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Sally Malik

Name: Sally Malik
Species: Ghost/Witch
Face Claim: Meaghan Rath

Best Friend: None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Location: New York, Boston
Occupation: None

Personal Profile: @Defiant
Roleplay Count: 0

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Hayley Marshall

Name: Hayley Marshall
Nickname: Little Wolf, Queen
Species: Hybrid
Face Claim: Phoebe Tonkin
Humanity: On

Children: Hope Mikaelson
Best Friend: None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Location: New Orleans
Occupation: Queen of the Crescent Pack

Personal Profile: @Instinct
Roleplay Count: 0

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Bonnie Bennett

Name: Bonnie Bennett
Nickname: BonBon, Town Witch, Judgy
Species: Witch
Face Claim: Kat Graham

Best Friend: None
Relationship Status: Taken by Damon Salvatore [@Virago]
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Location: Mystic Falls
Occupation: None

Personal Profile: @GoddessOfNature
Roleplay Count: 0

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⚜Character List

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:
Bonnie Bennett:
Hayley Marshall:
Hope Mikaelson:
Jenna Sommers:
Josie Saltzman:
Katherine Pierce:
Marcel Gerard:
Stefan Salvatore:

Teen Wolf:
Malia Tate:

American Horror Story:
Violet Harmon:
Zoe Benson:
Moira O'Hara:

Girl Meets World:
Maya Hart:

Being Human:
Sally Malik:

Amara 'The Enchantress':
America Chavez:
Emma Frost:
Wade Wilson:
Wanda Maximoff:

Harley Quinn:
Koriand'r 'Starfire':

Angela Weber:
Didyme Volturi:
Isabella 'Bella' Swan:
Sulpicia Volturi:

Disney's Descendants:

Fairy Tales:
Peter Pan:

Yasmin Rodriguez:
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These are the rules I have managed to come up with. They all are important so please they to follow them. I, however am lenient on some of them but do not take advantage of that.

❈Be respectful to me as I will be respectful to you. Be kind and polite, there’s no need for rude exchanges.

❈This is profile is a multiship profile. If my characters are in a public relationship with someone else’s character they are still open for romantic roleplay in messages unless me and the other character’s admin discuss otherwise.

❈I understand very well about not being able to respond to roleplay right away. Sometimes you don’t feel up to it and other times you’re going through something but please inform me when that is the case. I will not be ignored and I do not like having people on my friendlist who will not interact with me. Drop a simple hello or something every once in awhile, reach out. This cannot just be one sided where I am always the one reaching out.

❈If you do not like the way roleplay is going please talk to me about it. I am open to adjustments and would like to work on the roleplay to make it enjoyable for both of us.

❈If you add me you should start the roleplay. You adding me, tells me that you saw something in my profile. If I add you I will do the same, that being said please provide me with enough information to start as I will do for you. But do not just send the starter without discussing roleplay with me first.

❈Do not control my characters, do not use information that you as the admin know but your character would have no way of knowing.

❈Please do not bring me overpowered characters. That goes for Original Characters or if you’re roleplaying as a Canon Character. I am aware that some canon characters are overpowered but do not adjust them to be even more so overpowered for your sake, it ruins the fun of the roleplay.

❈Some of my roleplays do lead to eroctica, sex, that being said please do not make that the only element of the roleplay. I have tons of characters and put a lot of time and depth into them. I want a story to match the effort I put into them, so just using them for sex in the roleplay is not okay.

❈Sign with ‘Royalty’ to let me know that you had read these rules. If you do not sign and simply message me saying that you read them I will not believe you as this is a simple thing to ask, for you to comment or at least heart the message if you are somewhere where you cannot type.
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♛ Bitch, And Not The Good Kind. { Tabitha Nelson }

Tabitha is a side character. They're only really here as some important or minor part of some other character's story. They at some point could become main characters but at the moment, they're not really meant to be roleplayed with. Because of this their roleplay slots are smaller. However you can roleplay with them if you are truly incapable of roleplaying with any of my other characters. Not simply sooo desperate to roleplay with this character but you simply cannot see your characters connecting with any other main character of mine. If they're slots are full of well. Sometimes they become main character in the roleplay they're meant to be a side character for and therefore one of their slots are taken. As I said they're not meant to be roleplayed with them as the main character.

Character’s full name: Tabitha Nelson
Character’s nickname: Tabby
Face Claim: Elyse Levesque
Species: Vixen
Theme Songs:

(Vixens) Their blood is the shade of pink. They are sexual like vampires. They're made to look beautiful to lure in their pray and give off waves of attraction to get whatever they want from people. Not all Vixens use this power though or can control it in some cases. Some waves are more powerful than others. Some Vixens can learn magic, as their connection to sexual nature connections them to the earth in it's most primal state. Leaving them to have power like witches.

↳ Supernatural Beauty [ ]
↳ Enchanted Allure [ ]
↳ Enhanced Strength [ ]
↳ Enhanced Vision [ ]
↳ Enhanced Speed [ ]
↳ Enhanced Combat [ ]
↳ Enhanced Durability [ ]
↳ Night Vision [ ]
↳ Regenerative Healing Factor [ ]
↳ Blood Consumption [ ]
↳ Immortality [ ]
↳ Smoke Mimicry [ ]
↳ Daytime Walking [ ]
↳ Flight [ ]

Ex Husband: Francis Gardner
Children: Wade Nyx & Wix Gardner
Best Friend: None
Relationship Status: Single
Past Relationships: Francis Gardner & Noel Nyx
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: Unknown
Height: 5’9
Eye color: Pink
Glasses or contacts: None
Scars/Markings/Tattoos: None
Hair color: Red
Physical disabilities: None

Mood character is most often in: Manipulative
Sense of humor: Okay
Character’s greatest joy in life: None
Character’s greatest fear: None
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: None
Character is most at ease when: None
Enraged when: Talked down to
Depressed or sad when: None
Priorities: Herself
If granted one wish, it would be: None

Hometown: Unknown
Type of childhood: Great
Pets: None

Current location: Earth
Currently living with: Herself
Occupation: None

Smokes: No
Drinks: Yes
Nervous tics: None

Optimist or pessimist?: Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious?: Daredevil
Logical or emotional?: Emotional
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Methodical and Neat
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Confident
Animal lover?: Yes


Tabitha grew up in a decent household and became a teen star. She was apart of a singing group called the Valkyries with a rival band the Willows. The two groups were new and rising up in the ranks. However the Willows quickly overshadowed them and because of this constantly distracting Tabitha as the lead singer - the Valkyries fell. The group was overworked, pressured, and stressed out due to Tabitha’s obsession to beat the Willows. The members left started their own Trio and left Tabitha behind.

Tabitha then grew to be a solo artist in her adult years and tried to once again overpower the Willows blaming them for her downfall, the only person staying with her throughout this was her boyfriend Francis, who later became her husband. However lost in the limelight Tabitha became unfaithful when meeting Noel Nyx, disappeared, gave birth and came back feeding Francis lies of a tour. Her horror didn’t stop there. Being unable to top the Willows she took to putting their children against each other.

She gave birth to Wix Gardner while Sage gave birth to Sophie Everett, daughter between her and another singer from the band [K]ings. A man who Tabitha also had her eyes on only building the rivalry between them. Tabitha groomed Wix to be cold and rude to others, teaching her the pain of heartbreak by constantly seducing the people she fell for. Making sure she’d be as ruthless as she was. When she failed, she’d made sure to punish her daughter behind her husband’s back so she’d appear to still be the perfect wife.

It wasn’t until Wix and Sophie met face to face, did her plan fall apart. Wix was unable to betray Sophie and Sophie easily saw through her rude facade. Tabitha was called to the school though with Caspian and Sage due to the trouble Wix put up trying to fulfill her mother’s dream. Tabitha quickly lost her cool, words were exchanged and the secrets came out. Francis quickly divorced her and moved to Silverwood where his daughter would be safe.

Tabitha however has been hellbent on revenge ever since.

Current Roleplays for Muse:[0/2]
|| Open
|| Open
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He is the son of Fili and Walda (A woman that Fili knows in Nortrig, she is a warrior and she didn't want a baby, Indeed she decides that the baby will live with his father and not with her. She thinks that the baby will live with her for at least a year or two...)
The name of the child is Celduin, his mother called him so because Celduin is the name of the river that rise in the Lonely Mountain. The other reason is that Fili didn't speak much of this world and this name is the only name that she didn't forget of his story.

When the child is 3 years Walda and Celduin go to find the wizard that makes the portal to Fili, find the wizard she paid him to makes a portal to the same place. They finish arrive in the Middle earth, and for their fortune they are close to the Blue Mountains, Walda and Celduin go there.
They ask, Where is Fili? Do you know Fili? And in the last time they met Dis, she said that Fili is her son and where is now. Walda tell to Dis who is the baby and then she returns in Nortrig leaving Celduin with Dis.

Dis writes immediately a letter to Fili, gives the letter to the baby and after send Celduin with an adult dwarf for find Fili and gives to him his baby and the angry letter of his mother.
The dwarf and the baby join to the company when they are near of the Misty Mountains.
Celduin when they arrive to the company goes to know all of them and to ask "Who is my father? :-)". When he find Fili he embrace him and whispers in Fili ear "Dad? Who is this? Is bad?" He looks at Dwalin, Fili laughs a bit when knows who did he talks. Indeed Celduin didn`t go to greet Dwalin, (XD) After the first moment of fear Celduin goes to Dwalin.
While the child meets the company Fili goes to the dwarf that bring Celduin here and the dwarf give to him the letter from Dis. When Fili looks at the letter he remains paralyzed, probably the letter is not happy.
He takes the letter, moves aside to the other dwarves and reads the letter, in the letter is wrote only one phrase, °When you come home I will have a lot to tell you.°.
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Masaru's Abilities Plans

[As time passes, the Jutsu Masaru starts with grows stronger.]
Masaru Pre-War/Pre-Death Abilities:
(Notes: Unofficial Chuunin level, ages 6-16.)
Sharingan 1-3 Tomoe. Positive way, urging to protect Madara.
-Can see Chakra
-Greatly enhanced perception. Reading lips, mimicking all kinds of Jutsu. Can see fast-moving objects. Predictive capabilities.

Mangekyō Sharingan. Negative way, trauma of loss of Madara.
-Susano'o. Ribcage only. Looks like Madara's.
-Tsukuyomi. I talk about it in detail in his bio.
-Reverse time. Only for a few seconds. Once before 12 hour recharge.
-Unfortunately, it is unknown what each eye does. (I've looked hard).

Fire Jutsu:
Fireball Jutsu.
Phoenix Flower Jutsu. Shuriken not added.
Dragon Fire Justu
Great Fireball Shower. Maximum of five for now.

Lightning Jutsu:
Lightning Blade
Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori. Shuriken and kunai.

Earth Jutsu:
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☛ Character Directory ☚

► Vincent Silver-Fang [Lycan] :

► Wesley Griffin [Magical Beast Hunter?] :
► Tony Lentini [Mafia Leader of Chicago] :
► Leon Hartkin [Mage/Warrior] :

► King Rodrik the I [King of the Stakha Kingdom] :

► Sir Josef Peyton [Warrior of Britannia] :

► Mercer Fern [Hunter In A Paranormal/Darker Fantasy Role-Play] :

► Walter Daniel of Lothric [Undead Warrior] :

► Raziel Scales [Legendary Dragon] :

► Asher Falucon [Commander of Gratis] :

► Edward Thane [King's Bodyguard & Captain of the Guard] :

► Beatrix Vale [Sorrowful Mercenary] :

► Viggo Ulfriksson [Belligerent Viking] :
► Rayner Kerrim [ Librarian ] :

► Tyler Jasper [Homosexual Artist] :

► Finn McCoul [Irish Author] :

► Joshua Cooper [History Teacher] :

► Abaddaon Walker [Powerful Killer] :

► Nova Nyx [Amazing Guitarist] :

► Maxine Creed [Regretful Hitwoman] :
► [ Working on It -- Sometime ]
► Todd Daniel [LAPD Detective] :
► "Quick Draw" Wiley Eldred [Outlaw] :
► Gilbert Schwarz [Undercover Agent for U.S.] :
► Clone Sergeant Ace Smithers [Star Wars Character] :

► Reszar Nisilus [ Elder Scrolls Character ] :

► Erika Vogel [ Attack on Titan Character ] :
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The skren

Appearance: humanoid creatures with elongated and curved spines that cause them to move around much like monkeys. They have very boney thin bodies covered by hairless pitch-black skin. Their teeth are flat and meant to crush and chew the varies plants they eat. The skren normally have glowing eyes that have been found in every color. They have long arms and rather short legs this causes them to hop and drag themselves with their arms when they move around.

Life span: on average they live to be up to 50 years old though because of their lifestyle they some have lived to be 70-75 years old which is very rare.

Culture: the skren are strictly healers, from the day they are born their tribe will start texhing them about herbs and poisons and how to treat illment. They resent all types of violence and are extremely close to their tribe. The skren speak a language known as 'skrenglan' though the older members of the tribe often know how to speak the common tongue. And in the common tongue skren actually translates to 'people of the trees' as they make their home in the large jungle trees near moving water. They sleep in the hollow trunks of the 'trick fruit tree's and travel via the canopy of the trees. And when they do travel it is with their mate. They mate for life and if or when they do take a mate it is forever.

Diet: skren are herbavoirs. They cannot digest meat. They eat mostly the nuts and berries that grow on bushes on the jungle floor though the necture of the trick fruit flower that grows on the trees They live in is tastey it is extremely toxic to them. Though when mixed with honey they father from the wasps the toxic necture becomes a delectable treat and a cure for almost any illness.

History: the skren moved to the green lands long ago when war pushed them from their homes. Aside from that not much is know about their history.

Strengths: they are wise, and talented climbers. They have cast knowlage about plants and medicines of all sorts. The skren are also very talented carvers, they carve beautiful trinkets and items from the bones of the their dead kin and hang the carvings from the trees in memory of them. And they stay in large groups with up to three hundred members.

Weaknesses: they refuse to partake in any form of violence meaning they have no way or intention of protecting themselves. They form very strong bonds and once that bond is broken they often go into deep depression and sometimes refuse to eat long enough that they will starve.

Fears: they are very shy and timid around any newcomer or stranger but they are scared most by humans and large predatory creatures which is why they stay mostly in the trees.
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Character - Emma Gates

Name: Emma Gates
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Easy going, kind, cheerful, naive, and optimistic
Bio: She was an honor student in high school. After a car accident that left her paralyze from the waist down her grades fell and she was kicked out of her old school. After a while she got placed into another school in which she now attends.
Likes: Sweets, music, being outside, and the violin
Dislikes: cruel people, liars, being looked down upon
Other: She has to be in a wheel chair after the car accident
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Kyle Evans (OC)


Name: Kyle Evans

Date of Birth (& age): 3rd August (dependable on RP)

Gender: Male/Female (dependable on RP)

Species/Racial Origin: Human//Neko//Vampire (dependable on RP)

Physical Description

Height: 5'9

Hair: Soft light Brown hair which he usually dosnt style

Eyes: Dark green eyes with a spec of brown in his left one.

Detailed Physical Description: Kyle is pretty lanky with a small amount of muscles on his arms. He has pale skin with a few freckles

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Kyle usually wears T-shirts with nerdy jokes on them and ripped jeans.


Personality: Confidant and messy with a good sense of humor. He sleeps in a lot and enjoys hanging out with friends.

Sim Traits: Slob//Heavy Sleeper//Good sense of Humor//Flirty//Charasmatic

Skills/Talents: Kyle dosnt have any academic skills although he takes pride in being a good kisser

Favourites/Likes: Sleeping even though he constantly deprives himself of it.

Most Hated/Dislikes: People using him and arrogant people.

Goals/Ambitions: Kyle wants to fall in love

Fears: Kyle has claustrophobia

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Gentlemen always walk on the side near the road when walking with a lover.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Hiding in a blanket chest from his alcoholic father

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Dominant Gay. Tells people he is very experienced in the sex department

Occupation: Student

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Bad black lion!

Un mese dopo che Wanda ha lasciato Celduin alle amorevoli cure di Dis, il bambino insieme ad un altro nano li raggiunge sulla strada. Recuperano molta strada quando i nani si fermano a Gran Burrone e il nano lascia il bambino a Fili prima che arrivino alle montagne nebbiose.
Il bambino quando arriva da loro li guarda tutti attentamente, fermandosi davanti ad ognuno chiedendo °Sei tu il mio papà?°. Il bambino ricorda sia la madre che il padre, il padre per i capelli biondi, gli occhi azzurro cielo e la bocca fina e la madre per i capelli ricci e un po` arruffati e dal naso delicato, non molto comune tra i nani.
La ricerca del bambino del suo papà non dura molto poiché Fili si avvicina al bambino e si presenta, poi si mette in ginocchio e lo guarda più da vicino. Il bambino quando dice di essere il papà gli salta addosso abbracciandolo e gli sussurra all`orecchio °Io sono Celduin, papà quello mi fa paura!° indica Dwalin, che sta mangiando un pesce con tutta la testa. Fili ridacchia quando capisce di chi parla lo prende in braccio e congeda il nano che glielo ha portato e lui prima di andarsene lascia a Fili una lettera che Dis gli ha scritto.
Lui rimane immobile quando gli consegna la lettera, teme di sapere cosa ci abbia scritto, si siede su una pietra con la lettera in mano e la fissa. Mentre lui sta pensando alla lettera Celduin si allontana di soppiatto e va verso il leone nero che sta dormendo, prima gli gira attorno un paio di volte poi comincia a punzecchiargli il muso con un bastoncino. Non succedendo niente gli tira la coda, a quel punto il leone nero si alza e gli ringhia e il bimbo cade all'indietro dalla paura e comincia a urlare.
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Name: Mika DeMott

Nickname/Alias: Goody-Two-Shoes

Age: 22

Species: Angel

Gender Identity: Male

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Ironically GAAAAAAYYYYYY AS HELL

Other languages spoken: A bit of Chinese.

Occupation: Babysitter

Position: Seke (likes being dom and sub equally)


Height: 5'9"

Hair colour: White

Eye colour: Crystal Blue

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars: Multiple faint stab wound scars on his torso.

Other: One ear is slightly smaller than the other due to it being folded when he was born.


Alignment: Used to be Chaotic Evil, is now Neutral Good.

Smoker: Used to be one.

Drinker: Used to be one.

Likes: All things scary cause he likes being scared, urban legends, listening to jpop (luldork), making lacy stuff, cooking cause he's really good at it, and collecting stuff.

Dislikes: Picking fights, making fun of people, when people mess with his hair(If you're close to him he doesn't care), and little stuff like putting things out of order.

Highest level of education: High School Diploma

#1 Turn-on: Being willing to experiment.

Fears: Being ridiculed for his past, losing his place in heaven, dealing with gangs, the falling sensation, experiencing the pain he inflicted on others, Being tied up, and being cornered.

*Family members and/or significant others*
-Mother (No personal relationship/Doesn't know he's alive)
-Father (No personal relationship/Doesn't know he's alive)
-Younger sister (No personal relationship/Doesn't know he's alive)
-Grandfather (No personal relationship/Doesn't know he's alive)

Personality: He used to be a real type bad boy. Mean and heartless, kinda sadistic, masochistic and loved to watch people cry. Though after everything had happened and he had a complete turn around when he died, he's now kind, really shy, and actually likes to help others until it exhausts him, but is still competitive and a little bit of a bad temper.

Backstory: Mika was the kind of guy that in his past life, he was practically feared. He believed that no one was better than him and sometimes people liked to refer to him as a fallen angel because of how badly he changed from when he was a sweet, daring, and loving child. No one knows what changed in his head and to be honest neither does he since he had a pretty good childhood. Mika had his own little group of followers and he liked to make people suffer who he thought deserved it even if they didn't. That included jumping people, beating, torturing, and much more. He was the worst at loyalty too, so he was constantly turning on his 'friends' and even resorted to to watching his followers 'humiliating' people for fun because Mika found it entertaining. But one day, his followers had enough. They were tired of his horrible actions and dictator like attitude, and decided to blindside him. They tied him up and beat him bloody, stabbed him, took advantage of him and as a last straw, tossed him over the side of a building where Mika fell to his death. But, with the wildest stroke of luck, Mika was shown mercy. He was given a second chance to turn his life around as an angel and he took that opportunity like it was no tomorrow. He now spends his time doing good deeds for others even when he doesn't have to until he runs himself ragged. If he were to tell you how he was in a past life, you almost wouldn't believe him.

Other: He's secretly very kinky if you coax him enough (and he has a really nice ass).
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Name: Yuuto Himikari

Nickname/Alias: A**hole and Yuu.

Age: 29

Species: Human

Gender Identity: Male

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Other languages spoken: Japanese and French.

Occupation: Mangaka

Position: Doesn't have a preference, it just depends on his partner


Height: 6'0"

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Amethyst

Tattoos: No

Piercings: Two simple ear piercings

Scars: Small permanent bruise on his chest.

Other: He wears round rim glasses.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Smoker: No

Drinker: No

Likes: Writing stories, amusement parks, libraries, quiet spaces, preparing for holidays way too early, classical music, and cooking.

Dislikes: Teenagers, imm*tu*e people, breaking promises, coffee, scary movies, rainy weather, and fish.

Highest level of education: Bachelors in Digital/Studio Arts

#1 Turn-on: Someone willing to shut down his bullsh*t and put him in his place.

Fears: Forgetting to save his work/losing his drawing tablet.

*Family members and/or significant others*
-Mother (No personal relation)
-Stepfather ( Kind of close)
- Ex-Boyfriend (Former publisher)

Personality: Yuuto's kinda secluded, mostly because he himself isn't easy to talk to and he can be a bit of a sarcastic a**hole. He stays quiet most of the time and is rather blunt, calling stuff as it is and doesn't care to hear your opinion if it contradicts his. Long story short, he's a gigantic tsundere that acts like a child when he doesn't get his way.

Backstory: Ever since Yuuto was a kid he was still a rather arrogant individual. Almost a narcissist but not quite. He didn't care about other's feelings when it came to his opinion because after all, it was his own opinion. It caused him a lot of trouble during his school years, especially since he didn't understand why the teachers would get so angry with him when he'd speak his mind about their teaching abilities. Despite all that, he had an excellent mind. Yuuto had amazing grades and he put his heart and soul into making manga when he wasn't studying. Even in his senior year, his writings were recognized by publishers and he had a great job right out of the starting gate. Because although he was the worst at expressing it, he wrote and designed stunning romance mangas. He doesn't take any advice and would rather just learn on his own than get other opinions, which was why he felt his writing and art was doing just as good back then as it is now. There have been many people who've attempted to have a relationship with him, but quit pretty soon into it. They weren't able to deal with Yuuto's bullsh*t and it never got too serious, which he always thought was a good thing. His only relationship that lasted longer than a year ended quite badly, resulting in his ex secretly releasing Yuuto's new material before any of it was done. So if you wanna pursue a relationship with him, you better have some damn good patience.

Other: One of his works was turned into a live action movie.
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4 | 0 Comments | by TheAlmightyAobooty | Jul 17th 2016 06:42