Noah (after time skip One piece rps)

I am Noah, i am a former marine officer, former meaning i will never go back...they might try but i wont...things happend that made fill me with despair....
Name: Noah
Age: 22-25
Devil fruit: Tori Tori model falcon, and dice dice
Location: island said be on the all blue
Goals: re-pay the world for the wrongs
Weapon of choice: my arm blades, fathers sacred blade
Special notes: i have masterd some of the 6 powers when i was in the marines, i also use a sort of rumble ball
Occupation: scout
Gained abbtiles: can now speak with any bird species, is 100% free of the marines control, and can enter power state level 6 with only 2 rumble balls, can you use arm as a sort of crossbow, firing a feather knife, i can move fast enough to create tornado's
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