Aki {Supernatural OC} ♛Seme♛

• Name: Aki

• Age: He looks like he's in his twenties

• Birth date: the 16th of January 1890

• Occupation: Bar owner.

• Height: 5'11

• Weight: 120lbs

• Eye colour: a pale pink color

• Hair colour: pure white.

• Health issues: does this count if he's already dead?

• Tattoos/Scars: there's absolutely nothing marking his body other than the two bite marks on his left wrist.

• What makes him different/ Powers: He's a Vampire, turned once he was 23. He wasn't a pure blood.

•Persona: Blunt. He hasn't been raised by anyone so he speaks his mind. The boy can be pretty rude about that, even aggressive. He's learned to survive on his own and trust no one but himself.


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