Katerina Petrova AU

Name:Katerina Petrova

Other Names: Katherine Pierce


Birthday:June 5, 1473



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Brown

Sexuality: Bisexual

Realtionship Status:Taken

Taken by:Kai Parker @HellOnEarth

Turned by:
Rose (The first time)
Kai Parker (Second time)

Doppleganger (Currently)
Human (Formaly)


Nadia Petrova (Daughter)

Nevaeh Petrova-Parker (Daughter)

Occupation: Queen of Hell (Later in life)

Powers:Katherine Pierce was a very powerful witch her power was equal those of Freya Mikaelson she excelled with magic in oblivion as seen in the novels in oblivion she is the only one who remains because oblivion revealed her full potential now katerina excels at moving things with her mind as she was seen throwing elena gilbert across a room with her mind in oblivion Katherine still remains deceased.

1. Super Strength
Like any other vampire Katherine had superhuman strength but was the second strongest non original vampire in existence with the exception that sage was stronger than her do to her age but katherine was still a very capable fighter being able to hold her ground against both salvatore brothers.

2. Super Speed Like any other vampire Katherine had super speed Katherine was exceptionally faster than any other vampire on the planet including sage Katherine could outrun a plane if needed and seen on multiple occasions being very elusive outrunning both salvatore brothers trying to kill her.

3. Compulsion

Katherine could compel at a slightly higher level than most vampires due to her age she has been able to get access to Stefan Salvatores mind on many occasions.

4. Agility

Katherine was more dominant at agility than any non original vampire in the world she was able to do jumps onto 200 feet buildings and was very flexible when it came to doging things being able to duck avoid and flip on such short notice making her the most agile vampire in the world

5. Durability

Katherine was more durable than any other vampire because of her immunity to vervain and can live with being set on fire as long as the fire didn't get her in the heart but however is still able to be killed with a wooden stake

Verses: The Vampire Diaries/The Orignals/Charmed/Harry Potter

(Open of Crossovers)

Back Story: Katerina Petrova (Bulgarian: Катерина Петрова) was born into a wealthy Bulgarian family on June 5, 1473. In 1490, a very young Katerina became pregnant by an unknown man. She carried the child to term; but seconds after her daughter's birth, Katerina's father took the child away. He claimed it would be better for both of them to never see one another and consequently her family disowned her for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter. At this time it seemed to be a devastating "punishment" to her crime.
Katerina was banished to England for her embarrassment of the Petrova family, but she quickly adjusted to becoming English. In 1492, she met Trevor. Although he was in love with her, out of loyalty he introduced her to Lord Elijah. He in turn introduced her to his younger brother, Lord Niklaus. Katerina was attracted to Klaus until she found out who he was and what he was planning on using her for: a sacrifice to break the Hybrid Curse placed on himself. She escaped with the help of Trevor, who led her pursuers astray. Trevor directed her to go to a cottage in the woods, expecting his friend Rose to keep her safe.When Rose found out that Katerina had escaped from Klaus with the moonstone, she realized the repercussions of Klaus and was not willing to partake in the sacrifice Trevor was willing to offer. She locked Katerina in a room and told her that she would take her to Klaus as soon as the opportunity arose. Katerina faked her suicide by stabbing herself with a knife, saying she would rather die than go back to Klaus, but this was a ruse to force Rose to feed her some of her blood to heal her. As soon as Rose turned her back to confront Trevor, Katerina hung herself. Later, when she woke up in transition, Trevor asked why she did it and claimed he would've helped her live. Katerina says that he would have been able to help her run and that running was never going to be enough. Rose explains to Trevor that Katerina used him as a means of escape. Knowing that Klaus would see their role in the escape, Rose attempted to kill Katerina with a stake. Katerina used the owner of the cabin as a shield, which resulted in her death. Katerina then gave in to her instincts and drained the little old lady, completing her transition into a vampire. She then threw the body towards Rose and Trevor and fled. This happened on April 6, 1492.Katerina returned to Bulgaria in the later months of 1492 to find her entire family slaughtered by Klaus. She knew he had done it as revenge for her escape and subsequent transition. She was last seen in this time period weeping over her mother's dead body. In 1864, Katerina arrived in Mystic Falls, Virginia, by which time she had taken the name Katherine Pierce, presumably to avoid detection by Klaus. At some point she had become friends with Pearl and her daughter, Anna, and she saved the life of the witch Emily Bennett, putting Emily in her debt. Emily forged her a special piece of jewelry with the stone Lapis Lazuli which allowed her to walk in the sun without being burned. She was taken in by one of the town's founders, Giuseppe Salvatore, having spun a story about being orphaned by a fire that killed her family. Katherine met and fell in love with his son Stefan Salvatore, though she quickly began a relationship with Stefan's older brother, Damon, as well. Katherine created quite a few vampires while living in Mystic Falls, which alerted the Founding Families of their existence. Alerting Katherine to an elixir containing Vervain that Honoria Fell had asked to be sold at the apothecary, Pearl tried to convince her to leave, but Katherine refused, claiming she had a plan in motion. Her plan was to turn Stefan and Damon into vampires, having seduced them both during her stay at the Salvatore household.Realizing how quickly the Founder's Council would take action against the vampires, Katherine struck a deal with George Lockwood: she would give him the moonstone if he would help her fake her death. Stefan unwittingly suggested to his father that he knew a vampire, and Giuseppe guessed Katherine's true identity. Giuseppe spiked Stefan's drink with vervain and, later that night, Katherine bit him. She was incapacitated by the vervain in his bloodstream, and, hearing the commotion, Giuseppe burst in to take her away. Damon later went to rescue her, and Stefan, upset that he had hurt his brother and jeopardized Katherine's life, helped him in the effort. They were both killed trying to save her, shot by Giuseppe, who was ashamed his sons had succumbed to the wiles of a demon.
Katherine and the other vampires were taken to Fell's Church to be destroyed, but George helped Katherine escape. She gave George the moonstone, but instead of leaving right away, she turned to see Damon and Stefan's bodies lying in the road. She ran to Stefan, kissed him, and promised they would be together again someday. After transitioning into a vampire, Damon was told by Emily that Katherine was trapped in the tomb beneath the church, and as a result, he never stopped loving Katherine as he awaited the day he could rescue her. In reality, Katherine was still lying low to evade Klaus, and she kept a close eye on Stefan, pointing out that she had seen him in the front row of a concert in the 1980s to prove that she'd always been watching over him.

STORY OF KAI AND KATERINA: After many many years later of living out her life as a vampire Katerina was finally turned back into a human after being force-fed The Cure by Elena first making her returns of her human State her body started to weaken and she started to age only for her to die a week later, upon trying to pass through The other side of peace wouldn't accept her and she was snatched by an unseen force where she would land in a prison world of hell where she would meet the Infamous Kai Parker Who was the reigning King at the time. After spending months and years trapped alone in hell with him, feelings started to grow stronger and stronger by the day eventually making Katerina fall deeply in love with him due to him actually understanding her and feeling the pain and suffering she went through and vice versa. Katerina also explained to Kai how she was turned back into a human by Elena and how she wanted her immortality back so she made a deal with Kai, he made her immortal again but with a extra kick and she made it out of hell. Katerina is now currently working on a trap to set Kai free so they could be together at last. ♡

SIDE NOTE!!!!!!: I play Katerina AU which means she'll be slightly diffrent from the show but I will play her with complete justice to the character. Another thing is I LOVED the chemistry between Katerina and Nadia, with that being said I play it as After Katerina became a vampire and she escaped Klaus when she came back looking for Nadia she found her and raised her on her own but due to Katerina's fear of Klaus finding and killing not only her but Nadia as well she decied to continue to be on the run with Nadia at her side. Protecting herself and her daughter at all cost, Katerina finally turns Nadia at the age of 30 due to Nadia's fear of growing old and dying. Don't like it don't play with me. #SIMPLE

Quotes: Trust me, Damon. When I’m up to something, you’ll know it. C’mon. Kiss me …or kill me. Which will it be Damon? We both know that you’re only capable of one. "

" My sweet innocent Damon. "

" Stop. I already know your question and its answer. The truth is I`ve never loved you. It was always Stefan. "

" My name is Katherine. I was hoping you could give the Salvatore brothers a message for me. "

" Game on. "

" Look who found his dancing shoes. "

"I'm Katherine Pierce I'm a survivor"

"I spent 500 years running away from my enemies including an immortal hybrid and you wanna know how I survived? I never looked back"

Theme Song: "Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin

Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

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