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Dr./Professor Mecha

Name- Dr. (Professor, Scientist) Mecha
Age- 20
Species- Human
Weapons- A metal sword that is covered with gold, two robots (Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic) that help him in trouble and transform into a metal overlord, and a mecha overlord
Personality- Dislikes human and make robots for a living, trying to make a better world for mechas and robots, making humanity slaves for robots and for him.
Appearance-Handsome, white hair with black colors on the tips of the hair, techno glasses that he made to hack into systems, wears black and red clothes and black and red professors coat.
Backstory- Was born with his father since his mother die on child birth. raised in a small town with a huge factory in it. At the age of 10, kids treated him as a nerd and bullied most often. He learned how to build a robot and used it to help his father. At age of 15, he made his glasses to help him cheat on school homework and hack into systems. He was more handsome, but less nerdy and graduated from school and graduated from a university of mechanics. His father died when he was at the age of 20. His father trusted him to take over the factory and make a world a better place for robots. He build many factories to make a entire army filled with robots and helped him build a giant metal overlord and a mecha overlord to both make him control it and be invincible with it.
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2 | 0 Comments | by The_Hybrid_One | Mar 23rd 2016 01:45


Nimira Gehenna- she is of Greek and Indian decent, making her quite tanned. Her hair is long and black, and thick and frizzy. She has a few deep blue streaks, just because she wanted to try something new. Her eyes are a dark hazel, she's thin but with an athletic figure, so she doesn't have many curves, and is about 5'7". She is a huge fan of caving, and jumping down waterfalls (she's a bit of an adrenaline junky). She's snarky and sarcastic, even with friends. You can never tell if she's joking around or if she hates you. But, she does have a soft side. She's terrified of thunderstorms. She also likes to sing and play the piano. She has hydrokinesis, which is control over water (waterbending if you know what the last airbender is).
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheMeridianSea | Mar 22nd 2016 22:53

My Elven OC #2:

Name (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Idril of Alfheim (Ih-drill) (Al-f-hey-am)
Nickname (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: None
Age: Depends on RP
Date of Birth: March 20
Place of Birth: Alfheim
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Elf
Language(s): Nandorin (Elvish)
Phrase(s): None

_Physical Description_
Height: 4'9 - 5'0
Weight: 114 - 140
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brunette
Skin: Pale
Typical Clothing: Extravagant gowns
Equipment: Depends on the RP

Personality/Attitude: Narcissistic, regal, sensitive, proper.
Optimistic, joyful, and is usually sweet.
Talents/Skills: Can play the piano, and is a poetic person.
Favorites/Likes: Depends on the RP
Most Hated/Dislikes: Depends on the RP
Strengths: Her quick wit.
Weaknesses: Her attitude.
Fears: The forest.
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, and playing her piano.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Tries to be dominant, but usually ends up being submissive.
Sexual Preferences: Very openly Pansexual
Place/Type of Residence: Depends on RP
Occupation: Depends on RP
Family/Friends/Pets/etc: Depends on RP

( Face Claim: Ellone Andrea )
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3 | 0 Comments | by Izzabella_Schuyler | Mar 22nd 2016 18:59

My Elven OC #1:

Name (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Adrina of Alfheim (Ah-dree-nah) (Al-f-hey-am)
Nickname (Pronunciation)[Meaning]: Adi (Ah-dee)
Age: Depends on the RP.
Date of Birth: December 21
Place of Birth: Alfheim
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Elf
Language(s): English, Nandorin (Elvish)
Phrase(s): None

_Physical Description_
Height: 5'0
Weight: 104
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Silvery white
Skin: Very pale
Typical Clothing: Flowing, pastel colored gowns.
Equipment: Depends on the RP

Personality/Attitude: Shy, sweet, caring.
Talents/Skills: Musically talented.
Favorites/Likes: Depends on the RP.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Depends on the RP.
Strengths: Her sweet nature and large heart.
Weaknesses: Her lack of sight. (Can depend on the RP)
Fears: The dark, loud noises, thunder.
Hobbies/Interests: Art and music.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Her sweet demeanor makes her out to be a sub, and does not like to be in control of her partner.
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual
Place/Type of Residence: Depends on the RP
Occupation: Depends on the RP
Family/Friends/Pets/etc: Depends on the RP

( Face Claim: _miss_autumn_ of Instagram )
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1 | 0 Comments | by Izzabella_Schuyler | Mar 22nd 2016 18:42

My Main OC:

Name: Izzabella Schuyler (Izz-ah-bell-ah Sky-ler)
Alias’: Izzy (Iz-ee), Iz, Bella (Beh-la)
Age: 18 - 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthdate: (06/22/1991)
Time of birth: 11:53
Country of Origin: US
Birthplace: Oregon
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Welsh & Scottish descent)
Occupation: Model & tattoo artist
Language(s): English & Spanish
Native tongue: English
Religion: Wicca
Culture: White American
Political affiliation: Democrat
Education: High School diploma & Bachelor's in the fine arts
IQ: 110
Blood type: O-
Height: 5’2
Weight: 119 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Changes often & wears many lace front wigs
Skin: Pale
Shoe size: 5.5
Figure/build: Thin & curvy
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Many
-Scars: Faint self harm scars on her thighs and arms, but are covered by her tattoos
-Piercings: Septum, Medusa, earlobes, and nipples.
-Clothing style: Gothic & Punk
Currently lives: LA, California
Living Arrangements: With boyfriend
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, walking her dog often, and doing things with her boyfriend.
Talents/Skills: Artistic, musically talented.
Strengths: Her ability to understand, think quick and outside the box, and her caring, mother-like personality.
Weaknesses: Her short temper, her caring personality, and her ability to trust quickly.
Love interest(s): Chris Corner (@Sneakerpimp)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual & Polyamorous
Dominant Hand: Right
Virgin?: No
Drinker?: Yes
Smoker?: Yes
Drug user?: Yes; Uses Marijuana recreationally and medically
Other addictions?: No
Pet peeves: People who have sh*tty attitudes or are just sh*tty all around
Basic description: Artistic girl who adores animals and usually gets along with anybody. Tries not to cause any troubles with people, since she dislikes any negativity in her life.
Personality: Is a positive person who constantly has a smile on her face. Can have her moments of negativity due to her Clinical Depression and Anxiety.
Likes: All forms of art, animals, sleep, food, and attention.
Dislikes: Negative people, sexism, misogyny, racism, overly religious people, anything anti - LGBTQ+, animal cruelty, and people who aren’t willing to listen to other people’s views and ideals.
Fears/Phobias: Loneliness & raised voices/yelling that is towards her.
Favourite food: Anything sweet
Favourite drink: Tea
Favourite color: Green
-Parents: Alastair & Donna Schuyler
-Siblings: None
-Other close relatives: Her cousin, Conor Overbey (@Klonopins)
Friends: Janine Gezang, Reanna M Taylor, Sammi Doll, Jon Siren, Cevin Key, Liam Howe, Gerard Way (@HesitantAlien), Luciano Bianchi (@PourSomeSugarOnU2), Ammia Jones (@MaxwellHouseCoffee), Madison Skye (@Skyeline), and many more
Partner: Chris Corner (@Sneakerpimp)
Offspring: None
Enemies: None
Pet(s): A white Pomeranian named Polar
-Early Childhood: The only child of Alastair and Donna Schuyler, Izzy was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, where she was surrounded with plenty of art in all shapes and forms. Her parents made sure she grew up in a loving and open minded home, even if they were Catholic. They did not want to force their beliefs on their child, wanting to let her choose such things herself.

-Adolescence: As a teen, Izzy went through many phases in appearance and personal beliefs. When she got into high school, she soon fell into the Gothic fashion, and ended up sticking to it due to feeling herself in it. At that time, she gained interest in Wicca, and realized how much she liked the religion. Though, being herself in high school did gain a lot of bullying towards her. She was ridiculed over her way of dressing and her interests in things.

Although her childhood was wonderful, and her life was filled with things that made her happy, the bullying got to her and she fell into a deep depression that caused her to end up self harming, which continued on until finally being caught her Junior year of high school by her parents. After many tears and long lectures, Izzy got professional help for her now Clinical Depression and Anxiety, and soon began to get better and began her long journey to stop self harming.

-Adulthood: After graduating college and getting her Bachelor’s in the fine arts, Izzy moved to LA, where she began working for a small tattoo shop as a receptionist until she got her tattooing license. She enjoyed tattooing, and didn’t think she’d do anything else, until she was approached by one of her customers who encouraged her into doing alternative modelling. Izzy didn’t accept at first, but soon grew curious and decided to try it out. Izzy soon became pretty well known with her modelling, and gained a lot of new customers for her tattooing.

Throughout it all, she had a few partners here and there, but none were really working out for her until she met a man in the modelling business. They lasted for two years, and Izzy felt as though they’d end up together, until she caught him cheating. She packed her bags and left from his apartment that same day, She ended up living with a friend for a while, and tried to stay cheerful and open minded, which led her to bumping into a older man who had a rather adorable dog, which leads us to Izzy today.

( Face claim: Lusy Logan )
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9 | 0 Comments | by Izzabella_Schuyler | Mar 22nd 2016 18:07

Strage di massa.

Lui ha avuto la stessa idea di Barclay in quanto a proteggere le sue terre da ogni tipo di creatura che non sia un mutaforma, o uno knight...
Ha messo dei mutaforma a fare la guardia, per evitare che degli skinwalker o dei lupi mannari entrassero nel suo territorio. Ha lasciato detto di non uccidere nessuno, ma di imprigionarli e di mandarlo a chiamare subito nel caso nè incontrassero qualcuno.
Dato che la situazione è abbastanza sotto controllo decide di fare visita aLucyl, perchè è da molto tempo che non va da lei, è stato impegnato a riorgannizzare la gerarchia. Quando arriva però non trova Lucyl, anzi nel letto in cui ci sarebbe dovuta essere lei c'era un biglietto da parte di Barclay, che diceva: "C'è voluto un po' ma la ho trovata, tranquillo è viva, si è perfino risvegliata, la ho mandata al tuo castello, ormai dovrebbe essere già lì... Ps. Vediamo dove arriva il tuo odio per gli skinwalker. :)"
Letto il biglietto rimane per un po' a riflettere, è bloccato dal timore di vederla, che cosa direbbe di lui... che cosa è diventato nel tempo? Quanta gente ha ucciso? La cosa che lo spaventa di più è che lei possa cominciare a guardarlo in modo diverso, gli spezzerebbe il cuore sapere di averla delusa, lei più di chiunque altro.
Si decide a tornare al castello, quando arriva sembra tutto normale, sembra non essere successo niente di strano, data la situazione decide di dire la verità a Crow, va da lui, ma prima che possa dirgli tutto arriva un mtaforma che dice di aver trovato una skinwalker.
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2 | 32 Comments | by Even | Mar 21st 2016 19:06

Back in black

The only real way to actually make some serious progress in the current situation, is to learn to cooperate with the few reasonable "monsters" and get as many as possible to the right side.
And in fact there is already a good base as both Jeremi and Viktor are already preparing to defend the innocents against the hostile Alphas. Plus it is a very great advantage to know what happened inside the cage, the alliances that happened in there and so on.

For these reasons, Conny and Crow decided to attempt something never happened before: a meeting between hunters and "monsters", something reasonable and friendly. And for that purpose, to keep the meeting frjendly they make sure not to invite Dean, Malcolm and John, they were actually sent off to a fake hunt to keep them the furthest from there.

For the rest they invite almost all reasonable hunters as at the least this will be very instructive to learn something more about what they are fighting.

Since Jeremi (Shifter's alpha) is not exactly friendly, he doesn't show up but only his son Crow goes. Viktor too and very surprisingly, a fairy too comes with Viktor, but not their alpha.

The meeting happens in Bobby's house again and at first only Crow with Conny and the other hunters are there.
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2 | 54 Comments | by Snow_ | Mar 21st 2016 11:25

Yo,anyone up for some DmC:Devil May Cry roleplay?

The rules are like this.You can roleplay either a character from the game or an original character just as long as they fit within the Game`s universe.Either way,specify whether your character`s an angel,demon,nephilim or human and give a brief profile of your character.I`ll start:

Name:Dante Sparda
Age:Early 20`s
Weapons:Rebellion,Ivory and Ebony
Hair:Dark brown with a single streak of silver
Profile:Dante on the surface is a moody,violent,foulmouthed loner with a sharp tongue and a hair-trigger temper.He knows that his city is ruled by demons and most humans are blissfully oblivious to this fact which has resulted in a rebellious, fiercely independent,careless and effusive disposition.Beneath his rough exterior and unflattering reputation however lies a caring young man who will do anything to defend the only two people he truly trusts:his younger brother Vergil and a human medium named Kat.
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3 | 1 Comment | by NephilimDante | Mar 20th 2016 22:01


Age: 8
Appearance: long pitch black hair that reached her waist normally in messy tangles. Dark but bright Brown eyes sometimes clouded as she temporarily goes blind. She normally wears An old torn white dress that goes just past her knees. She is also bare foot most of the time. And carries around a grey stuffed bear named demon.
Personality: she can be either extremely timid or extremely bold it depends on the situation. She is smart and a normally happy child that is very compassionate and caring as well as protecive even if she can't protect anybody she will always try.
History: changes with the role play

Ten years later

Age: 18.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 103

Appearance: clouded Brown eyes and dark chocolate Brown hair. She filled out her body nicely having genuine curves and a small but visible chest. She still had pale skin now marked with small scars.

Personality: doesn't talk much but has improved her ability to speak. She had continued her training and become a demon Hunter. And is still best friends with a shadow demon.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Mar 18th 2016 12:56


Name: Elizabeth
Age: unknown
Species: Dark angel
Family: unknown
Height: 5'6
History: She won't tell but she is fancied by Satan only in her human but she killed him so he can no longer touch her
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3 | 0 Comments | by DemonWerewolf | Mar 15th 2016 17:05

Soul James Wolfe

Nickname: Doc, James

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 163 lbs

Birthday: December 1

Blood type: AB+

Species: Human (Other species are optional)

Being around certain people
Teasing others

Being alone
Being teased

Personality: Soul can be very protective over certain things or people, and when he's in the mood, he can be very passionate. Due to his lack of actually loving someone, he can get very awkward with his attempts to seduce someone. With that being said, he gets jealous easily. When he's not trying to be lovable, he can either be sarcastic, quiet, or optimistic. His name is Soul Wolfe because he only grew up with nicknames, so his original name was forgotten.

He's also a doctor who (somehow) became a doctor early.
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5 | 1 Comment | by Knight | Mar 15th 2016 16:39

List of the Alphas. (Incomplete list)

Werewolves: Ezekiel Teyss.
Skinwalkers: Barclay McLaine.
Shifters: Jeremi Castle. (Crow is no real alpha, he is Jeremi's firstborn and unofficially replaced his father in his absence. He doesn't have the power of an Alpha and he can die.)
Sirens: Mirice.
Valkyries: Trula.
Amazons: Rianka.
Knights of Zimkesha: Viktor Jagermeister.
Shojos: Lohun.
Fairies: Sunflower.
Leprechauns: Cosko.
Gnomes: Rando.
Mermaids: Zalija.
Nimox: Xineus.
Harpies: Clevenoir.

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1 | 0 Comments | by Snow_ | Mar 14th 2016 19:08

Rp rules? Ig

I can't promise a definite length on my response.

I can't stand it when someone controls my character.

If I control YOUR character for something, tell me and we can redo that scene

I can't start an rp to save my life, so you may as well not ask.
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9 | 0 Comments | by Imlost | Mar 14th 2016 19:06


Our shadows are always following us
They're another version of ourselves
But sometimes our shadows become us
They take over wiping any sanity left in us
They makes us crazy but we all live in an insane world
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2 | 2 Comments | by DemonWerewolf | Mar 14th 2016 11:36

Fear of the Dark.

The Alphas are much more complicated than anyone could imagine in fact. There is a reason if so many innocents had to willingly accept to sacrifice themselves in order to imprison them: it's simply impossible to get rid of them. And that's not just because they can not be killed, but because they are intelligent like any other Auriold, wise, most of them are over 800 years old, there is sure none of them to be young and naive. But the worst point of all is the fact that they look exactly like every any other Auriold that could be found. They pass completely unnoticed among the people, they are just like the others, even in their energies. They don't feel any different and there is no material that causes them reactions, the oldest and most experienced hunter put in front of a random Auriold and one of the Alphas wouldn't be able to know which one is the Auriold and which the Alpha.

They were caged for 4 centuries and their look wasn't known to many, so basically it's possible to say that nowadays, the only people who knows what some of them look like are the people who were present when they were released and each others.
Ezekiel has been to Thylum thousands of times after getting to Devon's mansion, take everything from him and return to the lead of the Werewolves. He goes there for several reasons, to find out what happened during his absence, to learn about the official Hunters, to choose his victims and the people to transform. But most of all, he goes for revenge and not towards the people who are responsible for his imprisonment, but for his own family.
He was betrayed by his brother, Janhor, because of him he was captured, tortured for months and eventually sold to researchers to be experimented on, to then become the first Werewolf.
Despite he doesn't mind at all to be a Werewolf, he is very pissed off for the treason and he is not satisfied enough to know that his "whole" family was already tortured and exterminated. Plus, ever since he set his nose out of the cage, he could smell that Teyss blood from the other side of the world. He knows there is one living Teyss and he intends to get to that person and...have his revenge, even if he is aware that he is potentially completely innocent. And he is convinced it is a male, probably his nephew and he hopes so badly that he looks like his father.

After relaxing and getting himself back to full strength, he indeed went to hunt this Teyss down, following the smell, which led him to Thylum first, straight to Malicedom, where Tomiel was for her classes. She noticed him outside, and it creeped her out a little, but she ignored it, thinking she just imagined it.
The next day, he saw the strange figure outside Richard's window, while she was there for her private lessons.
Two days after, Ezekiel was outside her window, in the night, at home. She screamed like crazy getting all of the men of the house to go to check, but no one found Ez, only a dog that had been killed, clearly not by some animals.
She never spoke to anyone about the previous times she spotted him and everyone thought it was just a robbery attempt.
For a couple more days, she didn't see him anywhere, she relaxed again thinking that she probably was just imagining things. That evening, she was taken to Jackil's clinic after homeworks by Richard, so that her father could do a check-out to her to make sure she is fine, something normal, something that has to be done often because of her disease.
The Healer working for Jack left and the two were left alone in the clinic and just as they were about to go home, they noticed someone in the waiting room -Ezekiel.

The thought it could be a girl never once crossed Ez's mind. He was completely sure it would be an adult male that he never even considered a different possibility. But in truth, he decided he wanted her anyway, so he had to take her.
In the clinic, Jackil tried to fight him to protect his daughter, but it was pointless, there was nothing he could do against the Alpha Werewolf and in the end, he left the doctor in a very poor condition, took the girl and disappeared in the night.

It was the healer to find Jackil, some minutes later. He forgot his hat in the clinic and returned to get it, but found quite a different scene than he expected.
He called Royal Guards and Jackil was taken care of by Doctor Robstein himself-

It happened a week ago and ever since that evening no news of Tomiel has been heard by anyone. No one saw her nor her kidnapper, but naturally, almost the entire military organizations of the North, Khai-Ming and some other helper are all helping to find her.

Jackil won't be able to move from bed for several weeks due to the injuries he received in the fight. Being an Elite Guard did nothing against Ezekiel. And he is depressed beyond belief for having been unable to protect his own daughter.

In addition to that, Jackil received some very strange visits from an unknown man, Viktor in fact. And he just left Jackil's home, after visiting him yet another time.
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1 | 82 Comments | by MORAX | Mar 13th 2016 19:16