Pastel - Undertale OC

Name: Pastel Jarren
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Soul type: Bravery

Personality: Pastel is brave and courageous. She often puts others behind her in the face of danger, preferring to protect them rather than ensure her own safety. She can be moody at times, where she will lash out at anyone approaching her. She doesn't like to kill, but will fight back to defend herself.

Appearance: Pastel has shoulder-length brown hair, and bright orange eyes. She wears a plain pink t-shirt with a grey, woolen jacket over the top. She wears simple navy blue jeans.

Abilities: Pastel can summon durable shields with what magic that she can control, which can stop attacks of medium caliber.

Bio: Pastel was a brave child, always daring to do the things her friends wouldn't consider, and never backing away from a challenge. She had a happy home life, and grew up in a safe environment. When she was challenged to climb up a mountain that held many rumors, she set out to do so with no hesitation. However, a single, fatal slip had her falling down a deep hole, down, down, down to the Underground.
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