❖ Neutral Evil (Solo Villain)

The night was pretty silent, an unusual for Gotham. Tonight was one of the rares. Not for Harley though. Harley Quinn at the moment was livid, making a hell of a lot of noise in her warehouse. Sh*t was going to explode and it was going to explode hard. "What the hell does he want!" She yelled, as she took the shirt of the thug in front of her. The man's face was beaten to all hell. Several of Harley's toys were scattered across the floor. Her favorites, being her bat and mallet at their feet. Harley was breathing harshly through her nose, breathing through her anger. It was nights like these that she just wanted to sit in a nice bubble bath but she couldn't because of her stupid ex! No he just had to be nosy. He had to try to own something that wasn't his! She was not his! Not anymore. So he sent this stupid thug to deal with her. Who the hell did he think she was? Was this some joke? Did he truly think she'd be taken down be such a stupid waste of space?Hell no, she was doing just fine without him. She got her own, handled her own damn business. She got her own warehouse set up, a home. Hell she got a job as a landlord! Yeah it was a little hard sometimes with her temper, but she cleaned up her messes as well. The point was she dealt with her sh*t. She wasn't bothering nobody...okay that wasn't exactly the truth. She was sure bat brains was annoyed to all hell with her, but the point was she wasn't bothering Joker!

So what right did Joker have to come being a control freak and trying to kill her off?! He didn't love her! He didn't give one f*** for her! She screeched as she threw her head forward to smash her forehead against the thug causing his chair to fall back. "I want YOU...to go tell that bastard to leave me ALONE. Or I will turn UGLY!" She yelled before grabbing her bat and bashing it against the thug's head to knock him out. She untied him and dragged him by the hood of his jacket out of her warehouse. She looked at Bud and Lou and smiled. "Do mama a favor, if he tries to get back in....kill him." and with that she walked back into her home, closing the door behind her.
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