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Some of the Laws

Divine Laws.

Only Gods have the right to create new life.

Only Gods have the right to destroy lives. *1

All livings of all races of Nortrig are born free. No one has the right to limit or deprive other beings' freedom be them conscious or not. *2

The world and every life inhabiting it must be respected and protected.

Every living conscious inhabitant of Nortrig has the right to knowledge and must be able to access to learning.

No child of the Gods has the right to know their future. Time must be preserved. Only Gods can change the fate of their children.

Justice must be ensured and defended by every conscious being.

Only High Priests can ask for a direct answer from the Gods.

Foreigners who intend to live in Nortrig must be taught about the Gods and accept them as their own Gods.

Only rightful Kings and Queens must sit on the thrones; only the Gods' chosen have the right to become High Priests.

High Priests' authority in Nortrig equals their represented Gods' in the Halls of Dolash.

Orphaned children must be protected and ensured a dignified and safe childhood.

*1 with the exception if the lives of those who deliberately threaten innocents' lives.

*2 with the exception of the beings whose actions threaten or damage the world or its inhabitants.

Basic rules:

No one with the exception of the established executioners have the right to kill. Special treatments reserved to rightful revenges, only granted to the citizens of the Northern Kingdom.

It is severely forbidden to teleport or travel worlds until and unless having earned the license by passing the course and exam.

Thievery is strictly punished.

Offenses against the Gods are strictly punished.

Every citizen of Nortrig has the right to a trial with the exception of confirmed traitors.

Only military forces and authorized professionists can murder criminals in open world, if forced to.

All children of all raves inhabiting Nortrig must attend school.

Foreigners must report their presence to an officer.

New. (Introduced by Anthony himself after Soda's reports) With the exception of humans and emergency cases, every foreigner intending to visit Nortrig for even a short period of time will must be in possession of the approval certificate. Whoever else will be forced back to their worlds by the authorities in control. *3

*3 the approval certificate is granted upon passing an exam testing the foreigners actual knowledge of Nortrig Laws
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1 | 0 Comments | by PiGa | Aug 2nd 2015 12:42

Dream Number 2 - bunnies + death = McDonalds

(just wanna let you know, these dreams are not in order of occurrence. This happened months ago)

Twas a normal sunny day. My dad, my bro, and I went to McDonalds for some high quality health food. Upon walking in, we encountered a wall full of microwave ovensž. Each microwave contained a rabbit (wtf?).
Each rabbit was still alive. I had to watch rabbit torture. First, all of the fur disintegrated. Then, the rabbits started stretching to the point that their skin was ripping. Oh, I forgot to mention that their eyes and mouths were sewn shut. The whole time, you could see the rabbits decaying and rotting. Afterwards, they were just piles of meat. When they were done, they got shaped into McDonalds "burgers" and "chicken" and served to the public. I had to eat a rabbit chicken sandwich. The end.
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3 | 5 Comments | by Jrzag42 | Aug 2nd 2015 07:29

Dream Number 1 - super sentai knock off?!

Twas a normal sunny day. My brother ,my mother, and I were in a van. We were all sitting around with my mother driving when suddenly a random guy appeared. He called himself the sexy ninja and he wore a generic super sentai / power Rangers type mask along with a tuxedo. He was in the van yet none of us were alarmed. All he did was tell us news going on in the world while also telling jokes and playing video games. We all had a great time until my brother suddenly started driving and I made a joke involving previous dreams. I was sitting in the front while my bro sat in the other front (wtf?) and my mother was nonexistent. Sexy ninja was still in the van. So, even though my brother had no knowledge in driving, he drove perfectly....until it ended with us going off of a bridge.
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4 | 7 Comments | by Jrzag42 | Aug 1st 2015 23:29

After the cruise

He informs Celegorm he's going to talk to Jackil, and invites him to come too, in a bar in Nortrig.
He is already there waiting and pondering.
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2 | 37 Comments | by Bixia | Aug 1st 2015 10:24

Noah (after time skip One piece rps)

I am Noah, i am a former marine officer, former meaning i will never go back...they might try but i wont...things happend that made fill me with despair....
Name: Noah
Age: 22-25
Devil fruit: Tori Tori model falcon, and dice dice
Location: island said be on the all blue
Goals: re-pay the world for the wrongs
Weapon of choice: my arm blades, fathers sacred blade
Special notes: i have masterd some of the 6 powers when i was in the marines, i also use a sort of rumble ball
Occupation: scout
Gained abbtiles: can now speak with any bird species, is 100% free of the marines control, and can enter power state level 6 with only 2 rumble balls, can you use arm as a sort of crossbow, firing a feather knife, i can move fast enough to create tornado's
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1 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 27th 2015 18:01

Troubles at the horizon.

The day Althus saw Tyger and Reyja, was definitely not a good day for the South nor for the rest of the world.
A group of rebels to the Queen, managed to get rid of her and her husband to steal the throne. The Princes, most of the nobles as well as many of the people who refused to accept the new King were imprisoned, some killed. The South has always been more brutal than other Realms, taking as main principles strength rather than honor and fairness.
The Queen and the King were imprisoned in different dungeons, she left in a dark place, chained to a wall.
It happened in less than three days, before anyone could have the time to react and before the other Realms could even notice something was happening in the South. Strangely for a group of men of the South, the plan was well thought and organized, not just a reckless "try for all". It literally shocked every reasonable person in the South, but due to the Law of the place, the one who managed to defeat the Queen is the rightful new King. (They made sure no word would be spread on how the Queen was actually "defeated", in a worthless and totally unfair way which absolutely didn't prove, in any way, the strength of the man.)
Anyhow, in less than a week, the new King ensured himself a close relationship with the East and convinced the West would join anytime, the two Realms together suddenly and without any negotiation or specific reason, called war against the North. François is convinced that in less than a month, the whole world will be his own and he'll become its rightful ruler. He is clever, but he lacks the knowledge of many dinamics regarding their worlds for what concerns things like this

Anyhow, the war indeed begun, the message was sent to Anthony, delivered to him by Rujha herself. Since he is not yet coroned (has to pass 1 month from the death of the previous King before a new one is coroned), he does not yet hold all of the powers and duties of a King, even though he formally is already the King.
The new King of the South claims a "decisive battle". Basically, in that battle deciding the winner of the war, without further battles, sieges and whatever, actually something very typical of the South. "The one who proves stronger wins the other's Realm". Rujha is smug, overconfident and way too convinced this is going to be just a piece of cake. «I'll take the Hunters too, I want to end it quick and give them such a burning defeat the future generations will laugh of them till the end of the world.»

«It'd mean to leave the borders totally undefended. It will endanger our citizens.»

«That's what Elite Guards exist for. Cover our spots when the real militars actually do their jobs.»

«There aren't enough Elite Guards to cover the entire area.»

«What are you so scared of? You are not even King yet and are already pissing yourself at the first sound of a warhorn.» She spits on the floor. «Pathetic. Your word matters nothing on this matter, you are not King yet, this decision is left to me, as I am still the Minister of Armed Forces.» And to that she leaves, sending her orders to the Hunters, taking them to the battle indeed.

Anthony is pissed off at it but he truly has his hands tied. Sure thing is, he won't forget this when he will be officially the King. But something doesn't sound right to him, the whole matter. He knows that Shana is not just a strong woman, she is a beast, like 10 lionesses in one, he is not buying someone so easily defeated her, in the legal way. So, screwing every formality, he can decide nothing anyway, he decides to go to the South and investigate on the matter. And to do so, he intends to be captured and be taken in the same place as her, which proves to be as easy as he thought, with the exception of two spears piercing him side by side in the chest, that though are not endangering his life. Just provoking the rebels by asking them to see Shana, they chained him next to her in the same dark place, in which the two speak and he finds out what he thought: she wasn't defeated in a duel, she didn't have the chance to fight at all, she was knocked out in an unexpected moment by a traitor servant and it led to this. Making the new King, not a King, basically.
While she gave up, very low morale due to everything, mainly due to how many people betrayed her and having no clue what has been of her children, Anthony refuses to give up instead and regardless of the two spears he starts to struggle heavily to break free from the chains.

Meanwhile in the battlefield. Rujha, the Royal Army and the Hunters reach the established place, and surprise surprise, the only opponents they find is a little group of chained prisoners, BUT they are in an area of which magnetism affects the ability to teleport, and it's a pretty huge area (the only one in entire Nortrig, chose with the excuse of "no cowards will escape their fate from the battle", very typical from the South, so not really suspicious.) It will take them all whole hours to return to the Realm, which is the place that really needed them, as the whole Southern and Eastern armies are sent there to literally erase the whole place, to ashes. But the South and East have truly no clue what awaits them.

They split, in order to send more attacks at the same time, attacking the main cities at once, thinking it'll cause even more havoc and impossibility to react.
The combined army of enemies reach Thylum at 11 am. The day is cold, cloudy but no rain yet, despite Autumn 1 begun since a couple of days.
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2 | 50 Comments | by Gu_ | Jul 26th 2015 17:48


Name: Omniglot
Race: Furry wolf
Colour: Gray
Height: 6'4
Age: Around 18 he hasn't really kept track
Personality: Determined and fierce. Is a total sweetheart to the ones he conciders as friends.
History: Trained by his father to a strong swordfighter and bowman. His mother passed away within a year of his birth. His father cared for him till 16. Their home in the woods was attacked by raiders when they were training, but they managed to kill them. Omni's father passed away shortly after because of his wounds. During this battle, Omni had gotten a crippeling wound to his left arm, rendering it weak. Otherwise he likes keeping himself in shape for upcoming battles.

He uses a selfcrafted crossbow with a lever for redrawing the string, since he can't use his arm. It has a bayonet on the front, but if he has it on his back he uses an enchanted dagger with a diamond lining on the blade and a ruby in the pammel.
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20 | 2 Comments | by Flabberoo | Jul 25th 2015 21:29


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0 | 0 Comments | by Bixia | Jul 25th 2015 17:37

John F. Borden

I am john, phew know i exsist... i live in hiding... My house is deep within a forest....i am like a god to these people, i control the forest, the faries and elfs worship me
September 27, 1990
24 years old
Tropical zodiac
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Gender: Male
weapon of choice: Bow, Sword, Daggers
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2 | 6 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Jul 19th 2015 14:24

Misty Davis


He feels like to organize a random surprise party for the birthday of his dog.
He sends invites to brothers and cousins, strictly avoiding Morgan and the others. The party is in Jack and Mort's manor, since Anthony has been sent there with Dorian. And of course he never warned the other inhabitants of the place. xD
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2 | 64 Comments | by Gu_ | Jul 12th 2015 17:48

Sgt. Collins, Vincent (Post Apocalypse RP)

Vincent is a pretty chill guy except the fact that he's a complete psychopath. He has multiple personality disorder. He loves guns and will do anything for money. He's a mercenary and was a former Marine at the age of fifteen but was discharged for overkill and war crimes when he was sixteen. This is how his story began: Vincent was a normal kid. Eating breakfast everyday, going to school..that stuff. But one day a Marine came to the door and he answered it. He went one one knee and took his white sailor hat off and said that his father was KIA. This happened when he was four and was devastated. His father and him were like one. Playing games, cooking together, and even made a LEGO city in their basement. This is when he got depression. He still takes meds for it too. His mother couldn't live without his father and started to hallucinate and dress Vincent up sometimes or had duel conversations with herself. Then a year later she attacked him, popping his arm out of the socket when they tried to hug. (Let that sink in =3) She was charged with legal insanity and put into an asylum for a year. They said she got better and they let her go. Another year of yelling and abuse, and when he was six, she got a knife and cut him everywhere besides once on his face and none on his manhood. He almost bled out until his aunt rushed him to the hospital and his mother was back in the pillow box again for good. This is how he got PTSD and the other personality. He still has flashbacks and nightmares about the night and will takes meds for that too when he gets in the Marines. He takes three meds. Depression, PTSD, and panic attacks. The panic attacks are when someone grabs the arm/shoulder of his left arm that was popped out/hugs from a stranger or a sharp object coming in contact with him and cutting him (he doesn't mind using them, just when they cut him.) He once punched a kid straight in a jaw at school when he grabbed his shoulder but wasn't expelled knowing the history. At the age of ten, his aunt had passed of natural causes. This almost led him to suicide but he thought: What if he could avenge his father? And with that, his grades when up in athletics, math, and science. When he got into the tenth grade, his gym teacher noticed this and since HE was a military branch, he asked him to join right away. But Vincent told him he wasn't ready but the teacher had bad people that were corrupt and was forced into the Marines at fifteen. He was deployed in Iraq and witnessed his first kill with a gun. It felt so amazing to him as he let the rage flow through him killing the people that had killed his father. He didn't care about avenging anymore. All he cared about was vengeance and that high he had experienced. (NO not drugs.) He then ran over to that guy and emptied the mag in his gun all over his body. Some of his platoon members had to pull him back. That was when he started to take the PTSD meds. Whenever he had a breakdown like that, he would have to take it and it lasts for about two days each pill. But he'd still have the nightmares that wouldn't allow him to sleep. He got up one night and went into an Iraqi village and killed everyone there. Innocent civilians, to children, to terrorists. He had done his first war crime. He was suspended from the field for a month. After the month, there was suppose to be a raid/clean up mission and they had called in the Spec Ops to assist them. When they got to the warehouse, they bust through the doors but the enemy knew. They killed the only two people he was friends with. The people who had held him back. Their brains split in half now and their brains and blood splattered onto him. He again was traumatized and killed each and everyone of them four times over until the Spec Ops unit held him back like last time and he accidentally hit one in the face, breaking his nose. The leader told him to cool down and he yelled at her and called her out. He was met with a punch in the face, knocking two teeth out. He was out of his trance and apologized and explained his situation and took a PTSD pill. He lost his entire platoon while the Spec Ops unit lost two. He took his two friend's dog tags to remember them by. Another war crime. By that point the commanding officer didn't think he was fit for battle and kicked him out a year of overkill gone by. After he got kicked out, he went to his father's grave, dug him up, and took his dog tag. It was an older version, of course, and he cleans it ever month. Wandering for half a year, Vincent became a popular mercenary since he showed no mercy to anybody or anything. Besides kids. Surprisingly, Vincent acts like nothing is important. Nothing is to him. But he wants to see what he becomes. He wants to be a father. He wants to give a child something he barley had. After the six months passed, it happened. The apocalypse began. As the Marines were the first responders, they still couldn't hold back the horde of the zombies/mutants that kept coming. Vincent was back in business. He was brought in along with ninety nine more of the best solders. The military had been working on a vaccine for the zambie/mutant bite and he was shot up with some immunity. He was deployed in various places trying to contain the horde but it was no use, they overran every position. One day, Vincent was on guard duty and there was a chomp. A mutant had bit his neck. Pain shot through him but it quickly disappeared and no mutations had taken place. The vaccine had worked. Six more months had passed and Vincent was now seventeen. He walks from town to town, taking any job with the highest pay. His arsenal is just two G18s with silencers and laser sights, M416 with a long barrel and a holographic sight, and an M95 extended mag, bipod, and silencer. (Battlefield 3+ players should know what those are.). Vincent is someone that you don't want to piss off or trigger any flashbacks on or, he'll break a bone or if his other personality feels like it, he'll kill you.
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6 | 10 Comments | by Fears | Jul 7th 2015 06:19

RPC Xailynn

Dear puppeteer

Dangled me from those strings
Don't know we're to begin
Dear puppeteer
My skin cut from procline
Painted so neat
Don't I look wonderful hanging by your feet

Trapped like a toy
Awaiting the show
My affections never to show
Dangle me doll maker
Make me dance
When you have the chance

A poor soul trapped
You show no affection
A love so strong
Has now taken a toll
My poor little face has started to crack
The paint starting to fade
The beauty I was torn down its ways
No going back

You can't fix me
That cute little smile
Had started to fade
My broken heart
Now broken to pieces
Dear puppeteer
This is my letter
I'm saying goodbye
As my soul dies
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0 | 0 Comments | by Smoke_An_Mirrors | Jul 6th 2015 22:34

Some blah blah

After finishing with Gab, Mike and Dorian he has his meetings with Tomiel first and Richard next. It's no case they were ordered to follow this order, for he went from the lightest situation-less serious-less angering to the worst, with Tomiel in the middle. And his anger and reaction followed the same levels of intensity, from light to medium to "deadly".

In the end though, he sent Tomiel with the adoption request Jackil wrote -approved and signed by Morgan- to Mortimer's house to be with her adoptive father.
He expects Dorian and Anthony will be there soon to obey his order and to keep an eye on Jackil. He has a slight worry he might consider taking his life instead of earning what Morgan plans to grant him if he'll behave correctly for some time.

And he did quite a horrible news to Richard too, as he forced him to move to Edward, his only older brother for a while as to "re-educate" him. Needless to say, it's the worst thing possible for Richard.
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2 | 0 Comments | by MiisFit | Jul 6th 2015 18:33