Since his RPer is lazy to do all the "Benjamin returned" RPs a second time, let's say that after he visited Dorian and Jack at the hospital, he of course rushed to his wife. Then he went immediately to each one of his children wherever they are, including Thomas, and he also visited Malicedom to see Michael and Gabriel immediately.
He also visited Anthony who immediately aimed to hand him the crown, but Benjamin refused, preferring his son to stay King, Dorian to stay Duke and himself just enjoy his bloody life after two years of slavery. Lots of hugs, cuddles, sweetnesses and unicorns for all.
The young Auriold who helped him to return, has been hired to be his personal valet which is surely a much better occupation than what he could hope for given his position and as he promised, he made sure he would not even see a cell for a second after returning to Nortrig.
But he still has to be introduced his grandchildren, he will wait for their parents to take their children to meet their grandfather.
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