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Ryu the Cyborg

Name: Ryu is all he can remember
Age: 19
Abilities: He can transform his arms to any weapon and has super human thinking, seeing, speed and, strength.
Personality: varies but he is usual a calm boy
Up until the age of 17 he was a normal boy but, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in between a police and gang war. Both of his arms were badly damage and were unfix-able. Hearing this his father put Ryu under experimental surgery and then put him under special training where some of his mind was was brainwashed and he forgot a lot but over time he is slowly gaining his memory. He drinks a lot which doesn't help with his memory but he does this because he isn't sure if he is human or robot.
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4 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Jul 24th 2015 01:58

John F. Borden

I am john, phew know i exsist... i live in hiding... My house is deep within a forest....i am like a god to these people, i control the forest, the faries and elfs worship me
September 27, 1990
24 years old
Tropical zodiac
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Gender: Male
weapon of choice: Bow, Sword, Daggers
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2 | 6 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 19th 2015 14:24


An army sniper who was one of the best. Trained from a young boy to kill when ever he was given a target and a reason. He was nicknamed snake because if you blinked you would miss him pull the trigger or you would already be dead.

After a couple long years in the war he was tasked with killing a group of "Criminals" over seas. After he did the job he went to check the bodies and they turned out to be his wife and son, this lead him to become a little crazy. After going through that his whole look on life became crazy he decide to go through and experimental test which gave his body crazy healing powers and then this allows him to be a lot more reckless and random.

He normally uses a hand gun and sword but besides those he use any sniper and is great at using throwing knives
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1 | 2 Comments | by Deadshot | Jul 19th 2015 03:44

RPC Avon

Name: Avon Roan

Age: 19

Personality: Playful, Sneaky, Curious

Bio: Avon was born a weak, frail boy who had been thrown out by his father since he wasn’t the perfect son he’d asked for. He barely survived on his own, as he was often sick and couldn’t take care of himself. The only time anyone gave the runt any gratitude was when a young girl gave him a large fluffy pillow that he could wrap around himself to keep warm. It was how he survived the harsh winters with his weak body. Eventually he grew up and was capable of taking care of himself to an extent. He lived in a washed out shed that used to belong to a family but was probably moved by a large storm to the vacant field that no one claimed in town. It was normally where strays, runaways, orphans, and all other sorts of outcasts stayed, however, the shed itself belonged to him. The others often mistreated him and tortured and beat on him, trying to take what was rightfully his since he was the outcast of all outcasts, the runt of runts. Eventually, he was ran out, back into the alleys of streets to starve and suffer until he could care for himself again, or until someone found and cared for him themselves.

Likes: Warm Weather, his pillow, bright colors.

Dislikes: People, other outcasts, the cold.

Birthmarks/Scars/Special Markings: He has multiple piercing in his left ears, from the other outcasts torturing him. He also has a scar over his left eye which he covers with his hair.

Weapons/Items: He never leaves his pillow behind.
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0 | 0 Comments | by AestheticEbony | Jul 18th 2015 17:14

Lorelei Fleischer

Name: Lorelei Fleischer
Nickname: Juliet, Lei ( By Marcel )
Birthday: August 14th 1953
Face Claim: Ashley Benson
Species: Experiment | Succubus
Theme Song:

⤷ Time Manipulation
⤷ Succubus Physiology
⤷ Enhanced Condition

Status: Alive

Father: Ulric Fleischer
Aunt: Evaline Fleischer
Uncle: Fabio Fleischer
Cousin: Marcel Fleischer
Best Friend(s): None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 64
Height: 5'3
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Blonde (Purple Ombre)
Mental Disabilities: Depression
Physical disabilities: None

Sense of humor: Nice, Kind, Blunt
Temperamental or Mild: Mild
Priorities: Family

Current location: New Orleans ( He can travel )
Occupation: None

Smokes: Yes
Drinks: Yes

Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious?: Cautious
Logical or emotional?: Logical
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Confident


Lorelei is the daughter of Ulric, a hybrid unlike her cousin. After accepting that he could never have Evaline Ulric allowed himself the passions of a relationship even if it was never what it's full potential could be. The male found himself falling in love with a succubus which like his first love attempt ended poorly. The woman couldn't commit to him or to Lorelei, so after she gave birth she left the both of them to deal with whatever came next in life. Because of this Lorelei never got to know much about her mother, as she hardly opened up to her father about herself but she hardly counted it as a loss as Evaline held another motherly love for her and Marcel. The two cousins grew up close, two halves of a whole. There close relationship is theorized by Ulric as the result of them being fated to be siblings had Evaline known the truth of belonging with him. Despite the different parents though, they two carried the relationship of inseparable siblings, often calling each other Romeo and Juliet, instead of a forbidden love story a simple forbidden connection because of Fabio's wicked ways.

When Marcel was taken to the asylum with Ulric having no idea of how to find him as he wasn't told where he was place ( because the government was testing him ) Lorelei broke into a deep depression as well as developing her first ability being time travel. The logic behind it being that she was written is sorrow as her father hadn't gotten to Marcel in time and if he had a little bit more her cousin would be home with them. For years she hunted him down, wanting to complete her family once more only finding him when she went to America with her father and found him in New York as he himself had left Germany to avoid caught only to later move to New Orleans with him and her father.

Blog Stories:

• Marcel Fleischer - Cousin
• Ulric Fleischer - Father


" You are broken and better and I couldn't wish for someone better. " - Lorelei to Marcel
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0 | 0 Comments | by Malfunctional | Jul 14th 2015 10:04

Misty Davis


He feels like to organize a random surprise party for the birthday of his dog.
He sends invites to brothers and cousins, strictly avoiding Morgan and the others. The party is in Jack and Mort's manor, since Anthony has been sent there with Dorian. And of course he never warned the other inhabitants of the place. xD
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2 | 64 Comments | by Christophei | Jul 12th 2015 17:48

Sgt. Collins, Vincent (Post Apocalypse RP)

Vincent is a pretty chill guy except the fact that he's a complete psychopath. He has multiple personality disorder. He loves guns and will do anything for money. He's a mercenary and was a former Marine at the age of fifteen but was discharged for overkill and war crimes when he was sixteen. This is how his story began: Vincent was a normal kid. Eating breakfast everyday, going to school..that stuff. But one day a Marine came to the door and he answered it. He went one one knee and took his white sailor hat off and said that his father was KIA. This happened when he was four and was devastated. His father and him were like one. Playing games, cooking together, and even made a LEGO city in their basement. This is when he got depression. He still takes meds for it too. His mother couldn't live without his father and started to hallucinate and dress Vincent up sometimes or had duel conversations with herself. Then a year later she attacked him, popping his arm out of the socket when they tried to hug. (Let that sink in =3) She was charged with legal insanity and put into an asylum for a year. They said she got better and they let her go. Another year of yelling and abuse, and when he was six, she got a knife and cut him everywhere besides once on his face and none on his manhood. He almost bled out until his aunt rushed him to the hospital and his mother was back in the pillow box again for good. This is how he got PTSD and the other personality. He still has flashbacks and nightmares about the night and will takes meds for that too when he gets in the Marines. He takes three meds. Depression, PTSD, and panic attacks. The panic attacks are when someone grabs the arm/shoulder of his left arm that was popped out/hugs from a stranger or a sharp object coming in contact with him and cutting him (he doesn't mind using them, just when they cut him.) He once punched a kid straight in a jaw at school when he grabbed his shoulder but wasn't expelled knowing the history. At the age of ten, his aunt had passed of natural causes. This almost led him to suicide but he thought: What if he could avenge his father? And with that, his grades when up in athletics, math, and science. When he got into the tenth grade, his gym teacher noticed this and since HE was a military branch, he asked him to join right away. But Vincent told him he wasn't ready but the teacher had bad people that were corrupt and was forced into the Marines at fifteen. He was deployed in Iraq and witnessed his first kill with a gun. It felt so amazing to him as he let the rage flow through him killing the people that had killed his father. He didn't care about avenging anymore. All he cared about was vengeance and that high he had experienced. (NO not drugs.) He then ran over to that guy and emptied the mag in his gun all over his body. Some of his platoon members had to pull him back. That was when he started to take the PTSD meds. Whenever he had a breakdown like that, he would have to take it and it lasts for about two days each pill. But he'd still have the nightmares that wouldn't allow him to sleep. He got up one night and went into an Iraqi village and killed everyone there. Innocent civilians, to children, to terrorists. He had done his first war crime. He was suspended from the field for a month. After the month, there was suppose to be a raid/clean up mission and they had called in the Spec Ops to assist them. When they got to the warehouse, they bust through the doors but the enemy knew. They killed the only two people he was friends with. The people who had held him back. Their brains split in half now and their brains and blood splattered onto him. He again was traumatized and killed each and everyone of them four times over until the Spec Ops unit held him back like last time and he accidentally hit one in the face, breaking his nose. The leader told him to cool down and he yelled at her and called her out. He was met with a punch in the face, knocking two teeth out. He was out of his trance and apologized and explained his situation and took a PTSD pill. He lost his entire platoon while the Spec Ops unit lost two. He took his two friend's dog tags to remember them by. Another war crime. By that point the commanding officer didn't think he was fit for battle and kicked him out a year of overkill gone by. After he got kicked out, he went to his father's grave, dug him up, and took his dog tag. It was an older version, of course, and he cleans it ever month. Wandering for half a year, Vincent became a popular mercenary since he showed no mercy to anybody or anything. Besides kids. Surprisingly, Vincent acts like nothing is important. Nothing is to him. But he wants to see what he becomes. He wants to be a father. He wants to give a child something he barley had. After the six months passed, it happened. The apocalypse began. As the Marines were the first responders, they still couldn't hold back the horde of the zombies/mutants that kept coming. Vincent was back in business. He was brought in along with ninety nine more of the best solders. The military had been working on a vaccine for the zambie/mutant bite and he was shot up with some immunity. He was deployed in various places trying to contain the horde but it was no use, they overran every position. One day, Vincent was on guard duty and there was a chomp. A mutant had bit his neck. Pain shot through him but it quickly disappeared and no mutations had taken place. The vaccine had worked. Six more months had passed and Vincent was now seventeen. He walks from town to town, taking any job with the highest pay. His arsenal is just two G18s with silencers and laser sights, M416 with a long barrel and a holographic sight, and an M95 extended mag, bipod, and silencer. (Battlefield 3+ players should know what those are.). Vincent is someone that you don't want to piss off or trigger any flashbacks on or, he'll break a bone or if his other personality feels like it, he'll kill you.
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RPC Xailynn

Dear puppeteer

Dangled me from those strings
Don't know we're to begin
Dear puppeteer
My skin cut from procline
Painted so neat
Don't I look wonderful hanging by your feet

Trapped like a toy
Awaiting the show
My affections never to show
Dangle me doll maker
Make me dance
When you have the chance

A poor soul trapped
You show no affection
A love so strong
Has now taken a toll
My poor little face has started to crack
The paint starting to fade
The beauty I was torn down its ways
No going back

You can't fix me
That cute little smile
Had started to fade
My broken heart
Now broken to pieces
Dear puppeteer
This is my letter
I'm saying goodbye
As my soul dies
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Some blah blah

After finishing with Gab, Mike and Dorian he has his meetings with Tomiel first and Richard next. It's no case they were ordered to follow this order, for he went from the lightest situation-less serious-less angering to the worst, with Tomiel in the middle. And his anger and reaction followed the same levels of intensity, from light to medium to "deadly".

In the end though, he sent Tomiel with the adoption request Jackil wrote -approved and signed by Morgan- to Mortimer's house to be with her adoptive father.
He expects Dorian and Anthony will be there soon to obey his order and to keep an eye on Jackil. He has a slight worry he might consider taking his life instead of earning what Morgan plans to grant him if he'll behave correctly for some time.

And he did quite a horrible news to Richard too, as he forced him to move to Edward, his only older brother for a while as to "re-educate" him. Needless to say, it's the worst thing possible for Richard.
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Michael (Fantasy, Might rewrite soon)

Michael is 5'5" and is strong but not bulky with arm and leg muscles like every other 17 year old though he has a perfectly toned body for his muscles. He has black spiky hair and wheres black Nightingale cloaks since he joined an assassination group. His weapons of choice are either two swords or a bow. He's almost lived a lonely life by losing his dad from an execution ordered by the king for something he didn't do and his mother in a mental asylum for thinking he killed his father and cutting him one night. His aunt died when he was four by natural causes. For the next three years Michael searched for his own little place to stay and chose a cabin in the woods. That same year a man came at his door proposing something. Be stronger and not afraid of anything and be his champion. Michael bluntly accepted not knowing that this was Satan. He took him to hell to train him until he was ten. Satan tricked Michael and laid a curse on him to become a dragon humanoid. Then for a year he was his champion. Fighting countless battles. But why doesn't Michael fight back? Because with his curse Satan can control him. Then one 'night' Michael ran away to Earth. Satan had no control over him now. For the next six years he learned to control the curse and joined the Nightingales and earned money as an assassin. He also learned some blacksmithing so he made a piece of armor that folds out when he is in danger. He can also flick any part of his body and that piece will attach to him like Ironman. Now that he is seventeen he lives in his cabin. He never goes out or trusts anyone. Well at first. He is a sociopath which means he isn't afraid of anything. He will take on any challenge that he faces whether its physical or mental. Oh he also has inferno powers as a part of his curse. Michael only knows survival of himself.
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A few things which happen after the matter with Ja

The arument with Dorian definitely sped up the process of realizing and accepting to have made a mistake, even though Morgan won't admit. Definitely it messed up his relationship with the grandson for the moment, for he won't forgive such lack of respect so easily.

Though, he got the necklace. He sent Artemis to pick it up from the floor where Dorian threw it.
He knows what that amulet means, in fact, he has a similar one. He too was in the Eastern Wildlands, but a different side, where he met another Ancient Dragon, the Winds one, while Dorian met the Fire one. He compares the two amulets for some time then sighs deeply. He can imagine what Dorian went to ask and as a person, and someone who was young, he can't blame him for what he did. But as a King, he can't accept what mess it ended up making; it ruined his plans for good and also caused some tension with the South. But that will be fixed.

At the same time, Doctor Robstein had to summon Jackil to tell him he has to be suspended from his job because of missing the hand. But afterwards, as he got extremely touched and saddened by this fact, he decided with the other Elder Doctors to go to the King and tell him of their own vices. Each one of them has some, because the kind of life they make can't last long if they don't find their ways to relax and put off their minds. Some have alcohol as "medicine"; some human prostitutes; others opium as well. In substance, they think to deserve the same punishment as Jack, but this makes a total different effect on Morgan. To start with, if he punished them all, there would no longer be Doctors and that can't be allowed, but it also burns much less from them, because they are not from his family. It makes him realize even more that what he did to Jack wasn't right, and not because he didn't deserve to lose his hand, but because he didn't deserve the consequences it brought, something Morgan certainly didn't think of when he was that angry. But luckily, like always, he has a solution to fix his mistakes, even though he won't reveal it yet. The whole matters gives him some idea to test the grandson.

Anyhow. In a moment in which Jackil is not there, he goes to search his and Mort's manor. Jack's room mainly. In there, he finds -well hidden in the closet- his "set of opium". It's all in a little wooden box, in which many mini doses of white dust are placed carefully. In the box there is a paper with many, many calculations: body weight, height, metabolism, enzymatic composition, blood composition, white blood cells etc. And for each result, a different weight of the dose is placed. Jackil certainly wasn't taking that stuff lightly and without the utmost careful calculation to ensure to be far below a dangerous level.
On the desk, there are many old papers and documents on it, the latest reports he wrote, a few advices to patients and such...but also a few other papers completely unrelated with the rest. An adoption request hand-written by Jack himself. In it he wrote the reasons, the advantages it'd bring to the child, the promises and so on, as for why he would like to adopt Tomiel and why he thought it'd be doable and right. The thing definitely give Morgan some thoughts.
He takes the papers and returns to the palace, where he reads everything carefully, fills his own documents and...signs the adoption request and forms, granting his official permission.
Afterwards, he takes the Dragon necklace and heads to Dorian in the dungeons. (Dorian best be respectful)
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2 | 96 Comments | by MiisFit | Jul 4th 2015 19:45

Hailey Grace (One Piece Character)

Konohamaru Akamichi (Noah, naruto rps WARNING NON-

My name is Konohamaru Akamichi, my family has left me long ago, and my village is in ruins..its known as the rainbow village, only one child a year is born, and that child can control all 5 elements... I am the last child born, before it was attacked by the village hidden in the rain, and finished by the mist village... i use my trusty scrolls to summon and control my power... inside of me is Son, the four tailed beast
Father from: unicha clan
Mother from: hugia clan
Realtionship status: single
ACTUAL backstory:
that and Al had been sparing for the upcoming clan battles, where all those with unchia blood, or those left, and hugh blood would spar, since i was both , i would be able to form my own team of myself, Al, and my girlfriend before Katherine, i had actually lied to you, i hadn't been raped...i loved that women...and we had a child fairly young...but they were both killed that day....i came home late, much like sasuke did, and saw the mist ninja's attacking everyone i loved...rage swelled consumed me....i killed everyone i saw, at this point i couldn't tell who was friend or foe....i killed everyone until the village was nothing but me,...and ashes...and corspses...i toke it upon myself, a 6 year old, to burry everyone in a proper grave and marked them, and then ran, collasping, i was found and taken to the leaf village and told to tell my story, which i refused, i was going to be intergated but the hokage reconzied the symbol on my head, so he told them to spare me and train me...i never really had a sensi, somewhere along the way, i dont even really know when, Son was sealed in me, And that is what caused my rage and attacks to be poweful...but i dont blame Son....i blame myself*
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2 | 1 Comment | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 3rd 2015 20:58