Ryan - Ranger's Apprentice OC

Name: Ryan Guseli
Age: 15/16
Gender: Male

Personality: Ryan is a kind person at heart, though he can appear stern if he's upset. He enjoys meeting new people, though he can't make many friends due to the suspicion surrounding rangers. He dislikes killing, but understands that it's a part of his job.

Appearance: Ryan wears a basic plaid shirt and leather tunic, with long pants, short when running. He has the traditional ranger cloak as well, and wears brown boots. He has somewhat disheveled black hair, and blue eyes.

Strengths: Nimble and fast, quick at shooting, stealthy
Weaknesses: Jumps to conclusion, not as accurate, not very talented with knives

Bio: Ryan grew up on his own, in a house left to him by his parents, who passed away from the same disease. He refused to seek refuge in the ward offered, and rather, learnt to survive by himself, taking odd jobs to afford his food. However, after the offer of a large sum if he could steal from the local ranger, he was caught red-handed. He was spared on the sole condition that he train to be a ranger, his capabilities having impressed his initial target.
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