Tattooes - The Whys Behind the Ink (Story)

Tana sat on the mossy edge of the hot spring. Her feet wiggled around under the water. Unwilling to get her tail wet that's as much of her body as was going in the spring. Well unless a certain asshole Marine finally decided to join the party, which would inevitably mean he pushed her in.

She was technically sitting on the men's side of the place. After long enough of listening to the women talk, Tana had gotten up and relocated. It was such inane, petty nonsense. Every single one was a wilting flower house wife. A couple of fake tittied trophy wives, too. The feline opted to listen to male posturing instead.

There were some raised eyebrows, and many stares, as she quietly sat down on the edge of the masculine domain. Nobody was complaining about the eyecandy. Towel wrapped around her chest, there was still plenty of flesh showing.

All the masculine posturing was exactly what Tana had expected. It was pretty funny shit to listen to sometimes. She had to bite her tongue frequently; avoid telling the boys to just whip their dicks out and measure already.

Her mind started to drift. All the smoke blowing and bullshitting had turned into background noise. It took a few succeedingly louder tries for one of the men to get her attention. "Hmm?" Half lidded eyes opened and her ears turned to focus on the male. He was a looker. An alpha in the pack. All the other men were eating out of his palms. If he wasn't taken already, all that beef was a tempting target for a more private moment.

"I was telling these assholes, there's nothing wrong with ink. Especially on a woman."

"Oh yea?" Still coming out of her dazed, a slow smile spread on Tana's pink lips.

"Yea. You got reasons for all of yours, right?" The predatory eyes of the alpha on her, Tana did her best to remain cool. "What are they?"

She paused, looking at the man. "You /really/ want to know? It's not exactly a short story." As in, she had to put effort into explaining.

"Yea, I do."

Tana sighed. How could she say no to an alpha? Plus an opportunity to show off. Holding up her wrist, she showed him the blue text that read Never Die. "This was my first. I was sixteen and at the time, seriously into a band called Tiger Army. It has to do with one of their songs." The alpha nodded at that, an approving rumble in his chest.

Encouraged, Tana continued. Turning a little she gestured to the flower on her shoulder. "This was the second. I've had it touched up a couple times since. I got it because I think it's pretty. Ten years later and I still think it's pretty."

"The next ones are a longer story." She hesitated. There was another encouraging rumble and she sighed. Her tail twitched with a mind of it's own. "I was never exactly a normal kid if you hadn't guessed. Anyway after giving up on trying to get into vet school, I was working as a vet tech. Someone brought in a cat they'd hit with their car. He was uncooperative and I got bitten in the process.

"Next morning... well I found I could turn into a cat. I didn't exactly handle the change well." That was an understatement. "I kinda went off the reservation for a while. Fell off the face of the earth, wandered around. Ended up turning cheap tricks. After a couple weeks of that, this limo pulls up at the corner. Inside was this high powered exec, power suit wearing, control freak, monster of a woman. I followed her home with the promise of a good meal and clean sheets. She got super possessive and abusive and I just let her, afraid to go back out on the streets, yaknow? Turns out I don't domesticate well.

"After a while of that," Tana adjusted the towel, showing off the black, bold, words written across the side of her ribs: I'll Die Drowned By Your Standards, "I went out and got this to piss her off. It totally worked. We had a huge fight. I'm talking knock down drag out call the cops. I ran for it when she reached for the gun.

There was a pause and the woman chuckled. "Miss CEO lady is still super obsessed with me. To the point I have an awesome, sleazy lawyer on retainer just to deal with her bullshit. Now and then I find private detectives she hired following me." Tana laughed, amused. "Gives me an excuse to slash tires."

"Anyway, after that fight, I was out on the street again, exactly where I hadn't wanted to be. Now, as horrible an experience as she was... I dunno. You know that saying? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? In this case, it was absolutely true. That trauma showed me just how strong I am. I survived, in one piece, stronger for it all, and I know I don't have to take shit from /anyone/. Downside, after all that, I'm pretty gunshy about women now." Tana frowned. Part of the reason she'd relocated sides of the hot spring.

"A couple months later of living on the street again, yea yea I could have gotten a real job and gone back to the nine to five, eight dollars an hour life, I just... just couldn't. Anyway I was considering going back to her.

"That's when John walked into my life. Granted I was a cat when we met, but, he scooped my stray butt up off the street. He was AWOL at the time. Had maybe twenty bucks to his name. He freely shared what little he had with a fluffy white kitty. Those first few weeks he was squatting in an old cabin. I'd sit on his lap while he read Lord Of The Rings out loud by candle light." Tana picked up her foot out of the water, showing off the LOTR tree. "This one's for him."

"There's an old Vin Diesel movie: Strays. Some line in it about being family because if you were just friends, all the shit you put each other through, you wouldn't be friends after all of that; you wouldn't even know each other. Pretty sure that line was written about John and I. We're family and put up with each other through thick and thin."

"Four years later we're still thick as thieves."

"Now, this one," Tana shifted herself and the towel around to show off the elaborate phoenix on her hip and thigh. "It was time to get more ink done. I wanted to something to honor the feline transformation. But a cat tattooed on a cat just didn't seem right. So I went with phoenix since it's the symbol of death and rebirth."

There were a few other stray markings, but they were small, subtle, and held far less meaning.

"So yeh, the story of my life is told by the ink on my flesh.

"I want a pink ribbon around my neck with a pretty bow over my collar bone, but, I'm not sure. You can only get one chest piece done and I'm sitting on that to make sure it's the right choice."

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