Phoenix Halliwell-Salvatore (Main)

Name:Phoenix Nicole Halliwell-Salvatore

Other names: Nicole (Middle Name)

Age:21 (Human)

Birthday: September 12, 1995



Hair color:Brown

Eye color:Green

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Married

Love interest: Damon Salvatore (Husband)

Face Claim:Lucy Hale

Verses:Charmed/Vampire Diaries/Harry Potter

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Weapon(s): The book of shadows, Her powers.

Nickname:Small fry, Nikki, Mrs.Salvatore, Miss Halliwell ,Pipers daughter, Witch Bitch,Mom,Mama Phoenix, Moma Salvatore, Damon's Wife.

Species: Human(Formally)
Witch/Vampire (Currently)
Doppleganger (Currently)

((Still can be played as a human))

Quote:"My last name is Halliwell Do I need to say more?"

"I'm a Charmed one trust me I have no worries!"

"Dude I'm a witch and a vampire which makes me super dangerous!"

"I'm MARRIED to Damon Salvatore
What do you expect?"

"That's Mrs. Salvatore to you"

"Please don't underestimate my ability I am WAY stronger than you could imagine"

Powers: Freezing time/People, Vanquishing (objects and people) Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, healing, Psychic.

As a Vampire:Speed, strength, Hearing ,Immortality, Compulsion

Theme Song: "How soon is now?" By Love Spirit Love

Nikki Halliwell is a second generation Charmed witch, she is the daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, the sister of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell and wife of Damon Salvatore. She is the youngest of the bunch and is currently living in Mystic Falls Virginia (Formally San Fransisco). Like her mother she is kind at heart but has a hard exterior, she is known for great potions that she has made for her family and is often called "Small fry" by her older brothers.

Even though her first name is Phoenix, she prefers to go by her middle name Nicole which she soon shortens to "Nikki", though with this pefrence she is still called Phoenix by her parents and aunts. Phoenix a lot like her mother possesses the same abilities that Piper has, Stopping time and vanquishing evil things but she also posses the ability to orb anywhere in the world which she gets from her father, later on in her life she discovers that she also has the ability to heal others but not herself. Nikki is a kind hearted girl who appears to have everything under control even though she has out Burt's of frustration when she tries things mutilple times and it fails. Over all Nikki is a powerful witch that should be taken seriously.

Physical appearance:

Nikki is of 5'3 stature, has long dark brown hair and bright green eyes that complete her olive colored skin. She also had a small diamond that she wears in her nose that is sometimes do small that nonone ever notices it, she's also a huge fan of leather which is what she always wears. She also has four tattoos, One of the "Power of Three" Symbol tattooed on her left inner wrist, A tattoo of her Husband's name "Damon" Tattooed on her heart. She then has a tattoo of her daughter's nickname "ButterCup" tattooed in a arch just above her navel. the last tattoo that has her sons nickname "Bay-Bay" That's located on her lower abdomen where her C-Section scar is located.


Piper Halliwell: Mother which she received most of her abilities from, and she's her only daughter. ❤

Leo Wyatt: Father and white lighter which he recvied two abilities from. She's also a daddy's girl. ❤

Wyatt Halliwell: Pheonix's oldest brother who is also charmed, he is 25 years old and the most protective over Phoenix.❤

Chris Halliwell: Phoenix's second older brother that is 23 years old and is also a second generation charmed one.❤

Prue Halliwell: Pheonix's aunt the oldest charmed one and her favorite aunt that she comes to advice for.❤

Pheobe Halliwell: Pheonix's aunt the third Charmed one. The aunt that she has the most fun with haha! ❤

Paige Matthews:Pheonix's youngest aunt who is also a charmed one who she sees as a great teacher ❤

Damon Salvatore: Phoenix's Vampire husband and father of her children who She met when she was only 15 (Or So she thought) Damon and Phoenix stayed together disputes there age difference only for Damon to marry the young witch at the age twenty one Thus turning her into a vampire on thier wedding Night.♡ @RecklessKing

Damien Salvatore: Phoenix's 321 year old (Biological) son, Who grew up close to his father (Damon) even though she is his mother she understands the closeness between a father and son, Damien is also a Vampire

Piper Salvatore: Phoenix's 317 year old vampire daughter. She is the second biological child of Phoenix and Damon, even though she's over 300 years old she appears to be 17 years old and is strong like her mother but can be aggressive and brute like her father when she's angry.

Demetrius Salvatore; Phoenix's 116 year old son, he's the baby of the bunch and takes after both his parents. A total badass with a heart of gold, he's a loner and prefers to stay to himself. Can be reckless and unforgiving when angry.

Stefan Salvatore:Brother in law, her husband's younger brother who is also a vampire. He and Nicole have a playful love hate relationship he is honest, kind and helpful. He has a close relationship to his nieces and nephew and is always a delightful person to be around.

Patty Halliwell: Pheonix's grandmother, (The mother of the Charmed ones)

Grams: Pheonix's great grandmother (Grandmother of the charmed ones)

Eva Saint: Phoenix's 1000 year old Irish Doppleganger who also happends to be a Queen. She meets Phoenix and her family when they were in the time of need, Eva constantly stated that Phoenix is her Doppleganger so she feels utterly responsible for her as if Phoenix was her own child. Eva is also married to Original Vampire Kol Mikaelson
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