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Charles (Al mages twin brother)

3 years ago....i died, protecting my i search for my purpose, while he does his own purpose...
Height: varies
Age: 30
Weapon of choice: sythe
Eye color: blue
Unique abilty: can pass between hell and earth at will, will never die, only pass out for a while
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2 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 1st 2015 10:51

Stephanie 'Steffy' Logan

Regarding Anthony.

The King has been thinking a lot lately. He has observed his heirs, Timothy and Dorian, but he can't be fully satisfied with them for one reason: together they make a perfect King, but there can't be two kings.
To his eyes, Dorian is too cruel, merciless, angry, violent and reckless to be a King. He sees him much more fitting to be a military leader. In fact, he is considering very seriously to promote him as General of the Hunters. He is the one who would earn their respect, someone they would fear and respect completely. Someone who will bring the Hunters to an even higher level.
Timothy, on the other hand, is too much of the opposite, instead. Too kind, merciful, sweet, non-violent. He would highly risk to not earn the respect of the citizen and be overthrown in no time.
He needs someone to be half-way between them. Someone who can be cruel when needed but merciful too. Someone not-so blood thirsty but neither a piece of sugar.
He highly respects and appreciates both Timothy and Dorian, but he also realizes that neither of the two would probably wish to be King as there are many other things they would feel more comfortable with and would be more fitting for.
And when he thinks about it, he can't help but realize that Anthony is sort of the "perfect" mix between Dorian and Timothy.
He knows that Anthony can be almost as violent and merciless as Dorian, but he does not have his same amount of anger and hate within. Anthony values family extremely highly, is "obsessed" with respect and honor, he is stubborn, prideful but also fair and rightful. (Unless given reason not to.).
What he never appreciated about him, was the fact he "wasted" himself on Earth like that. One of the strongest Auriold, one of the highest ranked Princes of Nortrig, wasting his skills and time as some lesser criminal there, instead of fighting for his Realm. Though, the fact Anthony returned several times already, brought the matter to his mind again and this time he intends to investigate to know once and for all, if Anthony would actually be fitting to be his heir.
He himself decides to go pay a visit to Earth. For barely 1 hour. He, one Elite Guard and Artemis. He wants to meet Don Giulio and understand what could he ever offer to Anthony to convince him to fall that low instead of "rising in greatness" in Nortrig.
He has a brief yet very polite conversation with the old man, who at first feared they were to tell him Anthony had died. Without him to even notice, Morgan reads his mind concerning Anthony and learns of everything. The reasons why he followed the old man and worked for him. Don Giulio needed him and Sonny needed to be avenged, even Morgan can't disagree on that.
In the end the two separate, where Don Giulio begs Morgan to promise him he will not let Anthony make his same mistakes. He doesn't want him to ruin his life like he did. The old man realized that his way of living only brought to the death of those who mattered the most to him and left him now, old, useless and alone. He wants Anthony to achieve his goals, make his dreams true. Just like a father would, because he truly loves him as if he was a son of his. And of course, Morgan promise that to the old man.
Upon leaving, he orders his Elite Guard to stay and protect the old man from his enemies, for the time it is left for him to live.
This will prevent Don Giulio from being killed. This will prevent Anthony from replacing him to avenge his death. This will change the world, for Anthony.

Knowing the truth definitely convinced Morgan that Anthony is currently his most fitting heir. His heart is something which impressed him in a good way. His decision is made. Should anything happen to him, Anthony will succeed him. (Unless Benjamin returned, that is.)
And that's what he needed to communicate to Anthony when he summoned him at the palace.
He is convinced his grandson can make a worthy King. able to earn the respect and love of his subjects.
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1 | 0 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 28th 2015 19:07


Upon Morgan return from the first phase of their siege to the East, the King surprisingly summoned Anthony at the palace to discuss a few things with him. Something that never happened before and that in the other past did not happen at all.
Anyhow, as often happens, Morgan was needed for some critical matter, thus forcing Anthony to wait for him to return to the palace.
This happens before the whole Wildlands matter.
Right now he is staring outside the window in the corridor of the Royal Palace, close to where the throne room is.
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2 | 5 Comments | by Christophei | Jun 28th 2015 18:00


After an argument in which Anthony calls Dorian every insulting name in English, Italian and Dolashin, for acting like a selfish bastard, allowing anything to happen to their family and for not even investigating what happened with Thomas, after Timothy stood between the two to stop them (as they ended up fighting into the corridors of the Royal Palace, the idiots they are), he finally told the twin brother what he saw in Dominic"s memories. Harry. Dominic did not even notice the man as he barely even knew him but Anthony recognized him immediately.

Now, to everyone, Harry died in an explosion just the same day when Benjamin disappeared. And what Dominic saw was many months after that. If Harry is alive and just pretended to die, it can only mean he must be somewhat involved in what happened to their father and now Anthony will never let it go until he finds Harry.
Though it is hard, by now Harry could be anywhere in any world as it has been months since when Dominic saw him. Anthony also suspects Harry is involved in the set up Thomas was blamed for.
He does not deem wise to speak about this to the King nor his other sons, he prefers this to remain between them, not wanting interferences.

His plan.
In the Wildlands , other than the many dangers, there is more than just one source of supreme wisdom. Eastern ones, the Ancient Dragons. Northern ones, the First Dask. Western ones, the Wanderer Druid and Southern ones, the Lost Priestess.
Just like for the Dragons, these other creatures/subjects are legendary. Almost no one of those who left to look for them ever returned and the few who did, like Morgan, refuse to tell the tale to anyone. 
They are said to be impossible to find, many are convinced they don't exist at all. But they exist, it just requires much more than curiosity, will of knowledge, questions. The meeting must be earned, deserved, survived. These also grant only one answer per each life who manages to survive their "tests". And of course the answer is always unclear, extremely hard, to puzzle.
But to Anthony, if this can take them any closer to know about their father's fate, it is worth a shot.

//Note- the creatures/subjects are unlike Edward. They have not a deep connection with the Gods. Their will and actions are not bound to the Gods' will. Their wisdom comes from the fact they are the most ancient inhabitants of the world, and this is source of a great power they developed during the eras. And they are surely more pleasant than Edward, of course. (XD) - //

Anthony intends to seek a meeting with one of the creatures. Knowing the answer will most likely be an enigma, he thinks that 2 answers to 2 different but related questions will give them some more key points to a solution. So, the two decide that one (Anthony) will go to look for the First Dask, in the Northern Wildlands and will ask about Harry. Dorian will look for the Ancient Dragons in the Eastern Wildlands and will ask about Benjamin.

Anthony leaves the Royal Palace right away and heads to their old family manor in Shadowmoore. There , he wears his old armor (full black, cloth and obsidian, more cloth than metal) and takes his old sword, the very first creation of Thomas, who crafted it just for him as a gift.
And the sword is simply perfect for an Auriold and perfect for Anthony.
In Nortrig, there aren't weapons crafted randomly and sold, unless they are used as just mere decorations. Every weapon is crafted on commission, for the Auriold who will wield it. The weapons are created for the person, through Alchemical processes, a deep bond is created between the weapon and its wielder. Person's essence combined to the "element" (fire, light, darkness, energy, water, ice, storm etc, not just the classic natural elements) of the person and the weapon itself. No one can use someone else's weapon fully and effectively. Each weapon is a unique creation.
Taken this, he needs nothing else. Returning to his childhood home brought so many memories to him. He was set to join the army, if he had not met Sonny on Earth and got involved in his "world" .

He left Rea in their house in Sicily,  under the care of his loyal friend Greg, definitely one of the people he trusts the most.

He does not know what to expect, he was never in the Wildlands before but sure thing is, he is not afraid.
He  took an incomplete and inaccurate map of the area which is of little help, but still something. No one explored the parts in which he will have to venture, not even Charles and Samuel.
On his way there though, he meets Edward and is stopped by him. The two have a very brief conversation. Edward knows what Anthony is intending to do, but won't stop him nor anything. He also knows that this is going to bring a massive change of Anthony's life and his future.
After that, with decision and no hesitation, Anthony reaches the start of the Northern Wildlands. His true, main enemy will be the cold. Something insane, something reaching such depth to kill like a poison cloud.
Magic is the only way to counter the cold as not even a normal fire could provide any warmth once reached the second level of the Wildlands.

It takes him about three days of walking non-stop to reach the limit of the first level, much "warmer" than what awaits him next.
Many furry wild creatures inhabit the first level, and they are of course extremely hostile and aggressive to the intruders, as they are not used to "human-like" creatures and see anyone as threat+food.
He was attacked by several,  but avoided to damage them. He is not there to kill innocent animals, he has no right to and he knows it. It is their habitat not his, their home to protect from foreign threats and he absolutely respects it.
He takes a night of rest near the border, without crossing it. No one ever went beyond the second level and there are 5 more, harsher and harsher. And there is 1 thing he knows for sure. After crossing the border, he will not be able to sleep nor to rest nor stop. Or he will wake up right in front of Zimkesha. Sleep will tempt him, he can't know how long he will have to walk to reach the end of the seventh level, he can't afford to start the suicidal path without full-energies. And for his luck, he has lots of them, his "element" is energy itself.

The next morning, he does not eat. Eating consumes energies to digest and digestion causes sleepiness. For this reason he acted cunningly and provided himself with special alchemical elixirs to restore strengths without need of food. He also brought specific potions and materials with himself, he is not a fool, he did not go with empty-hands to face a sure death, he went to fight, play every card till the very end.
Once up, he crosses the border. The cold is literally paralyzing, it reaches the bones and is as sharp as thousands blades slicing  his entire body at once. He gasps. The air is heavy, breathing itself is an agony for how cold the air is. It causes his nose to bleed but it is far from enough to intimidate him. He is stubborn to death, literally. Not to mention how he would rather die than prove Dorian better than him,  by crawling back.
He covers his nose with hands, wearing heavy, thick wooly covered with leather gloves and proceeds.
Nothing alive is here. Literally. Not even plants. Only snow, ice and sharp wind.
The cold is stunning, it slows his movements, makes him stiff, dizzy and vulnerable. Not even ghosts are there, for no human could survive to reach this far. Auriold from the North can bear and survive a much lower temperature than mortals, who would not even have a chance to survive the temperature of the first level.

He was hoping he could manage to stand without magic till at least a few miles but after barely 1 km he realized he was dying already. Falling asleep, his eyes shutting on their own while walking. That awareness sound the alarm in his mind and he immediately cast an inner-fire spell, to raise his body temperature and keep him warm.
He walks for many hours without a single stop. Energies are consumed much faster than normal and he is forced to also use the elixirs much earlier than he hoped.
At the end of the second level, he is already half frozen, his supplies consumed for half. For the third level, he will need a different approach.
He unsheathes his sword and runs, using the weapon as during a training, slash/parry/lounge/launch/grab with other hand/repeat. It ensures him to keep his whole body active, warmer and thus reduce the risk of losing a limb due to exposure. And it works pretty fine. Activity+potions+elixirs+amulets+magic allow him to overcome the next levels, but when he finally reaches the border of the seventh, he has to realize he ran out of potions and elixirs. Magic and activity will drain his energy like lechers and he will have not a single way to restore it. But he cannot stop either or he will die in no time, falling asleep.
¬Gods, assist me...not for me, for Benjamin...for Amelis...for Thomas..¬ he mutters where his voice even echoes for how empty that place is. But those words gave him a morale boost. "Do not forget who you are doing this for. Your failure will damage them. You must do it for them, for the family." he repeats to himself. It works for a while but eventually he just collapses on the snow. He made this far, further than anyone else, just to fall here, so close to the end. He falls asleep before even realizing it.
But as soon as that happens, he sees Edward in his dream. He says him to wake up, with an angry tone. And actually, that is enough. He will never know if it was just a dream or Edward actually entered his mind to save his life, what matters is that he is awake now. But those few second were enough to lose his arm. Frozen. Completely. Gone. With all probabilities, it will have to be cut off, should he survive. Which is currently not an option he is considering.
All he hopes is to survive long enough to communicate the answer he will be given to Dorian so that he will be able to proceed on his own.
After more struggles, when he is literally at the end of his life, the Dask finally shows up. Totally white. A woman with insanely long hair, Rapunzel-like, totally white hair, white eyes, white skin, white dress. One could barely distinguish her from the snow and the white sky.
She stops a few meters from Anthony, who is struggling to breathe.
"How dare you intrude my land, unwise young Auriold? What rights do you claim, to have the arrogance to seek a meeting with me, the Mother of this world, its first and original keeper?"

He is all crouched, using his sword as a stick to support himself. His sight is totally blurry, just like his mind. ¬My my last wish...the last wish of an existence which is about to be erased...¬ he does not manage to speak properly at all, and his voice is as loud as a murmur. He slowly falls on his knee, on purpose, and it gives a quite unpleasant "crack" sound, but by now, he can't feel a single inch of his body.

His words sort of surprised the Dask woman. "Your arrogance cost you a high price. Would you willingly die, for your answer?"

He struggles to keep some lucidity, to be able to understand and reply at least. ¬I would pay any price, every, if that'd bring even half step closer to save my father...but do...tell it to Dorian...I won't. ..have the time to...¬ he collapses on the ground.

"I can't. The Ancient Dragon granted him his answer. I can't grant him mine too."

¬E...d...ward...Rid..d...d..le...¬ to that, he simply passes out. It was more than he could take, he pushed too far.

He wakes up two days later. Not on the snow but in on a bed, in a dark room. Besides him, Shelly, placing a warm, wet cloth on his forehead. He asks where he is, how he reached there and is told that Edward brought him here and saved his life. At first though, he is far from pleased, because he thinks that all was vane. Though, as soon as he manages to speak with Edward, he realizes it is not so.
The Dask, not just allowed him to survive, allowed Edward to rescue him, she also granted him his "last" wish and told Edward the answer to the question Anthony had, even though he did not manage to ask her, she knew what he wanted to ask.
Edward strongly suggests him to visit Jackil, no other doctor, if he wants to keep his arm. He managed to save it, but keeping the arm will bring him a lot of pain, spasm, it won't be as effective as a sane one, it'll be always weaker and any efforts will increase the pain. Cutting it off would be the wisest solution, but of course Anthony won't allow it, he'll rather suffer the consequences than losing his arm.
Clarified that, Edward finally reveals him the exact words the Dask told him: "In the eyes of a child, the widest, furthest and unreachable horizons can be explored. Something an adult mind won't be able to believe or will refuse to understand. But they never lie."
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After a while.

Some time after Johnny's wedding, he "appears" again in old Nortrig. Truth be told, being warned of what happened to Thomas made him much more involved and present in Nortrig compared to the past and this surely is going to bring to many consequences, one probably shocking.
Anyhow, after settling stuff on Earth and moving to Italy with Don Giulio and his family, he took Dominic with him for some time to learn more about what happened that night and the nearest before. And there was one thing in Dominic's memory which definitely did not square.
The young one did not even realize it, but he did, very clearly. And for that exact reason he intends to meet Dorian. He is not happy about it, but he will try not to end up in a brawl, even though he blames him for being so careless towards Thomas' and this matter. He considers Dorian a selfish bastard.
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1 | 38 Comments | by Christophei | Jun 26th 2015 18:28

Noah (before time skip One piece rps)

I am Noah, i am a former marine officer, former meaning i will never go back...they might try but i wont...things happend that made fill me with despair....
Name: Noah
Age: 20-23
Devil fruit: Tori Tori model falcon, and dice dice
Location: Spring Island somewhere on the grand line
Goals: re-pay the world for the wrongs
Weapon of choice: my arm blades
Special notes: i have masterd 2 of the 6 powers when i was in the marines, i also use a sort of rumble ball
Occupation: scout
Backstory: My Mom and Dad were top-rate pirates, but we were still i joined the marines to get us some money...
Then the day cannon men were drunk from our feast the night before....and fired at my parents ship, they toke this as an attacked and hit us back, i acted in self defence...but....killed them....
Now...i live with my grandma in my sorrows....regretting my life choices, and thus i swore to never go to sea with anyone unless they proved themseleves to me
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0 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jun 24th 2015 17:19


Some changes occurred:

-Serenity's arrival showed Chloris' true plans to Johnny. Unlike the past, the destruction of his kin didn't fall as heavy on him, as it felt as a revenge against her.
He didn't get to almost kill Devon on that day, always because of Serenity's arrival.
Vampires are exterminated with the exception of him, just like in the other version of the past, but this time, Werewolves were spared.

-As Johnathan fled with Serenity in the Wilds, they met Thomas before the happening which would make him lose his mind completely. Johnny was revealed the truth, that Thomas was never guilty of what happened to Devon and Dominic, it was a set-up.
Thanks to this, Johnny contacted Anthony, knowing he would never ignore the matter and that the eldest brother is the one who will make sure above all, that the truth about Thomas will reach Morgan clearly and effectively.

-Edward and Shelly got married tens of years before, because of the need of Octavia to be born by him. This spared Shelly from many dreadful happenings she would live through otherwise, after her father's death. She won't become a pirate, her soul will stay pure. She will never be tortured.

-Being dragged back to Nortrig by family matters, thanks to Johnathan, Anthony finally had a face-to-face meeting with their mother, in which he, behaving unlike anyone else so far -sharply and strictly rather than pitying and sweet- gave her the motivation to start to fight again.
She will most potentially survive the birth of Cordelia this time.

-Tomiel and Ramsay got to meet each other much earlier than in the other past. It will strengthen their bound even more.

-Thanks to the help of Trinity, Amy, Rea, Octavia and Serenity, Heles, Milena and SIdia won't be erased from the time.

-Thanks to the changes occurred at Tomiel's arrival, George didn't get to meet her and got lost, far into the southern wildlands. Edward took it as an opportunity for his youngest brother Charles to prove himself to their father and return to the family.

(Can't remember if else x) )
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1 | 0 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 21st 2015 18:21

Character: Kaie Clarksonvale

Name: Kaie Clarksonvale

Age: 24-27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Slightly messy Ginger/Blonde hair, unevenly tanned skin, green eyes, and tall for a female.

Occupation: Humanity's Fighting Force Team Command Leader

Universe: General Dystopian
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1 | 0 Comments | by ThePandoricaOpens | Jun 18th 2015 17:25

Character: Cassandra Rider

Name: Cassandra Rider

Age: Varies with appearance

Gender: Female

(Age 17) Long ginger hair, green eyes, mild acne problem, and fair skin.
(Age 18) Long black hair, brown eyes, no acne problem, and pale skin
(Age 22-32) Long blonde hair, Green eyes, acne issues, and fair skin.

Occupation: High school student/Housewife

Universe: The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Bio: Cassandra is the daughter of The Rider. When she was fourteen, he, (unbeknownst to her), killed her mother, and sent her away, (not out of love), to live in the human world, where she found herself moving from foster home, to foster home, until she found herself under the care of a strict woman, by the name of Ms. June. Cassandra went to a normal high school, where she met Will Stanton, and they become friends. However, not long after she turned The Rider found her again, and poisoned her mind, changing her appearance, (see (Age 18)), to outwardly reflect her new personality. Will was able to "save" her, and they both imprisoned her father once again.

Cassandra kept her new appearance well after her eighteenth birthday, still remaining friends with Will. However, just before the school year was going to end, she and Will were kidnapped, and taken to the Dark stronghold, where Will was beatened and tortured, and Cassandra was almost forced into a marriage that had been set up when she was only a baby. She was able to escape, and rescue Will, and they both managed to escape the Stronghold, where her appearance changed once more, (see (Age 22-32)), to reflect that she now serves the Light.

Four years later, Cassandra marries Will, and they have a son, and everything is peaceful for the next ten years.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ThePandoricaOpens | Jun 18th 2015 17:21

With Serenity and Johnny.

After Dorian brought the two to the throne room, he ordered everyone including Timothy and Artemis to leave the place, as he claimed to speak with the two privately and with no one witnessing.
After giving a couple of words to Serenity, she too is asked to leave and to head to a room where she will be staying.
Once alone with Johnny, he explains him why he took that decision, since so far he told about it only to Dorian, not intending to make certain private things public.
It was done because their spies came to realize how Chloris was only using Johnathan without him to even realize. The fact he allowed such a thing to happen thus putting his power in the hands of that traitor was unacceptable and made him no longer suitable for that role. And since no one else would be considered trustworthy enough to give "vampires" another chance, the final move was needed.
Johnny is not directly deemed responsible of anything, in fact, Morgan is not angry at him, but he was no longer willing to take risks from uncertain and unstable creatures who could turn dangerous for the citizens.
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1 | 0 Comments | by MiisFit | Jun 17th 2015 19:01

Ichas uchiha

Name : Ichas Uchiha
age: 18 or looks as 18 years
hair: one half black other half light green
eyecolor:left eye is red/sharigan and right eye is light blue
sex:straight and single

Ichas is a boy who had a tough life he parents were murdered by his uncle when he was just 6 years old and he ran away into the forest normally he had died as it was not for Formis formis is a beast inside of Ichas who looks as a white tiger with blue stripes because of that ichas was young the formis had send him away form that world into earth were his powers were no more or weaker then normal now he only had the power from the formis and he build up his life in a forest now ichas is 18 years old or he looks like he is 18 years now he lifes in a house he made at a lake in the forest and just tries to life a normal life
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2 | 0 Comments | by ZeroKiryu | Jun 17th 2015 07:00


Name : Byakuran
age: 20
hair: white
sex:straight and single

Byakuran is a normal friendly person who is very good at chest and thinking couple steps ahead and it doesnot matter by what he tries to get ultimate power by collecting the sky ring from a family and colleting a sky chain so he gets all the power from it he already has the other ring so that are the only two who he is missing Byakuran travels between worlds and dimentions to search for them but who know where he comes and what will happen
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8 | 0 Comments | by ZeroKiryu | Jun 17th 2015 06:41

Zero Kiryu

Name: Zero Kiryu
age: 18 in human age vampire age is 1000 years
gender: male
sex:straight and single

Zero is a vampire who lives into the woods in a wooden house at a lake he is a 1000 years old and survives by drinking blood form humans at night most of the time he choose a person who is alone and after that he is done he leaves or takes care of them by taking them to a safe place till they wake up but even with this is zero very friendly and really dont want ot hurt any but he needs blood to life so he has no choose... as a job he hunt other vampire or other creatures who harm the humans in any way or who broke the rules from the council
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24 | 2 Comments | by ZeroKiryu | Jun 17th 2015 06:31

Character: Whisper St. Cloud

Name: Whisper St. Cloud

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fair skin, with medium pink hair, and wings.

Occupation: Test subject

Universe: Maximum Ride

Bio: Created in a test tube at a place called The University, Whisper's days were filled with constant testing, and retesting, and what she referred to as torture. She heard of the infamous Maximum Ride, and her Flock's daring escapades. However, as much as she wanted to, Whisper couldn't ever bring herself to follow in the footsteps of Max, and break free. Whisper quickly befriend another test subject, a boy by the name of Shadow, a test subject with jet black hair, and wings. They managed to become involved with eachother, and the University allowed it, surprisingly.
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1 | 0 Comments | by ThePandoricaOpens | Jun 15th 2015 16:50