Piper Salvatore

Name: Piper Lillian Salvatore

Nick Names: "ButterCup" (By Nicole) "Princess" (By both of her parents) "Baby Vamp" (By Damon)


Age Appearance: 17

Birthday: June 10 2021 (Future Character)

Height: 5'5

Weight: 118lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Taken ❤

Taken By:Dempsey

Species: Vampire/Witch

Bloodline:Mikealson/Salvatore (Vampire) Warren/Halliwell (Witch)

Verses: The Vampire Diaries/The Origanls/Charmed/Harry Potter

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Mother: Phoenix "Nicole" Halliwell-Salvatore

Father: Damon Salvatore

Siblings: Damien Salvatore (Older Brother)
Demetrius Salvatore (Younger Brother)

Powers: Immortality Super Strength, Speed, Sight, Hearing, Compulsion, Levitation, Freezing (Time and People) Time Travel,Telekintic Orbing, Durability,Pyschic (Seeing the Past, Present and Future)

Nicole Salvatore-Mother
Damon Salvatore-Father
Damien Salvatore-Brother
Wyatt Halliwell- Uncle
Chris Halliwell- Uncle
Stefan Salvatore-Uncle
Caroline Forbes-Aunt
Morgan Salvatore-Aunt
Peyton Halliwell-Aunt
Piper Halliwell- Grandmother
Leo Wyatt-Grandfather
Lillian Salvatore-Grandmother
Giuseppe Salvatore-Grandfather
Prue Halliwell- Great Aunt
Phoebe Halliwell-Great Aunt
Paige Matthews-Great Aunt

(If I missed anyone let me know)

Back Story: Piper Lillian Salvatore was born to Damon and Nicole Salvatore on June 10, 2021, She is a vampire and she is 316 years old even though she appears to be 17. Piper was named after her mother's mother Piper Halliwell and her father's mother Lillian Salvatore hints her first and middle name. Piper is a happy free spirited young woman who is full of wonders. Even though Piper looks exactly like her father (Damon) She has her mother's (Nicole) sweet bubbly personality but she can become very cold and unforgiving like her father when angry and can show a great brute of strength of pushed too hard. Due to her mother being a vampire Piper wasn't able to develop all of the Warren witch powers but she was able to get the ability to stop time like her mother and grandmother and the ability to Levitate like her aunt Phoebe. She is also said to be psychic also like her mother but she never tapped into the ability not until she was 17 years of age atleast. Making Piper a lover of yours would be a miracle due to making her fall for you is damn near impossible, She doesn't trust easily and it takes alot to get to her heart. So just keep that in mind when you're talking to her. On her 17th birthday Piper discovered that she was a witch through her mother when being told stories about the famous Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches the world has ever seen. Her mother explained to her all of the Warren powers and Melinda Warren's promise stating that each line of Warren witches would get stronger and stronger as the genoration goes on. Later that night when she found out that Nicole her mother was a witch way before she became a vampire and that not all witches loose their powers when turned and Nicole was one of them that didn't. Her mother also stated that her powers were never lost they were just heavily suppressed which made young Piper wonder about herself. Her mother clarified that Piper is indeed a witch but due to her being a vampire, her powers are deeply suppressed, this made Piper practice and practice (With the help of Nicole ofcourse) She finally unlocks her powers revealing that she not only could stop time and levatate but she also had the ability to Telekintic Orb and go back in time as well and lastly being able to see the past present and future.

Quotes: "I'm forever 17 what's the worst that could happen?"

"Ugh! Go away snudy Purdy Rudy patudy"

"So am I the only one that thinks love is a total waste??

"Please don't ...Don't do that.. You will get bitch slapped like no one's buiness

I'm not only one of the most dangerous creatures in the world but I'm also part charmed! This is great!!!

Aww! Don't you just LOVE family history?"

"I love my Dempsey..He means the world to me I'd never trade him I don't care if hes the same age as a origanal he's the first to ever have my heart"

Theme Song: "Did I" by Kehlani

Face Claim:Grace Phipps


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