Seasons in Nortrig.


Northern Continent has 4 Seasons. Sun has never shone in the North, which sky is perpetually covered by a thick layer of clouds, except 4 nights per month, in which Zimkesha's Eye star shows in the sky. The Werewolves' nights.

-Winter I: 1st July-31st August.
Features: Permanent snow, light and moderate blizzards between medium lenght (usually 1-3 days) of calm weather.
Average Temperatures: -5° to -20°.
Rarely windy.
Danger Level: Medium. (III)

-Autumn I: 1st September-31st October
Features: Constant moderate rain alternated by short period of drizzle or calm (on average 2-3 hours).
Average Temperature: 5°-0°
Fairly windy.
Danger Level: Low. (I)

-Winter II: 1st November-31st March
Features: Permanent snow. Permanent violent blizzards. Rare, short periods of calm. (1-2 hours).
Average Temperature: -20°- -75° (In rare cases, hitting to -90)
Extremely windy.
Danger Level: Massive. (X)
Top cause of death of foreigners (including Auriold from West, South and East).

-Autumn II. 1st April-31st June.
Feautres: Permanent pouring rain. Constant violent storms. In cases of special harshness, short periods of hail. (30 minutes to 1 hour)
Average temperatures: 3°-0°
Extremely violently windy,.
High risk of flooding, drowning and destructions caused from the wind.
Danger Level: High. (VIII-IX)


Southern Continent has 2 seasons. The Sun literally burns in the sky for the whole day, every day. It never gets clouded, it's always clear/sunny, always deadly hot and dangerous.

-Summer I: 1st November-31st May.
Features: Totally dry, harsh heavy heat. Permanent heat, equally hot during the night. No exceptions.
Average Temperatures: 40°-60°
Total absence of wind.
Danger Level: Massive. (X)
First cause of deaths of Foreigners in the South (Especially Northern and Eastern Foreigners), dehydration top cause of death. Killer Sun, deadly in the afternoon.

-Summer II: 1st June-31st October.
Features: Sultry yet extremely moist. Slight fresh breezes during the night.
Average Temperatures: 35°-50°.
Light breezes coming from the sea.
Danger Level: Normal to High. (VI-VIII)
Sun main cause of death.


The Western Continent is gifted of one of the most appealing weather (and also the most mild) in Nortrig. Tropical yet balanced thanks to the influence of the mountains and sea.
It has 3 seasons.

-Summer: 1st May-31st September.
Features: Sunny, moist, hot during the day but mild in the night.
Rarely windy. Very hot, but countered by breeze.
Average Temperatures: 28°-40°
Danger Level: Low (1)

-Autumn: 1st October-31st December.
Features: Extremely Windy, high risk of constant typhoons and hurricanes. Drizzle periods and frequent storms.
Most dangerous wind.
Average Temperature: 15°-25°.
Danger Level: Medium to High. (VII-IX)

-Spring: 1st January-31st April.
Features: Extremely mild temperature, light breeze. Rare storms. Moderate wind.
Average Temperature: 20°-30°.
Danger Level: none.


The Eastern Continent has two seasons. Weather is mild with rare cases of extreme cases.

-Spring: 1st March-31st October.
Features: Mild temperature, moderate wind, rare periods of rain.
Average Temperature: 18°-25°
Danger Level: none.

-Autumn: 1st November-31st February.
Features: Moderately cold, dry with periodic rain and rare hail.
Average Temperature: 8°-20°
Danger Level: none.
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