into the turn buckle. "Not bad Megan, what are you gonna do now that you've got me in your power?" I thought for a moment and hit a killer monkey flip, Dean sprung back up and smirked at me. "Very nice!" We went back and forth and I practiced taking my bumps and selling them.

We practiced up until lunch and reality was setting in, "Im less then 5 hours away from my first match.... I think I'm going to be sick...." Dean wrapped his arm around my waist. "You'll do fine.... I'm sure of it." Dean and I went off to lunch. I didn't eat anything since the sight of food made me sick. Dean and I headed to the venue for tonight's show and headed backstage. "Megan this is my former tag team partner Mr. Money in the bank Seth Rollins" I offered my hand for a shake "nice to meet you" Roman walked up "oh my shit you are fine!!" I giggled "I'm Megan, and I know your Roman. Nice to meet you" I finished my meet and greets and sat around backstage with my ring gear on my lap. The show started and I got into my ring gear and sat in my locker room. My match was later on in the show after Dean's match.

1.......2....... 3!!! "Here is your winner, Dean Ambrose!" The fans went wild and I waited in the holding area. Dean made his way backstage and I hugged him tight. "Congrats!!! Deany!!" He smiled and wrapped his strong arm around my waist "thanks Megan! Now you go out there and kick some ass!" I smiled, Nattie's theme to and Lilian starts her announcing. "The following divas contest is set for one fall. Introducing first from Calgary Alberta Canada, Natalia!!!" The fans erupted and Nattie smiled on the turnbuckle leaping off it. She's A Hottie by Toby Keith played "And her opponent, from Litchfield making her WWE Debut, Megan!!!" The fans were mixed as I made my way to the ring in my semi Dean inspired ring attire. I climbed into the ring and waited in my corner, my theme stopped and the ref rang the bell. Nattie and I locked up after shaking hands she backed me into the corner and threw me onto the mat.

The match when 100 miles a minute and Nattie was still in control, but I had gotten a few bumps in to try to tear the queen of hearts down. She wouldn't budge and in the end I got locked in the sharp shooter and ended up tapping what seemed like instantly. Nattie's theme hit and Lilian stood up "here is your winner, Natalya!" The fans cheered and I remained laying in the middle of the ring, my legs and lower back aching. Nattie helped me up and smiled helping me out of the ring. I made my way backstage and Dean wrapped me in a hug, "good effort Megan, you did great!"I smiled and kissed him lightly. I was finally ready to tell Dean how I truly feel about him.
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Age: Unknown, thought to be one of the first vampires, looks to be about early to mid 20's
Skills: Powers of attraction, seduction, and persuation
Weapons: small hidden daggers as well as her fingernails, they hold the vampire venom and are similar to cats claws.
Species: PureBlood Vampire
Physical: eyes the color of molten silver, hair as black as a ravens feathers and as soft as satin that flows down past her ass, a perfect hourglass figure, large breasts, and pale alabaster skin that almost gleams.
Title/Rank: Princess.

She is the last Princess of a dying race and as such must gather the scattered clans and bring her people back to the former glory. Her path will be difficult but maybe if she lets her path take the proper course she may yet find that she is not alone in her quest.
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Denial - A WWE Love Story

The dream of becoming a WWE Diva isn't something you can just wake up wanting. It takes being a WWE Universe, training your ass off, having a best friend whose a WWE superstar also helps. Dean and I fight like siblings, and get pissed off when someone hurts the other, safe to say that Dean is the brother I don't have. For those of you who don't know which Dean I'm talking about, I mean Dean Ambrose THE Dean Ambrose. We met at a WWE press conference in my home town of Litchfield. I was just starting the process of becoming a WWE diva and I hadn't met one of them. Dean was the first to greet me, and we just instantly clicked. The night before my debut match and naturally I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I feel my phone vibrate and I glance at the phone and smile when I see its Dean. "Hello?" I answered smiling, trying not to sound too queazy. "Hey Megan, how you holdin' up?" I swallowed hard remembering that my first ever match is tomorrow... On Raw none the less- "uh... Well..." He didn't let me finish "I'm coming over... You don't sound to good hun." I smiled and agreed
Within ten minutes Dean was knocking at my door. "Come in" I shouted still sitting on the couch facing the TV, stuffing my face with Bon-Bons. Dean opened the door and closed it behind him walking over to the couch holding what looked like a bottle. "You know you really should check to see who it is before you invite a potential masked murderer into your house, giving up your one and only life because of.... What are those Bon Bons?!?" I laughed "Yes! Bon Bons! I love chocolate and I'm nervous, and so sorry mother!" Dean shot me his famous "oh no you didn't" look and sat on my face. "Who's your mother now?!?" He laughed placing the bottle on the coffee table. "Dean for real get the f*ck off!" I laughed slapping him on the ass. "EEEP!!!" He jumped off me and rubbed his ass "what da f*ck Megan!?!?" I laughed "you started it!!!" Dean popped open the bottle of whine sipping it from the bottle "oh.... Sorry did you want some?" I laughed taking it "just give me the bloody thing...." I took a sip too and licked the stray whine off my lip. "You just French kissed your brother..." Dean smirked. "What?!? Did not!!!" He smirked again "testy!" Dean snd I spent most of the night talking about different things.... Not once did I have a single shred of nerve to tell him how I feel about him. Not that there's nothing between us... Just friends that's it.... Yet I find myself constantly having to tell myself that I don't want him.
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A Bit About Me & Roleplaying

I'm never really that good at starting these sorts of things off but anyway...this is actually the first time I've ever been on this site but it's certainly not the first time I've role-played.
I started role-playing in January 2008 when I decided, not knowing that there were any people who had done the same, created my first role-play account on Bebo. It was simply out of a huge love for a certain book (I shall not mention what it's called but I hate it now) that I had been given that month (I read it in a matter of a few days) and the fact that I wanted to be a part of the world that it had created. It then didn't take me long to gather a few core role-players before I was off, making another account (I have lost count on how many accounts over the years I created on Bebo).
I stopped role-playing there about April 2013 but I did attempt to start it again in August of that year but by then, Bebo had been taken down and was on it's way to changing. I thought then, that I wouldn't do it again but now, feeling a little rusty, I am back!
Hopefully I'll stay here for a little while longer. :)

- H
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charaters and bios

karkay- karkay is 18-19 years old , she is shy, and has caring heart even though her childhood was the best but she couldnt complaint . pericings and tattoos

Lui- out spoken, loves to hang with friends. she always listening to music or making it. childhood was awful and tries to forget it.

damion- myterious , he scared alot of people not meaning too. he very sweet once you get to know him. childhood was great.

aridan - shy, swwet, and unsure about himself . he loves his friends . childhood was barable.

chris - sweet , loves people, and music. childhood was okay.

ryland - sweet , and loves music , friends and school . childhood was okay
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About Luke (Under Construction)

Brains, Brawn, Looks & Incredible talent; Luke seems to have it all. A successful music scout for a small but well respected music agency, he's never shy of a few quid. At only twenty five, he's quickly climbing up the business ladder and soon, he hopes he'll get enough money to start his own agency. For now though, he'll have to make do [he enjoys it after all] and keep with his job and his hobby of the occasional intimate show of his own in bars and small time venues around town. You may even see him visiting local schools and colleges, where he gives talks and looks out for the next 'big thing' in the schools.
Luke can seem to be a bit aloof at times; cool and reserved with that edge of rugged charm but for the most part, he's pretty friendly.
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Please, no one-liners; I hate them. Keep the comments, at the very least a couple of sentences long and I will do the same.

Story-lines can be sorted out before hand with me, or we can just 'go-with-the-flow'.

I am a role-player who isn't embarrassed to go into details involving sex, births etc. so if you feel you're finding it too much, we can mellow it down.

I will NOT do rape. That's probably my only concession to what I will not do.

I prefer to do 'real life' roleplay but I'll make an exception when possible.

The last thing, I can play my character at any age ranging from late teens to early thirties, depending on the roleplay.

That's it! So, I'm a friendly person and am happy to go along with any ideas you've got, all within a little bit of reason [though I am up for most ideas, so shouldn't be a problem].

- H
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