Some of the Laws

Divine Laws.

Only Gods have the right to create new life.

Only Gods have the right to destroy lives. *1

All livings of all races of Nortrig are born free. No one has the right to limit or deprive other beings' freedom be them conscious or not. *2

The world and every life inhabiting it must be respected and protected.

Every living conscious inhabitant of Nortrig has the right to knowledge and must be able to access to learning.

No child of the Gods has the right to know their future. Time must be preserved. Only Gods can change the fate of their children.

Justice must be ensured and defended by every conscious being.

Only High Priests can ask for a direct answer from the Gods.

Foreigners who intend to live in Nortrig must be taught about the Gods and accept them as their own Gods.

Only rightful Kings and Queens must sit on the thrones; only the Gods' chosen have the right to become High Priests.

High Priests' authority in Nortrig equals their represented Gods' in the Halls of Dolash.

Orphaned children must be protected and ensured a dignified and safe childhood.

*1 with the exception if the lives of those who deliberately threaten innocents' lives.

*2 with the exception of the beings whose actions threaten or damage the world or its inhabitants.

Basic rules:

No one with the exception of the established executioners have the right to kill. Special treatments reserved to rightful revenges, only granted to the citizens of the Northern Kingdom.

It is severely forbidden to teleport or travel worlds until and unless having earned the license by passing the course and exam.

Thievery is strictly punished.

Offenses against the Gods are strictly punished.

Every citizen of Nortrig has the right to a trial with the exception of confirmed traitors.

Only military forces and authorized professionists can murder criminals in open world, if forced to.

All children of all raves inhabiting Nortrig must attend school.

Foreigners must report their presence to an officer.

New. (Introduced by Anthony himself after Soda's reports) With the exception of humans and emergency cases, every foreigner intending to visit Nortrig for even a short period of time will must be in possession of the approval certificate. Whoever else will be forced back to their worlds by the authorities in control. *3

*3 the approval certificate is granted upon passing an exam testing the foreigners actual knowledge of Nortrig Laws
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