Rebekah Mikaelson (Genderbent) (AU)

Name: Rechard "Rebekah" Mikaelson

Other names: Reck (Pronounced Rick)



Height: 6'0

Weight: 250lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Powers: Speed, Strength, Sight, Compulsion Immortality.

Species: Orginal Vampire

Verses: The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Seeing Someone

Back Story; Throughout his millennium-long life, Rechard's actions and personality have been heavily influenced his ielationship with Klaus and his desire to live a normal, human life. In the 12th century, Reck was in love with a Vampire Hunter named Alexandria who was a member of the Sisterhood of the Five. In the late 19th and early 20th century, he was in a relationship with Klaus' protégé Marcella Gerard while he and his family lived in New Orleans. After she fled New Orleans with Klaus to escape his father Mikael, he was briefly in a relationship with Stefanie Salvatore in Chicago during the early 1920s, and because he chose Stefanie over his half-sister, Klaus daggered him for ninety years in punishment for his perceived betrayal. Once he was undaggered in 2010, he had several brief flings with both Stefanie and Damona Salvatore before finding himself in a romantic relationship with a human, Maddie Donovan. Shortly afterward, he followed his sisters Klaus and Elijah back to New Orleans, where they once again settled as a family, allowing his the opportunity to rekindle his relationship with Marcella.
After moving back from Mystic Falls Reck was finally given his freedom by his sister Klaus and left the city to fulfill his desires at a normal life. However, he returned briefly months at a time to become his niece Hope's guardian after Klaus and Harold faked her death for her own safety. After his mother and sisters Finn and Kol were resurrected, Esther began tracking Rechard's movements, forcing him to rejoin his family in New Orleans to plan how to best protect Hope from the new threats she faced.

Quotes: "He knew he had to be the Anchor for Freyas spell, He saved is"

"Kolina! Get out here and tell me what you've done with our sister you narcissistic back stabbing wanker!"

Theme Song: N/A

Face Claim: Chris Hemsworth

Credit For Character development and Face Claim goes to @VariousRPFantasies
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