Joseph Troke - Fairy Tail OC

Name: Joseph Troke
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 19

Appearance: Red-Brown hair, bright Green eyes, Lightly tanned, Casual clothes consist of leather jerkin, Brown trousers and green shirt.

Personality: Joseph is Adventurous and spirited, and loves danger. He doesn't mind breaking the law and loves to have fun. He is kind hearted to his friends, but shows no mercy to enemies.

Abilities: His magic is earth based. He can take it from the ground and bend it to his will.

Strengths/Weaknesses- if he loses his head he gets reckless and dangerous/His Earth is harder than steel.

Bio: Brought up by his kind parents, he always rebelled and loved danger. After his parents disappeared, he wandered around honing his skill, before being found by a boy named GREY and taken to FairyTail.
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