About Me

I am a Businessman, a very important one. Let's just say that what I do is a non-legal, non-ethical, non-boring but necessary job. It would be no fun without me, in the grey, boring London.

People die anyway.

Not that I kill people. I hate blood, no no no no. The stains won't go away from my suits.

I am more like the General behind wars, the director of a film or the Godfather behind a criminal net.
I just improved it a little bit. and I'm the best at what I do. Let's say, I'm the only one who succeded and lived for more than a year. Not that I would let them live, anyway.

Recently, I decided to take a pet. You know,one of the sassy big ones who believe they are cool just because they joined the army... A lovely pet, though.
I also bought him a gift, a comfortable chair in the House of Parliament. Foreign Minister, this is how they call him now. I prefer to refer to him as Sebastian, or Seb. Way less pompous, isn't it?

We share an apartment in Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. More like a detached house, to be honest. Cohabitation is not easy, anyway... Sebastian's way too loud and slobby. His breathing all around the house is so annoying... Carving his back is funny, though. I love the purrs he makes when I do it.

I like carving people. Is like leaving a landmark on something, which is amazing. It makes you feel the power you have. I think Seb might be scared about me, sometimes, but he's just so nice and kind when I play the creepy guy, that I don't even care.

Best thing is, he seems to like it.

I also like Math, Chemistry and all those things students doesn't. I graduated in it.
And all you little idiots don't like it because you simply can't understand how magic it is.

This is a brief explaination about who I am, plain and simple. I hope I've been clear for your narrow, little minds.
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