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Edgar Poe

(Edgar Allen Poe. No. Not the gentleman you are thinking of. This particular man has quite a few words to say, thus, I shall allow him from here as he explains his circumstances better than I could ever hope.)

It's easy enough to figure out what kind of people are the people to hang out with in this world. I ain't talkin' about the sorry schmucks that think accepting everything about their 'friends' will make 'em happy. Not the one ones that mimic Disney Princesses or Princes. Nah. I'm talking about reality. The place where everyone looks. Doesn't matter whether it's bred from adoration, hate, or interest. I'm talking about the people that hold power. The ones with money. Talent. Looks. I don't care how pure of soul your sorry ass thinks you are. Everyone, even if it's deep down, wants a taste of it.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interest. I mean, come on. That's how you get places in this society. But there is something a tad more interesting than that. At least to me. Ever since I was a kid, I've had a fascination for cause in effect. A simple action I made could set a million different things in motion all at once. Even if it was a simple suggestion. Talking a bit louder in the presence of someone else. Jut to put an idea in their head.

Eventually this fascination became a game. A helluva fun game too. I could get a girl cheating on her man with a complete stranger with a simple comment passing by. I choose targets. I build them up. I break them down. I wreak havoc in their lives. I become their saving grace. Their daily lives are at the tips of my finger tips... and it is hard to decide what I will do with em'.

A few years back my game leveled up a bit. I started going after the big guns. They guys n' gals that were the biggest fish in the pond. The thrill of almost being caught is addicting. The thrill of a hunt.

Now, don't get me wrong. This shit ain't as easy as I'm makin' it sound. I'm good, but I'm not stupid enough to think I'm the best. People in this line of work like to hide right in front of their target. The hot dog vendor you see every day. The angry business man passing you every day on your way to work. The janitor. The construction worker. The flower girl. We mix and mingle as we see fit until we are sated.

I find the most useful things to have are looks and a silver tongue. That and phenomenal actin' skills. It's an art of seduction. An art that challenges you... but when you make or break someone's life... the reward is so fulfilling.

The name is Edgar. Edgar Poe. Are you laughing? Well, that just tickles me pink, doll. Hey. Let's play a game. Though... I doubt you'll know that you are part of it already...

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2 | 0 Comments | by The-Story-Weaver | Mar 31st 2016 00:26

Nazo the Unknown

Name- Nazo the Negative
Species- ??? (Unknown)
Hobbies- Increase his own power
Goals- Become the most powerful being in the universe
Type of Villain- Destroyer
Personality- Becoming powerful, obliterate anything in his path
Appearances- A Chrome Hedgehog???
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0 | 0 Comments | by The_Hybrid_One | Mar 30th 2016 20:09

Children of the damned.

Ever since he recovered from the imprisonment, he started to summon all of the Werewolves that were transformed after his disappearance and thus never met him before. His return means that everything is going to change back to how it was before the cage and that includes his relationship with his "children".

He wants to be, for all of them, literally like a good father. Strict and fair, but also understanding and helpful. This is the result of his tremendous childhood and disastrous family, he sort of wants to be, for the Werewolf, like what he always wished to have himself. That one person in his life to guide him, protect him, help him and punish him if needed. A real father, in other words.

He even convinced Gregori to come back to him and gave him a room in his own mansion, where also Tomiel, Jack and Cora live.

Anyhow, eventually Siwang's turn arrives as well. He must admit he is both surprised and thrilled by the fact he has sort of become the Emperor of the East, he is also proud in truth, that one of his "children" had such a success.

He speaks in Lo's mind, very quietly. «Why hello there, "son". Mind to have a little talk with me?»
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1 | 34 Comments | by ShiXing | Mar 30th 2016 18:25

Being Immortal doesn't mean it won't hurt.

Rebekah had been in the woods. She was raging more angry than ever Niklaus has just left without a word. Kol and Henrik had been covering for him. She and Elijah were kept in the dark about everything. Which was unusual.
The original blonde felt the twig snap beneath her feet as the bushes rustled around her the wolf instantly came into her line of vision Rebekah glared at the wolf slightly she was surrounded by them" Just what I need a pack of mutts. " instantly she tried to blur off. But each wolf in the pack attacked her instantly Rebekah felt her body go almost lifeless as their teeth digged into her vampire flesh. The werewolf venom seeping into her wounds the original tried to fight against it feeling herself being dragged down like a chew toy. Her body collapsed against the dirt on the ground. She tried to grab onto something anything to hit or kill them with but unfortunately one or two had bit her successful she had managed to fight a few but it didn't work. The blonde lay across the ground.

Her phone buzzed as the wolves circled her more snarling at her.she felt weak due to the venom in her system unable to fight. Her vision blurred in and out of consciousness. The wolfs scattered shortly after the original blacked out instantly. Rebekah was laying there barely moving she didn't know if this was part of a plan to get her on her own she had pissed off so many people in the last several centuries so had her entire family it came with the name. Her phone kept buzzing during all of this however she wasn't exactly in the position to move and reply to anyone who was texting her the last thing she did was accuse her brothers of lying and using her. Right now her life seemed like a mess. The original was becoming delusional as she finally faded into unconsciousness again.
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheOriginalBarbie | Mar 30th 2016 18:06


Mom-Stephanie Mcmahon
Dad-Paul Levesque
Brother-Tommy Oliver
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0 | 2 Comments | by HoundofInsanity | Mar 30th 2016 00:43

Darki Decease

Name: Darki Tristan Decease
Nickname: Darki
Age: Who knows (He hasn't been keeping track)
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Cruel, Cold, Hotheaded, Fierce and Witty
Backstory: Darki had been just like every other demon for the longest time. He would terrorize animals (I mean in a sense that we are all animals), give souls to Satan, the whole package. But one day Darki made the fatal and worst mistake a Demon could ever do. He tried to kill Satan. No demon but him had had the guts to try. Now he's paying the price. He is cursed to stay on Earth. He tends to live near populated areas to terrorize the local people.
Likes: Terror, Evil, Blood, Messing with minds, and Being in control
Hates: Not being in control, Getting beaten and Not getting his way
Strengths: His ability to entrance others and his fire skills
Flaws: Hotheadedness and never being able to deny a challenge
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2 | 0 Comments | by TheLonelyDictator | Mar 28th 2016 16:57

Hetalia Oc

Country: Ireland
Human Name: Riley Kirkland
Gender: male
Appearance: ginger hair and green eyes. He wears a green shirt and pants and he has a quiver on his back and hiking boots.
He is a bit taller than England.
Family: Wales, Scotland, England
Allies: England, America
Enemies: Russia
Personality: Hot headed, generous to others who aren't as fortunate as he is and he is great with children.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Samikascarletwhovian | Mar 28th 2016 00:09

£Vera Mayer ; Hear No Evil

Current Roleplays: 0

Name: Vera Mayer
Face Claim: Riley Voelkel
Height: 5'11
Eye color: Green/Red when using magic.
Hair color: Sandy Brown
Species: Witch

Element: Fire
Special abilities: They can read lips, Photographic fighting skills. Though they cannot hear people’s presence their body will automatically fight any threat to them. Electrokinesis.
Familiar: Dragon

Best friend(s):
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

History: Vera is deaf. The Mayer family likes to believe they've changed but really they're a family split in half. Some continue to work with the Atkinsons and kill witches while the other believes in redemption like the Walshs. Unable to take the tug of war with her family she moved out of her house, especially since her parents were also split in half on this situation.

Vera has the most practice with her craft and has the most knowledge, as Abby was very sheltered and unable to practice most of the time and Roy spent years denying himself. She has a small hint of the truth that happened years ago with her family and her past life but has not found the time or courage to confirm it.

When she officially finds out the truth she confronts her father, who is on the witch hunting side of things to wonder why he felt no remorse. When harsh words were spread she thought it was best to keep her abilities a secret so she didn't drive her family apart even more than they already were.
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0 | 0 Comments | by NoEvil | Mar 27th 2016 21:53

£Roy Atkinson ; Speak No Evil

Current Roleplays: 0

Name: Roy Atkinson
Face Claim: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Height: 5'11
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Species: Witch

Element: Earth
Special abilities: He has the ability of telepathy. He can control minds, speak into minds, and read minds.
Familiar: Twin Black Cats

Best friend(s):
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

History: Roy is mute. The Atkinson family has no regrets with burning the witch that is now tied to Roy's life. In fact they make a living off of still hunting witches, unknowingly housing a witch in their home. Something that made Roy stray from his family's work. Before he discovered his abilities he wanted nothing more than to follow in his family's footsteps but if he, was a witch. Someone who had no intentions of doing anything but protect people. Who was he to say other witches were bad?

So he practices his craft with Abby and Vera in secret. When he found out he was the reincarnation of the witch his family killed years ago he wasn't as upset or surprised. If anything he feared his family even more, scared of what they'd do to him if he slipped one day and they found out the truth which later resulted in him moving in with Vera who had moved out from her family years ago.
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1 | 0 Comments | by NoEvil | Mar 27th 2016 21:38

£Abby Walsh ; See No Evil

Current Roleplays: 0

Name: Abby Walsh
Face Claim: Tuppence Middleton
Height: 5'7
Eye color: Pale Blue
Hair color: White, blue streak
Species: Witch

Element: Water
Special abilities: She can see the certain future, and possess other’s body, seeing through their eyes but only for a certain time window.
Familiar: Butterfly with blue transparent wings

Best friend(s):
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

History: Abby is blind. Abby Walsh's family is the most supportive among the three. To the point Abby is almost sheltered from the bad of the world. She is far from naive due to her ability to see the future, and therefore the bad things that happen within the future. However unlike her companions, she carries a high home for humanity.

When she finds out about her family's betrayal she is the first to forgive despite her anger on the subject. Because of her hope, she believes her families have changed even though they truly haven't over the years. Abby is easily blinded by loyalty but once that loyalty is broken it is hard to get her back on your side as it takes a lot to push her away in the first place.
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0 | 0 Comments | by NoEvil | Mar 27th 2016 21:18


These are some rules I've made up over my time on here. The ones that are very important will have /♰/ next to it. Everything is important but the ones not marked with /♰/ I will let pass once or twice.

/♰/This is a multi ship profile. Even if my character is in a public relationship with yours they will be open to romantic roleplays restricted to messages with others.

/♰/Be nice. Respect me and my character(s) and I will respect you and yours.

//I understand not being able to respond right away. I truly do. Sometimes you're just lazy or you're busy. I get it. But if I haven't heard from you in a month and you're constantly on and obviously talking to other people we have a problem. You don't even have to respond to roleplay. Just drop a hi.

/♰/If you don't like the way roleplay is going do not just ignore me. Talk to me. We can discuss what's wrong and we can fix it. But do not use me as a friend booster and bluntly ignore me.

//Do not force me into pairings. I will most likely do romance with you but don't make it so obviously forced.

//Don't make everything sexual in roleplay. It gets boring and I'm not here to just fulfill your sexual fantasies I'm here for a story.

/♰/Do not bring me an overpowered OC. For example: Nothing can beat them and they have every supernatural power known to man kin and then some. Don't do that. It's annoying. I personally have overpowered OCs but then I give them a very easy weakness to defeat them. Balance your character.

//Do not control my character(s). They hate being controlled, and even then it's a shitty think to do in roleplay. You have your own character.

//Please keep in mind that I have multiple profiles and so I will not always be here. My responses may at times be late. On top of that I am dealing with my own personal issues. The more you push for a response the less likely I will acknowledge you.

/♰/We are people, people disagree. But please try to keep the drama to a low. I want to be friends with all of you and have fun roleplaying.

/♰/Sign with 'Reincarnation' so I know you have read the rules.
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1 | 0 Comments | by NoEvil | Mar 27th 2016 21:06

I walk a lonely road.

Ancora coperto del sangue di Crow dopo averci giocato un po' come ogni giorno, Ezekiel esce a farsi un giro nella foresta. Ovviamente la sua "sala giochi" é ben lontana da lí e non é nella casa in cui vive con Tomiel e i genitori di lei.
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1 | 44 Comments | by ShiXing | Mar 27th 2016 12:49

"They ate my tailor!"

When he spoke in Cora's mind back then, he convinced her to be her father Mainard and that she should speak to Ezekiel about considering a meeting for a possible alliance with the other Alphas.
At first she avoided, but she is a brave woman and in the end her fiery temper won over her fears and she indeed spoke to Ezekiel.
The Werewolf Alpha though, knew of the mental conversation she had, he really monitors everything that happens in their mansion, especially their mental conversations and he knows that the one she spoke with wasn't her father, but Crow.

He didn't do anything to her though and strangely, he didn't scrap the idea of the alliance. He can't say he is convinced, but he sure is interested, though, he also understands they must really need him if someone like Viktor decided to pull him in, so he wants to take some advantages for himself.
He sends them a letter with his terms and conditions for a meeting, if they accept, he will go to said meeting in which they will be able to discuss about the alliance.
The list includes things less dreadful than others might think, in fact, only one relatively horrible thing, the rest, quite strangely normal stuff.

-Everybody stay away from his current mansion, don't try to approach it for any reason, don't look for it, don't bother his pack nor the other people living with him (Tomiel and her parents).
-Viktor keeps a very big distance from the place where the meeting will occur.
-They will accept his decision whichever it will be without bothering him any further, he is no type to change his mind.
-Hand him Crow, for no good purposes. He wants to punish him for his insolence and for that "joke" of sieging his previous mansion with the other Shifters.
-An audience with the King to discuss, harmlessly, about new conditions for his kind.

Now, Viktor would accept immediately, but found it fair to ask for Jeremi's permission, as it's his firstborn son, but naturally, Crow's father doesn't think about it twice and gives a yes with all capital letters. In truth, the only one to really disagree is Crow himself, so he is really screwed, as they accept Ezekiel's conditions, he is sent there to him for whatever he will want to do with him.
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2 | 1 Comment | by MiisFit | Mar 26th 2016 14:44

The Shadows of the Valley.

So, the next day, after his researches and all that, he goes to the established place and simply waits- While reading his agenda and checking his weekly duties.

Right now he is in his usual -favorite- look, so that everyone will recognize him and no one will hit on him. (xDDDD)
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2 | 107 Comments | by MiisFit | Mar 25th 2016 18:50

Rosette Hazel

Name: Rosette Hazel
Age: 20ish
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Pale
Hair length: Long
Species: Were-Wolf
Personality: Tough, Hardworking, Protective, Loyal and Smart
Backstory: She was born the eldest child of the were-wolf king. When her mother died after giving birth to her youngest brother, Rosette became the pack mother of her 4 younger siblings which consisted of all boys. There is Ryan, age 15, Ross, age 12, Robert, age 9 and Ricky, age 3. She keeps her brothers all in one huge room with windows and protects them when needed. Alas, her father is trying to get her to marry royalty. Also, Rosette doesn't know it, but her father's advisor has a crush on her. She likes to sneak out when her siblings are in the care of a nanny, and see the kingdom of humans.
Likes: Her brothers, nice humans, meat, and fun
Dislikes: Her father, mean humans, marriages and abuse towards anything
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3 | 0 Comments | by TheLonelyDictator | Mar 25th 2016 14:42