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Hauke ♛Uke♛

• Name: Hauke

• Age: 17-21

• Birth date: June 18th 1995-1999

• Occupation: Not working yet though he hopes to be a writer.

• Height: 5'1

• Weight: 85lbs

• Eye colour: Lighr hazel green eyes.

• Hair colour: Very pale almost white shade of pink.

• Health issues: Physical illness: slight anorexia. (Comes and goes) *not dangerous*

• Tattoos/Scars: a small almost sun shaped birth mark right under his collar bone.

• Usual attire: Hauke usually wears light pastel yellow, blue or pink baggy sweaters or long sleeved shirts since he's comfortable more in them and feels more inspired to write whilst wearing bright colors. He wears them along with black or whit pants or shorts.

• Persona: He's one of the most positive people most will ever meet. Has quite a playful attitude and likes fooling around with people he's comfortable with, though he's serious when it comes to what he likes, which is writing.

• Quotes:
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4 | 2 Comments | by H2O | Nov 23rd 2016 03:27

Steven Universe OC

Name:Qinuwene Hughes or just Q

Hair color:Purple


Gem type:Topaz

Power:Fire and healing

Gem meaning: His gem is basically was a gift from the sun which gives it it's golden color but it also brings the power to heal.

Personality:Mostly quite, happy and outgoing most of the time.

Pros: Learning the unknown, drawing, playing videogames, likes to protect the people he cares for, and friendly.

Falts:Jelousy, hates being wrong, won't admit what types of problems he has, gets angry easily.

Gem friends:None.

Bio:When he was a kid he went outside and loved the beach all the time. One time when he went outside he saw a gem that was laying down on the ground hurt. He goes towards her and once he touched her she got up and touched his right eye with her hand and said "Let us become one." before forming into his eye slowly. Now he hides his right eye with his hair feeling like he was a freak. Maybe one day he'll find someone to comfort him.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cerberus | Nov 22nd 2016 00:41

Sakiyama Akae (Soul Eater OC)

-General Info-

Name (last, first): Sakiyama Akae

Nickname/s: Chesire Cat, Sin of Sloth

Gender: Female

Sexual Focus: Men

Age: 17

Species: Weapon

Birthday: May 4th

History: Sakiyama was bounced between foster homes most of her life, her mood shifts were a main cause. She is a withdrawn child who does more sleeping than anything, she also has a lot of cat like reflexes as well as a habit of sleeping in trees or high places as well as perching like some kind of cat. She earned her nickname of Cheshire when she used to tease her foster care siblings by laying on low hanging branches and laugh at them when they couldn't reach her and stump them with riddles. She also was dubbed the sin of sloth when she would fall asleep in school, she didn’t discover she was a weapon until she defended her sibling in a fight when her arms turned into scythe blades. She finally found a home of adopted parents and a meister sister, though she can’t seem to stand her sister and hardly listens to her parents until any of their honors are put in question. Her parents enrolled her and her sister Koyanagi into DWMA for them to learn how to utilize their talents and to help them further their education.

Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, c*cky and hard to handle

Hobbies: Reading and sleeping

Bad habits: Sleeping whenever she feels, eating nothing but junk food, and her inability to put her pride aside and change into her weapon form. (file:///C:/Users/Nikki/SkyDrive/Pictures/Untitled.bmp)

Good habits: Well read and excels in school

Like/s: Books, candy and people who can handle her personality without getting agitated

Dislike/s: People who put themselves on a level with a God, people who destroy books and people who steal her candy.

Strength: Will protect who are special to her and will give her life to do so, able to transform at the drop of a hat.

Abilities: Speed, and her ability to analyze the battle and movements of the enemy.

Weaknesses: Her hard head, her laziness, and insulting her family

Affiliation/s (DMWA, Arachnophobia, etc...): DWMA


Hair color: Black with a red streak in her bangs

Skin color: Pale

Eye color: Right: Ice Blue, Left: Grey

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 120 Lbs

Public attire: Purple and pink striped fluffy hoodie, purple corset shirt with pink ribbon, purple ruffled mini skirt with pink lace, purple and pink striped tights and purple boots with pink bottoms and black earbuds that never seem to leave her ears. (Takes her nickname very seriously)

Sleeping attire: Black silk nightgown with white knee high socks

Outdoor attire: Purple hoodie and dark purple sweats with black converse and pink beats.

Swimming attire: Purple bikini top, pink bottoms with the cheshire grin on the rear

Formal attire: Black gothic dress with white ruffles, long black leather fingerless gloves that reach up to her bicep, black tights, and white heels plus her black earbuds

Optional/ Uniform: Black and white japanese school uniform when required, plus her black earbuds

-Social Info-

Parent/s: N/A

Sibling/s: Koyanagi Akae, Shi Akae (Deceded)

Relative/s: N/A

Best Friend/s: N/A

Friend/s: N/A

Enemy/s: N/A

Rival/s: N/A

Pet/s: Calico cat


Fave. Color: Purple, Pink, Black and White (She cant pick one)

Fave. Food: Pocky or Candy

Fave. Song: Hey Alice; Rachel Rose Mitchell

Fave. Quote: “Talk trash and get hit with the lid.”

Fave. Animal: Cats

Fave. Season: Fall

Fave. Time of day: Night

Fave. Holiday: Halloween
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2 | 0 Comments | by Written_Tragedies | Nov 21st 2016 21:53

Fuhai Yosei

Character Sheet:

Full Name: Fuhai Yosei
Nicknames: Elements Master/Corrupted Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Residence: Traveling
Occupation: Contest Star
Description: Long white hair, Right eye: Ice blue Left: green, 5’ 4”, 120 Lbs, Hourglass,
Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, opens up during a battle or contest
Clothing: A black and white school uniform, A flowing black and white dress that looks similar to an old doll's dress, Silvery white ball gown.
Special Abilities: Very deep emotional bond with her pokemon
Likes: Music and books
Dislikes: People who are very loud at first, big crowds when she isn’t on a stage or signing things for her fans.
Badges: N/A
Team: Umbreon (Tsuki) Male, Shiny
Dark Pulse, Dig, Return, Covet
Espeon (Yoake) Female
Psychic, Swift, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis
Glaceon (Minto) Female
Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Frost Breath, Take Down
Leafeon (Kusamura) Female
Grass Knot, Grass Whistle, Leaf Blade, Protect
Sylveon (Nympia) Female
Fairy Wind, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Trump Card
Vaporeon (Raina) Female
Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Pulse, Iron Tail
History: Fuhai was raised by her adopted parents who were well known breeders, taking in every pokemon who was never claimed and as time went on Fuhai bonded with 6 eevees left in the daycare when they were never claimed. She grew up watching contests and battle royals on the family television and swore that she would grow up to be the best contest star she could, her parents deeply supported her vision and helped her make pokeblocks for her eevees as well as make her dresses to show their support. One day her parents left on a shopping trip to the city and never returned home, they were killed in a car accident and Fuhai was sent to live her older sister who had married and moved away two years earlier. Fuhai shut herself down, becoming reclusive and almost afraid to get close to anyone. She spent all her time training for contests and battles, still wanting to see out her dreams for her parents sake. When she turned 16 she began traveling to see out her dreams, her pokemon all fully evolved at her side.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Written_Tragedies | Nov 21st 2016 21:15

Yami(Fell) Skueruton

Hikari(Light) Sukeruton

Fubuki Kinjirareta

Information of Character
Name (last, first): Fubuki Kinjirareta
Nickname: Snowflake
Age: 17
Birthday (if known): December, 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight

About Him/Her
Personality: Quiet, until confronted for battle or something peaks her interest where she becomes cold hearted and violent.
Good Habits: Well read and tends to over analyze before doing anything rash.
Bad Habits: Also tends to lash out when she is annoyed, also tending to pick fights.
Strengths in battle: Her Ice Dragon Slayer magic as well as her 3 other forms of magic she learned through books and battles.
Weaknesses in battle: Tends to focus more on her allies then the enemy
Likes: Being alone, reading, practicing her Lost Magic in the forest.
Dislikes: Big crowds, People trying to be all buddy buddy with her
Hobbies: Reading and mock battles
Dreams: Meeting Azuri, her dragon mother.
Life Story: Fubuki was picked up by Azuri when she was left alone in the mountains, her parents having passed away in a vicious unexpected blizzard. Azuri took Fubuki in and raised her like her own, teaching her magic to defend herself when she was away. Azuri named Fubuki of her own accord and would let Fubuki read from her collection of lost magic books. Azuri vanished on the same day as the other dragons, leaving Fubuki alone with nothing but a necklace with a heart shaped ice crystal that doesn’t seem to melt. Furious at Azuri for leaving her alone (This dragon being all she has ever known) she left the high mountains in search for Azuri to get answers, fending for herself by hunting and practicing her magical abilities to keep her safe. Eventually she stumbled into a small village near the base of the mountains where Azuri raised her, the village itself being small and only inhabited by roughly 50 people she stayed far from them and studied them to learn how other wizards behaved. She was eventually found by two twins who lived in the village, both working as sentries they took pity on the girl (Being maybe about 12 at this point) they brought her into their home and taught her how to write as well as find work and read english instead of lost english. Light and Fell, the twins, would bring her home Wizarding Weekly magazines from their shifts. They let her have the copies that didn’t sell to passing wizards and hikers she made it her goal to try and join Fairy Tail in order to talk to other dragon slayers about her missing mother. Venturing out, she found the guild and joined.

Fairy Tail Information
Type of magic (caster/holder): Caster
If caster: Dragonslayer
Dragon Slayer (if yes, what element): Ice
Dragon that raised OC: Azuri, Blizzard of The North
If no, other (ie: god slayer, molder, memory make, etc..):
If holder (what type Ie: keys, ring magic, guns magic, etc..):

Guild Affiliations
Member of a guild: Yes
If so, which one: Fairy Tail
Guild mark location: Lower back
Guild Rank (S-class, master, normal): Normal, working to become S-Class
Favorite type of missions: Removal of enemies or pests, information gathering missions
Team name (if OC is part of a team):

Family and Friends
Parents: Azuri
Best Friends: Her X-seed Patches
Friends: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Crush: Loki, and Grey
Relatives: Light and Fell

Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Hourglass shaped body
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 120 Lbs
Blood Type: A+
Hair Style: Long ice blue pigtails held up by Black Bows and occasionally bows made of bones from Light and Fell
Outfits: Usually japanese style clothing, Azuri loving the japanese tradition it reflects
Accessories/Jewelry: Her necklace of unmelting ice, shaped like a heart. Bows made of bones from Light and Fell
Appearance (picture or not): Long ice blue pigtails held up by Black Bows and occasionally bows made of bones from Light and Fell, dark crimson red eyes, she usually japanese style clothing, Azuri loving the japanese tradition it reflects and wears her necklace of unmelting ice, shaped like a heart and sometimes wears her bows made of bones from Light and Fell

Theme song/quote: “You really are cold hearted, aren’t you?”
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Time of Day: Night
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Color: Black
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0 | 0 Comments | by Written_Tragedies | Nov 21st 2016 20:44

RPC Ammiras


Jeremy Clarke is a battlemage from the list lands of Amalur. He was with the refugees that moved to Tijani, the magic and technology blew his mind but he made a decent enough living at a grocery store.

Here had seen some of the Guardians perform combat magic and wanted to learn from them and continue his training to be a battle mage.

Age: 20

Species human
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Remi Grey

Nickname: Bird Boy

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'4

Weight: 150 lbs

Birthday: March 29

Blood type: O+

Species: Human-bird hybrid


Being scolded
Being alone for too long

Personality: Remi is shy, energetic and caring. He's somewhat mute, and only talks to people he trusts and loves. When he's sad, he's a completely different person. His curiosity often gets the best of him, but he tries to stay out of trouble the best he can.
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0 | 8 Comments | by Melodic_Angel | Nov 19th 2016 22:10


Name: Rain
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: white hair and blue eyes
Personality: Unknown
Species: Angel and wolf
Family: Royal
Family members: Adopted older brother
Likes: her friends, weapons, fighting and learning
Dislikes: Unknown
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Turkey
Favorite fruit: Strawberies
Favorite veggie: Carrots
Favorite sweet: Chocolate Cake
Favorite flower: Pink rose
Skills: fighting with a sword and using her abilities as an advantage
Powers: telekinesis and controlling people
About her: she tends to never use her telekinesis or control people unless necessary.
Bio: unknown
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Testing 123

can you hear me now?
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Simon e Nikolaus, che si sono conosciuti a casa di Tristan e Frerin, hanno deciso di andare a trovare il loro amico/nipote Frerin. Perció si recano nell`Est nell`attuale casa di Jackil e Carlie, naturalmente anche se non sapevano dove abitassero o comunque dove si trovassero con precisione. A Simon è bastato prendere la forma di uno di loro per saperlo, per i mutaforma è facile sapere certe cose xD.
Comunque sono davanti alla loro porta, è all'incirca mezzogiorno, a loro non piace svegliarsi presto, bussano.
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1 | 10 Comments | by Lianbi | Nov 16th 2016 14:50

Xerox Zaxnon

This is an Official Information File of the Historical Guild of Mythological History and this is general information on this mythological being. ____________________________________________________________________________
Name: Xerox Christopher Zaxnon II
Species: Human (warlock)
Age: 45 (as of 1770)
Date of Birth: 31/10/1748
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Weight: 250
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Sexual Preference: Women
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant
Likes: Torture, killing, controling his son and daughter, grand entrances, dominating people.
Dislikes: Cellebasson, Zaran, he's nieces, good, heroes.
Personality: He is a monstorous being with sadism and greed, who only cares about himself and he is essentially selfish and rude. He also has a high charisma, compared to his other skills.
Relationship Status: Widowed (Killed his wife)
Children: 2 Sara and Aaron (a son and a daughter who are both killed by his nieces' friends)
Father: Gerald Zaxnon
Mother: Patricia Zarneath
Siblings: Older brother Terrance-20 years older (Killed by Patricia) Younger sister Ruby-20 years younger (Still alive from ruby of power)
Weapons: Dagger, Mace, and a Short-Staff

He never had a good relationship with his parents. He grew up in their religion, at the age of five, he killed a woman who tried to fix his inactivity with the nib of her own quill out of anger and was diagnosed of having a mental disorder, he was put in a mental hospital for twelve years. He was in an isolated cell, growing further and furthermore into insanity, he had the sphere of time in his cell yet he rarely touched it. He also had the Holy Symbol of Azarad, the prayer book which he recited in his native tongue, and, incense and vestments from his baptism. At the age of six, he cut himself with a loose metal shard and wrote on the walls: "Everything has changed, Death to all who defy my wrath". The staff were concerned for him and put him in another cell. When he was seven, he started muttering to himself, creating a Psyche Friend he named Earl, later whom he interpreted as a god. At the age of eight, Earl "Told him" to kill the staff and escape. Xerox killed twenty members of staff, using the killing spell from his memory as a child and got caught by the workers. At the age of nine, he practised spells in his cell and he killed rats that crawled into the cell. At the age of ten, he mastered the killing spell on rats, but not humans effectively. At the age of twelve, Xerox Zaxnon escaped the mental asylum using the sphere, but, he got sentenced at the age of fifteen. The sphere was taken off him, at the age of sixteen, Earl "said" that Xerox was ready to escape. At the age of seventeen, Xerox Zaxnon planned his escape, killing the guards. When he was eighteen, he found out he had a brother that had a pregnant wife as he told him in their visit, he escaped the hospital and ran off. He met Rose at the age of nineteen, they were romantic for seven years. When he reached twenty-six, he was married had children and started his reign of terror in 1765 as his brother's children fled. He set off on his own until he found himself in a country called Markaz-Alshrq'ard and was arrested; along with a fellowship consisting of a Merchant, a Wizard addicted to flash powder, a Criminal, a fired watchman, and, an Elf-Human hybrid after an explotion. A Druid and a drunk followed their journey; they all met with him during the crisis of the death of The Elf-Queen of Forendale's death. They helped him turn his magic into something greater through experience, he lost contact with the church and worshiped the Great Dark Lord of Destruction before he decided to become his own Dark Lord of Destruction. After the death of Zaran, the romantic partner of the niece who betrayed him, he went forward in time to kill Zaran's child, Celibason.
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Cellibason Landernain

Name: Cellbason Landernain
Species: Elf
Age: 231 (23)
Date of Birth: 31/12/1789
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Weight: 240
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Eye Color: Blue
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Dom/Sub: Submissive
Likes: Nature, heroes, animals/magical creatures, having friends.
Dislikes: Evil, comic-con, love, Xerox, being told what is right.
Personality: He is a Nice elf who loves people and animals alike. If you met him on the street, you would see him as a nice guy who has a lot to offer. He makes friends easly, this could be a disadvantage if he meets the wrong person, he loves making friends with everybody. Woodland elves see good in everybody.
Relationship Status: Single
Children: None
Father: Zaran Landernain
Mother: Gillernorth Areian
Siblings: None
Celibason had a rough childhood as his father died before he was born. His mother raised him until her departure from Celibason. at the age of three. Celibason was left a little orphan boy. A woman found him in the rain outside the burning forest, Celibason was taken to "Ms Vannel's Orphanage for the Magicaly Gifted" he met a girl who could understand him when no one else could. They became really good friends, dating once they reached eleven, and could not live without each other. His friend got adopted into the Smith family when he was 17, he was sad and promised to meet her again once they got older. Celibason lived in the orphanage until he was eighteen years old. He found out his girlfriend moved to another universe and died when she was 17. Celibason Landernain moved to the other universe and found a home in New York. He later found his father's quest in the Statue of Liberty's head and swore to fulfill it.
(If you want to roleplay as him, send me the link)
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6 | 1 Comment | by TheVictorianWriter | Nov 16th 2016 07:29