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later on

what a cute little girl, so innocent and so young. well she may not be innocent on the next few moments, she will most likely kill and or torture any living being she sees, now picture that adorable little face starring up at you sweetly, only covered in blood and wielding a dagger. her smile full of fangs and her eyes the darkest midnight black, her beautiful hair drenched in blood, her clothes slightly torn and rag like. she leans in close to you even though you are much taller then her, she whispers with an amused smile, "i wont hurt you." such gentle words but then you look around you and see all the mangled bodies of her victims, including yourself...
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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 12th 2015 18:05

Feuer und Wasser.

After the two weeks off he took, he finally returned to work full-time as a professor, both in Malicedom and the Academies. Plus some extra services for the hospital, at the moment, he is really not in the position to reduce his income opportunities.
For his luck, this first day of work was extremely quiet. In Malicedom, students were on trip, thus only Tomiel was there (as she didn't even tell anything about it to her parents), so he just had a long private lesson with her which helped him a little to fix the problems she has with him, being it the main source of her bad marks in his subject. He also manages to get her to obtain her first positive mark in his subject this year, a 9/10, which she is still trying to believe to be true.

At the Academies, not much work to do either as all of his classes had to be cancelled to allow the students to attend an important conference.
He takes the occasion to do some paperwork, and overall manages to get out of work with some hours of advance.
Once out of the Academy, he heads to the centre of Thylum, to buy food supplies for his daughter for the upcoming day, as he literally can only afford to buy the minimum and for her only. Luckily, Malicedom provides breakfast and lunch to professors and students, which makes things a little easier to him.
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1 | 78 Comments | by Sao | Nov 12th 2015 17:52

Fallen angels

This true what this says so keep it in mind, for if you fall you may forget, and if you can't remember then you will regret.
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0 | 1 Comment | by Cylie | Nov 12th 2015 12:04

A more detailed view.

(As I've been developing Christoph's story and personality, I find the previous cheap story between him and Bart to not match anymore now. So, going to make some changes which are listed in this RP, including a different version of how things went with Edward.)

¬What the hell did happen that day? All I know is that Tomiel was brought back and Bart captured.¬ Benjamin is quite thoughtful while asking. He has not spoken much for the whole evening.

Richard sighs deeply. ¬I assisted by mere case. I was walking to tge Academy, when I noticed people gathering in the main square. I approached to check what was going on, I had to fight my way to reach the first line...just to see Bart in the middle, holding Tomiel in his arms. For a second I had hope it was all a misunderstanding...but before I could say anything, Jackil and Christoph arrived, at the same time as Edward. Just, the two ran, while he calmly walked.
To that, Bart placed Tomiel on the ground so that she could reach her father. He was not even daring to look at his father...he glanced at Edward, who started to walk away, and silently followed him.
Understanding where that would lead to, Christoph tried to stop Edward, calling him and telling him not to, with a desperate tone. But of course, Edward ignored and proceeded, to which Christoph went after them.
I tried to stop him, instinctively, but he pushed me away and I realized it was right that he followed them...¬He speaks with a low and somewhat sad tone. That scene definitely saddened him and bringing it back to his memory had the same effect.

¬After all that sick shit caused to him, he had even the will to try to cover him when he screwed up the most.¬ Vik grumbles with an annoyed tone.

¬What has Bart done to his father...exactly?¬ Benjamin asks, as he has not involved himself one bit in the matter at the time, despite Bart is his Godson.

Lydia frowns at Vik's words. ¬To what I know, Christoph has not done much to deserve his son's love. He is renown as the "Worst father in the Realm".¬

Meredith, who remained silence till now, decides to intervene. ¬Rumors are always unfair and false, most of the time.¬

¬Mostly when said rumors are spread by someone who hates you and wants to earn general sympathy. .¬ Richard mutters before answering Benjamin's question. ¬Bart has always been at war with his father. I suppose it was because of the fact Christoph was a bit absent in the first years of his life...¬

¬I say it was because he was a disgustingly spoiled and arrogant kid who thought to be who knows who, convinced that everything was due to him.¬ Mema replies with a disappointed tone. ¬To how I see it, Christoph's real mistake was to give and do too much for him.¬

¬His only mistake was to let his sorrow take over him for too long. For the rest, he did sacrifice over sacrifice to make sure Bart would have everything. The best of everything, despite his son kept spitting in his face in return.
He considers Bart his wife's last gift. He would do anything for him, maybe he did not cuddle him or filled him with cutesy words, but Christoph truly did his best to be a good father, I saw that with my own eyes.
It seemed as if Bart's only goal in life was to shame his father and prove him an awful father. But the worst of worst became when he decided to leave school, at his 8th year. Christoph could not let him do such idiocy that would screw his life for good, but Bart didn't give a damn. He started to spread ridiculous rumors about his father, inventing "terrible secrets" about him. He ended up in jail because of his lies but was of course proved innocent.
You can imagine our father's reaction to it...¬ He glances at Benjamin to those words. ¬Anyhow, Bart was doing his best to convince Christoph to deny him. He even openly asked it to him in MY VERY PRESENCE! But of course it would never happen. He was probably convinced that if he had been denied he could turn it againsthis father and possibly turn the whole family agaist him.
As nothing worked, he pretended to have been denied, lying to everyone he knew. But we knew it was not so, Christoph made no request and no document exists to prove it. Bart left home shortly after, without giving any explanation. Christoph tried to look for him for some time, but given it seemed to be what Bart wanted, he decided to let him be and do whatever he wanted.
A week after, Bart set his father's home on fire. I can't say this for sure, but Christoph should have been at home that night. It was a case he was not, only because I forced him to come with me that evening.¬

Mema's eyes widen at his words, clearly in shock to hear it was Bart to burn the house and possibly tried to kill his father. ¬It was...him...?? I knew it was a laboratory accident!¬

Richard snorts and shakes his head. ¬We were together in front of the burning mansion. Me and Christoph. He knew it was Bart and I knew it too. He fell on his knees and said "I should have been in there..".
But when our father called him to explain the happening, Christoph lied, inventing he was working on an experiment, the substance was unstable and it led to the explosion which caused a fire.
That way, he witnessed our father's rage for the nth time and spared Bart from the consequences of his act. Because, I have high doubts he would have the chance to live long, had our father known the truth...¬

¬...If he was my son I would have used his head as a wall decoration and the rest to fertilize my crops.¬ Vik
Emoticon heart
. His words break some moments of silence which followed Richard's tale.

¬...That why he ran away like a coward and did not have the guts to come back to Nortrig for that long...he knew Edward would get him once and for all.¬ Meredith adds.

Benjamin remains silent and even more thoughtful.

¬...and what exactly happened after Christoph followed Edward and Bart that day..?¬ Even though Meredith had already an idea, just not the right one.

¬I don't know...I did not follow them...and Christoph refused to have any mention of it. For a couple of weeks they refused seeing anyone and receive visits.¬

Though, their conversation was being overheard all the time by someone. He could not really help it, he was sitting close and his hearing is extremely fine.
Sao turns around and looks at the people sat at the table nearby. ¬I witnessed what happened, if you feel the need to know the details. It might upset the weak-hearted.¬ Glancing at the women.

¬I can tear off your heart and cook it, if it will help you feel less upset, darling.¬ Lydia replies to Sao's words, which sounded a little offending for a woman as strong as she.

Sao just smirks at her words and sits among them, as they indeed want to know what he has to say.

¬I don't like how this sounds already...¬ Richard mutters, having a feelings that things did not go as they all logically expect.

Sao gives them all a quick glance. ¬As some of you know already, I am Sao Yung, Xiu's uncle. And I live with them, which is why I was there and could witness what happened.
As they arrived to Lord Edward's mansion, he led the pirate straight to the basement, where he chained him to prepare him for his well-deserved punishment. But his father was being a true pain in the side, not wanting to let him do what was right. Edward tried to ignore him, but eventually granted him a word in private.
They went back upstairs where Christoph attempted another pointless plea to spare his son from that. There I showed up, to see if Edward needed me to free him from the crying brother, but my services weren't needed. Edward was already heading back down, suggesting his brother to not witness and to come back the next day. It would have been wise if he had listened.
Anyhow, Lord Christoph was not listening, instead, he asked to replace his son, to take his punishment himself- ¬

¬What?! Has Christoph truly lost his brain?! Edward denied of course!¬ That was Mema's reaction, she is definitely pissed off by what she heard so far.

Benjamin has already guessed and shut his eyes.

¬...If it can comfort you, it was clear that Edward did not want it. He tried to discourage him, but he was stubborn. Given the situation, there was nothing else Edward could do other than accepting.¬ Sao says, clearly being on Edward's side and perfectly understanding why it was the only possible solution.

¬What? Really, now, really? Christoph had to be punished in the place of that sick shit and that other idiot even accepted?¬ Lydia seems pretty disgusted as well.

Sao rolls his eyes, annoyed for being interrupted by the women so often.

¬So, it happened? Christoph got himself tortured and Edward did it...?¬ Finally Benjamin decides to speak again.

Sao nods slowly and seriously at his question. ¬If these...fiery ladies grant me, I can try to make you all understand why it was the only thing Edward could do. Or you can pity, scream at the "monster" and continue happily living as if in life, things were either black or white, only.
The minimum I can say, is that Lord Christoph managed to preserve pride, dignity and honor.¬

Benjamin stands up. ¬Show me...¬

Sao raises an eyebrow. ¬Fine.¬ He shows the scene in Benjamin's mind and as soon as it ends, he just leaves them without a word, looking rather upset.
He watches Benjamin leave, remaining silent, then after some moments he looks at Dorian. «What was I saying before the nth interruption?» He tilts his head.

(Gonna continue the conversation from here, any character could be already at the table with them or nearby, overhearing.)
{They are at the Club.}
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1 | 16 Comments | by Sao | Nov 12th 2015 11:44

Who is?: Gauss Pavel

Name: Gauss Pavel
Aliases: Hot Iron
Age: 30
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Species: Pseudo-human (formerly Human)
Sex: Male
Preference: Unknown
Hair color: None (formerly silver)
Personality: Cold, Violent, Dominative
Jobs: None
Skills: Steel skin, Pyromancy, can survive temperatures up to 2500 degrees.

Gauss Pavel moved to America at a young age to seek his fortune. Originally from Ireland, Gauss got a job at a smelting plant in Chicago. While he was there, he learned about a cult of pyromancers and stole a book from them. With his new skills in pyromancy, he began using his own smelting rig at his home to make his own steel and make profit on the side. While he was heating a large kiln, a pile of steel fell on him, smelting himself with the steel. His skin became steel and hot magma coursed through his veins, becoming a hulking behemoth. Enraged, he came to the pyromancers and threatened to kill them if they didn't turn him back. The bodies were never found. He's still out there, looking for a way to remove this curse.
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 10th 2015 23:05


(i have vowed to be as morbid as possible for a while due to a bet with a friend...sorry i scare anyone!)
aren't we all just victims of our own fate? be it twisted or beautiful, be it long or short lived. we cant escape, not unless we were meant to do so. why would even we want to escape from something that can only be thought of when we are told we can think of it? why follow faith when we are only allowed to know so little? why be a prisoner to your own thought when you can just stop thinking?

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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 10th 2015 17:59

My mlp oc list ( I’m not a brony anymore so this i

Attention roleplay community. I am looking for mlp roleplayers. If you are a mlp roleplayers please send me a freind request and we can get started. Also I like to point out that if you are going to roleplay with me don't type on sentence. Atleast type a paragraph or more. Thank you
Rule 1 : I have autism so sometimes I may need you to repeat a certain comment I may not understand.

Rule 2: DONT DO ONE LINERS! It's okay every here and there but if you just always do one liners or if I send a paragraph and you respond with a sentence...I will be upset so PLEASE DON'T DO ONE LINERS! Thank you! (=

1. Venom pony. venom gets transported to equestrian. He already insane and unstable so the mere shock of what happened makes him go on a rampage. After a fight with the princesses WICH will be role played by us he almost beat both Luna and celestia but FINNALY got knocked out. Feeling pity the princesses TURN him into a pony to give him a second chance and to be reformed.

2. Dragon born pony. A great evil has come to the land. In ancient equestrian history the dragon born WICH was celestias son was externally powerful. He could match up against an allicorn. Although he saved equestrian he is one of the most BLOOD thirsty ponys around. Now in the modern day celestia must bring back her son from the dead...but what will happen?Well Luna is the DrAgon borns mother. He never really had a child HOOD because the moment he was born Luna made him a warriorn for the gift he was born with. By the time he was 18 he could take the entire royal guard army down himself. He was a strong and powerful earth pony with fur white as snow and strong and vigilant blue eyes. Years go on. He is known as a hero. He saves ponys. Kills dragons that harm others. He even got married. By the time his wife was pregnant the DrAgon born had an issue. He saw that the law it self was broken and unfair . He saw that his mother and aunt ruled equestria with an iron fist.the Dragon born who's real name is eagle eye wanted a fair government were points can vote and do as they please. Not be forced to do what Destiny makes them. War broke out. Millions of ponds sided with the DrAgon born. Even most dragons vowed down to him fearing his power and becoming loyal to him. But after the fight the DrAgon born lost. He is part allicirn so he can be killed but will always come back. He and his dead army of ponys and dragons lay dead with him in the temple were he was layed to rest. But now 1000 years later it was said he would come back for revenge. And his mother Luna...needs to either stop him...By force...or bringing him back got he light. Ps...His wife and unborn child died...while he was in the temple

3. My other oc. It's very long and it's in my page so you can check it out

4. A lone alien queen is transport to equestria

5. After the explosion in the first preadeter movie it made a rift in time and sent preadeter to equestria

6. He has a severe mental illness that makes him go in extreme rages and attacks other ponies. He takes pills for it but they don't always work. He's roommates with rainbow dash who looks after him and sees him as a brother. She is very very very protective of him and helps him calm down. HE HAs light blue fur and a black mane. He has emerald green eyes and his name Is starshine. He loves comic books and exotic animals. His favorite comic book is batmare wich he carry around with him all the time

7 My characters name is butterball. Butterball is a Pegasus with light tan fur and a yellow mane. Her eyes are as greens as emeralds and her cutie Mark is a flaming heart symbolizes her beauty. She is mentally ill and lives her life in a low security wing mental home. Her illness makes her act childish and imm*tu*e at times. She has terrible memory problems and can be incredibly clumsy. She is very attractive and because of this she will be narrated by some of the guards and inmates. Because of this she spends most of her time in her room. She has had sexual harassment and rape trauma from her past so she can be very touchy and scared of the topic. If she truly is in love and trusts her partner she will agree. As of now she is 21 years old. She is infertile and cannot have children,

8: So I'm going to play as a man named Mark. He used to be a human until one day he got hit by a truck. When he was killed his soul was transferred to a pegasus body in equestria. He doesn't remember dying at all and just thinks that he's a regular person. No body knows this pony.'s the catch. When he became a pony he woke the body of a 5 year old. and now he's also a girl. In chains. In front of a diamond dog slave camp in with other slave ponys. With bruises and ship marks still on his body. He doesn't know how this happens. The main six appears and saves all the slaves. But they were shocked to see a little filly. A 5 year old girl that has been beat up and chained as a slave. She sick and has a desise along with having not eaten in days...but Mark doesn't even remember this. HE JUST GOT THEIR FOR ALL HE KNOWS! The main six bring her to a hOSPITAL. They try to ask her questions...but...that doesn't work out. She says her name is Mark...which is weird since she is a girl and that's not a pony name...she's says she's human...which...they don't even know what that is is. And finally she says that she's from another world. The doctors and the six can only think of one thing...she mentally insane and scard from being a slave for so long. Her sanity must have left this poor 5 year old soul. They sent her to a child hospital after she recovers in the hospital and she gets therapy and medicine. Rainbow dash seems to really like her as well. But for mark. He's confused...scared. in a body he never a weird world...he's weak...he's not even a boy anymore...and no body believes him. At long last...his new body and mind...are getting to him...slowly marketing him a little girl at heart and mind and not just the body...and finally...He starts to question his life....who am I? Am I really CRAZY? Was I a slave the entire time and just imagined it? Was I never a human? Questions of dought and confusion fills his head our roleplay...we must decide that...for ourselves. If you like the roleplay we should start right when I wake up in the diamond dog slave pit and the main six break in.

9. A crossover of the suicide squad from the new movie gets transported to equestria. The princess accesses casted a spell to teleport a group of hero's to help them in their dire need of help since crysalis and sombra joined forces.I can be the entire suicide squad..I think

10. My other idea is that canterlot has a new vigqlantee. The bat pony. Longs innocent or not are terrified of him. He leaves criminals barely alive with broken bones on the street and such violence has never been seen in equestria before. Celestia and Luna has set out a bounty for this bat pony saying he's breaking the law by being a vigalantee. The bat pony never kills. But that doesn't help his reputation. And if the bat pony has to show the princesses that he's not going anywhere anytime soon. He will be the one to meet them face to face.

11.Ever since chrysalis defeat in canterlot she wanted REVENGE. And that would be by any means possible...even science. It took her decades to achieve but she stole a small fragment of nightmare moons SOUL! Then...the experiments started. She pony napped a pony and experimentd on him. Chained him to the Wall. Buzzsaw's , injection's , and several means of torture. Once he was ready...they injected the small amount of nightmare Moon inside of him. He was let go. And forced to become a assassin. And his first target is...all the allicorn princess

Age 16
Earth pony
Name : Jackie esticado
Grey fur and black mane


Run up walls
Night vision

Has the power to summon two serpentine demon's. One come out of each of his shoulders. They have 4 red eyes each and have Razer sharp teeth. They each have separate minds and evil for the heart. They also remember all of nightmare moons memories. Theese heads can extend to amazing lengths and are very powerful. They can easily rip enemies in two. The sides are their necks have Razer blades used for close combat.

Finally he has a black hoodie covering most of his face. BUT HE HAS A MAJOR WEAKNESS

His powers will ONLY WORK in the DARK . It doesn't matter if he's in the shade or hiding in the shadows or its night time. If their is any lights his powers will shut off.


.the return of celestias brorher. He was banished by accident. He was only 5 years old. He was small adorable and Innocent. Then...the armies of Tartarus attacked. The demons were in war with equestria. And they had two hostages. Luna who was 16 at the time and their little brother north star. Celestia picked Luna....and their little 5 year old brother was driven mad and insane. The thing is he is still 5 . Has the mind of a child that's corrupted. And after millions of years of TOUTURED in Tartarus He didn't deserve... He just escaped tartarus and enters a epic fight. Him versus all the princesses and main six at once include ing the royal army. The fight was long and brutal but after 6 hours of straight fighting little zag lost the fight . His name is zagthron. He looks like a earth pony but a shadow. He doesn't have a lower half because instead of legs it's a wispy cload like snake tail . His eyes glow red and his drool is blood red wich looks like blood with his razer sharp teeth. He's put to trial. He's immortal. Celestias a bit differnt then expected. Her brother is completly insane....defines the word insane. But I stead of ,akeing hi suffer in tarterus. ..she will make him suffer taking his powers...and makeing Jim cute again! he will be humiliated and loved...wich he hates...but freindship will slowly soak into his heart as he slowly changes mentally.if we try out this idea wich I would like to we will start it off with him chained up and weak in court scene before hes changed but we can roleplay the fight before hand if you want! =3


A long time ago equestria was allies with another tribe. The humans! The humans were the first civilization to live in equestria. The humans were much bigger and had amazing technology and intelligence that the ponys did not have. They also had fingers and another appendages. The ponys had magic , flight , and earth pony strength. Together they lived in harmony. That all stopped once celestias parents were no longer in rule and passed away and celestia and Luna took the crown. Celestia hated the humans and thought the longs alone shoulder have it while Luna believed that the two groups should live in harmony. The war began human vs pony. The ponys won with their magic and flight which humans did not have. Although lots of ponys died they won . After the humans were gone crops , food , lives home , and everything else drastically dropped and the 3 pony tribes started war and the wendigos came!

Present day....

Equestria is at its highest. But celestia sees something she thought she would never see. A lone and scared HUMAN child .....and if their is a human child that can only mean one thing. The humans were never completely destroyed...and their technology can only be powerful then ever!

-----------fallout Equestria ----------------
Ps I have not made them full charecters and I have not tried them out yet. I'm waiting for them to develop when I the them out

1. A huge stalion born with increasingly inhuman strength. Maybe more then a super mutant. But he has a sever mental illness that makes him have extreme rage and act like a child
2. A 5 year old fill earth pony that has a fantastic ability to tame all wild creatures of the wasteland by sight. No creature attacks her and treats her as family? Currently she lives with a nest of deathclaws
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9 | 0 Comments | by Megadragon3000 | Nov 10th 2015 15:52

Who is?: Alistar Ridley

Name: Alistar Ridley
Aliases: Ratched, Alexander
Age: 23
Hometown: London, England
Species: Anthropomorphic Wolf
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: "Anythin' wif 'oles in it, luv" (Pansexual)
Fur Color: Black, White
Personality: Observant, Quick witted, blunt, tends to lead things to sex.
Jobs: Private investigator
Skills: thinks fast on his toes, multiple fighting styles known, expert fencer
Born on the streets of London, Alistar learned pretty quick how to survive on the streets and soon began a life of professional thievery. After two many run ins with the law and a few months in prison, Alistar began studying in law school and eventually legally became a private investigator. Nowadays, he can be found drinking at the bar, trying to persuade the locals for sex. But don't let his unprofessional looks fool you, he is an incredibly fast thinker, usually solving a murder in no more than an hour..
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 10th 2015 02:53

Who is?: Ausher Hayes

Name: Ausher Hayes
Aliases: None
Age: 22
Hometown: Souix Falls, South Dakota
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Hair color: Blonde
Personality: Pessimistic, quiet
Jobs: Student, Short order cook.
Skills: Culinary skills, acrobatic

Born into a family of wealthy diplomats, Ausher was the black sheep of the family. Instead of going into politics like his mother and father, Ausher wanted to take up culinary arts, to which he studies under the guise of political science. He despises being called the "rich kid" and would rather just stay in his dorm room and avoid everyone else.
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 10th 2015 01:45

Who is?: Vast the Wanderer

Name: Vast Parker
Aliases: Vast the Wanderer
Age: 24
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Anthropomorphic Fox
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Fur Color: Orange, white, brown.
Personality: Excitable, Optimistic, Intelligent (Or so he says).
Jobs: Self-proclaimed Wanderer of the Worlds.
Skills: Seemingly-endless source of knowledge (according to eyewitness), Expert at Thai Boxing.

Not much is known about Vast the Wanderer. Some say he's a dull-witted fox who likes nothing more then wandering around. Others will say he's a brilliant scientist who holds knowledge far surpassing anyone in the world. One thing that is known, is that he has been everywhere. From the sun and sand of California, to the frozen Antarctic. There are even rumors that he has seen the Circles of Hell and the Gates of Heaven. So ...Who exactly is Vast the Wanderer? The World may never know.
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0 | 0 Comments | by VastTheWanderer | Nov 9th 2015 23:49

Life and death

When one life ends two more begin, when one dies they become a blossoming masterpiece, we are all born to die, that's how surval works, that's how and end and a beginning are formed, nothing can mean everything and everything will forever mean nothing if all we do is die...
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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 9th 2015 17:42

Christoph and Carry.

At the time, Christoph was a doctor. He had been operating for over 70 years, which by rule, made him an Elder/Elite Doctor of Nortrig (thus higher than the ordinary ones, wearing a black coat instead of the classic white).
He was a totally different man than he is now. He was cheerful, patient, caring and even sweet, while still being a very hard worker, obseesed with clean and an insanely precise person. All qualities that suit a doctor of Nortrig. And his career was literally shiny.
The Master Doctor of the time, Hermer Hartz, decided to go to his well-deserved retirement after an honorable carreer lasted 602 years and the two canditates between which he'd have to choose his successor, were Christoph, his favorite, and Loris Robstein (the current Master Doctor).
Everything was going according to his plans, he only paid attention to his carreer, after all, as a doctor he couldn't get married, thus he found it beyond pointless to care at all about his sentimental life. That is, until a "fateful" day.

It was Winter II and as always, there was a state of alarm all over the North. The Hospital was insanely crowded, emergency requests arrived at an insane pace making all the doctors and healers stressed and overwhelmed by patients. In that chaos, a specific request of assistance was sent by a noble man to Doctor Hartz himself, who, being already busy, decided to sent Christoph instead, to check it.
Christoph accepted without complaints, after all, he DID want to be chosen as next Master Doctor, so, he left the hospital and headed to the mansion of the man, Quentin Collier (Lydia's second husband by combined marriage her father forced her into), a nobleman of the Dukedom of Sturmland.
There, he was welcomed quite coldly by the man, not pleased by the fact the Master Doctor sent someone else. It made him feel less important, not because he cared at all that his step-daughter would be taken care of by the best of doctors.
Ignoring the attitude of the man, Christoph behaved professionally and went to take care of the young woman, who was lied on her bed in her bedroom, holding her arm, looking in pain.
It took Carry just one glance at Christoph to know he was the man she wanted. It was love at the first sight to her, and how gently and kindly Christoph treated her while taking care of her broken arm only "added wood to the fire" in her heart.
At the time, she wasn't happy. Her mother wasn't happy with that man, he mistreated them all, insulted her dead father, working class, basically everything that was in any way linked to them. It was like a war in their home, no one liked each other. Thus, the doctor's attitude was like a breath of fresh air for her.
On the other hand, Christoph did notice her for sure, as she was stunningly beautiful, but knowing his place and position, he didn't look at her as anything else than a patient in need of assistance. He really gave her the same treatment he would give to anyone else in her position.
Sadly for Carry, it didn't take Christoph more than an hour to be done with her and being it nothing so serious in a moment of national emergency, he wouldn't return to check the state of it daily nor anything, he told her what to do and that in three days everything would be fixed as if nothing had happened. Which was a big disappointment to her now. She wanted to see him again, she wanted to get to know him more. She tried to ask him to return to check the arm the next day, but all she was given was the address of his clinic, being told that should she notice any issue, she could come to visit him there. And it was a good start to her.

For the days it took her to heal, she just spent the entire time thinking about an excuse to go out of home and that would justify her absence of some hours for who knows how many days in a row. She literally planned to stalk him like a spy until she would get the chance to meet him properly.
Carry was an extremely ambitious and determined woman, she always obtained what she wanted and sometimes, she was even willing to go against whatever rule or law in order to reach her goals. Where other young women would stop, because of the fact that man was a doctor who couldn't marry them, she proceeded, not even caring what their future would be, as long as it would exist and it would imply them two being together. Anywhere, in any way.
But she wasn't, in any way, a bad person. She had many qualities and was extremely kind and good-hearted.

The following days, every day, she went close to Christoph's clinic, never approachig too much, always keeping herself somewhere that could justify her presence there. (Close to a store, a cafè, a house, always to have an excuse as for why she was there, should anyone notice her) That way, she learnt part of his daily schedule, at least, she learnt at what time he went there and at what time he left.
For about two weeks, she kept spying on him, until one afternoon, before he would arrive, she decided to try the "all for all".
She went to the clinic and spoke to the healer-assistant there, asking for an appointment, but with a weird, specific request: making sure to be his very last appointment of the day. It was essential to her, with the nasty plan she had, to not have anyone outside waiting for his/her turn. She wanted total freedom, also knowing that the healer always left a couple of hours before Christoph.
She knew that it couldn't be as easy as speaking to him, she knew that she had to show him how much she wanted him. And she was ready for everything, in order to make him love her as much as she loved him.
The next day, she spent whole hours preparing herself to go to the appointment. She put on a lot of very fine makeup, perfume, wore one of her best dresses and got herself an extremely difficult hairstyle. She wanted to impress him and if needed, seduce him.
At the right time, she went there, by now she knew the place by heart in every single detail, but just the outside. She went with some minutes of advance of course, as proper, and just waited until the doctor would be done with the previous patient and call her for her turn. The man who came out of the room after some time, gave her a weird look, as NO ONE would get that elegant to go to visit a doctor, but being a total stranger he just left without a word. A couple of minutes after, Christoph called "Lady Teller" in, ready to receive her.
Needless to say. her appearence left him speechless for some seconds as he found her beautiful beyond imagination. For a moment, he felt his heart pump faster, but quickly snapped out of it, intending to be professional and focused, as always.
He asked for the reason of her appointment, as he indeed remembered her and wondered if something indeed went wrong with her broken arm. And she said that it was the case indeed, but as Christoph started to check, he could tell it was perfectly and flawlessly healed. Which definitely gave him some strange suspects.

«My apologizes, Doctor Riddle, I just had a wrong feeling about it. Or maybe all I wanted was to see you again.» She told him while starting to stroke his hand. To which, he took a step back.

«I would appreciate to know the truth, m'Lady. Far from my will to be unwelcoming, but being I a very busy man, I lack the time for childish games.» He got a little shaken by her behaviour, and while a part of him hoped that she would take her leave after his words, another part was intrigued and hoped for the very opposite.

Her words were of course not enough to discourage her. «My apologizes again. Having I come this long way, I would appreciate to make sure of my actual health state. May I be granted a careful check up?» Her voice sounded serious but at the same time it had something of seductive.

He nodded, he couldn't do otherwise anyway, so he started to prepare his tools. «For a complete check up, you will need to undress. Staying in your undergament. ("Victorian-like" underwear, basically, a whole other almost fully covering dress)» He spoke with a slightly colder tone than usual, fearing she had something in mind.

She mentally smirked at his words, she asked for a complete check up for the exact reason of taking off her clothes. What he expected was a common, normal, plain, white undergament, just like every other woman who went to a check up? Because that was totally not what she had under her dress. Nothing really obscene or tasteless, but for the standards and habits of the place, that was nothing a woman should or would wear if not in a very private moment in the only presence of her husband.
It consisted in a tight black corset with a white skirt barely reaching her knees. And yes, it was scandalous to go in front of a doctor that way, it still is in the North and it will be forever.
Again, Christoph was left speechless. It was clear she was trying to seduce him, but he pretended to not have noticed. He took his stethoscope to check her heart-beats, but no, she had indeed other plans and seeing that every attempt to catch his attention otherwise had failed, she literally jumped on him. Which soon led to a very censored situation.
It was so unlike him he couldn't recognize himself at first. He felt as if he had just been overwhelmed by a huge wave which dragged him to some far, peaceful shore. The passion immediately converted into a deep feeling of love which became deeper and deeper the more the two met.
And for several months, she went to him at the clinic every evening, as his "last appointment" of the day. The two weren't thinking about anything else than how they burned to spend more time together. All that mattered to them were those few hours they spent together, they didn't care about anything else, it was as if in the end of the day, Carry and Christoph left the world for some hours to find their peace and happiness. But it wasn't meant to last for long.
It was Richard to bring his younger brother back to reality. At the time, after the death of Bartholomew I (Christoph's twin), to help him recover, Richard used to spend a lot of time with him, becoming closer than they used to be. The mathematician noticed immediately that something was different with the brother, that he was up to something unclear, but he avoided to intromit, until a night.
Richard was walking by the clinic in the early night, when he noticed lights still on. Thinking Christoph was there, working till late on some paperwork, he decided to take him something to eat, so he went to a nearby restaurant and bought him some of his favorite foods. When he went into the clinic though, by just entering the waiting room, he could hear chuckling, including a feminine voice...and not just that. It was rather clear what Christoph was doing, so, with discretion, he left the food in the waiting room and left the place.

About two hours later (basically, as soon as Christoph found the food in the waiting room, when closing the clinic after Carry left), he rushed to Richard's mansion, in the absolute need to speak with him. If their father had come to hear about it...the very thought of it terrified him to death, he had to explain to Richard, to make sure he wouldn't let anyone hear anything about the matter.
The older brother was asleep and thus awakened by his knocking, but soon went to open the door to let the conversation happen. Of course, he had no intention to speak about it to anyone else than him. After all, even though doctors couldn't formally get married, nothing prevented them to have relationships; most of the doctors had a partner and there was nothing wrong in Christoph having one too. Problem was, Carry was not a widow of some failed combined marriage. Neither she was some low middle-class woman who could be with any man without following any formalities. She was a noble, even though just step-daughter and not biological. She was meant to get married and with someone important. Her stepfather had the right to choose her partner, to give her for a combined marriage that would bring him advantage. She was pure, and Christoph "ruined" her. It would bring problems, to both, as it couldn't stay hidden forever. It would cause a huge scandal, it would end up straight to Morgan and the consequences wouldn't be pleasant.

Both Richard and Christoph came out with only one possible solution that would keep them, as much as possible, "unhamed": he had to marry her and soon. That way, a scandal would be avoided, which would leave the two to deal with just some displeasure and disappointment of their parents, rather than the fierce, fiery, deadly rage of Morgan-

Christoph pondered the situation very well. If he had not married her, when eventually rumors would starts to spread and the truth would be uncovered, the two would be parted, in a way or another. And he believed that what his father would have done to him in that case would definitely make sure he would never have the guts to even glance at a woman again.
But marrying her meant that all of his life that far, all of the terrible efforts it cost him to become a doctor, all he achieved in life was to be thrown away with no chance to get it back. He could no longer be a doctor and it would happen just so close to earning the most prestigious title any doctor could dream for (Master Doctor)...but what would that title really mean to him? What actual improvement would it bring to his life? What would it be, if not a bunch of ashes to cover the emptiness and bitterness of what he would lose?
Her love meant everything to him now, it meant more than anything, more than any stupid title, achievement, more than his father's anger and disappointment. Nothing mattered compared to her. His future had to be with her, only and forever.

Doctor Hartz was astonished, when he found Christoph's dismissions on his desk. He couldn't believe it. He sent word to the King immediately, refusing to accept them at first. It was ridiculous to even think that a doctor of Christoph's rank and success could decide to leave everything.
Morgan was furious beyond imagination. He was, because he thought that Christoph was screwing everything up for the first woman he liked. (As of course and fortunately for him, his father was not aware of how things actually went between them, but neither he could be aware of how much and deeply they loved each other)
Nothing, though, was enough to make him return on his decision. Eventually, Doctor Hartz was forced to accept his dismissions and Christoph and Carry fixed the date of their wedding.

Carry didn't mention anything to her family until he asked her to marry him, and the reactions weren't positive either.
Her mother was extremely displeased by the fact she chose to marry such an high ranked noble. The terrible experience Lydia had with her second husband and his family was enough for her to hate nobles badly and she was convinced that for Christoph, it was just like a spoiled kid satisfying a tantrum and that sooner or later, he would get tired of her and make her unhappy. Also convinced that his family would never fully accept her for being lower ranked.

At the wedding, none of the parents of the couple came. In fact, an extremely restricted number of people came. Of the Riddle, just Richard, William and, surprisingly for everyone, Edward. (Just at the ritual at the Temple, of course, not at any sort of party) and Madre, with Richard and William being his Best Men. While of the Teller-Collier, only Carry's brother, Philip came. And two friends of her. Just six people plus the couple. And they had of course invited their whole families. Not even Benjamin went, keeping (at the time) his unmotivated hostility towards his older brothers.

Despite everything, the two were happy. They found their balance, their perfection. And they thought it would last forever, but it was destined to end even too soon, just an year after the marriage, when Carry died giving birth to their son, Bartholomew II. It was Carry to propose they should call the child in memory of Christoph's dead twin if it had been a male. If it had been a female, her name would be Adelheid, like the name of Carry's beloved grandmother (Lydia's mother).
Her death destroyed him in unthinkable ways. He was a totally different person afterwards, it was as if he was no longer able to feel any possible happiness. And it of course reflected very negatively on Bart, which built the base of their totally hostile relationship (until the current days, when they finally clarified).
After Carry's death, he has never been with any other woman, nor he ever will.
Only after that, he started his job as researcher and started. Before that, after leaving his job as a doctor, he moved to teaching, at first just at both Medicine and Applied Sciences Academies, then at Malicedom too, in addition to being called as advisor and assistant in many situations.
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Travis (magic artiest)

Long ago, 3 sacred items were forged...a sword that could cut anything, a shield that could not be shattered..and a sacred paint brush, capable of doing countless spells and magic
thousands of years alter, Travis holds the paint brush of this legend and knows its power, he uses it to get the sacred items from the unworthy
The items go into a crystal like form when not in use, and Travis alone knows how to take a weapon from an unworthy holder and wield it, otherwise once a holder obtains a sacred item, only they may wield it
There are many minior weapons, but the three most powerful can only be wielded by a worthy one
Weapon: Magic paintbrush
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100
Age: 12 to 15 (depending on rp, younger he is the fewer spells he knows, the older the more powerful he is)
Likes: Trustworthy friends, Teammates, quiet places, defending friends
Hates: Monsters, anyone who hurts my friends, traditors
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Liebe ist für alle da.

As usual, not having the chance to hire a nanny nor being willing to ask anyone's help, let alone charity, he has to bring his daughter with him, even when it would not really be appropriate for such a little child to go out. He can't leave her alone at home either, so he has no other choice.
Despite it's raining, the two get out of home, heading to the center of Thylum to buy some fresh food.
He has taken two weeks off from his jobs at Malicedom and the Academies as he really must find a solution for the child, before being forced to return to work. But he is not being successful, mainly because of the fact he does NOT want to ask for anyone's help. It'd truly annoy him and do more damage than good to him.
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he...he, so what if i'm bit insane? it never hurt anyone but me... hehehe.
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