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♛Original Characters.

Female Count: 93
Male Count: 67
Character Count: 158
Work In Progress: 5

↳ [M]Lafayette Fairchild:
↳ [F]Hayley Fairchild:
↳ [F]Vanessa Fairchild:

↳ [F]Carmen Weiss:

♛Animal centered:
↳ [M]Salazar:
↳ [F] Maya Clarke:
↳ [F]Tyler Carver:

♛Aqua Life:
↳ [M]Sokka Whitewater:
↳ [F]Sybil Whitewater:

♛Artificially Made:
↳ [F]Angelique Petit:

↳ [M]Alistair Lokison:
↳ [M]Angus Quinn:
↳ [M]Ashton LeBeu:
↳ [M]Gimzo LeBeau:
↳ [F]Anastasia:
↳ [F]Ania Maximoff:
↳ [F]Cordelia Isley:
↳ [F]Cynthia Rogers:
↳ [F]Haven Quinn:
↳ [F]Natalia Prince:
↳ [F]Octavia Munroe:
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↳ [F]Rachel Hardy:
↳ [F]Riley Greyson:
↳ [F]Sonya Quinn-Wilson:
↳ [F]Valentine Wayne:

♛DC/Marvel Alternate Universe:
↳ [M]Cyrus Isley:
↳ [M]Hayden Quinn:
↳ [M]Victor Wayne:
↳ [F]Ava Quinn:

↳ [F]Amara Nixon:

↳ [M]Maddox Bishop:
↳ [M]Orias Bishop:
↳ [M]Salem Bishop:
↳ [F]Elyssa Wright:
↳ [F]Jessica Laurens: { Meghan Ory }
↳ [F]Lilith Rose:
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↳ [F]Minnie:
↳ [F]Persephone Hemsworth:
↳ [F]Valerie Jin:

↳ [F]Catherine Verlon:

↳ [F]Maira Raj:

↳ [M]Brandon Lutz: { Colton Haynes }
↳ [M]Malcolm Harmon:
↳ [M]Patrick Dale: { Evan Peters }
↳ [F]Aaliyah Harmon:
↳ [F]Daisy Dale: { Elle Fanning }
↳ [F]Daphne Davenport: { Emma Roberts }
↳ [F]Genesis Nightingale:
↳ [F]Vanessa Hawthorne:

↳ [F]Claudia Cypress:

↳ [M]Gale Harper:
↳ [F]Estella Jensen:
↳ [F]Judith Harper:
↳ [F]Madison Pax:

↳ [M]Trevor:
↳ [F]Heidi:
↳ [F]Rosaria:
↳ [F]Veronica Moore:

♛Halloween Town:
↳ [M]Jack Bones:
↳ [M]Romeo Starling:
↳ [M]Ronald Martin:
↳ [F]Autumn Bones:
↳ [F]Felicity Martin:
↳ [F]Sally Stitches:

↳ [M]Damien Clearwater:
↳ [M]Peter Nial:
↳ [F]Abigail Blue:
↳ [F]Elena King:

♛Human with supernatural abilities:
↳ [M]Anubis Queery:
↳ [M]Alistair Holbrook:
↳ [M]Blaine Fells:
↳ [M]Ciel Grayson:
↳ [M]Jackson Holden:
↳ [M]Jacob Diamond:
↳ [M]Jared Diamond: WIP
↳ [M]Jason Diamond:
↳ [M]Marcel Fleischer:
↳ [M]Noah Clarke:
↳ [M]Stefan Sharder:
↳ [M]Warren Holbrook:
↳ [F]Faye Castle:
↳ [F]Heather Storm:
↳ [F]Hillary Fleischer:
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↳ [F]Jewel Sharder:
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↳ [F]Juliet Diamond:
↳ [F]Mackenzie Swan:
↳ [F]Rebecca Holbrook:
↳ [F]Sapphira Sharder:
↳ [F]Scarlett Fisher:
↳ [F]Serafina Queery:

↳ [M]Cain Harrington:
↳ [M]Elijah King:
↳ [M]Joseph De Vil:
↳ [M]Monroe Azarola:
↳ [M]Ryon Domoro:
↳ [M]Varkis Lockwood:
↳ [M]Yusuf De Vil:
↳ [F]Aurora Green:
↳ [F]Avery Lockwood:
↳ [F]Clarissa Domoro:
↳ [F]Isabella De Vil:
↳ [F]Judas DeLaurie:
↳ [F]Lily Sharder:
↳ [F]Luna Cassidy:
↳ [F]Olivia Lockwood:
↳ [F]Rosetta De Luca:
↳ [F]Selena Green:

↳ The Citizen - S:
↳ The Serial Killer- A:
↳ The Cop - V:
↳ The Lawyer - A:
↳ The Inventor - G:
↳ The Doctor - E:

↳ [M]Axis Vice:
↳ [M]Fernando Vice:
↳ [M]Garhald Vice:
↳ [M]Kenjiro Vice:
↳ [M]Marcus Vice:
↳ [M]Phil De
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↳ [M]Raymond Vice:
↳ [M]Salamander Vice:
↳ [F]Daphne Vice:
↳ [F]Iris Vice:
↳ [F]Isadora Vice:
↳ [F]Loretta Vice:

↳ [M]Cole Domoro:
↳ [F]Kristina Domoro:
↳ [F]Matilda Winters:

↳ [M]Dalton Clarke:
↳ [M]Henrik Montgomery:
↳ [M]Isaiah Barian:
↳ [M]Ray Nightray:
↳ [F]Brooke Blackwood:
↳ [F]Cecilia Foster:
↳ [F]Jade Allen:
↳ [F]Katherine Fairchild:
↳ [F]Pandora Estrada:
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↳ [F]Sage Everett:
↳ [F]Scott Dallas:
↳ [F]Wix Gardner:

↳ [M]Arthur Griffon:
↳ [M]Jordan Griffon:

↳ [M]Dallas Walker:
↳ [M]Dominic Beutel:
↳ [M]Magnus St. Claire:
↳ [F]Lola Levine:
↳ [F]Reina Levine:
↳ [F]Teresa Green:

↳ [M]Haden Gade:
↳ [M]Helix Norwood:
↳ [M]Peter Garland:
↳ [F]Astoria Grimm:
↳ [F]Esmeralda Garland:
↳ [F]Kelsey Williams:
↳ [F]Ophelia Grimm:
↳ [F]Rowena Salvatore (McKnitt):

♛Zombie Apocalypse:
↳ [M]Lerry Hope:
↳ [F]Arabell Soyer:
↳ [F]Courtney Kenner:
↳ [F]Siya Soyer:

Side Characters are on @Fierce
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3 | 0 Comments | by Limitless | Apr 5th 2016 17:22


These are the rules I have managed to come up with. They all are important so please they to follow them. I, however am lenient on some of them but do not take advantage of that.

❈Be respectful to me as I will be respectful to you. Be kind and polite, there’s no need for rude exchanges.

❈This is profile is a multiship profile. If my characters are in a public relationship with someone else’s character they are still open for romantic roleplay in messages unless me and the other character’s admin discuss otherwise.

❈I understand very well about not being able to respond to roleplay right away. Sometimes you don’t feel up to it and other times you’re going through something but please inform me when that is the case. I will not be ignored and I do not like having people on my friendlist who will not interact with me. Drop a simple hello or something every once in awhile, reach out. This cannot just be one sided where I am always the one reaching out.

❈If you do not like the way roleplay is going please talk to me about it. I am open to adjustments and would like to work on the roleplay to make it enjoyable for both of us.

❈If you add me you should start the roleplay. You adding me, tells me that you saw something in my profile. If I add you I will do the same, that being said please provide me with enough information to start as I will do for you. But do not just send the starter without discussing roleplay with me first.

❈Do not control my characters, do not use information that you as the admin know but your character would have no way of knowing.

❈Please do not bring me overpowered characters. That goes for Original Characters or if you’re roleplaying as a Canon Character. I am aware that some canon characters are overpowered but do not adjust them to be even more so overpowered for your sake, it ruins the fun of the roleplay.

❈Some of my roleplays do lead to eroctica, sex, that being said please do not make that the only element of the roleplay. I have tons of characters and put a lot of time and depth into them. I want a story to match the effort I put into them, so just using them for sex in the roleplay is not okay.

❈DO NOT take my character sheet format. I have seen way too many people copy it and use it for their own without asking when it is something I myself had altered and created to fit my characters and their needs. DO NOT take my rules, period at all. Come up with your own. You can ask for the character sheet but the rules are a firm na-da. My rules have become quite a signature for me and I don't need people mistaking me for you or you for me.

❈Sign with ‘Maze’ to let me know that you had read these rules. If you do not sign and simply message me saying that you read them I will not believe you as this is a simple thing to ask, for you to comment or at least heart the message if you are somewhere where you cannot type.
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25 | 31 Comments | by Limitless | Apr 5th 2016 17:17

Finisterra-General Geography

Finisterra(Meaning, The end of the earth) is the main, and suppoused only, portion of land on the planet we live in. Surrounded by the big blue sea of Stegia, Finisterra has an area of 44 541 138 Km aprox. There is little to no information about islands or even a new continent besides Finisterra

Finisterra has a big variety of biomes across it's land. The big forests on the west, the deserts on the east, plains on the center and cold zones on the north. The south portion is the least explored of them all.
Not counting the mistery that is the bottom of Stegia

Main cities:
On the middle of the land we have the city of Satania. Satania, Founded by witches on the ancient ages, serves as the meeting point for merchants, travellers and almost all the population of Finisterra. Satania offers a variety of entertainments for these travelers such as pubs, brothels and the plaza where all the merchants meet

On the coasts there is Costa Da Morte. The city that welcomes all sailors, Costa Da Morte is where all fishermen, explorers and sailors like to live. They are the ones who sell fish to all the cities. Although they have a lot of wealth from the fishing, most of its inhabitants are poor and live in deplorable conditions. Some say the people in this city are actually fishes in disguise

On the west part, The City of Trees is a misterious place surrounded by a big forest. The people of this city are misterious and don't like speaking to strangers, they don't speak that much in reality. They make wood crafted items that they sell at big prices on Satania. There are legends surrounding this place that say the people that enter the forest are doomed to never leave it unless they find the city.

Near Satania there is the mysterious Necropolis. Nobody has ever been there and there is no available info of it.

"They say, that among all the creatures of creation, The man is the only one that drinks without being thirsty, eats without being hungry and speaks without having nothing to say. That is why is better to forge the soul than buy it. It is the end of the way, It is Finisterra"- Anonymous

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1 | 0 Comments | by GarryOfTheBlueRose | Apr 5th 2016 16:52

Oc character

Name: Forrest Skai Reever
Age: 16
Height: 5’5
Likes: Animals, the forest, naps, being alone, nature, books
Dislikes: Death, people in general, the city, animal curtly, cars
Personality: Quiet, loner but can get along with anyone, book worm, happy, sad, caring, careful, worrisome
Looks: Black hair with light green and brown highlights, deep hazel eyes that kind of look like a leaf in the middle, wears a deep green cloak, black shirt, jeans, combat boots and a knife at all time, with a sword sometimes, also has pale skin
Background: Parents died when she was a little girl and lives with her grandparents in the woods near the school. She has to run everywhere for her grandparents because they are old and both are sick. She never really had a child hood because she watched her parents get killed and wants to find the killer to get revenge when she is older. She never really talks to anyone and has always had straight A’s.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Winterfall | Apr 5th 2016 13:11


So, I was asked 50 questions by @Golem and here's my answers. I ask you 28

1. My best friend Nicole Lakey
2. Outgoing, and sometimes loud
3. My sister/friend Icelyn
4. Mostly. Depends on who you are.
5. Yes.
6. Probably not.
7. I'm currently in one, but it might end soon, so I have no idea.
8. Umm..... No one really.
9. Kinda, but it has to do with my personal past. It's also the same reason I have some trust issues.
10. My friend Nicole Lakey
11. "Yume no Tobira is hard on Expert ._. "
12. I'm definitely not FOR it, but not entirely against it.
13. In my town, no. In a convention setting, yes.
14. Can I say that I'm neutral on that?
15. Well.... I went to my very first convention.
16. Does this include family or.....? I mean, the last person I kissed was my little sister, but I kiss her good night every night.
17. Quite possibly! It would be interesting, yet terrifying
18. Um, no. He's not even in the same county as me....
19. YES. Who doesn't??
20. I'm not too fond of them, but I don't DISLIKE them.
21. Spending my money instead of saving it. Also, biting my nails.
22. Tokyo or Paris
23. That was a question? Oh, well, yes, as stated earlier.
24. Making dinner. I love cooking ^^
25. Umm.... Why is this a question?
26. When I wake up? Go back to sleep. Or get on my computer.
27. Nope. I'm completely fine.
28. Icelyn, Nicole Lakey, and Madeline
29. Nope.
30. Yes!
31. Um, sorta?
32. What....... NOT ANSWERING
33. I'm on a phone though..... Oh joy... Wrytvq... well that was a fail
34. No. I really don't. I used to play basketball though.
35. TV. Hands down.
36. Yes, actually.
37. I don't typically say anything...
38. Well, kinda, but not really.
39. Best Buy and Gamestop
40. Culinary college
41. It...really depends... Actually, no. I know someone who DOESN'T
42. I don't like/don't know you. Or I'm just thinking.
43. Yes! I think a simple smile can make a difference
44. Outer Space.
45. I live with 3 younger siblings, I practically have some.
46. Probably screwing up all my friendships.
47. Well.... No one's REALLY ever been mean to me...and meant it. My friends are mean to me, but it's all fun and games.
48. "I'll help you out." Especially down here, that's a very rare thing now days.
49. Nope. I'm pretty much an open book, although there's one thing that I don't want a certain group of people to know about....yet. It's nothing bad.
50. Japanese!! Or French.
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0 | 1 Comment | by Luciel | Apr 5th 2016 09:25

Todd Daniel


[ CODE: 44501 ]
[ CODE: 44521 ]

Todd Daniel is a rather unfortunate individual who was born in Los Angeles, California, in the year 2241 and lived in the harsh slums of the city. His father was already an abusive alcoholic to him and his mother, and though he had gotten proper education from the nearest school, Todd's life at home remained unstable and hostile. Tensions grew as his mother would often get into fights with his father, which led to the abusive behavior toward her and Todd afterwards due to the alcohol in the father's bloodstream. His father died at the age of ten from a robbery at the local bar that his father went to, and his drunken behavior got the best of him as the suspects shot down his father to prevent further racket. His mother was devastated by the loss, and became greatly depressed. Todd wanted vengeance, and knew just what his future career choice would be. He wanted to become a detective and find out who killed his father, especially since at the age of fourteen his mother committed suicide from her depression.

After high school and being raised with his grandparents, Todd went into the police force and gained four years of experience before he was allowed to apply for a promotion, and the police chief decided it was for the best to make Todd a detective. After going through four years of college, he was finally able to become the detective he knew he would. His first case was the one that nobody solved, and resulted in his father's death and unintentionally his mother's death, and after a few months he cracked the case. Though the suspects were shot down, and though Todd claims they fired upon him, some believe the vendetta Todd had for the suspects was the reason why they were killed. Either way, the case was solved and Todd continued his career.

During one of Todd's more popular cases, the serial killer who had killed thirteen women fought Todd in an abandoned but functional factory. Though the suspect was appended by Todd, he lost both of his arms and had to have new arms. He at first hated the metallic arms, which in this day of age were just like human arms in which they can feel objects by sending feeds to the brain but they remained looking like a robot arm, but he eventually grew satisfied with them as they had quite the punch for close quarters combat. Though Todd remains a great detective in Los Angeles, a new job came that made Todd's career a bigger jump as the FBI confronted him and asked him to do a new and grander case. He was sent to Hong Kong as an undercover operative, while also looking for clues about a violent gang and if they killed the governor there in Los Angeles, and his results were very successful. However, during his escape, Todd had wounded thirteen gang members and had twenty confirmed kills with his metal hands and his skill with a handgun. This proved that Todd is a very reliable yet skilled operative who can take on quite the army, but Todd declined an offer to join the FBI but said he would be happy to help.

Todd never was good with women, and though his intelligent being and handsome looks stand out on him, he never could remain in a happy relationship due to his work. Also, Todd is bisexual and it is reported from numerous partners that he isn't quite the dominant person, but more submissive. This information though is irrelevant. Currently, Todd Daniel is single but not precisely looking, but he would accept love if it came to him. He still remains a detective in Los Angeles Police Department and is willingly to lay a hand to the FBI, and though he is now thirty one years old and still young, he is still the best detective in perhaps all of the current world.

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3 | 0 Comments | by Disconsolate | Apr 4th 2016 21:38

Zero Two

Name- Zero Two
Species- Dark Matter (Half god)
Hobbies- Bring chaos and destruction across the universe
Personalities- Became a powerful leader of the dark matter
Appearances- A giant flying angel-like eyeball, a powerful god of dark matter and anti matter, blood bleeding out of his eye and a halo with a band aid on his head.
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0 | 0 Comments | by The_Hybrid_One | Apr 4th 2016 21:28

Working class hero.

Nell'ultimo periodo ha scoperto delle cose che lo hanno lasciato perplesso, sua moglie che lo ha lasciato per Clay e che è completamente cambiata da quando si è risvegliata, e Crow che ha scoperto essere una femmina...
Di Lucyl non si importa più di tanto, ha vissuto secoli senza di lei, e sinceramente nell'ultimo periodo voleva solo cercare di distaccarsi da lei (quando era in coma.) gli sembrava ormai uno spreco di tempo starle vicino in ogni momento, doveva trovare la forza per lasciarla andare. E il suo tradimento gli ha dato la forza per finalmente lasciarla perdere.

Di Carli invece si importa, non riesce a capire come sia stata possibile una cosa del genere, lui tanti secoli fa aveva seppellito Crow non Carli. Non si aspettava che potessero cambiare il loro aspetto già dai loro primi mesi di vita, specialmente perché era all'inizio della trasformazione anche lui, e non sapeva che il suo potere sarebbe stato ereditato dalla sua discendenza. E' scioccato profondamente dalla cosa, si accorge solo ora di averla ignorata cos' tanto da non essersi accorto che nascondeva qualcosa, lui non le aveva mai fatto prendere la sua vera forma perché dava per scontato che fosse quella del ragazzino con i capelli rossi...
Chi avrebbe potuto immaginare che in realtà era una femmina? E perché non glielo aveva detto? Dopo aver passato del tempo a rifletterci decide di chiedere un chiarimento alla diretta interessata.

Lui si trova al suo castello, più precisamente nel suo studio e ha fatto chiamare Carli per discutere con lei le novità.
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2 | 32 Comments | by _Icy_ | Apr 3rd 2016 18:23

All about us.

After whatever will happen on Earth, she is most certainly convinced to return to Nortrig.
There she doesn't return to Viktor and Jeremi though. They sold her to Ezekiel like that, they will have to work on it if they want her back.

Anyhow, she took some sort of abandoned basement of a ruined house and moved there for the moment. All the opposite to what she likes and totally not her style, but for the moment it works. She wants to make the Skinwalker pay for turning her mother, she thinks they also turned her against her, she hates Barclay so bad.
She is terrified to death of Ezekiel, on the other hand and she is quite traumatized by him. She really is paranoid always feeling as if he is around, wanting to take her back.

Truth be told, for his standards, Ezekiel was even soft towards her. Not because he likes her of course, but because Caleb holds her very dear. So, for his "son"' s sake, he avoided to be as horrible as he would be otherwise. Though, his specialty pretty much is mental manipulation and when he is in mood he can be pretty good at that.
But in any case, Carlie is not really a badass or a strong person, even if it was nothing so terrible, being in his hands was enough to mess her up for good. And she sure doesn't have the courage to even think to want revenge towards Ez and the werewolves. Which is maybe why she is so focused on punishing the Skinwalkers.

In the basement she made a true lab where she created obsidian bullets and poisons, all in order to hurt the Skinwalkers and kill as many as possible.
And in order to keep a low profile, she doesn't buy raw obsidian like the various blacksmiths and alchemists, she buys an insane amount of jewels, with various different looks so that it is like many people just bought some jewels for a reason or another, perfectly normal.
And right now she is indeed walking towards a jewelry, with Meredith's look.
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1 | 23 Comments | by MiisFit | Apr 3rd 2016 06:33

Into the Highlands.

So, she is on Earth indeed, she couldn't take it anymore, first that horrible experience with Ezekiel then that tremendous embarassment at the meeting, she really felt as if the world was falling on her shoulders. Surely, she felt all of her certainties breaking apart.
She doesn't know how people have reacted to it, in fact, she is quite coward and that's the main reason why she fled. She thinks Conny must hate her like plague for not telling him the truth, that now probably he will just give the go to Malcolm to hunt her down. And she really fears what her father might be thinking about this whole thing, though, she is reassured he has not done anything yet.

Anyhow, she headed to Scotland, Inverness, she really wants to look super normal, no transformation, no magic, nothing. A perfectly normal -rich heiress of some lesser English nobleman- girl having some good time. Super luxury restaurants, super luxury hotels and so on. She really doesn't expect her friends to come to look for her.
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2 | 76 Comments | by MiisFit | Apr 2nd 2016 17:02

Frey Scarlet

Marco Spencer Littleton

Name: Marco Spencer Littleton
Nickname: Mark, Marcus
Age: 22ish
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexaulity: Gay or Pansexual
Personality: Loyal, Hard working, Leader and Secretive
BackStory: Marco was born with a twin named Kevin. As they grew up, they saw the effects of a crime group named South Side in their home town. It was crazy and the police seemed to be unable to handle SS. So Marco and his twin formed North End, a gang who's main goal was to take down South Side. By gaining new members, North End grew and grew until SS and NE were evenly matched. Then, for reasons Marco refuses to speak about, his twin died and Marco took over as leader of North End. He did become colder and a bit more rough, but he still had not changed too much. He still is the leader of the gang to this day. He runs it very well, making everyone that joins top skilled and such. He even makes them all learn sign language, because not a lot of people can translate it, therefore making it easier to tell the NE from anyone else to other members of NE. It's quite helpul.
Likes: Justice, his close friends and allies
Hates: South Side, Crime and the reason of his brother's death
Parents: He and his twin were adopted at age 15 by a gay couple, hence their last name Littleton. Before then, they were in foster care.

(Shout out to my friend who invented this guy in our RP in the first place. Props to you my pal!)
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4 | 0 Comments | by TheLonelyDictator | Apr 1st 2016 19:09


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 5' 6"

HAIR: Long and Snow White in both forms

EYES: Purple with a catlike slit of silver



HOBBY: Reading, drinking wine


OCCUPATION: Princess of Hell and Heiress to the throne

Her Story: She is the eldest daughter of the King of Hell and Heiress to his throne but upon her coming of age enemies of the kingdom began to come out of the woodwork. They all wanted to either bed and marry or kill Lilith to gain power. It was then decided that she would be hidden away withing the human world so that she could not be found.

((The below photo is of Lilith when she goes into her Demonic form and uses her powers.))
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8 | 1 Comment | by RubysDarkGardenMCRP | Apr 1st 2016 16:06


Plot twists

After that first meeting between (some) hunters and (some) monsters, as the alliance proceeds and more Alphas join their cause ,that kind of meetings keep being organized more and more often.
In this case, even Ezekiel is present, even though not exactly looking happy to be there. Nor like he is taking it as seriously as the others, but in truth, it's just the effect of Viktor's presence. He hates him so bad, he doesn't want to be in his same room and it's all just a natural effect indeed.
Jeremi agreed to come as well this time and of course, Crow didn't miss the chance to be there too, he wants to always be present in situations like this, even though, after his experience with Ezekiel, he is scared to death to be in his same room.

As usual it is a totally friendly meeting, so no weapons, no aggressions, no magic. And in order to make this very formal, despite their magic is really of no harm to anybody, Jeremi claims his son to de-transform, be in his normal look -as of course he was always with his Crowley look-.
«Of course, of course...» He sighs in an annoyed way, gives a slight glance to Ezekiel -who, to make it worse for him and distract himself from Viktor, is staring at him all the time with a creepy smirk-.
Now, a thing about Shifters is that, when it comes to take their real look, they have two ways: trasform into themselves, literally -which is the most immediate, so they always goes for that, but it requires to keep the magic up- or de-transform, thus just "turn off" the magic to be what they really are.
There is something about Crow nobody knows, not even his father. Even when turning into the red haired guy, that's a lie, it's not him, not quite, but even Jeremi thinks that it is so and only given the circumstances.
So, Crow immediately turns into the ginger guy, absolutely not wanting Jeremi to force him to de-transform, as being the Alpha, he has this power and it would uncover a long hidden truth.

«I said, de-transform, not transform into yourself. No magic means no magic and it's also for you.»

«Why would it matter, why this bother for nothing? It won't harm anyone if I just stay this way, come on...»

«Do I have to repeat myself?»
To that, Crow rolls his eyes and pretends to de-transform, but he can't trick his father, nor half of the Alphas there. The magic is easily felt by them.
«You seriously did it.» Meaning, trying to trick him, the Alpha. And considering that de-transforming is not such a big deal, just slightly more effort consuming than transforming, he can definitely tell that there is something weird.
Jeremi raises his hand, with its palm towards Crow.
«Father, wait, DO-» Usual ginger-guy-Crow voice. «NT» Cute, sweet...feminine voice. «What have you done...» She murmurs that and a very quick, guilty glance to Conny then covers her face and bursts in tears. Yes, Crow, is actually a girl in real. But before anybody could do or say anything -helped by that moment of shock, especially for Jeremi- she runs away from the place, feeling so tremendously ashamed and vulnerable.

Her story is quite a whole mess, from even before she was born.
Her mother, was actually pregnant of two twins, which is also what almost killed her. Anyhow, the babies were two, a boy and a girl. Naturally, they had already their powers back then, but they couldn't possibly have the awareness to control them, all over the pregnancy, they just kept switching shape one another hundreds of times until they were born.
Normally it doesn't go like that, they need at least a contact of some sort with the person they transform into, so that kind of situations can happen only with Shifters twins.
Case wants that when they were born, their shape was indeed switched. Carlie, the girl, was born as a male. Crow, the male, was born as a female. And the real male baby didn't survive. But Jeremi couldn't really think that they had switched their look and all that. He named the dead baby Carlie, to honor "her" memory, just before the corpse disappeared.

What happened to his wife, the loss of one of the baby, messed up Jeremi pretty badly and he took the fact Crow was alive and so totally healthy as some sort of negative things, almost like an offence considering what happened to mother and twin. So he really never paid any attention to his firstborn, nor really cared for or about him. He just let their servants raise him, just like that.
And even Crow was beyond convinced to be that, the ginger head kid, after transforming into someone else to troll the nanny, he would always take that shape again.
A Shifter manages to fully manage its powers when about 14 years old, prior to that, 0-6 they transform very randomly, into any kid -even from a picture- that catches their attention. 6-10 they can turn into anyone, but of their size, they can not yet change their height to match with that of the person they are turning into. 10-14 they learn to de-transform and fully shape themselves into anybody, no matter the feature.
And that's exactly when Crow got 14 that he found out the truth about herself. She was practicing, all alone in her room and after turning into one of the maids, she decided to try to de-transform, for the first time. That's where she herself almost had a stroke. In front of the mirror, she was expecting to see the usual silly ginger haired kid, instead, a girl. With super long hair, as it was never cut in 14 years. It was a great shock to her, literally, it messed her up big time, she thought she was a guy. It also scared her a lot, she couldn't explain it to herself, is it possible that she turned into the other kid while newborn and no one ever noticed she became male? She didn't even know she had a twin when she was born. And for some reasons, she really feared Jeremi's reaction to this, she didn't want him to know, even more than anybody else.

During the following days she investigated a little, sneaking inside her father's room while he was away, with the look of the maid of course. That's where she found a thingie in memory of the dead baby, a picture of a baby girl, with the name -Carlie- and the birth date. -17th April, year 136- Crow's exact same birthday. It was the clear proof, it told her everything about what could have happened. She was Carlie, while Crow died, but everyone thought she is Crow.
At first, she thought it could be somewhat fun. Nobody in the world knew her real look, not even Jeremi. Plus she really wanted to learn about herself, what she is like, what does she like? So far she lived Crow's life, liked what he would have liked and so on.
She started to sneak out of home whenever she could, despite Jeremi forbid her to meet with anybody outside their mansion. But she was curious and wanted to explore, both the world and herself. Sadly though, the fun lasted little. Those were dark times, when the Wars among families just begun, when women were treated like lessers by most men, basically, the beginning of what would bring to the Curse, centuries ahead. Crow knew nothing of it, she was always inside that mansion for her entire life, she thought out there it was all parties and fun, instead, she ended up in the wrong hands right away and got abused. To her, it was literally "day 1 as a girl, last day as a girl". It made her completely unwilling to be herself ever again, it made her hate to be a she, being a male made her always feel so much safer and protected, no one would ever do that kind of things to a man.
It took her almost 1000 years before she again turned into a woman, even though not herself. In fact, she never turned into herself again after that, until about 1052 when she headed on Earth with a friend and where she met Crowley, the real one, the one from which she took the "favorite look". She always had quite a crush on him, which is why she de-transformed back then. But after that, for over 400 more years she kept being everybody except herself. Till the day of that meeting.

**She looks pretty young despite her age, as the trauma she got back then really compromised her actual growth, also the fact she was never in her true form while growing up.

(Ofc you can freely choose whichever of your chars was present in that meeting and thus saw Crow's real shape, no need to RP here though!)
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