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Dream Number 2 - bunnies + death = McDonalds

(just wanna let you know, these dreams are not in order of occurrence. This happened months ago)

Twas a normal sunny day. My dad, my bro, and I went to McDonalds for some high quality health food. Upon walking in, we encountered a wall full of microwave ovensž. Each microwave contained a rabbit (wtf?).
Each rabbit was still alive. I had to watch rabbit torture. First, all of the fur disintegrated. Then, the rabbits started stretching to the point that their skin was ripping. Oh, I forgot to mention that their eyes and mouths were sewn shut. The whole time, you could see the rabbits decaying and rotting. Afterwards, they were just piles of meat. When they were done, they got shaped into McDonalds "burgers" and "chicken" and served to the public. I had to eat a rabbit chicken sandwich. The end.
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3 | 5 Comments | by Jrzag42 | Aug 2nd 2015 07:29

Kunami (Naruto)

He is one of the Kaguya clan. When he was just a child in the hidden leaf he was given the rinnegan now he is nineteen and has fully mastered it also he has being one of the descendants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, he has inherited a derivative of her original ability to manipulate one's bone structures.
He can do water,earth,wind and lighting style.

He is much like Madara Uchiha was as a child. At first he may come of a bit rude but when you befriend him he is caring young man.
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3 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Aug 2nd 2015 02:20

Dream Number 1 - super sentai knock off?!

Twas a normal sunny day. My brother ,my mother, and I were in a van. We were all sitting around with my mother driving when suddenly a random guy appeared. He called himself the sexy ninja and he wore a generic super sentai / power Rangers type mask along with a tuxedo. He was in the van yet none of us were alarmed. All he did was tell us news going on in the world while also telling jokes and playing video games. We all had a great time until my brother suddenly started driving and I made a joke involving previous dreams. I was sitting in the front while my bro sat in the other front (wtf?) and my mother was nonexistent. Sexy ninja was still in the van. So, even though my brother had no knowledge in driving, he drove perfectly....until it ended with us going off of a bridge.
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4 | 7 Comments | by Jrzag42 | Aug 1st 2015 23:29

♛ Scheduled Appointments { Rules }

These are the rules I have managed to come up with. They all are important so please they to follow them. I, however am lenient on some of them but do not take advantage of that.

♛ Be respectful to me as I will be respectful to you. Be kind and polite, there’s no need for rude exchanges.

♛ This is profile is a multiship profile. If Evie is in a public relationship with someone else’s character she will still be open for romantic roleplay in messages unless me and the other character’s admin discuss otherwise.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ⤷ This being said, I ship with chemistry. I love Evie and Doug don't get me wrong they are the cutest. But I'm also not against shipping her with other characters like, Mal, Ben, Jay, or even Harry or Uma should I meet one that has good chemistry with her. I'm not movie bound and I like to see where different roleplays will take me.

♛ I understand very well about not being able to respond to roleplay right away. Sometimes you don’t feel up to it and other times you’re going through something but please inform me when that is the case. I will not be ignored and I do not like having people on my friend list who will not interact with me. Drop a simple hello or something every once in awhile, reach out. This cannot just be one sided where I am always the one reaching out.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ⤷ To add on to this, this is not for people who do not log on and therefore can't message me. I myself will admit here and now I will most likely rarely be active. I have a main account (@Labyrinth) that I devote most of my time too. So much so that I also roleplay as Evie on there so I can still play her. I will be on here sometimes, I will check in but if I am not I ask for patience just as I won't remove you if you haven't been on. The only time I will remove is if you haven't talked to me in other a month (if you've been active) or haven't logged on for a few months, this could be as long as a year seeing how often I check. If it's been two months you've good if not you may be at risk depending how I feel.

♛ If you do not like the way roleplay is going please talk to me about it. I am open to adjustments and would like to work on the roleplay to make it enjoyable for both of us.

♛ If you add me you should start the roleplay. You adding me, tells me that you saw something in my profile. If I add you I will do the same, that being said please provide me with enough information to start as I will do for you. But do not just send the starter without discussing roleplay with me first.

❈Do not control Evie, do not use information that you as the admin know but your character would have no way of knowing.

❈Please do not bring me overpowered characters. That goes for Original Characters or if you’re roleplaying as a Canon Character. I am aware that some canon characters are overpowered but do not adjust them to be even more so overpowered for your sake, it ruins the fun of the roleplay.

❈Some of my roleplays do lead to eroctica, some people like it. I do allow it BUT I as the admin am 20 years old. I will not write er*t*ca with anyone under 18 as it is the legal age here in america. I will roleplay with minors but anything heavy for them is a no go. If you lie to me about your age just for er*t*ca and I find out it will result in you being blocked.

❈Sign with ‘Rotten To The Core’ to let me know that you had read these rules. If you do not sign and simply message me saying that you read them I will not believe you as this is a simple thing to ask, for you to comment or at least heart the message if you are somewhere where you cannot type.
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1 | 4 Comments | by Fairest | Aug 1st 2015 14:22

After the cruise

He informs Celegorm he's going to talk to Jackil, and invites him to come too, in a bar in Nortrig.
He is already there waiting and pondering.
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2 | 37 Comments | by Huang_MinHo | Aug 1st 2015 10:24

Katarina Crystal Rose

She's 18 and often goes by Kat, Crissy, or Rose. She's about 5'8 has dark brown hair that she occasionally dyes light blue. She wears dark clothing and has one red eye and one blue. She can change them to a dark black brown to blend in however it's not just her eyes that unsettle people around her. Its her aura. To this day she doesn't know why she is so strong or fast. She used to be a common thief starting at the age of 7 but was caught. She got away however there was a man that took her in and treated her as his daughter. He somehow knew of her strengths and knew why she had them but never told her, instead he trained her to control them and how to wield different weapons, he taught her about animals and which ones she would be closest to. That started when she was 7 after all she was a runaway orphan which was why she had become a thief. She grew up with the man until he died when she was 16 and since then she has been using her powers for good. Helping kids who are bullied, giving food,clothes, blankets to the poor and shelter if she can. She lives far in the woods nobody really knows who she is anymore. The kids call her their crystal gem that lights the way in their dark times. The thieves and criminals know her as the black rose with thorns or the speedy cat with dangerous claws. However almost everyone knows her as the wolf of the woods. Which isn't exactly not true, bc she does indeed run with the wolves and is not only one of them but is also the tiger among them.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ScarletWolf | Jul 29th 2015 08:46

Noah (after time skip One piece rps)

I am Noah, i am a former marine officer, former meaning i will never go back...they might try but i wont...things happend that made fill me with despair....
Name: Noah
Age: 22-25
Devil fruit: Tori Tori model falcon, and dice dice
Location: island said be on the all blue
Goals: re-pay the world for the wrongs
Weapon of choice: my arm blades, fathers sacred blade
Special notes: i have masterd some of the 6 powers when i was in the marines, i also use a sort of rumble ball
Occupation: scout
Gained abbtiles: can now speak with any bird species, is 100% free of the marines control, and can enter power state level 6 with only 2 rumble balls, can you use arm as a sort of crossbow, firing a feather knife, i can move fast enough to create tornado's
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1 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 27th 2015 18:01

Troubles at the horizon.

The day Althus saw Tyger and Reyja, was definitely not a good day for the South nor for the rest of the world.
A group of rebels to the Queen, managed to get rid of her and her husband to steal the throne. The Princes, most of the nobles as well as many of the people who refused to accept the new King were imprisoned, some killed. The South has always been more brutal than other Realms, taking as main principles strength rather than honor and fairness.
The Queen and the King were imprisoned in different dungeons, she left in a dark place, chained to a wall.
It happened in less than three days, before anyone could have the time to react and before the other Realms could even notice something was happening in the South. Strangely for a group of men of the South, the plan was well thought and organized, not just a reckless "try for all". It literally shocked every reasonable person in the South, but due to the Law of the place, the one who managed to defeat the Queen is the rightful new King. (They made sure no word would be spread on how the Queen was actually "defeated", in a worthless and totally unfair way which absolutely didn't prove, in any way, the strength of the man.)
Anyhow, in less than a week, the new King ensured himself a close relationship with the East and convinced the West would join anytime, the two Realms together suddenly and without any negotiation or specific reason, called war against the North. François is convinced that in less than a month, the whole world will be his own and he'll become its rightful ruler. He is clever, but he lacks the knowledge of many dinamics regarding their worlds for what concerns things like this

Anyhow, the war indeed begun, the message was sent to Anthony, delivered to him by Rujha herself. Since he is not yet coroned (has to pass 1 month from the death of the previous King before a new one is coroned), he does not yet hold all of the powers and duties of a King, even though he formally is already the King.
The new King of the South claims a "decisive battle". Basically, in that battle deciding the winner of the war, without further battles, sieges and whatever, actually something very typical of the South. "The one who proves stronger wins the other's Realm". Rujha is smug, overconfident and way too convinced this is going to be just a piece of cake. «I'll take the Hunters too, I want to end it quick and give them such a burning defeat the future generations will laugh of them till the end of the world.»

«It'd mean to leave the borders totally undefended. It will endanger our citizens.»

«That's what Elite Guards exist for. Cover our spots when the real militars actually do their jobs.»

«There aren't enough Elite Guards to cover the entire area.»

«What are you so scared of? You are not even King yet and are already pissing yourself at the first sound of a warhorn.» She spits on the floor. «Pathetic. Your word matters nothing on this matter, you are not King yet, this decision is left to me, as I am still the Minister of Armed Forces.» And to that she leaves, sending her orders to the Hunters, taking them to the battle indeed.

Anthony is pissed off at it but he truly has his hands tied. Sure thing is, he won't forget this when he will be officially the King. But something doesn't sound right to him, the whole matter. He knows that Shana is not just a strong woman, she is a beast, like 10 lionesses in one, he is not buying someone so easily defeated her, in the legal way. So, screwing every formality, he can decide nothing anyway, he decides to go to the South and investigate on the matter. And to do so, he intends to be captured and be taken in the same place as her, which proves to be as easy as he thought, with the exception of two spears piercing him side by side in the chest, that though are not endangering his life. Just provoking the rebels by asking them to see Shana, they chained him next to her in the same dark place, in which the two speak and he finds out what he thought: she wasn't defeated in a duel, she didn't have the chance to fight at all, she was knocked out in an unexpected moment by a traitor servant and it led to this. Making the new King, not a King, basically.
While she gave up, very low morale due to everything, mainly due to how many people betrayed her and having no clue what has been of her children, Anthony refuses to give up instead and regardless of the two spears he starts to struggle heavily to break free from the chains.

Meanwhile in the battlefield. Rujha, the Royal Army and the Hunters reach the established place, and surprise surprise, the only opponents they find is a little group of chained prisoners, BUT they are in an area of which magnetism affects the ability to teleport, and it's a pretty huge area (the only one in entire Nortrig, chose with the excuse of "no cowards will escape their fate from the battle", very typical from the South, so not really suspicious.) It will take them all whole hours to return to the Realm, which is the place that really needed them, as the whole Southern and Eastern armies are sent there to literally erase the whole place, to ashes. But the South and East have truly no clue what awaits them.

They split, in order to send more attacks at the same time, attacking the main cities at once, thinking it'll cause even more havoc and impossibility to react.
The combined army of enemies reach Thylum at 11 am. The day is cold, cloudy but no rain yet, despite Autumn 1 begun since a couple of days.
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2 | 50 Comments | by Christophei | Jul 26th 2015 17:48


Name: Omniglot
Race: Furry wolf
Colour: Gray
Height: 6'4
Age: Around 18 he hasn't really kept track
Personality: Determined and fierce. Is a total sweetheart to the ones he conciders as friends.
History: Trained by his father to a strong swordfighter and bowman. His mother passed away within a year of his birth. His father cared for him till 16. Their home in the woods was attacked by raiders when they were training, but they managed to kill them. Omni's father passed away shortly after because of his wounds. During this battle, Omni had gotten a crippeling wound to his left arm, rendering it weak. Otherwise he likes keeping himself in shape for upcoming battles.

He uses a selfcrafted crossbow with a lever for redrawing the string, since he can't use his arm. It has a bayonet on the front, but if he has it on his back he uses an enchanted dagger with a diamond lining on the blade and a ruby in the pammel.
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20 | 2 Comments | by Flabberoo | Jul 25th 2015 21:29


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Ryu the Cyborg

Name: Ryu is all he can remember
Age: 19
Abilities: He can transform his arms to any weapon and has super human thinking, seeing, speed and, strength.
Personality: varies but he is usual a calm boy
Up until the age of 17 he was a normal boy but, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in between a police and gang war. Both of his arms were badly damage and were unfix-able. Hearing this his father put Ryu under experimental surgery and then put him under special training where some of his mind was was brainwashed and he forgot a lot but over time he is slowly gaining his memory. He drinks a lot which doesn't help with his memory but he does this because he isn't sure if he is human or robot.
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4 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Jul 24th 2015 01:58

John F. Borden

I am john, phew know i exsist... i live in hiding... My house is deep within a forest....i am like a god to these people, i control the forest, the faries and elfs worship me
September 27, 1990
24 years old
Tropical zodiac
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Gender: Male
weapon of choice: Bow, Sword, Daggers
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2 | 6 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 19th 2015 14:24


An army sniper who was one of the best. Trained from a young boy to kill when ever he was given a target and a reason. He was nicknamed snake because if you blinked you would miss him pull the trigger or you would already be dead.

After a couple long years in the war he was tasked with killing a group of "Criminals" over seas. After he did the job he went to check the bodies and they turned out to be his wife and son, this lead him to become a little crazy. After going through that his whole look on life became crazy he decide to go through and experimental test which gave his body crazy healing powers and then this allows him to be a lot more reckless and random.

He normally uses a hand gun and sword but besides those he use any sniper and is great at using throwing knives
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1 | 2 Comments | by Deadshot | Jul 19th 2015 03:44

Lorelei Fleischer

Name: Lorelei Fleischer
Nickname: Juliet, Lei ( By Marcel )
Birthday: August 14th 1953
Face Claim: Ashley Benson
Species: Experiment | Succubus
Theme Song:

⤷ Time Manipulation
⤷ Succubus Physiology
⤷ Enhanced Condition

Status: Alive

Father: Ulric Fleischer
Aunt: Evaline Fleischer
Uncle: Fabio Fleischer
Cousin: Marcel Fleischer
Best Friend(s): None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 64
Height: 5'3
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Blonde (Purple Ombre)
Mental Disabilities: Depression
Physical disabilities: None

Sense of humor: Nice, Kind, Blunt
Temperamental or Mild: Mild
Priorities: Family

Current location: New Orleans ( He can travel )
Occupation: None

Smokes: Yes
Drinks: Yes

Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious?: Cautious
Logical or emotional?: Logical
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Confident


Lorelei is the daughter of Ulric, a hybrid unlike her cousin. After accepting that he could never have Evaline Ulric allowed himself the passions of a relationship even if it was never what it's full potential could be. The male found himself falling in love with a succubus which like his first love attempt ended poorly. The woman couldn't commit to him or to Lorelei, so after she gave birth she left the both of them to deal with whatever came next in life. Because of this Lorelei never got to know much about her mother, as she hardly opened up to her father about herself but she hardly counted it as a loss as Evaline held another motherly love for her and Marcel. The two cousins grew up close, two halves of a whole. There close relationship is theorized by Ulric as the result of them being fated to be siblings had Evaline known the truth of belonging with him. Despite the different parents though, they two carried the relationship of inseparable siblings, often calling each other Romeo and Juliet, instead of a forbidden love story a simple forbidden connection because of Fabio's wicked ways.

When Marcel was taken to the asylum with Ulric having no idea of how to find him as he wasn't told where he was place ( because the government was testing him ) Lorelei broke into a deep depression as well as developing her first ability being time travel. The logic behind it being that she was written is sorrow as her father hadn't gotten to Marcel in time and if he had a little bit more her cousin would be home with them. For years she hunted him down, wanting to complete her family once more only finding him when she went to America with her father and found him in New York as he himself had left Germany to avoid caught only to later move to New Orleans with him and her father.

Blog Stories:

• Marcel Fleischer - Cousin
• Ulric Fleischer - Father


" You are broken and better and I couldn't wish for someone better. " - Lorelei to Marcel
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Misty Davis