Random Stuff About Tana

(Stuff added as I think of it.)

Favorite Food: Peaches. Very ripe roadside produce stand juicy sinful goodness.
I might be part fruit bat. Any /good/ ripe fruit is ok by me!

Favorite TV show: Adam 12. Seriously I wanna date Malloy.

Favorite Band: Tiger Army. Or at least when I was younger and ran with a certain crowd. Not really my top favorite now, but, its damn nostalgic. *holds up her wrist: Never Die* First tatt.

My hair is white. Not blond. Really annoys me when people say blond. I went to significant trouble to get it /white/.

I'm really sensitive about what I eat. Too many carbs, especially crappy stuff like white "wheat" and "enriched" rice really do a number on me. Hand me the salad and the venison.

I don't like eating store bought meat. I want to have killed it myself while it was running a free life doing normal animal things. Yea that means I hunt out of season. *flashes fangs* Deer are plentiful and you know it.

I have a thing for men in uniform. One, it's hot. Two, there's a higher chance of alpha manliness. I'm kinda over sleeping with boys, regardless of what age their bodies are. I much prefer /men/ in my bed.

On that topic I'm not actually hetero. I do find some, few, women attractive. Lesbian sex is just so much work. I'm a pillow princess.

Wow while we're on that TMI, I'm not that into giving head. If I do so, there's a high probability I want to impress the guy. Otherwise, most of the time, meh.

Oh, so, if you hadn't figured it out, I'm a cat. Not just, I turn into a cat, I'm a damn cat. I'm independent, and needy on MY terms.

I don't do the pecking order thing like werewolves and humans. I AM the god damned pecking order.

I don't like other cats on my territory. It's mine, fuck off. So that weretiger, neko, whatever friend you want to introduce me to because we're both cats so surely we'll get along great? No. Just no.

Swear to god, don't call me kitten. Do I look like a kitten to you? I'm a full grown adult, thank you very much.

Another name pet peeve, baby. Again, do I look like a squirming pink bundle of screaming, crying, snotfaced helplessness? If you answered yes to that, move along asshole before I hurt you.

Men (probably people in general, but more common with males) I like become my property. Isa's mine.
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