❖ Chaotic Neutral AU (Anti-Hero)

Harley was trying to start a clean slate. A turn a new leaf as some would say. She started her job back being a doctor...it was going slowly. She became a landlord. Everything was going her way. She was finally...happy. She could smile and walk around without worrying about getting hit, or upsetting the person she loved. She was even dating again...sort of. If you call killing a woman at a charity auction for animals and going on a date with Bruce Wayne...a good date? It was fun though. He seemed to enjoy it. The point was, she was happy. She still got the thrill of bad every time she shoved a gun in some ungrateful sleazy rich f***er's mouth. But she got to do some good too...if she had no need for the money she had, she'd give it to a pet shelter or a charity. They deserved it. She even went to help battered women and talk to them sometimes. Sometimes they helped her. She finally got a comforting hand when she cried. She didn't like to but it made her feel better. She had friends, she had pets. She got to shoot someone in the head, she and the girls (Ivy and Kitten) were GREAT. She finally understood that maybe..being the jester to the joker wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Being the Diamond Girl Harley, was all she needed. Though he was always around....always watching. Because of that Batman always watched her like a hawk. Waiting for Joker to show up at her side. Always waiting...always. For her to crack. Joker wanted her to run back to him, everyone excepted her to. Batman and his robin, sometimes that Blue Jay, followed her when she did her little law breaking, but everyone was waiting for something more. She was content though. She really wished they'd stop waiting for her to burst.

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