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People call her Corey, it's short for her Hydra given code name Petrichor. She doesn't remember her real name as she's been with Hydra since a very young age- that is, until she'd escaped when she was an early teen. They had her because of her unique mutant status. She's a vampire (ooc if you don't like that then whatever). She was turned by one of Hydra's agents then brought in, as her abilities that developed from the change could be of use. She's a hydrokinetic, meaning she can control water and rain, and create isolated storms, earning her the code name. She's a bit in the smaller side, 5'4" and thin. Corey has gray eyes, pale skin, freckles, and ashy blonde hair. She's not one for showing emotions, per her training with Hydra, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel them. She's usually hard headed and stubborn with authority figures, but if she likes you, well... She's still stubborn just easier to be around.
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Sarah Quitten

Name:Sarah Quitten
Orientation:half Neko Half Human
Hair colour:Pink
Eye Color: Red and gold mix
Job: She was given by her dad a maid cafe and 500 000 000$ to run it
Personality:Sarah is a girl that likes people,she is always full of energy,she is a bit silly, shes always happy but when she is mad she is mad and for real and she is a kind of weird girl

Sarah is a girl that wanna be accepted like she is with her problem and her living style but being the last of her family is hard for to accomplish her wish
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19 | 2 Comments | by Sarahneko | Aug 28th 2015 15:07


Some days before the school trip.

They have Anatomy class and most of students -of course- are as happy as if they were heading to their parents' funerals.

He is already into the classroom, nothing new. The homework are already written on the blackboard, that's the priority of course.
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2 | 22 Comments | by Sao | Aug 25th 2015 14:41

The Rules

1) No spelling errors in our roleplay (Yes sometimes i'm sleepy I tend to misspell)
2) When i'm busy don't repeatedly message me..
3) Don't yell nor scream at me..
4) Don't piss me off..
5) When i'm taken don't try anything.. (I'm for the man or woman "Forever")
6) I do have some friends but not many (I don't trust many..)
7) You have to prove yourself that I can lean on you..
8) You have to keep your promises (100%)
9) If we are roleplaying, don't kill your character off..
10) We can have a bonding moment..(Like best friends or family)
11) Don't complain about my family nor start anything
12) Do not start DRAMA!!!
~Lexi ❤
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9 | 0 Comments | by BlissyBliss | Aug 23rd 2015 19:16

At the end of the wedding party, he and Amelis took both Tomiel and Murphy with them to their own mansion, to leave total freedom and peace to their parents for their first wedding night and for the upcoming Honeymoon.
Jackil and Cora considered to take Tomiel with them for the travel they planned for Honeymoon but they were convinced by their parents and brothers that it'd be better to leave her home with the grandparents, since she would lose a month of school and they'd be less free.
So, he picks Tomiel up at the end of the party, waits for his family and Murphy to be ready and they teleport back to his own mansion in Shadowmoor, the main city of his ex-Dukedom (now Dorian's), Schest Auf Shadowmoor.
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1 | 117 Comments | by Badman | Aug 22nd 2015 11:09


At Jackil's and Dorian's wedding, she and her sister were invited to, going with Madre as their father had not yet come to them.
She though is very bored, she doens't know anyone and doesn't feel at ease.
She notices a waiter near her but she doesn't know he is a waiter, considering he is so elegant, she thinks is an invited who is holding a tray for unknown reasons.
She decides to approach him and have a few words.
«I've never seen such a huge party in my life...»
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1 | 46 Comments | by MiisFit | Aug 22nd 2015 10:37


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Since his RPer is lazy to do all the "Benjamin returned" RPs a second time, let's say that after he visited Dorian and Jack at the hospital, he of course rushed to his wife. Then he went immediately to each one of his children wherever they are, including Thomas, and he also visited Malicedom to see Michael and Gabriel immediately.
He also visited Anthony who immediately aimed to hand him the crown, but Benjamin refused, preferring his son to stay King, Dorian to stay Duke and himself just enjoy his bloody life after two years of slavery. Lots of hugs, cuddles, sweetnesses and unicorns for all.
The young Auriold who helped him to return, has been hired to be his personal valet which is surely a much better occupation than what he could hope for given his position and as he promised, he made sure he would not even see a cell for a second after returning to Nortrig.
But he still has to be introduced his grandchildren, he will wait for their parents to take their children to meet their grandfather.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Badman | Aug 14th 2015 12:11

Benjamin's Return.

As the previous time, Benjamin is in another world in a different time-frame than Nortrig, which is what made any attempt to directly contact him in his mind, fail. Still ancient Rome, still the same place, the same situation, same hate and rage within. Differences: it's been only 2 years and something happens to awake that warrior spirit within him for good, something he would think impossible to happen.
In Nortrig, it's the day in which Althus , Jack and Dorian were brought back from war. Where he is, it's late night, he is in his cell with his hands chained, unable to find any rest. Jackil is still in operating theatre. That's when the impossible happens, a rather rare phenomenon in fact. Benjamin could clearly hear Jackil's voice in his mind. At first echoing from a far but then always closer and more clear, begging him to help him, to save him, with a broken and crying tone. And it continued for some minutes, literally freezing Benjamin's blood in his vein.
He didn't give even the time to doubt it could not be true, he jumps up and starts to make a whole mess into his cell, an unbearable noise to drag the guard in there and when he manages to, he wraps the chains blocking his hands around the neck of the guard, killing him in few minutes. Done that, he steals his keys and frees all of the other slaves and gladiators kept in the cells, fomenting them to start a revolution and make a massacre of their slavers. He simply runs away in the mess.
Luckily enough he wasn't kept in Rome itself but much northern. In few hours he manages to reach the forests leading to the uncolonized territories, where the barbarians are. And it doesn't take long before he comes across some of a Teuton tribe. Luckily enough it doesn't take him much to convince them to be one of them who was captured and enlaved by the romans, which definitely buys him some help from them, even though very little.
All he really wants to know from them though, is if any Auriold might be in the place. And he knows how to investigate: "Any sign of Gods/Any witch/witchcraft/druids/unexplained phenomenon in the area lately?" It bought him information about some suspects regarding an "evil God" inhabiting the deepest area of the dark forest. And again, luck was on his side. The so-called Evil God was indeed an Auriold who fled from Nortrig to escape Necromancy accusation and execution. Piece of cake for both. The young Auriold, in exchange of being allowed to return home to his mother, accepted to help him return to Nortrig. But Benjamin refused to return immediately, first he needed to know what's the situation there. So, he convinced Tumul to write to his mother -in hope she'd be still alive- and ask her a few questions regarding the place at the moment.
When they received the answer, it was a relief for both. Not just she is alive, but thanks to Maedre she is in a much better situation than she was when the son was forced to escape from the world. Harry is not the King, Anthony is and he was beyond surprised and stunned to learn that his father became a God instead.
In any case, having learnt that Harry is not the King, he asks to portal back home immediately, or better, to the Temple of Fiared. First things first, he wants his powers back in case he should come across Harry on his way to his family.
The High Priest meets him immediately and returns him his full original powers, also answeing a few questions regarding the world, more in details. It's where he also finds out that the draft occurred one year ago and that two of his children and one grandson went, among them Jackil.
Learnt that Jackil and Dorian are still under care and in Doctor Robstein's manor, he heads there first of all. Hearing Jack screaming struck him very deeply, it made him a priority, mostly after finding out he is in critical state.
The servant who opens the door doesn't even know who Benjamin is, he thinks he must be a friend or something, so he just points him the rooms in which his sons are.
He rushes upstairs and enters the room in which Jack is kept. Almost his whole body in bandaged and he has many wounds all over his face and neck. He approaches the bed, on which Tomiel too is, knelt, crying while looking at her father. As Benjamin arrives though she quickly goes off the bed and recoils, bowing her head and looking down with her arms behind her back.
Benjamin doesn't say anything to her for now, he just looks at his son, feeling dreaded to see him in this condition. «I came as soon as I could...» He murmurs. Right then, Doctor Robstein notices him and heads into the room, recognizing Benjamin only after having approached him and looked at him with wide eyes for some time. «Your Highness...?!» He is beyond surprised, almost shocked. Though he quickly approaches Tomiel and tells her to go downstairs for some time.
As they remain alone, Benjamin asks him about what happened to Jack in detail and how serious his situation is, and Robstein explains everything to him, how he was caught in the explosion of the mine, how he shielded the captain, how most of his skin got burned in the explosion and the surgeries he had to perform, but reassures him on the fact that Jackil is totally out of any danger now, the skin is re-growing perfectly and in the end he will be left with just some slight scars as a memory of the happening, that he is keeping in a forced coma in order to spare him from the pain he'd feel in that state, but within the week, he should be able to leave and return to his home in a decent state.
What sort of confuses Benjamin is that when he heard Jack's voice, three days before, he was already unconcious. Doctor Robstein explains him that it can occur, when very intense dreams occur, that an asleep mind can be capable of unexplicable phenomenons like that one. And Jackil is most likely re-living the horrors he lived in the last year in his dreams, which he could do nothing to prevent. He can spare him from physical pain, not from his mental sorrow.
Anyhow, some minutes after, while they are still speaking, Richard came to visit Jack and see if Tomiel wants to return home, and finding her crying downstairs, prevented from being with her father for "no apparent fair reason", being he pretty annoyed and frustrated by some fact, he goes upstairs quite angrily, and not recognizing Benjamin from behind, he starts to "spit poison" against Doctor Robstein for "Preventing a daughter to be close to her father in the moment he needs the most, to grant a private meeting with some "random unkown man"". Happy ending, he got a punch from Benjamin so bloody hard he fell on the floor, breaking his glasses. "Benjamin, is that you...?" He couldn't mistake his punch with any other, he knows it too well.
Doctor Robstein helps him to stand up and Richard actually hugs Benjamin soooo tightly for some moments. Then steps back, clears his throat and pretends as if nothing happened. "Well, welcome back. I too am glad to see you after these years. -.- "
Without saying much, he leaves the room to go to visit Dorian after, aware he will probably give him an heart attack.
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It's even worse than it sounds, and drafts should never sound good.
After three of the younger (on age) members of Riddle Family received the enlistment letter, Anthony got pretty furious, mainly because of the ones who were chosen.
He went to the Temple of Mijatehv to speak with the High Priestess -the ones who sent the letters- to express his opposition and will to change things.

In no way he can spare three members of Riddle family from taking part in this, but something to make it slightly less bad by having some other and more experienced people volunteering and going in the place of the selected ones.

For this purpose, Anthony summons all of his brothers and other younger relatives who could be suitable for this.
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Sukāretto Kawasumi

Name: Sukāretto Kawasumi
Race: Human
Height: 6'1''
Age: 20
Personality: Deadly, joyful, shy and determined and mute
History: Scarlet was a happy child. She lived peacefully in a small farm town, until the war hit that is. Her father was executed in front of her and her mother was raped and killed. When the soldiers walked up to her, she grabbed one of the soldier's daggers from their clothes and cut off their willies before she stabbed them through the heart as they were down.

''You made me like this...Not I...'' she whispered in their ears before their dying breath. This was the last thing she said. She grabbed her mother's old armor and blades. She put it on and they fit. Her blades are a curved short sword and two large daggers connected by a chain.

She took a bag with preserved food from the ruined village and left it to burn. The rest of the soldiers had left and those two were the ones to execute any who were hiding. Now she is a wanderer, killing for her coin...
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21 | 2 Comments | by Flabberoo | Aug 8th 2015 16:14

My Oc's

Name: Kenna Rose
Sex: Female / Pan
Breed: Neko (Cat) Demon
D.O.B.: 24th September
Age: 22 (actually 2200)(Can change)

Description: British and Italian accent, calm but a bit harsh at first meeting depending on the situation. Loves to sing and is quite good, Plays the piano and Sings. Quite the artist. Has small scar going diagonally over left eye, makes her embarrassed when people mention it.

Height: 5’5
Hair: Long Straight Black and Red Hair (Red at ends)
Ears: Black and red at tips with multiple piercings
Eyes: Blood Red
Outfit: Dark red button up shirt, black pencil skirt, high heels or heeled boots.

Name: Kayla Rose
Sex: Female / Pan
Breed: Neko (Cat) Demon
D.O.B.: 14th May
Age: 22 (actually 2200)(can change)

Description: British and Italian accent, Very sweet and nice but shy also, owns a very popular bakery that she runs by herself. Plays Violin and Sings. Quite the artist. Has small scar going diagonally over left eye, makes her embarrassed when people mention it.

Height: 5’5
Hair: Long Curly Black and Red Hair (Streaked with Red)
Ears: Black and red at tips with multiple piercings
Eyes: Blood red
Outfit: Anything frilly in the colors pink, purple, and blue.

Name: Lily Iver
Sex: Female / Bi
Breed: Human
D.O.B.: 13th November
Age: 21

Description: American accent, a bit self centered but can show affection to others, likes honey milk, owns a bar/night club, good cook, can make some mean drinks lol, loves to sing.

Height: 4'9
Hair: Mid back length Purple hair with different shades of purple.
Eyes: Lavender
Outfit: Wears long black and hot pink scarf with cute or comfortable clothing.

Name: Elise Bailey
Sex: Female / Bi
Breed: Human / Living Puppet (Depends on universe)
D.O.B.: 31st January
Age: 22

Description: Was born mute but is quite nice, uses sign language, works as a nurse, draws and writes a lot, good listener, very sweet, easily startled.

Height: 5'4
Hair: Shoulder length Black and Blue streaked hair
Eyes: Light blue
Outfit: anything with the color blue or comfortable.

Name: Verail Black
Sex: Female / Gay
Breed: Human
D.O.B.: 20th August
Age: 23

Description: A bit pale with a small beauty spot near her lips, can be nice but is very awkward around people she doesn't know, quite good with technology, fixes computers and other things for a living, socially awkward.

Height: 5'2
Hair: Mid back length black hair
Eyes: Emerald Green.
Outfit: Wears only comfortable clothing.

Alternate Kenna and Kayla:

Name: Kenna Rose
Sex: Female / Pan
Breed: Cat Demon
D.O.B.: 24th September
Age: Varies

Description: British and Italian accent, calm but a bit harsh at first meeting depending on the situation. Loves to sing and is quite good, can play piano and quite the artist. Has small scar going diagonally over left eye, makes her embarrassed when people mention it. She and Kayla know each other so she kinda has to deal with her ‘specialness’ so she is pretty chill around strange things, hard to startle.
Height: Varies
Hair: Long Straight Black and Red Hair (Red at ends)
Ears: Black and red at tips with multiple piercings
Eyes: Blood Red

Name: Kayla Rose
Sex: Female / Pan
Breed: Cat Demon
D.O.B.: 14th May
Age: Varies

Description: British and Italian accent, Very sweet and nice but shy also, owns a very popular bakery that she runs by herself. Loves to sing and is quite good, can play some instruments and loves to draw. Psychotic, slight yandere I guess. she's just a lovey dovey murderer who bakes people into food and is creepy when she wants to be.
Height: Varies
Hair: Long Curly Black and Red Hair (Streaked with Red)
Ears: Black and red at tips with multiple piercings
Eyes: Blood red
(If you know Hetalia you might get this, Kenna is the 1P! and Kayla is the 2P!)
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i am marcus... i am a baby vampire, i don't know who my parents were, but i know i rarely drink blood, and i have control over lighting and fire

Age: 2-moth old
Weapon of choice: daggers
Sex: Male
*he will always be delivered to your door step with no memory of his real mother and everything he needs, he is very intenpendent, and anti-social, he never bites for blood,he only bites for minions*
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Ferdinand, "The Ranger", Wellsborrow

Name: Ferdinand Wellsborrow
Race: Half human, other half lost in an accident
Height: 6'4"
Age: Around 60 looking...but he most definitely isn't
Personality: Fierce, stern, determined and unforgiving
History: His father was a drunk, his mother was a whore. He had no childhood as he was beaten by his father in the pub, and beaten again by his mother when he came home in ragged clothes. Around the age of twelve, he got taught by his grandfather how to shoot a gun. He was a natural.

After a days worth of practice, his father came home. Drunk. He heard gunshots in the backyard and came running out with his shotgun and shot his own father as he thought he was threatening his son. His father was devastated and begged Ferdinand to shoot him with grandpa's revolver. Which he gladly did.

His mom came running towards the cries and he didn't hesitate to pull the trigger on her aswell. He shot her straight between the eyes. He took his grandpa's goggles, hat and pocket watch and stripped his parent clean of anything valuable.

As young Ferdinand headed inside, he saw that his mother was cooking dinner before she ran outside. He shrugged and went rummaging through the drawers to find the last remaining coin.

As he was ready to head out, he heard the sound of a bolt hitting a wall. He hit the deck, pulling off his grandfather's hat and protecting it with his life. He managed to roll under the coffee table before the boiler exploded. He couldn't retract his right arm in time and it got decimated.

After the sea of flames weakened, he crawled from under the coffee table and headed to his teachers workshop. The people gathered around stood perplexed about a kid, with a scorched shoulder, and just a shoulder, on the right side of his body, walked out of an exploded house and put on a hat.

Ferdinand didn't flinch when he saw the crowd and started walking to the other side of town to his teacher's. When he knocked on the door the teacher smirked. "So you're ready for an upgrade?" Ferdinand nodded and walked in. He got injected with a syringe and was out for a week.

When Ferdinand glossed over his body, he saw a massive mechanical arm and laughed. "Did a fine job sir..." he said to his teacher before tipping his hat and walking out. He was an outlaw now, someone more powerful than his grandpa would have ever imagined. He went onto his journey...and that is where he will meet the end of his barrel...
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4 | 0 Comments | by Flabberoo | Aug 4th 2015 20:18

Seasons in Nortrig.


Northern Continent has 4 Seasons. Sun has never shone in the North, which sky is perpetually covered by a thick layer of clouds, except 4 nights per month, in which Zimkesha's Eye star shows in the sky. The Werewolves' nights.

-Winter I: 1st July-31st August.
Features: Permanent snow, light and moderate blizzards between medium lenght (usually 1-3 days) of calm weather.
Average Temperatures: -5° to -20°.
Rarely windy.
Danger Level: Medium. (III)

-Autumn I: 1st September-31st October
Features: Constant moderate rain alternated by short period of drizzle or calm (on average 2-3 hours).
Average Temperature: 5°-0°
Fairly windy.
Danger Level: Low. (I)

-Winter II: 1st November-31st March
Features: Permanent snow. Permanent violent blizzards. Rare, short periods of calm. (1-2 hours).
Average Temperature: -20°- -75° (In rare cases, hitting to -90)
Extremely windy.
Danger Level: Massive. (X)
Top cause of death of foreigners (including Auriold from West, South and East).

-Autumn II. 1st April-31st June.
Feautres: Permanent pouring rain. Constant violent storms. In cases of special harshness, short periods of hail. (30 minutes to 1 hour)
Average temperatures: 3°-0°
Extremely violently windy,.
High risk of flooding, drowning and destructions caused from the wind.
Danger Level: High. (VIII-IX)


Southern Continent has 2 seasons. The Sun literally burns in the sky for the whole day, every day. It never gets clouded, it's always clear/sunny, always deadly hot and dangerous.

-Summer I: 1st November-31st May.
Features: Totally dry, harsh heavy heat. Permanent heat, equally hot during the night. No exceptions.
Average Temperatures: 40°-60°
Total absence of wind.
Danger Level: Massive. (X)
First cause of deaths of Foreigners in the South (Especially Northern and Eastern Foreigners), dehydration top cause of death. Killer Sun, deadly in the afternoon.

-Summer II: 1st June-31st October.
Features: Sultry yet extremely moist. Slight fresh breezes during the night.
Average Temperatures: 35°-50°.
Light breezes coming from the sea.
Danger Level: Normal to High. (VI-VIII)
Sun main cause of death.


The Western Continent is gifted of one of the most appealing weather (and also the most mild) in Nortrig. Tropical yet balanced thanks to the influence of the mountains and sea.
It has 3 seasons.

-Summer: 1st May-31st September.
Features: Sunny, moist, hot during the day but mild in the night.
Rarely windy. Very hot, but countered by breeze.
Average Temperatures: 28°-40°
Danger Level: Low (1)

-Autumn: 1st October-31st December.
Features: Extremely Windy, high risk of constant typhoons and hurricanes. Drizzle periods and frequent storms.
Most dangerous wind.
Average Temperature: 15°-25°.
Danger Level: Medium to High. (VII-IX)

-Spring: 1st January-31st April.
Features: Extremely mild temperature, light breeze. Rare storms. Moderate wind.
Average Temperature: 20°-30°.
Danger Level: none.


The Eastern Continent has two seasons. Weather is mild with rare cases of extreme cases.

-Spring: 1st March-31st October.
Features: Mild temperature, moderate wind, rare periods of rain.
Average Temperature: 18°-25°
Danger Level: none.

-Autumn: 1st November-31st February.
Features: Moderately cold, dry with periodic rain and rare hail.
Average Temperature: 8°-20°
Danger Level: none.
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