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Who is?: Alistar Ridley

Name: Alistar Ridley
Aliases: Ratched, Alexander
Age: 23
Hometown: London, England
Species: Anthropomorphic Wolf
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: "Anythin' wif 'oles in it, luv" (Pansexual)
Fur Color: Black, White
Personality: Observant, Quick witted, blunt, tends to lead things to sex.
Jobs: Private investigator
Skills: thinks fast on his toes, multiple fighting styles known, expert fencer
Born on the streets of London, Alistar learned pretty quick how to survive on the streets and soon began a life of professional thievery. After two many run ins with the law and a few months in prison, Alistar began studying in law school and eventually legally became a private investigator. Nowadays, he can be found drinking at the bar, trying to persuade the locals for sex. But don't let his unprofessional looks fool you, he is an incredibly fast thinker, usually solving a murder in no more than an hour..
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2 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 10th 2015 02:53

Who is?: Ausher Hayes

Name: Ausher Hayes
Aliases: None
Age: 22
Hometown: Souix Falls, South Dakota
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Hair color: Blonde
Personality: Pessimistic, quiet
Jobs: Student, Short order cook.
Skills: Culinary skills, acrobatic

Born into a family of wealthy diplomats, Ausher was the black sheep of the family. Instead of going into politics like his mother and father, Ausher wanted to take up culinary arts, to which he studies under the guise of political science. He despises being called the "rich kid" and would rather just stay in his dorm room and avoid everyone else.
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 10th 2015 01:45

Who is?: Vast the Wanderer

Name: Vast Parker
Aliases: Vast the Wanderer
Age: 24
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Anthropomorphic Fox
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Fur Color: Orange, white, brown.
Personality: Excitable, Optimistic, Intelligent (Or so he says).
Jobs: Self-proclaimed Wanderer of the Worlds.
Skills: Seemingly-endless source of knowledge (according to eyewitness), Expert at Thai Boxing.

Not much is known about Vast the Wanderer. Some say he's a dull-witted fox who likes nothing more then wandering around. Others will say he's a brilliant scientist who holds knowledge far surpassing anyone in the world. One thing that is known, is that he has been everywhere. From the sun and sand of California, to the frozen Antarctic. There are even rumors that he has seen the Circles of Hell and the Gates of Heaven. So ...Who exactly is Vast the Wanderer? The World may never know.
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 9th 2015 23:49

Life and death

When one life ends two more begin, when one dies they become a blossoming masterpiece, we are all born to die, that's how surval works, that's how and end and a beginning are formed, nothing can mean everything and everything will forever mean nothing if all we do is die...
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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 9th 2015 17:42

Christoph and Carry.

At the time, Christoph was a doctor. He had been operating for over 70 years, which by rule, made him an Elder/Elite Doctor of Nortrig (thus higher than the ordinary ones, wearing a black coat instead of the classic white).
He was a totally different man than he is now. He was cheerful, patient, caring and even sweet, while still being a very hard worker, obseesed with clean and an insanely precise person. All qualities that suit a doctor of Nortrig. And his career was literally shiny.
The Master Doctor of the time, Hermer Hartz, decided to go to his well-deserved retirement after an honorable carreer lasted 602 years and the two canditates between which he'd have to choose his successor, were Christoph, his favorite, and Loris Robstein (the current Master Doctor).
Everything was going according to his plans, he only paid attention to his carreer, after all, as a doctor he couldn't get married, thus he found it beyond pointless to care at all about his sentimental life. That is, until a "fateful" day.

It was Winter II and as always, there was a state of alarm all over the North. The Hospital was insanely crowded, emergency requests arrived at an insane pace making all the doctors and healers stressed and overwhelmed by patients. In that chaos, a specific request of assistance was sent by a noble man to Doctor Hartz himself, who, being already busy, decided to sent Christoph instead, to check it.
Christoph accepted without complaints, after all, he DID want to be chosen as next Master Doctor, so, he left the hospital and headed to the mansion of the man, Quentin Collier (Lydia's second husband by combined marriage her father forced her into), a nobleman of the Dukedom of Sturmland.
There, he was welcomed quite coldly by the man, not pleased by the fact the Master Doctor sent someone else. It made him feel less important, not because he cared at all that his step-daughter would be taken care of by the best of doctors.
Ignoring the attitude of the man, Christoph behaved professionally and went to take care of the young woman, who was lied on her bed in her bedroom, holding her arm, looking in pain.
It took Carry just one glance at Christoph to know he was the man she wanted. It was love at the first sight to her, and how gently and kindly Christoph treated her while taking care of her broken arm only "added wood to the fire" in her heart.
At the time, she wasn't happy. Her mother wasn't happy with that man, he mistreated them all, insulted her dead father, working class, basically everything that was in any way linked to them. It was like a war in their home, no one liked each other. Thus, the doctor's attitude was like a breath of fresh air for her.
On the other hand, Christoph did notice her for sure, as she was stunningly beautiful, but knowing his place and position, he didn't look at her as anything else than a patient in need of assistance. He really gave her the same treatment he would give to anyone else in her position.
Sadly for Carry, it didn't take Christoph more than an hour to be done with her and being it nothing so serious in a moment of national emergency, he wouldn't return to check the state of it daily nor anything, he told her what to do and that in three days everything would be fixed as if nothing had happened. Which was a big disappointment to her now. She wanted to see him again, she wanted to get to know him more. She tried to ask him to return to check the arm the next day, but all she was given was the address of his clinic, being told that should she notice any issue, she could come to visit him there. And it was a good start to her.

For the days it took her to heal, she just spent the entire time thinking about an excuse to go out of home and that would justify her absence of some hours for who knows how many days in a row. She literally planned to stalk him like a spy until she would get the chance to meet him properly.
Carry was an extremely ambitious and determined woman, she always obtained what she wanted and sometimes, she was even willing to go against whatever rule or law in order to reach her goals. Where other young women would stop, because of the fact that man was a doctor who couldn't marry them, she proceeded, not even caring what their future would be, as long as it would exist and it would imply them two being together. Anywhere, in any way.
But she wasn't, in any way, a bad person. She had many qualities and was extremely kind and good-hearted.

The following days, every day, she went close to Christoph's clinic, never approachig too much, always keeping herself somewhere that could justify her presence there. (Close to a store, a cafè, a house, always to have an excuse as for why she was there, should anyone notice her) That way, she learnt part of his daily schedule, at least, she learnt at what time he went there and at what time he left.
For about two weeks, she kept spying on him, until one afternoon, before he would arrive, she decided to try the "all for all".
She went to the clinic and spoke to the healer-assistant there, asking for an appointment, but with a weird, specific request: making sure to be his very last appointment of the day. It was essential to her, with the nasty plan she had, to not have anyone outside waiting for his/her turn. She wanted total freedom, also knowing that the healer always left a couple of hours before Christoph.
She knew that it couldn't be as easy as speaking to him, she knew that she had to show him how much she wanted him. And she was ready for everything, in order to make him love her as much as she loved him.
The next day, she spent whole hours preparing herself to go to the appointment. She put on a lot of very fine makeup, perfume, wore one of her best dresses and got herself an extremely difficult hairstyle. She wanted to impress him and if needed, seduce him.
At the right time, she went there, by now she knew the place by heart in every single detail, but just the outside. She went with some minutes of advance of course, as proper, and just waited until the doctor would be done with the previous patient and call her for her turn. The man who came out of the room after some time, gave her a weird look, as NO ONE would get that elegant to go to visit a doctor, but being a total stranger he just left without a word. A couple of minutes after, Christoph called "Lady Teller" in, ready to receive her.
Needless to say. her appearence left him speechless for some seconds as he found her beautiful beyond imagination. For a moment, he felt his heart pump faster, but quickly snapped out of it, intending to be professional and focused, as always.
He asked for the reason of her appointment, as he indeed remembered her and wondered if something indeed went wrong with her broken arm. And she said that it was the case indeed, but as Christoph started to check, he could tell it was perfectly and flawlessly healed. Which definitely gave him some strange suspects.

«My apologizes, Doctor Riddle, I just had a wrong feeling about it. Or maybe all I wanted was to see you again.» She told him while starting to stroke his hand. To which, he took a step back.

«I would appreciate to know the truth, m'Lady. Far from my will to be unwelcoming, but being I a very busy man, I lack the time for childish games.» He got a little shaken by her behaviour, and while a part of him hoped that she would take her leave after his words, another part was intrigued and hoped for the very opposite.

Her words were of course not enough to discourage her. «My apologizes again. Having I come this long way, I would appreciate to make sure of my actual health state. May I be granted a careful check up?» Her voice sounded serious but at the same time it had something of seductive.

He nodded, he couldn't do otherwise anyway, so he started to prepare his tools. «For a complete check up, you will need to undress. Staying in your undergament. ("Victorian-like" underwear, basically, a whole other almost fully covering dress)» He spoke with a slightly colder tone than usual, fearing she had something in mind.

She mentally smirked at his words, she asked for a complete check up for the exact reason of taking off her clothes. What he expected was a common, normal, plain, white undergament, just like every other woman who went to a check up? Because that was totally not what she had under her dress. Nothing really obscene or tasteless, but for the standards and habits of the place, that was nothing a woman should or would wear if not in a very private moment in the only presence of her husband.
It consisted in a tight black corset with a white skirt barely reaching her knees. And yes, it was scandalous to go in front of a doctor that way, it still is in the North and it will be forever.
Again, Christoph was left speechless. It was clear she was trying to seduce him, but he pretended to not have noticed. He took his stethoscope to check her heart-beats, but no, she had indeed other plans and seeing that every attempt to catch his attention otherwise had failed, she literally jumped on him. Which soon led to a very censored situation.
It was so unlike him he couldn't recognize himself at first. He felt as if he had just been overwhelmed by a huge wave which dragged him to some far, peaceful shore. The passion immediately converted into a deep feeling of love which became deeper and deeper the more the two met.
And for several months, she went to him at the clinic every evening, as his "last appointment" of the day. The two weren't thinking about anything else than how they burned to spend more time together. All that mattered to them were those few hours they spent together, they didn't care about anything else, it was as if in the end of the day, Carry and Christoph left the world for some hours to find their peace and happiness. But it wasn't meant to last for long.
It was Richard to bring his younger brother back to reality. At the time, after the death of Bartholomew I (Christoph's twin), to help him recover, Richard used to spend a lot of time with him, becoming closer than they used to be. The mathematician noticed immediately that something was different with the brother, that he was up to something unclear, but he avoided to intromit, until a night.
Richard was walking by the clinic in the early night, when he noticed lights still on. Thinking Christoph was there, working till late on some paperwork, he decided to take him something to eat, so he went to a nearby restaurant and bought him some of his favorite foods. When he went into the clinic though, by just entering the waiting room, he could hear chuckling, including a feminine voice...and not just that. It was rather clear what Christoph was doing, so, with discretion, he left the food in the waiting room and left the place.

About two hours later (basically, as soon as Christoph found the food in the waiting room, when closing the clinic after Carry left), he rushed to Richard's mansion, in the absolute need to speak with him. If their father had come to hear about it...the very thought of it terrified him to death, he had to explain to Richard, to make sure he wouldn't let anyone hear anything about the matter.
The older brother was asleep and thus awakened by his knocking, but soon went to open the door to let the conversation happen. Of course, he had no intention to speak about it to anyone else than him. After all, even though doctors couldn't formally get married, nothing prevented them to have relationships; most of the doctors had a partner and there was nothing wrong in Christoph having one too. Problem was, Carry was not a widow of some failed combined marriage. Neither she was some low middle-class woman who could be with any man without following any formalities. She was a noble, even though just step-daughter and not biological. She was meant to get married and with someone important. Her stepfather had the right to choose her partner, to give her for a combined marriage that would bring him advantage. She was pure, and Christoph "ruined" her. It would bring problems, to both, as it couldn't stay hidden forever. It would cause a huge scandal, it would end up straight to Morgan and the consequences wouldn't be pleasant.

Both Richard and Christoph came out with only one possible solution that would keep them, as much as possible, "unhamed": he had to marry her and soon. That way, a scandal would be avoided, which would leave the two to deal with just some displeasure and disappointment of their parents, rather than the fierce, fiery, deadly rage of Morgan-

Christoph pondered the situation very well. If he had not married her, when eventually rumors would starts to spread and the truth would be uncovered, the two would be parted, in a way or another. And he believed that what his father would have done to him in that case would definitely make sure he would never have the guts to even glance at a woman again.
But marrying her meant that all of his life that far, all of the terrible efforts it cost him to become a doctor, all he achieved in life was to be thrown away with no chance to get it back. He could no longer be a doctor and it would happen just so close to earning the most prestigious title any doctor could dream for (Master Doctor)...but what would that title really mean to him? What actual improvement would it bring to his life? What would it be, if not a bunch of ashes to cover the emptiness and bitterness of what he would lose?
Her love meant everything to him now, it meant more than anything, more than any stupid title, achievement, more than his father's anger and disappointment. Nothing mattered compared to her. His future had to be with her, only and forever.

Doctor Hartz was astonished, when he found Christoph's dismissions on his desk. He couldn't believe it. He sent word to the King immediately, refusing to accept them at first. It was ridiculous to even think that a doctor of Christoph's rank and success could decide to leave everything.
Morgan was furious beyond imagination. He was, because he thought that Christoph was screwing everything up for the first woman he liked. (As of course and fortunately for him, his father was not aware of how things actually went between them, but neither he could be aware of how much and deeply they loved each other)
Nothing, though, was enough to make him return on his decision. Eventually, Doctor Hartz was forced to accept his dismissions and Christoph and Carry fixed the date of their wedding.

Carry didn't mention anything to her family until he asked her to marry him, and the reactions weren't positive either.
Her mother was extremely displeased by the fact she chose to marry such an high ranked noble. The terrible experience Lydia had with her second husband and his family was enough for her to hate nobles badly and she was convinced that for Christoph, it was just like a spoiled kid satisfying a tantrum and that sooner or later, he would get tired of her and make her unhappy. Also convinced that his family would never fully accept her for being lower ranked.

At the wedding, none of the parents of the couple came. In fact, an extremely restricted number of people came. Of the Riddle, just Richard, William and, surprisingly for everyone, Edward. (Just at the ritual at the Temple, of course, not at any sort of party) and Madre, with Richard and William being his Best Men. While of the Teller-Collier, only Carry's brother, Philip came. And two friends of her. Just six people plus the couple. And they had of course invited their whole families. Not even Benjamin went, keeping (at the time) his unmotivated hostility towards his older brothers.

Despite everything, the two were happy. They found their balance, their perfection. And they thought it would last forever, but it was destined to end even too soon, just an year after the marriage, when Carry died giving birth to their son, Bartholomew II. It was Carry to propose they should call the child in memory of Christoph's dead twin if it had been a male. If it had been a female, her name would be Adelheid, like the name of Carry's beloved grandmother (Lydia's mother).
Her death destroyed him in unthinkable ways. He was a totally different person afterwards, it was as if he was no longer able to feel any possible happiness. And it of course reflected very negatively on Bart, which built the base of their totally hostile relationship (until the current days, when they finally clarified).
After Carry's death, he has never been with any other woman, nor he ever will.
Only after that, he started his job as researcher and started. Before that, after leaving his job as a doctor, he moved to teaching, at first just at both Medicine and Applied Sciences Academies, then at Malicedom too, in addition to being called as advisor and assistant in many situations.
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Travis (magic artiest)

Long ago, 3 sacred items were forged...a sword that could cut anything, a shield that could not be shattered..and a sacred paint brush, capable of doing countless spells and magic
thousands of years alter, Travis holds the paint brush of this legend and knows its power, he uses it to get the sacred items from the unworthy
The items go into a crystal like form when not in use, and Travis alone knows how to take a weapon from an unworthy holder and wield it, otherwise once a holder obtains a sacred item, only they may wield it
There are many minior weapons, but the three most powerful can only be wielded by a worthy one
Weapon: Magic paintbrush
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100
Age: 12 to 15 (depending on rp, younger he is the fewer spells he knows, the older the more powerful he is)
Likes: Trustworthy friends, Teammates, quiet places, defending friends
Hates: Monsters, anyone who hurts my friends, traditors
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0 | 10 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Nov 5th 2015 22:04

Liebe ist für alle da.

As usual, not having the chance to hire a nanny nor being willing to ask anyone's help, let alone charity, he has to bring his daughter with him, even when it would not really be appropriate for such a little child to go out. He can't leave her alone at home either, so he has no other choice.
Despite it's raining, the two get out of home, heading to the center of Thylum to buy some fresh food.
He has taken two weeks off from his jobs at Malicedom and the Academies as he really must find a solution for the child, before being forced to return to work. But he is not being successful, mainly because of the fact he does NOT want to ask for anyone's help. It'd truly annoy him and do more damage than good to him.
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1 | 50 Comments | by WhereAmber | Nov 5th 2015 17:40


he...he, so what if i'm bit insane? it never hurt anyone but me... hehehe.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 4th 2015 18:03


Not being in the position to hire a nanny at the moment, he is forced to take his daughter with him most of the time.
He has not yet told it to everyone even, he is ashamed of what they would think and worried that some (family member) who hates him badly enough could require him to be dishonored. And he thinks Anthony would pretty much agree to do it then...
Of all his brothers, the only ones who know are Benjamin and Richard, the first because he was forced to, as he came to his home, the second because he was the only one he trusted enough to seek some advice from.
Anyhow, at the moment he and Pepy are walking in the park, it's raining a lot but it's not a storm. He is holding a black umbrella over their heads while she is clung to his leg, being all ^^
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1 | 18 Comments | by WhereAmber | Nov 2nd 2015 18:04

Private lesson.

Given the poor results Tomiel is having in Anatomy, and since Jackil at the moment is not able to give her some help with it due to be overwhelmed by work, Cora decided she must go to Christoph to get some extra private lesson.
No need to say how Tomiel did not take the thing well, she is terrified by him and thinks he has something against her. The idea of going to his manor to have private classes doesn't reassure her one bit.
But at least, she won't be alone.
Shi has already to go there every day as he is her private professor, so she will be there. And Valery too will be there, as she would never lose the chance to do some extra classes, being the super scholar type, like real Hermione. Oliver on the other hand, prefers to stay with granny and fill himself with biscuits, also playing with Felix.

No one knows that Christoph has a daughter...yet.
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1 | 26 Comments | by WhereAmber | Oct 31st 2015 09:05

Nothing is like it seems.

To be as brief as possible.
Soon enough, Sid indeed came up with a way to satisfy his needs and instincts without dragging his father's and uncle's rage against himself.
Similarly to Dexter, he decided to target criminals that deserve the horrible treatment he wants to reserve them and to be killed, just, unlike him, to make it even easier for himself and avoid any possible problem, he chose as target, the Aurin of the Wild kind. Why? They are not in the civil registry as they sure don't follow any rule; they live in the wild areas which are not controlled by Elite Guards and Royal Guards; no one among them reports missing people, murderings or any crime to anyone, living truly as wild animals, respecting only the law of the strongest.
But Sid is not really all about killing, mostly as he started to grow up and to feel some specific "need". He is clearly not the type to find a girlfriend, let alone to respect any formality. So, as he started to hunt, between a murdering and another, he started to select a few female Aurin, in the end 3, to actually keep for himself, as his "breathing toys". All of the three are black cats, all of them criminals. Malyka, 29 years old, used to seduce male Aurin to then kill them to rob them. Carlie, 26 years old, "professional" thief who also never hesitated to kill problematic victims. Syha, 21, the "cleanest" of the three who killed only 1 person and robbed a few.
He found them, tortured them badly and then raped them, that way literally "enslaving" them. In order to avoid more tortures and to be killed, they turned super submitted to him, obedient and almost looking as if they were "obsessed" with him. And he likes this. He always fancied to enslave and this "lion pack"-like where he is the "lion" and the women his own "lionesses". It suits him, being a big feline, even though he is no lion.

Sao and Edward know about this, but they won't interfere, because this keeps him from hurting innocent people and is making him more obedient and controlled. But not really less dangerous, mostly if anyone threatens to take them away from him and surely not because he loves them in any way.

One thing Sid doesn't know though, is that Malyka, unlike one would think, is not as alone as the other Aurin. About an year before, she found a little abandoned baby near the corpse of the mother, who died giving birth. She took the baby and raised her as she could, pretending to be her big sister, surely not having a motherly instinct.
After Malyka was taken by Sid, the 1 year old remained alone in the forest, just given some superficial care by other Aurin of the community, but none of them really paid any true attention to the little girl. And the little one is very tied to her "sister" and even though so small, she decides to go look for her, easily sneaking away from the distracted Aurin.
She too is a little kitty and mainly thanks to her sharp sense of smell and the fact that Sid's cave is not far from where she was, she manages to track her sister and reach the cave.
Needless to say the shock and terror of the 3 Aurin when the girl appears there, mainly Malyka's, as she is immediately concerned that their master will kill the little one. And of course, before she could even do anything, Sid arrives there as well, immediately noticing the girl. Oh if he could he would do such terrible things to her, her very presence there angers him, but he knows his uncle and father would gut him for good if he harmed someone so innocent and defenceless.
Malyka tries some desperate actions to let the girl escape but it's pointless, Sid hurts her and pushes her away, grabbing the little one by shirt and lifting her; he then gives Malyka a glare that promises a very harsh time for her when he returns and runs away with the child.
As he has no idea at all what to do with her, he brings her home, handing her straight to Sao, the only person at home at that time.
Of course in a first moment Sao thinks the child is Sid's, but he denies it saying "it calls one of mine, "sister".", then he simply drops her on the ground and returns to the cave, to torture Malyka a bit. Very unfortunately for her, she is his "favorite", which of course means more "attentions" from him.

Anyhow. Sao is even more clueless than Sid of what to do with the child. He has no intention to take her himself as he doesn't want any sort of "replacing what he lost", so, logically, he goes to take her to Edward, trusting he will know much better what to do with this.
He goes with the child to the EG headquarter, finding Edward in his office. He has some words with him telling him what Sid did and said about the girl then eventually shows the child to him. Edward's answer to it is sort of unthinkable. As a matter of fact, after doing his usual thing looking in the girl's eyes, he says. "Take her to Christoph. (Yes, that Christoph), she belongs to him.".
Sao of course obeys, takes the girl and goes to wait for Christoph in front of his mansion in Thylum. When the Anatomist returns from work, he finds the two there and is absolutely annoyed, even though he has not even idea what's the matter. "Take her to a real doctor, if I wanted to be one I'd become one for Gods' sake. -.- "

"If she needs a doctor you will have to find out yourself, I fear. Let us in and make sure we speak privately, you don't want anyone to hear and I won't let innocent ears listen to what will be said."
It leaves Christoph even more confused but eventually lets them in; Sao leaves the child in a separate room while he and Christoph head to his lab to speak privately indeed. There, Sao tells him what Edward said, and of course, it shocks Christoph, who believes it's some idiotic joke probably from his nephews.
Sao on the other hand, is far from a joking type and is rather short in patience. He has no intention to be there to convince him of something he doesn't want to believe, as it'd truly mess up with him badly if it was true, so he simply tells him "Lord Edward said it's yours and you must keep her. Bring your complaints to him and be thankful I and him are the only one to know of this."
Point is, Christoph simply can NOT believe it for one specific reason: he has not done it with ANYONE after his wife's death, let alone with some wild Aurin. How in the hell could he put one pregnant?

After Sao leaves, leaving the girl to him of course, Christoph heads to speak to Edward about the matter, not hoping to have many answers or understanding, but in truth, he is almost scared. If that girl is his, everyone will think he did something with some Aurin prostitute, probably even paying her for it. And that's pretty much illegal, not to mention how it would kill his reputation for good, as he is a high noble and certain behaviours are pretty much ill-seen, something for "lessers".
As expected, all Edward does is to confirm the child is Christoph's and simply suggests him to think very carefully how it could have happened, because the girl exists, like it or not.

In order to find a desperate proof that she is not his, Christoph makes a DNA test. Result? There is a total 100% scientific proof the girl is HIS. He literally panics, starting to think very hard how it is possible. Could he have forgotten? Impossible...
The only dealing he had with an unknown Aurin was...wait, about 1 year ago...but he didn't touch her, the w*ore just robbed him and made a whole mess in his..lab................................

About the mother of the little girl.
She too was a cat Aurin, of the Wild kind and of the worst type. As most wild Aurin, she never wanted to accept any sort of rule, let alone to have a dignified job.
After years of attempting to become rich through thieveries and prostitution, she came up with a plan to make her life rich and perfect: find some rich widowed man and trick him into marry her, so that she could spend the rest of her life like a spoiled and rich lady.
With that in mind, she headed to Thylum, investigating about someone that could be fitting for this. And she soon heard of Christoph. Wife dead since over 20 years, living alone, a Prince, a successful researcher and at the time, a very rich man.
It was late Autumn II and it rained like crazy; she chose a night with the worst storm possible and knocked on his door, looking all poor and wet. She had no idea who she was in front of. (XD) She had to beg a looot to convince him to let her in and not just shut the door on her face, but eventually he granted her to sleep in his basement for the night, promising he would kick her out tomorrow. No, he didn't want an Aurin servant, nor any servant at all.
Disappointed, the womam went to the basement where she tried to come up with some ideas.
Now, that night, Christoph was called with urgence by Doctor Robstein, in need of a very experienced assistant for a very delicate surgery. He was forced to leave the Aurin alone into his house as he didn't have the time to waste to kick her out.
She, of course, took immediately profit of the situation and started to search the whole house to find something to use to seduce him. Bitterly, she had to realize he is still literally obsessed with his dead wife and he clearly will never show any appreciation towards her. So, she decided to rob him, taking the few amount of money he had at home, as the most of it he kept in bank, and everything that could have a value, until she reached his home lab.
The room was filled of vials, samples of every kind- She started to check them to see if there was something valuable, thinking he was an Alchemist or Potionist. But instead, all she could find were rather creepy samples, even some organs in jars. But one thing totally changed her plans and the course of the night.
Now, as a researcher Biologist and Anatomist, Christoph gathered body liquid samples of all sorts, most of which from his victims, but some from himself too. All to be used in experiments and researches, and that included a sample of his own...yes, that.
When she saw it, the idea came very fast. Steal it, put herself pregnant through it, give birth, blackmail the Lord, forcing him to marry her to protect his reputation. The plan seemed flawless and would possibly even work. She was cunning enough to make a whole mess, causing all the vials in the lab to break on the floor, so that he would not even be able to notice he was missing that specific vial.
After destroying everything, she left and disappeared. It was surely out of her plan to die giving birth.

But the fact stays, Christoph has a daughter and now he is literally panicked, not knowing what and how to do with her. He can not give her away, as he fears Edward's reaction, but for now, he is trying to keep the thing as secret as possible, not knowing what to invent. Also, after spending all of his money to give Bart a ship, he can't really afford to raise a child, but he will never say anything about it of course.
And that's also the reason why he called Richard so suddenly and mysteriously. Looking for some serious help as to how avoid to be shamed or dishonored.
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1 | 1 Comment | by WhereAmber | Oct 29th 2015 06:42

Blade (For soul eater rps)

Class: Demon weapon
Forms: Ball and chain (or mace, can be either depending on rp), sword and crossbow
Gender: Male
He was abdonded at a young age and resuced by lord death, he respects lord death and all he wants is to become deaths weapons with the help of his minister, along with finding his parents
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0 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Oct 26th 2015 22:41


#1 - I roleplay in first person. I find it easiest for me.
#2 - Don't be inpatient for replies, I will get to you when I can. Most of the time it's fast replies.
#3 - Please write more than a couple of sentences.
#4 - Please use proper English and descriptive dialogue when we roleplay.
#5 - I am a selective adder, specifically from the Whoniverse.
#6 - Have respect and don't start hurling abuse. (I have had this before.)
#7 - Please do not start a roleplay and then stop replying to me, either do or don't. (Unfortunately, I have had this quite a lot recently.)
#8 - I do chat in OOC, but please specify when you do as it sets it apart from the roleplay.
#9 - Yes, I do use the same starter a lot for the time, I am fairly rusty with them at the moment, so until I can get back into starter mode, that is how it will stay - please try to understand that.
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.Rachel Stephanie.

~ Age 21
~ Lesbian
~ Only Child
~ Raised as an Orphan
~ Works as a Maid for [ whoever you use in the roleplay ]
~ Lives in England
~ Lives in boss's home [ whoever you use in the roleplay ]

In a Roleplay with:
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5 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 16:25

.Eriinn Henderson.

~ Age 18
~ Bi [ Leans to girls more ]
~ Only Child
~ Loves to Swim, Sleep, Eat, Workout, Drink, Jog
~ Lives in a small one bedroom apartment
~ Lives in Australia and hates the big spiders
~ Loves animals

In a Roleplay with:
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3 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 16:06