Sarco - SAO OC

Name: Kizoku Taketomo
UserName: Sarco
Age: 17 (Start of game)
Game Status: Solo player after guild was killed by laughing coffin
Status: Single/Straight

Appearance: dresses in a dark blue coat with a grey shirt. His sword is also blue, and he wears loose pants. He has fingerless gloves and messy black hair, though straighter than Kirito's. He is 5'8.

Personality: Sarco is distant and zones out a lot, but if you're his friend he'll care. He has no love towards enemies and is ruthless when he fights. He loves to battle, but has a rule to never kill, only injure. He's easily confused, but also processes things quickly, so works them out before too long.



Level(early game): 34
(Claims 16)
Level(slightly less early game): 71
(Claims 41)
Level(mid game): 102
(Claims 63)

Night Vision-Lv3

Combat Skills:
Armour pierce-Lv4
Blade Throwing-Lv4
One handed LongSword-Lv6
One handed Dagger-Lv4
-battle skill- parrying gains a short large attack boost, sacrificing defense
(optional) (level 50 and on)
-unique skill- separation blade - upon activation can cut through near anything (and some immortal objects) Drains his health when using it

Armour- Lv3


Random bits of information I've decided to put about all my OCs, feel free to suggest some too:

What kind of drunk are they?: Reckless and overconfident
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