Joseph Troke - Fairy Tail OC

Name: Joseph Troke
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 21

Appearance: Joseph has reddish-brown hair, and sharp green eyes. He is lightly tanned, and of an average height. He wears a leather jerkin over plain shirts of varying colors, and simple, durable brown pants.

Personality: Joseph is adventurous and spirited, and loves danger. He doesn't mind breaking the law and loves to have fun. He is kind-hearted to his friends, but shows no mercy to enemies. His will is set, and he never turns away once he's decided on something, even if the chances suggest that it may kill him.

Abilities: Troke can control the ground around him, and is able to lift walls of rock out of the ground, and levitate and move boulders, so long as he's in direct contact with the ground.

Strengths: Near impeccable defense, fast reflexes, steady nature
Weaknesses: Reckless, irrational, can't fully control his abilities yet

Bio: Brought up by his parents in a caring home, Joseph discovered his skills at a young age. However, he never felt like he belonged in his home, and left as soon as he was able to. He searches to find the source of his powers, while developing them himself. During his travels, he stumbled across a man named Grey, and was brought to be recruited to the Fairy Tail guild. He takes on any jobs he can, preferably the ones that are far, so he can continue searching.
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