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The kog

Appearance of males: average about five feet tall and at most are a hundred pounds, they have pure white eyes and use bone to make piercings they wear over various places on their bodies. They also use bone to make armor. Keep their haircut short

Appearance of females: average in size similar to males also with pure white eyes but they don't wear armor or piercings. They instead wear thin chains around their necks wrists and chests. They have soft features and long hair often coming down to their ankles.

Lifespan: 18-45 depending on of they are part of the royal guard or not.

Diet: mostly meat and are like the skren unable to consume the lecture of the trick fruit flower.

Culture: live on the out skirts of the palace in grouped up cottages. They are beast riders. They capture tame and ride creatures known as kogjil (kog-jie-al) which are more or less wolf-like beasts that average to be five or six feet tall. The males are dominate over the females because that's how the beasts act causing the ko g to act similarly. Females don't ride or fight but They are also paired with a kogjil. They speak only the common language because they work so closely with the royal family. They became the new royal guard's when the trusks were thrown out of the job. Kog and kogjil time their breeding to match up so that when a kog is born theycan be paired with a kogjil. It becomes a life long bond that will never fade. Even after death.

History: their ancesstors were small and weaker then most other races but found they had a talent for animals. They found a pack of beasts and were able to communitcate with them via thoughts and. The kog for their name because of the kogjil. So kog and their beasts gained strength together becoming great warriors.

Strengths: skilled with spears, crossbows, and daggers the kog can fight on and off their beasts. Their beasts listen and obey every comand given to them as well as the kog listen to the kogjil.

Weaknesses: they have poor eyesight and due to sheet size their beats aren't very stelthy or agile.

Fears: afraid to loose their beast.
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The sylvix

Appearence of males: humanoid beings with short cropped hair and colorful feathers that grow from their skin and that are mixed in with their hair. They don't have feet like a human though from the knew down they have the legs and feet and talons of a bird. Their eyes are often small and narrow and they don't have beaks.

Appearance of females: might he same as males only their feathers are much less colorful and often stick to shades of Brown grey white or black. And their eyes are much bigger. Females also have tail feathers while males don't.

Lifespan: sylvix normally live about 13-17 years. Females die after laying an egg and males don't live much longer once their mate is dead. The egg is normally hatched by The closest flock.

Diet: their diet consists mostly of water swelling creatures like fish, crabs, and one of their favorites is frogs.

Culture: sylvix can fly but for only half an hour at most due to The extensive muscle movement it takes to fly. And if they are carrying anything they can't fly as long. Sylvix live in small flocks of three or four members in hanging nests in the trees across the river from the skren. The river acts as a border. Sylvix are also very territtorial and tend to stayin their own teritory.

History: sylvix came from a far away land because it was overtaken by a great wave of water. Sylvix have evolved over the years so that they can't fly for very long because the strain their ancesstors went through to fly to zoradon killed most of their kind.

Strengths: They have very advanced lungs. They can breathe in places where air is extremely thin or where there is hardly air at all. They also fly to extremely high heights and are able to dive at flesh melting speeds and survive it. And they are good severs and fabric makers

Weakneses: They cannot swim or climb And if they loose or damage their main flight feathers they cannot fly.

Fears: any insect
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Ghost. (Name will be the same as my other game cha

Age: 30
Height: 6,2
Weight: 258
Bio: "You want to learn about whom I use to be? Simple. Average worker. Back at age 20 I use to work at a local uh.. Store I guess.. Gun store.. Hell I dunno. Past flies usually.. Anyway... I'll leave most of the important things out till we bond. Relationship. Brother. Sister I dun care.. You just do your job... I do mine. Simple as that. Now... Of course to make this short.. Yes I did have losses... An they... They were pretty close... But regardless I will not take out a kid an or a family... Couple... I might... But that's it... Now get... Your starting to annoy me an I am known to even kill my own.."
Hair: medium chocolate brown an straight
Wears a hood an black bandana along with casual jeans. Black tactical silent type boots. S.W.A.T style. Fingerless gloves leatherized.
Weapons of choice.: hunting rifle, Hatchet, Shorty, nail bomb an smoke bomb. Carries always 3 medkits. Listening is very sharp. Eye sight eagle. Voice : Vin diesel based (Only cause I can't think of any other voice based scenerio.
Race: mixed of white an Irish.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship: Doesn't care for one. "I go alone"
Scavenging tactics: depending on location.
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♛ Stripes and Stars. { Cynthia Rogers }

Character’s full name: Cynthia Rogers
Character’s nickname: Cyn
Face Claim: Britt Robertson
Species: Human [ Has Super Soldier Serum ]
Theme Songs:

↳ Enhanced Strength
↳ Enhanced Senses
↳ Enhanced Reflexes
↳ Enhanced Durability
↳ Regeneration
↳ Enhanced Stamina
↳ Trained In Combat
↳ Advanced Longevity

Father: Steve Rogers
Mother: Sharon Carter
Brother: Ethan Rogers [@Heroism]
Best Friend: Dahlia Barnes [@Heroism]
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 17
Height: 5’3
Eye color: Blue
Glasses or contacts: None
Scars/Markings/Tattoos: None
Hair color: Blonde
Physical disabilities: None

Mood character is most often in: Adventurous
Sense of humor: Great
Character’s greatest joy in life: Being able to have a reason to punch people
Character’s greatest fear: None
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: None
Character is most at ease when: In the Young Avengers area
Enraged when: Hot-Headed
Depressed or sad when: None
Priorities: Save the world, family
If granted one wish, it would be: None

Hometown: New York
Type of childhood: Great
Pets: A Pomeranian named Liberty 'Libby'

Current location: New York
Currently living with: Sharon, Steve, & Ethan
Occupation: High School | Junior | Young Avenger

Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Nervous tics: None

Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious?: Daredevil
Logical or emotional?: Logical (Emotional if annoyed, angry)
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Methodical and Messy
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Yes
Animal lover?: Yes


Cynthia is the daughter of Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. She walks around with a twitching fist and follows heavily in her father’s footsteps as part of the Young Avengers. She prefers to use her actions more than her mouth and likes to jump into action - so why not put that towards saving the world instead of unsuspecting citizens? She also sometimes helps co lead the Young Avengers but this is more when it comes to combat strategies and she is normally the main one first out on the battle fight ready to take on whatever enemy they have.

Current Roleplays for Muse:[0/3]
|| Open
|| Open
|| Open
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The shadows

The shadows are the spirits of every creature to ever live in Zoradon that have passed into the realm of the dead. The shadows of the creatures that once lived in zoradon want to reclaim their homes here but they cannot do so without destroying Zoradon itself. The only way to stop shadows is by destroying them with the magic of light. Be warned though new children of Zoradon because that may mean having to kill your kin or friends in a way that they cannot come back from such as one can come back from death as a shadow. Oh and one more thing....shadows look like the person who's body they belong to only ...they lack all color and light.
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The war

Zoradon has been threatened. It is loosing land fast to the enemies and with it the magic that keeps the creatures living here alive at all is fading. Darkness is spreading quickly now with less magic to keep the sun in the sky. It has become the duty of every single creature in zoradon to protect their homeland. And each life the darkness take gives it more strength. This battle looms over zoradon and that's why the royal family have called out to the human realm to help.
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The menchies

ppearance: very small creatures only about two feet tall with pale skin the same tone humans call 'fleshy'. They have very thin angular limbs and their head is much bigger in proportion to their bodies. They have large round eyes normally of tones of green or Orange. And large fang-filled mouths that cover half their face. Menchies have noses similar to reptiles and a roles tongue much like a slitheren (snake) they also has long narrowly pointed ears on the top of their head. And short tails that and in a spearhead shape.

Lifespan: 15-20 years is the average though they are left on their own at the age of five by their mothers.

Diet: they eat rocks and gemstones. They are immune to most toxins Like the lecture of trick fruit flower that the skren cannot consume. They also eat dirt and clay but prefer to stuck with stones and rocks.

Culture: they don't settle down or live in one place. Menchies are constantly on the move and constantly trying to avoid others of their kind but are more then happy to find other creatures like trusks or the skren for they enjoy taking jobs weather it be to fetch some herbs or to hunt down a target and kill it. These little guys are white deadly though they may not appear to be much of an aponent at first. Menchies are known to be rock tunnlers. They eat the stone dirt clay or rock at qick pases and instead of getting rid of waste from the things they have eaten Menchies simply release highly flamable gasses in the form of belching or burpping. This gass is often collected and sold or used to make weapons. It had been said Menchies can make sparks by clicking their teeth together and effectively light the gas to cause small explosions of they are desprite enough. They don't have their own language they instead usually take on the language of the species they most often take jobs from but it is easy to find they know many languages. And as mentioned in the lifespan section at the she of five their mothers abandon them. They are average my born in litters of about three or four. But the strongest of the litter kills their siblings so that they dont have to share their mother. Menchies are incredibly greedy creatures with a knack for 'barrowing' items they like such as jewlary and anything shiney or colorful.

History: Menchies used to live but ightly formed groups but broke apart after the wars started. They became solo creatures that would do most anything to find a job.

Strenths: they are small and able to for through tight spaces. They have extrodenary hearing and are very crafty and good at using what they have to their advantage.

Weaknesses: aren't very quick or agile and ifsomebody managed to get a hold of their tail they panic.

Fears:menchies are utterly terrified of Zendols. Its a preditor and prey relationship
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Nelle sale di Thranduil

Dopo aver preso la decisione di lasciare a Cody dell`altra libertà, decisione di cui si è pentito, perché sarebbe stato meglio che non rimanesse troppo con i nani a parer suo... Però in quel momento non aveva voglia di discutere con Jackil e voleva andare a fare una chiacchierata con Alaric, vedere Bartemius e Carlie...
Lui come prima cosa dopo essere arrivato va a porgere i suoi saluti al re, quindi va da Thranduil, quando si trova davanti al re si inchina °Jeremi Castle, al vostro servizio.°.
Quando vede chi c'è accanto al re fa un'espressione sdegnata, "Alaric" pensa, gli si avvicina e lo guarda negli occhi. Legolas abbassa lo sguardo quando Jeremi gli si mette davanti e Lord Castle gli da uno schiaffo in faccia, il ragazzo alza lo sguardo ma si limita a restare in silenzio.
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There's emma
@ emmahoneythepanda
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If not any of these girls, you could always pick my current face claim :)
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The trusks

Appearance of males: about eight feet tall with wide shoulders and grey rubbery skin. They are well muscled and have tusks that protrude from their lower jaw. The males also have dark colored eyes like grey Brown or black. They normally wear heavy leather garmets somewhat like armor

Appearance of females: on average they are about six feet tall and are very slim. They have busty chests and long hair. They do not wear clothing though their bodies are commonly painted in silver or white ink in patterns of flowers and thorns. They also wear a thin woven leather belt that is fitted with a skirt made of the braids from their enemies

Lifespan: trusks live from 30-60 sessions (years)

Culture: they are very diverse. They can take any job they wish but once they have chosen they can't change their minds or go back on their word. If they do they will become outcasts and will be shunned and ignored or Ben beaten half to death. Female trusks are dominate over the males as they all worship a goddess called tulli. Most females assume the role of weilder and use the males as weapons. Females are skillet fighters though they lack strength while males are brutes. The trials live in large huts they build from sticks, leaves, mud, and stones. Their villages can be found in open areas as well as sense swamps and jungles.

Diet: trusks eat well prepared meals one of their favorites is stew made with various meats and vegetables. They also love to get a hold of flyers (bird) and their eggs.

History: trusks used to be the royal guard's but most were forced to leave that duty when the queen found her first born son dead at the feet of her head guard.the Trusks split into three groups known as 'caligo' (cal-e-go) 'swith' (swe-ths) and 'frulji' (froo-l-G-y)

Weaknesses: males are not very agile and can be clumsy. Trials often get what's known as heat scars (a raw or open wound caused from over exposure to the second Sun.) males also have a very low pain tolerance their is a soft spot on females stomachs that once found or touched will put them into complete submission.

Strengths: males are very large and strong and have very thick armor-like skin that is hard to pierce. Females are very swift and agile and have a very high pain tolerance.

Fears: little is known of their fears.
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