Ruco - Dragon Ball Z OC

Name: Ruco
Species: Saiyan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Birthday: July 2nd

Appearance: Ruco is dressed in armour with undergarments, similar to Vegeta, and has hair like Goku's, but straighter. His natural eye colour is black, and his hair black. He is slightly skinny, but still well toned and strong.

Personality: Ruco is foolhardy, but respectful. He enjoys fighting and making himself stronger, often searching for opponents. He very rarely gives up or concedes, preferring to fight until the end. He has a kind nature towards those he sees as friends.

Bio: Ruco was the child of two saiyans who were off-planet when Planet Vegeta was destroyed. His parents died protecting him soon after and he had to grow up on his own. This meant he was unlike most saiyans, not having a sense for destruction. He explores parts of the galaxy in his ship, learning and discovering what goes on in the universe, until he crashlands on Earth escaping an exploding star.


Special Attacks: (ordered by strength)
Echo Binding: A shouted move, releasing invisible ki strands as he does, that silently encircle the opponent before rapidly tightening and becoming visible.
Melting Burst- shoots a large orb of energy which detonates into many smaller blasts. These blasts then scatter out rapidly.
Black Lightning: A stream of lightning-like ki shoots from his fingertips, swirling around each other while moving towards their target, separate more as they get closer. This attack doesn't do as much damage as some others, but produces a large quantity of obscuring black smoke.
Hellfire Bolt: A direct, fiery spear of energy. It is extremely fast, and being pierced by it does not cause open wounds.
Focus Shot: Focus shot charges active ki through his body, harming him when he uses it. It takes a moment to prepare, and requires his temporary undivided attention. This attack is just one very strong ki blast.
Power Shock: Charges energy in his palms, before unleashing a wild surge of raw energy outwards. The more energy, the larger and more fierce the explosion.
Challenger Bomb: A strong Ki orb, the size of a football, taking time to generate, that traces and strikes the strongest warrior present. Upon contact, it expands to engulf the target in a tearing blur of light, before finally exploding.
Meteor Envelopment: Releases loose ki from his body, pushing out around him, out to a wide radius. It then quickly connects, forming a barrier around him in a sphere, with a considerable potential diameter. He then releases all the ki he can actively draw out of his body, letting it surge out of him to fill the sphere with one massive storm of damaging energy.
Bitter Cannon: A beam attack, charged with both hands, that becomes bigger and stronger. The modifier is his heart rate, and how much damage he has taken.
-strongest attack- Vortex Cannon- A powerful, two-handed blast that drains over 90% of the Ruco's current energy and stamina, turning it all into raw power to strengthen the attack. This move can generate enough force to almost vaporize enemies far stronger than him, but can almost kill him as a result.

Ki blasts
Ki sensing

Scathing Shadow Technique- A technique developed by Ruco allowing him to part with his shadow. His shadow then becomes a fighter itself. (Weak against light, can shoot Ki blast (small) and hit from the ground, or against a wall)
Final Shock- When Ruco is about to die, whether by a blast or attacks, his body releases a powerful shock wave, cancelling out any attacks and blowing opponents away. However, he doesn't gain any sort of energy boost from this.

Forms: Super Saiyan: (Acquired through roleplay)
Super Saiyan 2: "
Super Saiyan 3: "
Super Saiyan 4: "
Super Saiyan God: "
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan / Super Saiyan Blue: "
Super Saiyan Rage: (Acquired upon conditions)
(This can change if the RP calls for it)

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all my OCs, feel free to suggest some too:

What kind of drunk are they?: Clumsy and Sluggish

-got a theme song for him

((Art is not mine, it was done by @DewPetal. Go show her some love, she's awesome!))
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